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  1. Cranberry

    Dragon's Den Team

  2. Cranberry

    DB Builders 2 Spell Code

    You can enter this spell code in Hiroba for a free house decoration themed off Builders 2. びるだあずだいすき https://hiroba.dqx.jp/sc/campaignCode/
  3. Cranberry

    Dragon's Den Team

    Invite sent!
  4. Cranberry

    Dragon's Den Team

    You could not be added to the team. Make sure you are not already a member of a different team. You cannot be on more than 1 team at a time.
  5. Cranberry

    Dragon's Den Team

    Sorry for the delay Astrolala. Invite sent.
  6. Cranberry

    Dragon's Den Team

    Invite sent.
  7. Cranberry

    Dragon's Den Team

    Invite sent.
  8. Cranberry

    Dragon's Den Team

    Ah. All you need to do is provide your character name and character ID and I can send a team invite.
  9. Cranberry

    Dragon's Den Team

    Hi there. What is it you are needing help with? Are you stuck at a boss?
  10. Cranberry

    Dragon's Den Team

    Here is the Spirit pet spell code: よちよちヨッチぞく
  11. Cranberry

    Dragon Quest X - Side Story

    I had missed this question so my apologies for the long delay in answering. Yes, Chapter 2 includes chapter 1. Go ahead and download Chapter 2 and you'll be set to go.
  12. Cranberry

    Hey, looking for help

    Is anyone on the PC version able to contribute any ideas here? I play on the Switch so I'm really just guessing here. Difficult for me to diagnose a problem on a platform I don't play. Is there any kind of configuration setting that lets him choose keyboard vs controller or anything like that?
  13. Cranberry

    Hey, looking for help

    So you can't use the arrow keys to move the cursor up and down? What about the WSAD keys? Sometimes I've seen those used for movement in some games. I wish I could be of more help but I'm afraid this is a total new for me. I've never heard of anyone having this issue before.
  14. Cranberry

    Dragon's Den Team

    I don't seem to be able to invite you. Make sure you're not already on a different team. You can only be on one team at a time. Edit: Now that you've left your other team the invite worked. It is sent.