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    Plattym, Hawkeye, thank you! Happy Humming did not give me much trouble as I already had it stripped down to use with my old method. I plan to release some form of demo at some point sooner than later as I am closing in on a good end-of-demo point. I'd be surprised if it was sooner than early next year. Good old glitches and bugs. Side note: Love the streams I've seen Hawkeye and I'll keep keeping my eye on your twitter feed.
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    Hello! It's been over a year since I posted and I thought I should do another update to prove I'm still working on this. Most of my work has been on events and music, so not much to screens to actually show. As for music, after receiving some encouragement from Hawkeye and Erdrick the Hero, I dove back into FamiTracker. I had trouble figuring it out on and off for years, but I had no trouble this time. I was able to remake every song I had done for the game so far. I mixed them outside of FamiTracker because I wasn't too good with volume levels at first. I'm getting better though! Here are the FamiTracker versions of songs in my original post: Battle Theme (Extended) - Dragon Quest III Banquet Plaza - Dragon Quest VII Happy Humming - Dragon Quest VI I haven't remade Pub Polka yet because I'm not at that point in the game. So here's a different track from IX: Stella's Theme - Dragon Quest IX Some other songs from games after the NES: Chatting - Dragon Quest VIII Country Living - Dragon Quest V I will post a more extensive list in the art & music forum.
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    I just got my team back together in act 2, doing some side-questing now. I just got the metal slime recipes from that bard in Arboria so I'm working on making new weapons and armor. As for my earlier prediction involving Veronica:
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    The upcoming DQ 30th anniversary artbook was reviewed by Anime News Network. I’m surprised, I’ve never seen a review for an artbook before, and the last one I expected to see a review for was a Dragon Quest book. https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/review/dragon-quest-illustrations/30th-anniversary-edition/artbook/.139637
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    I see a lot of people saying they start playing DQ games then stop for a long time. I have never done this even if 5 is the one I like the least I still started it and finished it within 4 days. Why would anyone ever take a break from a DQ game? No wonder so many people hate 6.
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    I might start playing my 3DS copy again. I stopped at Gallopolis, but now that I know how to progress the game (and since the game is by default pretty damn easy) I should be fine.
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    The spawn rate is low enough that I caught my Phoenix and Blizzardy from foreign trainers.
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    I don’t completely agree with the theory. I think it’s very clear that DQI takes place after the true ending. I’m thinking there’s three timelines. One with no Luminary and a post apocalyptic world. One with two Luminaries that defeat Calasmos together and prevent DQXI’s events from happening. And the true ending which leads to the Erdrick trilogy. I can do a write up later.
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    Glad to hear (literally) you're still going!
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    Just pulled an all-nighter with this game until I defeated Mordegon! I really didn't have any trouble beating him at all, so I'm really hoping the postgame will give me a good challenge. If it's anything like DQ8's then that would be great. I'll have to start Act 3 (I guess?) tomorrow, I'm about to pass out.
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    I'm watching Demitri Martin: The Overthinker on Netflix. At one point he says the word "friggin" but the subtitles say "f**king". Never thought I'd encounter that.
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    I'm sure it'll end up being the last game you do, but I'd like to put the SFC version of III with the modern localization on my mom's new computer once I've finished building it. I probably won't finish that for a couple months (money), but something tells me that this (Re-Quest) is a year(s)-long project.
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    Just getting back into the game after a long Hiatus. Took a break after Act 1 started to play the hell out of Maple Story 2, but I'm back and I'm really liking what they did for act 2. I just got the red orb back after defeating the lizard guy. I like how (so far anyway) each one of your party members has changed or grown in some way since you last left them, and they even leveled up some. I still need to get back the Arboria twins but I'm going to make a prediction that Veronica is going to have returned to her true age when we next meet (don't spoil me on that please).
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    Never play more than 1 DQ game at once, it’s such a terrible idea, moreover, if your stuck in 6 just go to gamfaqs there’s a place to grind with no level caps.
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    Yes. Each Act of the game is after major world changing events. Act 2 starts after the Lord of Shadows rises to power. Act 3 starts once you begin post game and you do some traveling. That’s all I’ll say.
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    Yes, but you can switch back and forth whenever you want to. I believe this happens in Churches and save points. OH right one thing I forgot. Zoom points. Due to the sizes of certain maps, you collect Campsite zoom points. This is not true for the 3DS, as with a few other spots that aren't present as Zoom points. Probably because it's a lot faster getting to those areas in the 3DS version.
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    For me it is "I work too many hours to play games much and was the only one I bought this year" award.
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    Quick update on this, we have cast the role of Nevan, Ashlynn, Milly, Terry and have in auditions Rek and Carver We hope things go well and you are always welcome to audition with us! So far on the list of things to do for the Dragon Quest Project Get voice actors Translate DQ Hoshi So, recently, I have been playing Dragon Quest Hoshi! I have found a group of people willing to help me patch the game. If anyone is interested we will be trying to put the game out soon! I am working on translations as fast as I can!
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    Well Platty, if you don’t mind, I’m going to keep using this topic in order to discuss Suikoden 2. So I thought the first game started with a bang...Suikoden 2 cranked that factor up to 10 in the first 10 minutes alone. You’re on the run from a traitorous Captain who sent you to die you (as the player) reunite with Viktor and Flik from the first game and find out what they’ve been up to, and begin to learn that tensions are up for the two main characters thanks to misinformation being spread. Also there’s a blood thirsty prince out to lay waste to everything not in the Highlands just because he’s ax crazy. The guy was going to slaughter a little girl just because she was crying for goodness sake! He even had the gaul to make a person act like a pig just so she could save her life, but he then calls her out for acting like a mindless swine and kills her! Bear in mind, everything I typed above has only been in the first 4 hours of gameplay. 😲 Many aspects of Suikoden 2 have VASTLY been improved. The inventory system is much better, the character graphics have some wonderful animation in battles, heck the graphics for the entire game look beautiful. You can dash at any time by holding the circle button (though they decided to now have triangle be the back out/cancel button, which is just super awkward), the translation is much better, recruitable characters have more personality when they enter/exit the party (as well as chiming in during cutscenes)...the development team really stepped things up with Suiko 2.
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    Before I forget, it took about 31 hours of playtime to finish the game. I was at 30 hours by the final save point, so it’s a rough guess I made it 31 hours total. My final party was Grenseal, Viktor, Flik, the hero, Crowley, and Cleo. I also found out how you can transfer your save data from Suikoden 1 to 2 on the Vita. Recruiting the 108 characters will provide several bonuses in Suikoden 2, which all sound very nice and definitely made it worth playing the first game and going for everyone.
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    I win. Sorry @Plattym3. Here I thought I was going to finish the game before I left for work, but no dice. So here we are, like 8 hours later, and NOW I was able to finish the game. Very good game. The translation was a little rough in several spots and suffers from first game syndrome since there are a few oddball design choices, but overall it was a good game. It’s definitely made me a fan and I want to check out the rest of the series for sure now, and plan to download Suikoden II tonight! Thanks Black Friday sale from 2 years ago, got Suikoden 1 & 2 for $5 total back then!
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    There is no Monsters 3. It's just 1 and 2, then Caravan Heart is its own thing, then the Joker series. That said, I voted "Monsters 4". I would also enjoy Heroes 3 a lot, but I am just now playing the first one in English, which means I have this and II to enjoy again, and I could wait a bit more for a third game. Also, I know you are using the English names, but having 3 Slime Morimori games already can make the "Rocket Slime 2" thing look confusing.
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    Man, I'll all up for Grandia on solid state media if they do physical releases. I have the original two games (on PS1 and Dreamcast), but the CD medium is exactly the reason I never even played through the first game, as the game would consistently freeze on one of the early game bosses.
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    I dont hate or feel superior to different race i just prefer whites. If i play some rpg with character creation for example it's normal to make my character white because it makes him indentify more with my race.