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    Got a big crew together for yet another Sidequest! Thanks to @AustNerevar, @Pendy, @YangustheLegendaryBandit, @Bururian, and @Brother Jaybird for talking about so many cool games last night!
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    Hi@Xiggy! No worries, I'd be happy to post some screenshots and a bit more about the tools I use. At the moment I'm only using MadEdit (Hex editor), but in the past I'd also use NLZ-GBA (Rip/Replace graphics) and Lunar IPS (To make patches). I'll be sure to post some screenshots and videos soon. I did run into my first stumbling block with inputting text. The input screen stores the letters you select and the letters that appear as your name in two different places. I've also got a "Corrupt Data" message that I've not found on the cartridge yet. Otherwise, I'm getting close to having the menu done, which leaves the easy bit of any game, all of the dialogue! Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
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    Funnily enough, it was 3rd one I was looking at. It seems straightforward so far, it's just going to take a lot of time. I've not got that far into playing it myself but I'm sure I will in the next few months. I put out a patch for it in the next couple of days, just to see if I can get the main menu done as well as latin alphabet input 🤔 Definitely an incentive to work towards! I should have it done summer 2030 at the earliest if that's okay?
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    My problem with it was where it was placed. They should have had those mini arcs being told by the respect characters either after they joined or right before they officially rejoined the party. I definitely prefer how the original opens with the hero alone in Act 2 in his situation and has to try and find the others again. Putting all four of the new mini stories at the start of Act 2 kind of ruins the vibe in my opinion. I preferred being left in the dark on what became of everyone, so when you did find them again it was a sigh of relief they survived. Having them recount their experiences on their own to the hero would have fit in better with the story telling IMO. In Erik’s case, have him recount his story after you’ve finished the Sniflheim events in Act 2. I didn’t think the new stories were bad (except for Jade’s which felt unnecessary), but the placement of them could have been handled a lot better.
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    We are still having a lot of problems with inappropriate behavior in team chat. I don't know if you guys have noticed, but a number of people have left the team over it. I don't want to start taking draconian action, but we as a team have got to start treating each other with respect. We are getting far too many people not showing respect to others in chat, or saying inappropriate or hurtful comments. I really have not wanted to take the step of setting up tools to monitor and log the chat, but I'm on the verge of having to take that step. Think about what you are saying in chat. It should be obvious already that we don't story spoilers in the chat. That said, occasionally a spoiler might slip through by accident. If someone is telling you that what you are saying is a spoiler, it's best to take that conversation to private pink chat. If you disagree that it's a spoiler, it's probably not a good idea to start a fight about it in team chat. Ask me if you are unsure. But really, the safest option is just to take your current conversation to private friend chat (the pink window) with the person involved and continue it there. If you feel someone is not being respectful or is showing disrespect, please notify me of it. I review things and will act on it if I feel action is needed. These issues in team chat are costing us members, and damaging our reputation within the community as well. We are no longer seen as the friendly welcoming and helpful community that we have been for the last 7 years or so. That is a really unfortunate situation for us to be in. We were always seen as the go-to DQX community and the best source for new players to go to. We've lost that reputation. We must get this situation under control immediately. It's been a source of frustration for many members of the team, both past and unfortunately now former members of the team that left over these issues.
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    Just a heads up. The 8/13 release date is based on Japan time. It will likely be earlier depending on your timezone. Perhaps even Wednesday night?
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    Ooooh that'd be absolutely brilliant! The 3rd Torneko game always looked like a lot of fun. If you do work on it, do you think you could do some screenshots of the work progress and maybe the softwares you use to do so? I've always been curious as to how people translated games, but never actually saw how it worked.
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    Cran was able to cull the member number down a fair bit. I don't think you're in danger of being removed anytime soon. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
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    We got a new trailer, mostly for the story mode, that also acts as a sort of overview trailer for the game as a whole. We also have a release date for Story Mode, and the new card pack, as August 13th.
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    https://www.siliconera.com/dragon-quest-monsters-2-headed-to-smartphones-in-japan-with-new-features-on-august-6-2020/ if any one is going t o sign up for this let me know i am a big Fan of the monster games and would love to play it on my phone!
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    Ugh. I hate to say it, but I would probably buy the Switch Pro. The Switch has been so damn good to me.
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    I picked up Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town on the Switch. Really enjoying it. I actually prefer it over Stardew Valley. I don't feel as stressed when it comes to the game. No quests and such to relax more to. Probably going to be playing this for a couple weeks. Still playing Animal Crossing as well.
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    I've added a section for spin-offs. They're just the ones I own, but will add to it later (Both the list and my collection!!). There are links to guides/wikis for DQ3 now, so I'll add those to other games as I go too.
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    I feel sorry for those who will have to buy this all over again but I can say this much: It's a must-buy for any fan of this game who missed out on the Switch version
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    Listening to DQFM's Your Story podcast. Something I didn't really care about before kinda sparked in my mind from their discussion that was also mentioned in our own DQ Slime Time episode on Your Story. I'll try to spoiler tag it, in case no one still hasn't seen the movie, yet...if you haven't seen the movie why are you reading these words?! 😛
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    I can't believe you people are just allowed free reign in human society. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
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    I have relatives from Virginia who call every pop/soda a Coke.
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    I still have Trails of Cold Steel II sitting on my shelf. I need to decide how and when I'm going to deal with this series. I swear I need two weeks off to get caught up on gaming.
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    Hi! I didn't scroll down far enough to see this board until now... oops! Better late than never I guess. I played my first DQ back when I was in 5th grade after we inherited a PS2 from my Uncle and we found DQVIII in the Gamestop Bargain Bin for $8. It's still my favorite game to this day, but you can put basically anything in a DQ wrapping and I will immediately love it. I spent most of my school years putting way too many hours into DQIX multiplayer with my little brother, but I've played some version or other of every main series game (other than X) and all the spinoffs that were released in the West. I've used the Den Site for years for alchemy guides, maps, and equipment lists, but when everything shut down in March I finally made my account. A few weeks ago I joined the official unofficial Discord Server, and I've been so blessed to finally have Dragon Quest Friends! I grew up with only my little brother around me who actually really enjoyed DQ, so I have a lot of suppressed excitement about the series that I've not been able to share with anyone (which is probably why I talk so much there ). I'm finishing up a degree in Aerospace Engineering, but I also play the flute and consider music to be a big part of my life! I also love making lists and google sheets so I'm always happy to help fill out information on the main site when I have time! I'm so happy to be here!
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    I hear in the 5th game they finally sit the big guy down and he finally managed to shed a tear or two when sitting down with Dante for a heart to heart chat. Apparently it’s the bonus ending scene for 100%ing the game. Jokes aside, Dante’s inclusion in Nocturne actually happened because Kaneko (the main character and demon designer for the SMT series for a long time) designed some characters for one of the early Devil May Cry games. To return the favor, Capcom gave Atlus the okay to include Dante in Nocturne. Don’t know if they were any crying devils involved during that, but it’s kind of a cool backstory.
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    The Devil May Cry series is something I just can't get into. There's enough will they-won't they plot lines on TV. How many freaking games do I need to play to find out of Lucifer's gonna shed a tear?
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    Hey, Woodus, what kind of finalized guide would meet the site’s standards? I’m still going to be pumping out a lot of stuff info for a while, but wanted to know how I should format everything, and if it should be done in a specific program like Microsoft Word/Excel or something. The only places I’ve ever submitted guides to were reddit (I told them to take my work down though), and GameFAQs. Both were really particular about how the guides were supposed to be done.
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    If you're ever interested in multiplayer groups for that, we play a lot of this on the official unofficial discord server
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    I haven't had any issues with my DQ designs but I had a Yoda/Slime design and a Pikachu/Slime design taken down. My advice is to be a bit vague with your tags and names of works. Instaed of "Pikachu" do electric rodent or what have you.
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    I'm sure others will correct me. Maybe this is great information for a pinned post later, but... 1. DQ1+2 SNES 2. DQ3 SNES 3. DQV SNES 4. DQVI SNES 5. Torneko no Daibouken: Fushigi no Dungeon - aka Torneko Mystery Dungeon SNES 6. Dragon Quest Monsters: Caravan Heart - GBA 7. Dragon Quest Monsters: Terry's Wonderland 3D - 3DS 8. Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 3 - 3DS 9. Dragon Quest V - PS2 I'm sure there are 1 or 2 more I'm forgetting...
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    More content to spread the word of DQ is always good in my opinion.
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    I have finally figured out how Psaro's Zam line of spells track targets. I had the perfect testing ground for it, too. It goes after targets with a lower HP total. So even if you're in front of an enemy, like say three feet, and there's another target 30 feet away, it will go after the one 30 feet away with less HP.
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    It was a Vita title from July 2019, stayed Japan only. Another DRPG https://www.siliconera.com/experiences-azure-winged-chevalier-being-localized-as-saviors-of-sapphire-wings/
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    Looks like Leo was up all night playing poker!
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    Letting my oldest play a free-play game. Also I'm very sure that the flip cards are the same as FSWii.
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    Got Jade and Rab yesterday morning. That's definitely a fun part of the game. The butterflies aren't as eye-popping as the 3D version. Now I'm in Puerto Valor playing poker. Gotta get at least one cool sword!
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    I had the random inspiration to pop back into Puzzle Quest for an hour and took on that really tough Blood Mage boss that would cause the game to crash if we both had Soul Bond active. I somehow managed to defeat her without using Soul Bond at all. I don’t even know how, I just saw her health had tanked significantly and kept the momentum going. I’m guessing my Ultimate Troll Ring helped me recover more health then Soul Bond was costing me and I managed to take the advantage. This is usually how it goes for me. Struggle with a boss for a long time and then defeat them smoothly in one go after not playing the game in forever.
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    Friends of Mineral Town is probably the one game of the series I really didn't play much of. So it is a new experience for me. Then again, I am probably only saying that because I have over 300 hours on Stardew. So anything new is welcome at that point lol
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    I waaaaant to!! I love card games. My first one was Gwent, spent close to 500 hours in it, yeah... I plan to dive deep into Yu-Gi-Oh at some point but I'm in no rush. Also Hearthstone. But if DQ Rivals was to be fan-patched or officially localized, I'd probably end up spending a lot of time in it.
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    Yeah. I put my 100 hours into each, not chomping at the bit to do it again. If it had couch co-op, I'd be all over that for me and the kids. But, that's not in the Japanese version so I hear, so not really interested. Yep, lots of time into each for me as well. Most of the main-line games I'll replay on a whim, but I just don't get that tingle from Heroes.
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    I'm glad they are making Definitive for PC, even if it's a Switch port with worse graphics. All I really want is for it to have 60fps, that's all. I'm picky when it comes to framerate and I've been getting headaches playing it on PS4... so, I've been hesitant about starting over on Switch version despite wanting to see the new content. I'll gladly purchase the game again, though. It's worth way more than 60$! What bothers me is that the Xbox port might not be profitable. I mean, DQ by itself has a low chance of being profitable on Xbox, a platform which barely has any JRPG on it, but now the graphics.. This whole situation summarizes the difference between Japanese gamers and Western. Japanese are okay with poor performance and aren't as picky with graphics but Western players - you'll have all the Digital Foundry videos, you'll have angry rants and review-bombings, all the Twitter hate and such... it's just going to turn off a lot of people from buying the game, I'm sure. The media and public reception are very strong factors that control the sales in English-speaking countries, especially for a niche JRPG making its debut on Xbox. What I don't get is why Square Enix couldn't have offered a bundle with DQ XI original and Definitive for 59.99$. It goes down to 29.99$ on sales anyway. At least it would be more tolerable and they could maybe boost the sales of DQ XI. The only possible reason is that they didn't want to risk spending more money porting original XI to Xbox, so they went "we won't offer any bundle to not make anyone angry". Very jarring situation but oh well... There's a chance they will improve the graphics, I think. Still plenty of time until December.
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    Some (obviously not many) complain about the lack of the Japanese language, and there seems to be some confusion about it. Simply there's two editions, Japanese and ROW. I summarized the difference in my site. One surprising, yet not so exciting, difference is that the Japan edition includes audio drama of 10 stories.
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    I mean, if it included characters from other Atlus properties then maybe. I’d be down for playing as someone like the Demi-Fiend and taking down swarms of enemies with stuff like Gaea Rage and Freikugel.
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    That's a good@Liamland question
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    You bet. It doesn’t let go of important information lol. Also I learned some things for the Japanese exclusive Switch ports for DQ Heroes 1 and 2. Aside from knowing Ragnar McRyan is in there, there’s also exclusive costumes based on the Prince of Midenhall for Lazarel and Teresa. Plus an additional boss fight that pits you against Malroth is in the game. I wish we got a localization of this. 😕 Guess I’ll have to import a copy. Not missing out on this content. This’ll be my first ever imported game. Plus they apparently balanced the game a bit better compared to the initial releases of both games. So I’m pretty excited to see what is different. Hopefully they balanced enemy HP a bit better. Dread Dragonlord is way too terrible with that much HP.
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    Hey, if they can localize a SaGa mobile gacha game, they can do a DQ mobile card game.
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    They aren't "bad". They aren't as good as they should've been though. The framerate is kinda...laggy when moving around and the smoothed over sprites don't match the environments, I feel. But they're still probably a better way to play than the mobile ports. But if you want to introduce her to DQ, why not buy her XI?
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    I still think it's a bad ending. It's basically Crab People, from South Park. It's also possible that the US DQ fans got tired of hearing how terrible the ending was, for 6 straight months, so when the majority of westerners finally got to see it they all went in with incredibly low expectations. They were already in love with the story because DQV is a popular entry, but they were more invested in the feels being portrayed by the ending than in a retelling of DQV's plot.
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    So the FM guys didn't hate it. BJ was ambivalent toward it, and Austin liked the ending. I'm seeing that more and more, that many westerner DQ fans support the ending more than Japanese audience did. I am still sticking with the mindset that if they were going to write that type of ending that there's a better way they could have done it. At the end of the day if you got something positive from watching the movie then it did it's job. I liked it for the most part. It was full of laughs. I just happen to be one of those people who think they should have stuck with the story, instead of build up an hour and a half of plot only to reveal a giant red herring.
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    Was only joking. A meta reference to the movie itself.
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    [emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787] Well, we followed the movie to the letter. [emoji6]
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    The virus needed him to understand the full context of "Grow Up Loser."
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