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  1. hawkeye77o4

    I Believe This Confirms DQB2 to N/A?

    Like I said, late to the party But hey! That page also said 2019, so hopefully its sooner this year than later. I'm excited. 1 was sooooo much fun and I can't wait to have that experience along with everything they've added.
  2. Saw this article as well as the game info page. So.... it's coming then? (also apologies if I'm late to the party on this one lol) http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2019/01/nintendo_reconfirms_switch_release_windows_for_metroid_pokemon_animal_crossing_and_more http://www.nintendolife.com/games/nintendo-switch/dragon_quest_builders_2
  3. hawkeye77o4

    Princess Gwaelin Sprite Oddity

    My head cannon is that once she's returned to the castle she gets all cleaned up and given new clothes.
  4. hawkeye77o4

    Dragon Quest XI Review (For PC) (Avoiding spoilers)

    My only comment to those who might stop after beating Mordegon, I IMPLORE you, to play the post game material before ultimately forming an opinion on this game.
  5. hawkeye77o4

    New Topics Section of Home Page

    Hey! Don't let me stop ya! She deserves all the praise What was cool is that I literally met her the night before at an IGN Event in downtown LA and she told me whereabouts her name was.
  6. hawkeye77o4

    New Topics Section of Home Page

    Ah! Fair. Thanks!
  7. hawkeye77o4

    New Topics Section of Home Page

    Hey Woodus, Sorry if I missed anything regarding this, in case this was requested by others, but what happened to the New Topics section on the home page?
  8. hawkeye77o4

    Delusional Dragon Warrior (...still delusional)

    Also pumped to hear this project is still going! Excited to see more. And your NES covers are fantastic! Happy Humming sounds absolutely professional like it was ripped from an actual NES game. Great work!
  9. hawkeye77o4

    Speed-running DWM 1

    I've seen it still being done from time to time on Twtich. The latest submission to speedrun.com was about 11 months ago. Here's the leaderboard. https://www.speedrun.com/dqm
  10. This will be brilliant! My favorite from DQ11 so far is Gylldygga.
  11. I also miss zenithia.com and the Slime Knights... (wait... were they the same thing?) Ah the good ol' days of struggling and desperately trying to find any sort of DW news.
  12. Beautiful! No one deserves it more. Anyone remember www.dragon-warrior.com?
  13. Streaming more Dragon Quest XI on Twitch @ 8:30pm PST! Come hang out! www.twitch.tv/hawkeye_77o4

  14. Hey all! Playing more Dragon Quest XI tonight at @ 7:00pm PST! Come and hang out! www.twitch.tv/hawkeye_77o4

  15. 7 hours into DQXI and yes... just plain yes... YES! YES! YES!