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    https://nintendoeverything.com/square-enix-sharing-dragon-quest-xi-s-news-at-jump-festa-2019/ I think this is a very pleasant surprise, because I thought early 2019 is the earliest Square Enix will talk about Dragon Quest XI S. But fortunately, I was wrong. It's going to be hard waiting two weeks for Dragon Quest XI S news.
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    @jonahstrix I think especially for a game like this, having the unpredictability is kind of fun, and having Darck replaced with a SpotSlime or having Divinegons appear in Oasis is only part of the fun. Here's a list of features that I kind of hoped to find in a randomizer for this game (some of which may not be too feasible) -Wild monsters, boss monsters, foreign master monsters, and arena monsters are all completely randomized -Base stats shuffled around randomly, or perhaps something to redistribute them with the same totals -Skills shuffled around in a non-buggy way (no HighJump everywhere, and monsters probably shouldn't start with upgraded skills) -Monster families shuffled -If possible, randomize the world maps for Oasis, Pirate, Ice, etc. I'm not sure how you would do this while making sure that the map is still navigable and the same order of events is required (no matter how the Ice map is reshuffled, you still need to beat the mine, go back to Norden and beat "AgDevil," then save the other two castles) -Magic Key monsters should be shuffled somehow, although I'm not sure how (probably in accordance with their new monster familes) -There should be an option to shuffle breeding paths, or at least rearrange them (e.g. KingSlime+GoldGolem always gets you something specific, but whatever it ends up being is random). For extra chaos, arguably the purpose of randomizers, this should at least be an option -There should be some difficulty toggles, at least to the point where if I want I can effectively create a new kaizo hack with every playthrough Just some thoughts.
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    I did the only sensible thing and used Sylvando. 😜 I wouldn’t mind switching off every once and awhile between them. I liked all the playable characters of XI, so it’s hard to only choose one.
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    Snagged a copy of this book a little early. Here's a quick rundown. This is exactly like its Japanese counterpart, except in English. It's practically perfect. The only cut content seems to be a few filler pages in the beginning. The book feels smaller than the original. The US edition uses a thinner matte stock, comparable to most art books. The Japanese original uses a thicker glossy stock. I can't say one is better or worse. Looking at pages 142-143, the colors for the DQ VIII cover in the original are a bit more vibrant, while the V-Jump alternate cover looks way better in the US version. Almost like they got a better source file. The layout of the original book was right to left, which is unusual. Most art books tend to be western style. The US edition is left to right. I'm not a huge fan of the font for the cover, but that's just me. Interestingly enough, Square Enix is only mentioned once on the copyright page, which may be why the DQ logo is not used. This book was a 100% Shueisha deal. That also may be why games and characters that haven't been localized are 100% Romanized. Instead of "Terry's Wonderland" it's "Terry no Wandaarando." DQ X's Elves, Dwarves, and Ogres are "Erufu," "Dowaafu," and "Ooga." This is everything you've ever wanted. $35 is a steal. Sure, you can order it on Amazon, if you've got a Barnes & Noble or other bookstore, head down and buy from them. Talk to some folks and browse the shelves. Getting things cheap is cool, but nothing beats browsing a shelf and discovering treasures a web site can't always show you.
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    But do you have the extra class for $2 Yes, and you saying that reminds me why it cost me $15. At the time the game was on sale, the Shieldbreaker class had just released on consoles, so I bought it right after the game/Crimson bundle. So the total was $15. You didn’t happen to see if the Color of Madness DLC was on sale, did you? That released awhile ago to consoles, and I don’t have that one.
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    Nice, good to hear it’s on sale again. I actually have both the base game and the Crimson Court DLC (which is hard as hell, let me tell you). Bought them in a bundle a year ago for $15 (if I remember right), and it ended up being one of those games were you get both the Vita and PS4 versions. The Vita version is good, but it is more prone to crashing than the PS4 version, specifically while in town. There is a new patch out for the Vita version, so that could fix the problems.
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    Holy crap! I FINALLY figured out how to properly use Mallow’s Star Rain ability! In the 10 years since I first played Super Mario RPG I’ve never been able to use it right, and thanks to a random GameFAQs post I found I got my answer on how to properly use it! See, the game tells you to push the Y button the second the star hits the ground, similar to Mario’s Super or Ultra Jump abilities. What you ACTUALLY need to do is hit it when the screen shakes, or as I found, when the star that falls has flattened, THEN hit the Y button, essentially relaunching it from the momentum. Reading that random post via Google and figuring out what tell works for me has made me SO HAPPY. I’ve always hated I couldn’t properly use Star Rain for Mallow since it can be really strong. I learn something new every time I play Super Mario RPG! This game has secrets and tricks a plenty.
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    Fun fact: the guy who wrote the story/scenarios for the game is the creator of the Suikoden series. I randomly learned that (at some point) over the past few weeks, and thinking about the story/character interactions I can totally tell it’s his style of writing. You playing the game may motivate me to pick it back up myself. I’ve been replaying Super Mario RPG the last few days. I’m up to 5 star pieces found and am now at Land’s End to find the 6th one. Haven’t played the game in like 5 years, and in some areas it shows! I definitely don’t remember all the locations of the secret treasure boxes, and I CANNOT do the Mushroom Derby Yoshi races anymore. Also I didn’t realize how much I missed Geno. He hits HARD, and that lovely Geno Boost ability makes him a permanent party member.
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    Nice work. I bought a bunch of these (not Perler, I don't think, but a smaller kind) awhile back. I'm waiting until my son is old enough not to eat them, in order to break these out.
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    Found this trailer and I’m excited. I won’t pick this up until next month, but nevertheless I’m looking forward to diving back into Ni No Kuni 2.
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    Another fan translation for a SMT related game has popped up! This time it’s for a spin-off strategy RPG called Majin Tensei II. Majin Tensei II: Spiral Nemesis, the second game in the Megami Tensei sub-series that takes a different approach to gameplay, has now gotten a full English fan translation by DDSTranslation. The game was originally released on the Super Famicom. The story takes place in Tokyo in 1996, when a demonic invasion occurs that transforms the city into the “demon capital”. The main character is Naoki, a member of the rebellion called Partisan fighting against the mysterious man who orchestrated this event. Naoki will have to push forward and make tough choices across parallel universes via time travel, and decide how the crisis is resolved. Majin Tensei II changes up the Megami Tensei formula by taking to SRPG-like gameplay instead of JRPG gameplay. Missions in the game are divided into Occupy Enemy Base, Beat Down Boss, Reach Destination, and Challenger type maps. Check out some more screenshots below: image: http://www.siliconera.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/majintensei2_thumb.png image: http://www.siliconera.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/majintensei3_thumb.png image: http://www.siliconera.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/majintensei4_thumb.png image: http://www.siliconera.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/majintensei5_thumb.png You can find a link to the translation patch here. Majin Tensei II: Spiral Nemesis was originally available for the Super Famicom. Read more at http://www.siliconera.com/2018/12/09/megami-tensei-series-spinoff-majin-tensei-ii-can-now-be-played-with-a-fan-translation/#mSbpPPIRmxBYC4qA.99
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    Perhaps you felt a disturbance in the force....as if one voice gave a “WHAT,” in terror, and then was suddenly silenced. In all seriousness I was in shock Joker was announced for Smash (insert “Never saw it coming,” song joke), but had moreso mixed feelings than anger or anything like that. Honestly I’m just happy we finally get an Atlus character, and hopefully this will open the door for another one or 2 in the future. It likely won’t happen, but something Etrian related would be cool. Anyway, glad to see you back on the forum. Who’s your king for this month?
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    So here's the save file with all of the DLC exclusive items courtesy of 8BitWalugi from GBATemp. You need to have CFW and JKSM installed on your Nintendo 2DS/3DS before you can export the save file to your copy of Dragon Quest VIII.
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    Done. Should be in your PM box.
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    I've sent a PM with the links. Let me know if you have any issues with the download.
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    I've got all three of these, if they are still needed. Sorry I'm so late to respond on this. Let me know if you are still looking and I can make them available for you.
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    Man, I knew I would get burned by this if I waited too long to play it. My son has been getting some of the stuff on his file, but I have yet to touch this game. I think when they get ready to shut off the DLC servers, they should release a patch to the game that enables the content on the cart somehow so it's not gone forever.
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    I've never understood why people apologize for double posting here. This place is laid back, there's nothing to apologize for.
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    Don't worry about the double posting. No one here is concerned. What does the lucky pendent do?
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    Wow Y'all are no fun. How about a huddle of hammerhoods?
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    I dont hate or feel superior to different race i just prefer whites. If i play some rpg with character creation for example it's normal to make my character white because it makes him indentify more with my race.
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    Good, because I hate "As a [insert thing here]..." statements. Lots of people in like comment sections for things and stuff will go, "As a lesbian..." or "As a black guy..." or "As a Christian..." as if being something makes something more right or more wrong.