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    I don't think Square Enix will actually remake Dragon Quest IX in the coming years because I think they would rather remake Dragon Quest I - III using Dragon Quest XI's engine or a similar graphical style. The reason for this is because earlier, I recall a topic saying that they wanted to remake Dragon Quest III in the previously mentioned style but then said that they'd first work on Dragon Quest XII which, if the last game is a sign, is still a good few years away. However, a Dragon Quest IX remake for switch does have excellent potential.
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    Heyo! Heh, long time no see! So I made a DQ doodle and thought I'd share. It had a cuss in it, but I made it decent, don't worry. Be lucky (PS-I've never uploaded a file onto here, I hope it works)
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    Hello guys! So I have been working on a translation guide on how to play the mobile game 星のドラゴンクエスト/Hoshi no Dragon Quest/Dragon Quest of the Stars. Not only am i working on a guide but also have a Discord server where we can plan multiplayer quests, discuss about the game, where i post my guides, talk about the series as whole, etc. I welcome everyone to join. The main mission is to bring current players together and have newcomers join and help eachother on quests, using the multiplayer feature. Id like for fans to give this game a try if they haven't yet. It is not region locked or IP locked, you do have to either change your play stores region or download QooApp application to download the game since it may not be available to your country, but as far as opening the game and playing it requires no VPN or any sort of trick to playing it. https://discord.gg/GhaWysV I am also looking for people who would like to help with Translation and being Discord Mod. Message me for details if you have free spare time and would like to have a fun project to collaborate with, have ideas youd like to share, or just want to give to the DQ community in any way.
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    this dj-druin is mad! are the beats too fresh??
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    No problem at all. Here you go: DQ1&2 DQ3 Hope that is what you were looking for.
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    A blessed Easter and Eastertide to the forums!
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    OK, I made a bunch more, starting with #123 - https://www.woodus.com/den/site/userbars.php?tp=userbar&grp=general&current=120 Here is Sylv, and buy Buildrick I assume you meant builders one hero?
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    Thank you for the compliment, jay! I've been a fan of DQ since the olden days, and it's fun to experiment/practive with DQ dudes. I hope you continue to enjoy! Let me know if there's anything specific you wanna see.
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    Was it this one? If so that one should be on the page below https://www.woodus.com/den/site/userbars.php?tp=userbar&grp=general&current=20 All the rest of them should be there as well, I should probably make some for builders and XI
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    Full WiFi multiplayer, not just local would be nice
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    Honestly I'd primarily just want sprite consistency. One of my biggest gripes about that game is how jarring it looks for NPCs to be 2D sprites while your character and field monsters are full 3d models. That and even more postgame content will serve me another million years.
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    I don’t know, DQ8 does have some funny moments with the protagonist just off to the side. Specifically the bar fight scene in Simpleton where he just stands there awestruck while bottles and other whatnot objects going flying in front of him. But I get what you mean though.
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    By translation department do you mean localization for the games? Each game is kinda handled differently. For DQ specifically, actually, message me! Haha, I'm very satisfied career-wise but it's a lot of hard work. It's interesting seeing the inner workings and seeing how fans comes up with their own conclusions as to why things are they way they are.
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    I got a new job. I’ll be starting at the end of this month so I can finish my two weeks at my current job. I’ve been looking for new work since my current job has been stingy on hours, so I’m glad my search has finally ended in success.
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    Sorry to kick up an old thread - apparently I have not been on the forum in months... I started working for Square Enix a little over a year ago. Started just on DQ, and now I work on almost all of the Japanese titles.
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    I imagine if Square Enix decides to put the exclusive features of Dragon Quest XI S as paid DLC for the PlayStation 4 & PC versions, you'll probably have to wait for a minimum of a year after Dragon Quest XI S is released on the Nintendo Switch. I wouldn't expect future Dragon Quest games (or any future JRPGs in general) to have the same amount of content no matter what console it's being played on, if I were you, since there's always going to be definite versions of JRPGs released on consoles other than the consoles the games were originally released on.
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    this message is so legitimate and brutally true I just feel the urge to quote it and point it out
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    In honor of this very special day, it’s time for me to use my absolute favorite DQ character as my profile picture: Prince Charmles from Dragon Quest VIII. No other DQ character is as perfect as him. Truly the pinnacle of the entire series!
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    I will say, it was kinda lame of them to decide not to localize the 3DS version because, I assume, they planned on bringing over the Switch version that offered the same experience, and not explain why they did this. Like, I get that they wanted to reveal things at the right time on their own time, but a lot of people bought the PS4 version because they assumed they weren’t getting anything resembling the 3DS game. I think this is just a “me” thing though because I haven’t heard much #$*!ing about it.
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    I personally hate the word "fair". The world would be a more accepting place if people ignored the idea of fairness as equating to equalness. Two completely different concepts. I'll stop here, but whenever this comes up in elementary school it's a good 5 minute lecture from me that assures kids never use that word again in my room. That said, I'd pay good DLC money to turn my PS4 version into this, but I doubt that'll happen for a year or more, likely never. This sets the stage for DQIX remake with a good online group play component to come to Switch next.
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    Wow, I am so sorry for missing this thread (and lets face it, every other thread in the last several months). Thank you so much! I had a great birthday, filled with laughter, thrills and cheesecake. So who can ask for more than that? Sorry for being so out of touch lately. Life has reached a kind of ridiculous pace and my real-life crafty cartography work is keeping me very busy. Lots of travel lately, which used to mean opportunities to meet with Denizens in their local habitats. I was just in St. Louis and then San Diego but didn't have a second to spare in either case. Alex, if I am back in Santa Fe again, I will make time for sure to come find you. On the rare occasion that I am not fully occupied with work or family stuff, I picked up a mapping drone and have been using it to make 3D models of terrain and buildings (and staying well away from airports...). On the Dragon Quest side, I now have Dragon Quest Heroes 1 and 2, Builders and Dragon Quest XI. I have managed to play about an hour of each and that's it. They all seem so great but I just can't manage to commit more than a few hours a month for console gaming anymore. Still plenty of time for mobile games, but I don't think we've seen a new western release for those in a while. Anyway, that's what's happening in my life at the moment. Hope all is well you guys and thanks again for thinking of me on my birthday!
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    Ver 5.00 is out https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/crafting-warriors.895959
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    I only have DQM1 for the monsters games. Here it is.
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    A while back I posted a line-in rip of Dragon Quest II's Android/iOS soundtrack. I'm finally following through on my pledge to provide the same for Dragon Quest III. My efforts were delayed by life distractions, a tablet that died mid-way through my first playthrough, and of course the release of Dragon Quest XI Unfortunately, some major songs were left out of this version's soundtrack: Prologue -- 'Small Shrine' is used in its place during the game's opening Distant Memories -- the Ortega prologue is skipped in this version, and the song isn't used during a key scene in Zoma's Castle Rolling Dice -- no Pachisi, no 'Rolling Dice' Memories of Love 2 -- sound effects are used instead of this jingle The Archfiend's Castle -- this was the most disappointing elimination to me; the game just reuses 'Dungeon' as you explore Zoma's Castle Dungeon of Alefgard -- reuses the DQIII Dungeon theme, rather than the DQII Dungeon theme Despite these omissions, I hope you enjoy! mega.nz Dragon Quest III (Android/iOS) Soundtrack 320 kbps 01 - DQ03 - Overture.mp3 3,866 KB 02 - DQ03 - Intermezzo.mp3 2,367 KB 03 - DQ03 - Town.mp3 5,687 KB 04 - DQ03 - Town (Night).mp3 3,324 KB 05 - DQ03 - Castle ~ Rondo.mp3 9,672 KB 06 - DQ03 - Castle (Night).mp3 4,613 KB 07 - DQ03 - Adventure.mp3 6,883 KB 08 - DQ03 - Battle.mp3 3,051 KB 09 - DQ03 - Requiem.mp3 6,706 KB 10 - DQ03 - Dungeon.mp3 7,191 KB 11 - DQ03 - Village.mp3 9,008 KB 12 - DQ03 - Village (Night).mp3 6,742 KB 13 - DQ03 - Tower.mp3 6,312 KB 14 - DQ03 - Small Shrine.mp3 6,371 KB 15 - DQ03 - Boogie-Woogie.mp3 6,098 KB 16 - DQ03 - Sleeping Village.mp3 4,339 KB 17 - DQ03 - Wake Up Powder.mp3 461 KB 18 - DQ03 - Pyramid.mp3 5,238 KB 19 - DQ03 - Sailing.mp3 5,687 KB 20 - DQ03 - Jipang.mp3 4,652 KB 21 - DQ03 - The Palace of Himiko.mp3 3,160 KB 22 - DQ03 - The Phantom Ship.mp3 4,459 KB 23 - DQ03 - The Song of Sadness.mp3 371 KB 24 - DQ03 - Memories of Love 1.mp3 438 KB 25 - DQ03 - The Reverie of Phoenix 1.mp3 604 KB 26 - DQ03 - The Reverie of Phoenix 2.mp3 1,421 KB 27 - DQ03 - Heavenly Flight.mp3 8,138 KB 28 - DQ03 - Grueling Fight.mp3 11,567 KB 29 - DQ03 - Unknown World.mp3 3,434 KB 30 - DQ03 - Tantegel Castle.mp3 12,208 KB 31 - DQ03 - Fairy Flute.mp3 518 KB 32 - DQ03 - Rainbow Bridge.mp3 429 KB 33 - DQ03 - Hero's Challenge.mp3 4,766 KB 34 - DQ03 - The Light Returns.mp3 463 KB 35 - DQ03 - Into the Legend.mp3 7,146 KB 36 - DQ03 - Victory.mp3 120 KB 37 - DQ03 - Levelup.mp3 122 KB 38 - DQ03 - Resurrection.mp3 219 KB 39 - DQ03 - Inn.mp3 166 KB 40 - DQ03 - Save.mp3 248 KB 41 - DQ03 - Important Item.mp3 98 KB 42 - DQ03 - Six Orbs.mp3 563 KB
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    Hello! New member here, saying hello! I have only ever beaten Dragon Warrior back when it was still new on the NES and then never went back to play any others thanks to becoming a Final Fantasy guy. I am currently in the process of correcting that thanks to iOS though. I am JUST about to fight the Dragonlord at the end of DQ1 as soon as I post this topic! Then it’s onto 2 amd down the line through to 6! I am very excited to finally give this series the attention it deserves.
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    I feel like Joker 3 played with this idea with Fondeww, but they also misstepped elsewhere.
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    It was hard for me to take Calasmos all that seriously when he looked like a giant version of Cell from Dragon Ball Z with a goofy fat baby face. However, I do like the way his text is presented, and the brief moment in the final battle where you hear how his text sounds with that incredibly ominous deep sound to it was perfect for a villain. Honestly it made me wish we had the option for voices or text speech sounds because I would turn it to the latter just for that. Jaspar was okay. He’s a villain I hate because his boss battles were some of the more difficult ones in the game (might be just because I was playing with strong enemies, but who knows) and I did like his human design. I feel like they were going for an Angelo/Marcello story with him and Hendrik, but it didn’t quite hit the mark. Their confrontation with each other in ruined Helidor castle was a great cutscene though, along with the reveal of their past. I just got hope the Switch version goes into more detail on there past. Now Mordegon, honestly, is one of my favorite DQ villains. The big reveal of who he was and how he became the monster you know was unexpected, and actually seeing a DQ villain succeed in taking over the world was pretty unexpected. True, Orgodemir before him managed to fool the world, but Mordegon’s rule had such a huge impact on the entire world. With most DQ games, I always felt like while the big bads are powerful and a threat, they never do much to actually flaunt their powers and the worlds are usually pretty well off looking despite monsters running around. With Mordegon’s rule? Most of the world/landscape is torn up somehow, monsters have become much more violent, you see his forces decimate towns and see how the world has a more muted feel to it with the ever present brown sky during the daytime hours. Heck, him showing up to fend off the Lantern was pretty unexpected and demonstrated he was willing to go beyond his castle to actually do something if he wanted to, unlike say Nimzo or Mortamor who sit on their asses waiting for their minions to do their dirty work or how Baramos was such a “threat,” when Ortega went after him but didn’t do ANYTHING really evil and just waited for another hero to show up. So yeah. Calasmos and Jaspar were okay, Mordegon I really liked.
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    I just remembered that the size system became a thing in Joker 2 where monsters could take up multiple spots in the party. I liked this feature but many did not as I think it was very unbalanced and damaged the competitive aspect of the game. Personally, I'd like to see it return but I wouldn't be surprised if it didn't. Also in Joker 3/Monsters 2 3DS (I think), you were able to alter the size of your monsters, so that may be the solution that is used in this game. Yeah, the recolours in Joker 3 was a real let down. I don't mind the odd recolour here and there like in Joker 1 and 2 but I'd like to see a lot more variety. The skillsets used in the GBC games are fun to use and I think that not having set learnsets is a good idea and can make the game very interesting (a prompt to breed more monsters as well). However, I'd also like to keep stat boosters (Attack Boost etc.), so maybe they could put stat boosters into a seperate system than the learnsets.
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    Honestly as of now I'm fine with any of the games (that potentially need it) being remade, but would prefer a IX remake or a I - III remake, mainly IX. As for what I want for a IX remake... ~ More post game content. Got bored after beating the main story and ended up deleting my save file to replay the main game because the post game is just so...boring unless you have the DLC quests (I never could get them), and even then it still would be pretty boring. ~ Bringing the casino back. I for one love giving my characters Metal king swords and Gringham whips during the earlier (ish) portions of the game and brutally destroying everything in my path (cough cough what I did in DQ4, DQ5, and DQ6 cough). ~ I'd rather they just allow you to do the DLC quests from the start of post game instead of having you download it, but that's just because I'm still salty about DQ9's DLC. ~ Online and local multiplayer. ~ Giving weapons like the whip and boomerang and spells more use. I'll have you know that the whip and boomerang weapons were some of my favorites but I'm disappointed by the lack of usage for them and how useless they are at times. ~ Allowing you to recruit previous DQ characters as post content honestly sounds really epic, imo. ~ Idk, but I've always felt like they could've given at least a few more options when customizing characters? That might just be me, though. ~ Better graphic designs for NPCs in general. It's always irked me that NPCs have this generic, boring, and plain 2d sprites while your playable characters and *important* NPCs get 3d sprites (and even then some/most of them revert into a 2d sprite after their story is done). As much as I like both styles, there needs to be more consistency. ~ Might just be me, but I honestly wish they had a few more classes from previous games. Although I wouldn't mind a DQ3 remake either, but I'd rather a IX remake. DQ3 is still on my 'to play list'
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    I used to play it and Monster Parade, but not understanding the story was too much of a pain for me. It's a shame cause the going from one planet to the moon, and having intergalactic ennemies was really cool and unique in the DQ universe. I still hope that, one day, we'll get it somewhere else in English. The gatcha system can work in fully payed games, like the new Super DB Heroes. So finger crossed! (monster parade would work just fine on Switch imo!)
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    Cool, if you want me to host any of you guides let me know
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    Oh, yeah, good call, yeah, casino needs to be re-added to IX
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    I'm let down as well. But I have some hope that the Yocchi content that was exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS version will makes its way to Dragon Quest XI S, and maybe we'll learn more about the Yoochi.
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    Doh, just realized it has been 3 years since I looked at this (dang time flies). Thanks to @Jimmu_Dudeski for updating the Dragon Warrior 2 GBC Breeding info based on the Jimeous info. I have cleared out the database of the info I had and imported the data that was gathered. Here is the link for Beast, use the navbar at the top to select the other families. https://www.woodus.com/den/games/dwm2gbc/breeding-details.php?fam=beast
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    Finished up chapter 5. The part at Garrelia Fortress was pretty good, but honestly I was really annoyed with what the follow up was for the scene that was cut off way at the beginning of the game. Basically the intro of the game has you experience the last bit of chapter 5 up to a certain point, then cuts it off when the obviously dangerous weapons are fired. I was EXTREMELY disappointed by how lackluster the full reveal for that scene was handled. Thank god the events after that in chapter 5 were pretty good, not to mention the chapter boss was fun to fight, because I was honestly really disappointed. It was one of those times I said, “Oh #$*! you game!” out loud, though I suppose I’m glad the characters who would have gotten hurt didn’t. As much as I didn’t like that story scene, it did make me concerned for the characters who would have suffered thanks to the writing and relieved they were (potentially) going to be fine. I’ve started chapter 6, and while I’m meh on the classes getting ready for some festival thing, exploring the schoolhouse is as good as always. Might try and level up some of the characters I haven’t used as much. I’m wondering what the big reveal of the place will be, but I’m guessing it will take one more chapter before there’s an answer.
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    Laugh and continue using it. I ad block and NoScript for one reason - every piece of malware I've ever received has come from a site's ad network. Every piece of malware I've had to clean from family and friends have come from ads. And not even ads from questionable or porn sites. Regular, everyday sites. Sites for news, weather, art, etc. Not only do I not trust ad networks, they block content, interrupt browsing, mislead users, and...they never, ever work! Nobody clicks on them. The only time someone will is if it's one of those "you've won gift card" iPad ads that blocks everything and you can't back out of. So to all the people that whine about users using ad block - deal. Find a better way to run your site. Find an advertising method that's safe for users. Until then I'll gladly stay safe by blocking your ads and crypto miners.
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    This whole thing is like some sort of speak easy. Gotta keep a low profile by disguising it an ordinary neighborhood pet shop. The folks at SE will never suspect a thing that way.
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    Who are you and what have you done with our webmaster?
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    Well, in this situation he’s supporting Square Enix moreso than Sony.
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    It’s funny how certain games, particularly dialogue heavy RPGs, envoke this reaction. Everyone has a different game that does it. Guess we found Platty’s. 😜 Laura and Fie are now best friends. HOOOOOOOORAAAAAAY....who didn’t see that coming? Just beat your rival up with a sword and you’ll become BFFs before you know it!!! Seriously though, the cutscene where they cleared the air was well done. Much like how you finally learn Elliot’s full backstory (which was something I could relate to in a few ways in all honesty), it was good to learn more about Fie’s story. Shame she had a rough life, but at least she had plenty of love and support from those around her. I don’t want to jinx myself, but playing Trails of Cold Steel on a home console has made for a much more engrossing, can’t put it down experience. Granted, I had today off so it was easy to keep playing, but still, I’m greatly enjoying the game.
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    This doesn't bode well in my eyes... I was hoping a success in China would convince SE that a broader worldwide release would be worth it.
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    Yeah, but I would definitely feel the same about anime, even without a son who is half Japanese. 😀 With exception to Macross Plus and Howl's Moving Castle (which starred Brian Cranston and Billy Crystal, respectively) I've preferred subs to dubs since the early 90s. For a Blu Ray release I'd just like to have the option for both.
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    Wait, did I miss something here? Dragon Quest 1, 2, 3, and even 4 get skipped over for a DQ11 makeover, and Dragon Quest 5 gets picked, and instead of calling it the obvious, Dragon Quest V again, they're calling it Dragon Quest: Your Story? Odd choice. Looks fantastic for the next DQVr though.
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    I’m almost done with replaying Dark Souls Remastered and getting the Dark Lord ending. I hope once I achieve it I won’t have to deal with some chosen hero and his friends. I just want to rule the darkness in peace. I tell you, young kids today and their mistreatment towards dark lords.... That aside, I did get my next RPG in the mail today: Trails of Cold Steel PS4. I had to do some looking, but I found out how to transfer my save data from the Vita version (aka Platty’s copy of the game he loaned me like a year ago) to the PS4 version. Even got access to some bonuses for it as well, so that was nice. I didn’t go for the extra money and Max Bond points, but I was happy to take all the extra costumes.
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    For these two quests we are just giving badges to everyone that entered! (Might as well keep using the Hero for badges since Platty loves his hair so much ) Quest #181 - DQXI Notable Quotables gooieooie, Twinkie, Plattym3, Woodus, YangustheLegendaryBandit, eal, Sackchief Quest #182 - Screenshot + Saying Sport Plattym3, Woodus, Liamland, redneckpride4ever, YangustheLegendaryBandit, Sackchief, The Mystical One, Dakhil 
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    I beat Child of Light. Normal was...very easy. Like, I attacked without an strategy and rarely using buffs or debuffs and only got a Game Over fighting one boss. Overall, I’d say it’s a 4/5. It’s missing a lot that you’d expect from an RPG but the easy difficulty also makes those things unnecessary. Like, you can’t accumulate money to buy items and you can’t use things like Heal outside of battle. You don’t buy weapons or equipment, stuff like that. It’s sort of like the spine of an RPG instead a full-fledged one. There are some side quests but they’re minimal, for example. I did enjoy it a lot though. It’s aesthetic and the gameplay were great and the length was just right.
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    You’re the personification of, “reads Playboy for the articles.”
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    Where is my new Dragon Quest Monsters information? It’s been four months haha. I need more imagination and hype fuel.
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    People crying "greed" are funny. How new are they to JRPG's? Did they somehow missed: Persona 3 -> Persona 3 FES -> Persona 3 Portable Persona 4 -> Persona 4 Golden Trails of Cold Steel -> Trails of Cold Steel Kai Final Fantasy XV WINDOWS EDITION? JRPG industry runs on reusing assets and re-releasing on another platforms.
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    That will get you versions 1 through 3. Version 4 will have to be purchased separately if you want the Version 4 content. There is no all in one that includes Version 4 yet (It'll probably come in a few years). The disk might have more than one installer on it. You may have to run a few installers to get everything. There is going to be a product registration code which should be inside the game box. If you don't buy Version 4, you can still play versions 1 - 3. Some content such as the 100 level cap will require version 4 even if you aren't on the Version 4 story yet.
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