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    The other day on the DataHoarder subreddit, somebody posted an archive of around 90 GB of video game commercials dating backing to the 80s through to modern consoles. I looked through them and pulled out only the DQ ads as I thought someone here might want them. They aren't all very good quality, many of them having been captured from VHS and then compressed digitally, but for many of them I imagine they're the only copies in existence. There are Japanese as well as international commercials. Many of them, like some of the EU DQIX commercials I had never seen before. Here's an upload if somebody wants them, or if @Woodus wants them for the site. They're organized by game system in different directories. Around 180 video files at about 1.5 GB total zipped. https://www.mediafire.com/file/ucc8u3wx1wizd3p/DQ_Commercials.7z/file
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    Releasing the rom files would definitely be a benefit to the community.
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    Just as a related story, there’s a bunch of songs from an unreleased Rilo Kiley demo tape out in the wild to download somewhere because a fan forum discovered it up for auction and assigned someone who could get the songs online to bid for them, and members donated towards it. That was a bit different though. Everyone got something out of it, and the person who did the legwork got a memento for their troubles. How can we be sure the community at large would benefit from this?
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    I just discovered this Japanese show that is essentially a parody of JRPGs, primarily Dragon Quest. The protag even wears the same clothing as the hero from DQV. It's a comedy and very low budget, but even I found it a bit funny and usually comedies from other cultures don't hit me in that way. I found the first season with English subs, but not much else beyond that. I was wondering if anyone here has heard of or watched some of this show. I finished the first episode tonight.
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    World 7 in Super Mario Bros. 3 is one of the most frustrating places in a Mario game, let alone platformers. I forgot how much of a bastard that whole world is.
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    I am darknight 97 and I have played dragon quest since 5 years. I plan to do let's plays and hopefully improve over time.
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    Started a section for Dragon Quest Rivals https://www.woodus.com/den/games/dqrivals/ I started playing it today, but don't have much idea what is going on, if anyone has info/screenshots they want to supply please let me know.
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    I always assumed I was. I do have a goatee, and as TV and movies have taught us it’s that everyone with a goatee is the evil twin.
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    Finally we can play this thing without needing to use a mobile VPN.
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    I can try to setup a gofundme or something, but I don't know anything about those sites and I think people should get their money back if it isn't won, can that be done?
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    Took me two tries (Mac level 30) to get through the painting on strong enemies. That boss fight is pure luck. I got multi-thrust now which helps immensely. I always forget about Erik's boulder attack spells and that helped me out as well in this one. I'm dreading the dragon fight coming up fairly soon. That guy knocked me out the first time last game even without the Draconian Quest options.
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    I'd like to cut down the recording time but since there are around nine games (I have nine games).I still think around 30 minutes is a good time since there is a lot of content to be made. Tho I will definetly cut down the grinding as much as possible.
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    https://m.ign.com/articles/2007/04/05/mikami-alive-and-well ^ If you trust IGN’s translation of a Famitsu article. Regardless, Mikami quite infamously said he’d “cut off his head” if RE4 went anywhere but GameCube. Whether that was meant literally or was mistranslated to mean “leaving the company,” the meaning is still the same. And it does hurt the bottom line for Nintendo if they’re trying to boost sales for their flagging console and after Capcom comes out and says that they’re working on five games exclusive to the GameCube backpedals shortly after and says all but one, Resident Evil 4, could potentially end up on other consoles. (https://m.ign.com/articles/2003/01/16/cgd-03-capcom-five-not-gcn-exclusive) Only to then say, two months before release that it would be coming to PS2 as well. Difference is Dragon Quest XI never promised console exclusivity. Killer7, along with RE4, Viewtiful Joe, and two other games, were all initially announced as GameCube exclusives and were meant to boost sales for the console. Edited for clarity.
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    https://youtu.be/L5ya1yGp8xA Here's part two of the lp. While I'd like a bigger screen obs doesn't let me do bigger screens than this one. without excluding some part of it. If you have any tips abt it. plz let me know.
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    I was referring to people in the Facebook group Platty and I run having meltdowns about the Switch version with my post above. I should have mentioned that before, but like most Saturdays when I have to work I kind of have to blurt out what I want to post, which is not a good habit. I haven’t bothered looking anywhere else on the internet for reactions but I’m sure it’s about the same depending where you look. I’m hoping they’ll do what they did with World of Final Fantasy when it came to the Maxim version and offer a means to download and enjoy the new content. Maybe do what Dakhil said and make it available after so much time for the PS4/PC version.
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    The same reason people were upset that the 3DS version wasn’t coming and wanted to play that specific game, but still wanted to play Dragon Quest XI so they settled for the PS4 version.
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    And to play devil's advocate, Square Enix did say that Dragon Quest XI on PlayStation 4 and PC needs to do well in order for future Dragon Quest games to be localised outside of Japan, so I don't completely blame people who bought the PlayStation 4 and the PC versions to feel upset. I'm personally OK with the exclusive features of Dragon Quest XI S being available as a DLC patch (that may require payment) for the PlayStation 4 and the PC versions, but at least a year after the release of Dragon Quest XI S.
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    Welcome to the Den, hope you enjoy it here
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    yeah I will follow your advice
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    I finally got Platinum in Bloodborne.
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    This is exactly why I hate being a DQ fan sometimes. Cause the majority of the community is a bunch of entitled complainers. The PS4 owners got the game a year before the Switch owners. That has to count for something. And whats being added to the Switch version that really matters? 16 bit graphics? Some Japanese V/Os that no one is going to understand? A couple of songs/BGM that is a bit more orchestrated ? Who really cares? Its just going to end up making Square Enix angry to hear all these whiners and end up cutting off DQ games from translations for upcoming titles.
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    Today ended up being a pretty good day. Woke up at 6 to send a virtual valentine out to this girl I met on Discord. Got her the Smash Fighters Pass for Valentine's day. The afternoon I cleaned the bathtub, did my laundry, baked some cookies, then the girl and I played Mario Kart for almost 2 hours. After our Switches charge (and probably after dinner) we're gonna play some Smash together.
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    Where's the shameless plug for Dragon Quest XI S?
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    And on today's episode of Hunting Atlas, I couldn't find any of the Wanted!, which is what I'm hunting (I must've seen three dozen of the brutes so far, and the only Wanted! I've seen so far killed me at the eleventh hour). I'd planned on mobbing one with about ten Multicoloured Mannequins I'd recruited (since I was trying to bump their hunted numbers up, which is a ridiculously high 300), but decided to spend them all on a regular Atlas instead. It was fun cruising around with nearly a dozen post-game critters mauling all the local slimes and what not, but I still need to kill a Wanted! Atlas. I'll try again later this week, --- Share your own Heroes-series tales below.