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  2. This game has really exceeded my expectations, even as a DQ fan. It really improves on the original in a lot of ways, and they've done a great job making the building more intuitive than ever. The story and characters are super-charming as well! I'm currently building up my main island after Furrowfield and the game just keeps throwing so many new features at me that I can barely keep up.
  3. I’ll be curious to see what happens with the new Monsters game. I can see Square Enix USA actually giving a #$*! about it because they can promote the hell out of Erik being the main character since he’s from DQ11. But on the other hand, depending on the console it releases on and because it’s a Monsters game, Square Enix could easily pretend to ignore it and be like “What Monsters game? You guys are nuts.”
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  5. Wish I could get income so I can get games made. At this rate it would take 3ish years per game demo

  6. If only he could have worked that magic so we could have gotten all those 3DS Dragon Quest games Square Enix USA conveniently ignored. Hopefully he can work his magic so we get the upcoming Monsters game Erik from DQ11 is starring in.
  7. I finally got around to playing some more of this game, and I managed to get to Stornway, create my companions, and start grinding them up so they don't die as often :') This is the current set up for the team (in spoilers): At the moment I'm grinding in the ruins of Brigadoom despite not fighting the Wight Knight yet. Honestly I'm kind of just grinding for gold if that makes sense? Kind of just trying to build up a small stash of gold for now. As well as that I'm mainly focusing on fully completing the class specific skill sets for each of my characters (except for Reiki as I might transfer him to a class that might not allow use of shields) as the bonuses are quite nice, more specifically the 100+ bonuses of either Magical Might or Magical Mending for Mage and Priest respectfully. Courage is nice for the moment as it gives use of Whipping Boy early on so that way I don't have to backtrack when I aim to get the Paladin class later on since I never really use the Warrior or Mage classes in this game as much as I should tbh. As for why I equipped Winter with a divine dagger, it simply makes it easier to take out some of the monsters nearby where I'm grinding.
  8. Ok, got 3 infinite items exploring the 2 optional islands. Build a couple things in my Empire of Evisceration, so on to the next main island!
  9. Likely, it's because JP is getting the DQV movie, and the item was added to the base game. We're getting it because it was easy to put in the international release.
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  11. Dragon quest 1 had been a big surprise for me. The 2 became the game that I most expected, because on the 01 it was only missing the multi so I spend hours and hours on it to build with my wife. My wait has been rewarded and much more than that. The game is even better than its predecessor, it's a bidding slam so much the world and its pnj are immersive, I'm at 25 hours and I wonder how far the game will bluff me.
  12. I do not know if it's good or bad news but it can be cool, I can not wait to try
  13. The buildapedia is super helpful if you're trying to build specific stuff again. It's not been too useful since we've only dine the first island and know maybe >10 room recipes but in due time it'll be needed.
  14. Buildapedia? Never looked at that. Oh, I have been saving. Guess I didn't even think of that. Got it!
  15. ...How else have you been accessing the Buildapedia or saving?
  16. The upcoming Dragon Quest Your Story movie could be the reason. Since it’s based around DQ5, people will either check out the mobile version or replay the mobile version, so adding in an accessory like this could be tied in with the film. Or maybe Yuji Horii was like, “You know what sucks? Trying to recruit metal monsters on DQ5. Let’s add an accessory to help with that problem!” And then he snapped his fingers and magic happened.
  17. Sorry, I had no clue what you were talking about until I saw SlimeVagrant's post. I don't know if anyone has tried to figure out how much it helps, that is cool they added that though.
  18. Pretty sure that's what will happen too. I think I saw the second island is mining focused and I've seen screenshots of a better hammer. It is kind of lame you can't break most of the blocks that form the hills around the water area.
  19. Pause the game and press Square (or whatever the Switch equivalent is) to see a bigger version of the list. I used the side island to grab a ton of seeds because they are very plentiful there and every time to go back the island shuffles.
  20. Really strange to see a new item added to a game which hasn't had any thing new added in 11 years. IV and VI has altered and/or added content on mobile compared to its DS counterparts, but all V got was some small balance changes like tweaks to MP costs. Also I haven't checked every single party member in the game or anything, but at first glance it appears only our purple-clad hero can equip it, so no need to purchase more than one.
  21. I guess the problem I have is I am not very creative with things. Like I want to build but I just cannot come up with anything. I also feel like there are so many choices of blocks I lose focus on what I can even make.
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