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  1. Well I thought the overworld battlebacks looked better in Dragon Quest 4 PS1. The DS ones were sort of bland. The buildings look nicer in the Famicom originals than the DS games in my opinion. One good thing about the DS games were the graphics for equipment and items though.
  2. I originally wanted Dark Drium but I went for Durran since he looks the same. His info and top down graphics look so cool. I might still go try to get Dark Drium down the line. I have beat almost all the USA mainline releases but I never beat a single Monsters or Joker game even though I have played all the ones released in USA. I laugh at the skill I had for the Monster games until recently. I remember I got a Green Dragon in Joker 1 and thought he would be real powerful since he was a dragon(lol). My first fighting with Durran in my party I stumbled onto some bad luck as the battery in the Gameboy Advance died(Not the game battery). It was deep in an uncleared gate in a fight with a trainer where I had a good shot of scouting a Lavaman.
  3. I did not like the graphics of the DS remakes. I thought the PlayStation and Super Famicom versions looked better.
  4. Monsters 4. Actually I would prefer a localization of Terry’s Wonderland which is very possible because it was announced for IPad and Tablets in Japan. I am still playing DQ11 so DQ12 is not super important right now.
  5. Remakes except for the DS remakes.
  6. “There are a few images that today we would call culturally insensitive (mostly of Middle Eastern and Native American-styled characters), but for the most part they're fun and attractive” If the reviewer is sensitive to those how come he does not care how the entire game series is based on the European Middle Ages. It’s like these outlets throw a fit when using stuff from select groups but do not care at all when using stuff from the European heritage.
  7. I want to make Durran or Dark Drium and I do not want to go nuts on leveling because I just want the coolest monsters regardless of attributes but a little strength in my Monsters abilities wouldn’t hurt.
  8. I am trying to get Dark Drium or at least Durran and I have two demons and I am wondering what gender to get the offspring. Is the breeding strategy just to get opposites or is there more to this?
  9. Slimeknight

    Dragon’s Den ruined my Dragon Quest 11 Experience.

    I’m sorry my first post was a bit harsh.
  10. Slimeknight

    Dragon’s Den ruined my Dragon Quest 11 Experience.

    No. The site showed the member dialogue without clicking on a topic.
  11. I never went into the Dragon Quest 11 forum for fear of spoilers. I planned to eventually go in when I finish the game. Today, I was browsing the forum names looking for things like Dragon Quest General and Dragon Quest Monsters when right to the right of the forum headers there was a discussion about the ending of Dragon Quest 11.
  12. How about Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 1?
  13. I signed the petition. I want the 3DS version because although I think the PS4 version is great(so far) I think the Super Famicom Dragon Quests have an aesthetically pleasing graphical style and the 3DS version tries to replicate this.
  14. https://rpgamer.com/2018/11/new-dragon-quest-monsters-games-in-development-for-japan/ Hopefully we will get this although it will not have the 3D. Sorry, I just found this on the main page and I do not know how to delete.