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  2. I made the second revocation of Battlemaster in Dragon Quest of the Stars over the weekend. If anyone has the revocation info for Rev1 or Rev2 for any I am missing, would you mind sharing? https://woodus.com/den/games/dqstarsandios/revocation.php
  3. Yeah, I think the first and second ones had all the same issues. It's been a while since I played, but I definitely remember the camera controls and optimizing characters issues. As for me, I got the Pokemon Badge in Mauville City and got the Mod Rod in DQ III. ....Oh and I rescued a weapon-inventing chick from a Castle in DQ Builders. As I write this, I realize it is time to pop Rune Factory 4 in again.
  4. I got it and I'm about 25 hours into DQ III. I absolutely love it. I may be overly optimistic, but any downsides are way outweighed with the absolute blast I'm having. I cant, unfortunately, comment on 1 and 2.
  5. I know some of the text will show up if you change your date & time settings to display in Japanese.
  6. I've been playing RE:U as well. It's neat!
  7. Oh @Plattym3, I made something for you. Warning DQXI Post-game spoilers
  8. In my experience, it can be a variable. I’ve gotten some things slightly over a month, other things in two weeks. But like Platty said, it’s almost pointless to try and answer this question because 2020 is a mess in general in regards to shipping, overseas shipping especially.
  9. So long as they’re not, “Maribel is actually a good character tho.”
  10. The Japanese version of DQ XI was the last thing I ordered, I don't remember how long it took, sorry. I take that back, I ordered the DQ I, II, III from them for switch, and was able to go back and check my order, it shipped on 2019-10-24 and arrived on my doorstep 2019-11-07 So it took 2 weeks
  11. Selling point? Not at all.Bonus? Sure I didn't buy my Switch to replay Grandia or Rune Factory 4, but they've been highly enjoyable. Then again, them and DQ are the only 3 series I'd replay. Also, it helps that I sell all old consoles and games. So, I don't have any old stuff anyway.
  12. If you knew my secret video game hot takes you would be DISGUSTED by me.
  13. DQXI is still playable, but there's a bunch of Easter eggs and references throughout the game that you'd appreciate more if you at least played DQIII. I'm playing Dragon Warrior III (NES) at the moment with my 3 year old son, as we've beaten I and II together (with me handling most of the grinding on the side.) Though the "definitive edition" of this game for me will always be the SFC version. It contains the monster animations in battle and pachisi tracks that were stripped from the mobile version (and every subsequent port, including this Switch one). Every remake of DQIII that doesn't have monster animations in battle is a step down, for me, regardless of whatever graphic updates are made. It really amps up the battles to have the monsters actually moving (a feature which was first introduced in DQVI, if we're talking Dragon Quest Firsts!)
  14. Yeah, it's not really a selling point to me if a modern console can let you play old games that you've already purchased, by repurchasing them on the new console. If you could trade in the old copy for a digital one (and it's transferable to the next gen console) that's another story.
  15. I don't like the whole "masks are a sham," but I don't like the whole, "WEAR A #$*!ING MASK REEEEEEEE!!" nonsense either. And I don't like how people are posting pictures of random strangers on their social media and going out of their way to attack them. On Friday I was sketching at Starbucks when this happened. Two groups of people came in - none were regulars. One was a couple in their late 40s/early 50s who didn't have masks. They opened and held the door for the other group, so they didn't see the sign on the door. They came in and the manager promptly told them masks were required. They didn't have any. He said that was OK, handed them a menu, and asked for them to wait outside. They obliged. He went outside, took their order, and brought it to them. After they left the manager came behind me and took a picture of their car. It really struck me as odd. If it was to report them, the state ordinance wasn't going to go into effect for another two hours. Or worse, post their license plate on social media, opening these people up to all kinds of trouble. There have been many stories from retail workers about customers fighting back against masks. This wasn't one of those stories. The couple was extremely polite and respected the store's policy. There wasn't a single furrowed brow or bad word uttered. Literally the ideal situation. I hope I'm wrong. What's the point of "saving lives" when you've made the world a hostile place?
  16. Driving back up from the beach, we passed through the vacation hotspot in my state (which uncoincidentally currently has the largest number of cases in the state). Just driving through, we passed by a few mom and pop restaurants that you could see through the windows where packed with 30 - 40 people. Maybe 5% of those people were wearing masks, if I'm being generous.
  17. My radically conservative brother-in-law tried to talk crap about masks the other day. My cousin who's worked as an EMT for 30 years shut him and shut him down in a matter of minutes. It was quite an entertaining interlude in an otherwise annoying week.
  18. I haven't played in a week and come back to this. Oh dear T-T
  19. Ha, yeah. Romancing SaGa 2 may not have a lot of major named characters, but I have gotten a few. Two different versions of Gerard (one pre-emperor and the other post emperor), his older brother Victor, and the leader of the wind spirit people who live in the southeast part of the world. Most of them have been class characters from RS2, and it seems like the different versions of the “character,” are repped by the different generation versions depending on if you have the SS version, A version, etc. This game is reminding me I need to get back to Romancing SaGa 2. I have made some progress when I played it a few days ago, and am on the hunt for a Minstrel who can help me teach the wind people. I also reached a new town in the desert where one of the Seven Heroes seems to be hiding out.
  20. Almost done with Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3. Not liking this at all. My kids have been bouncing off it quite a bit too. They're learning a hard lesson from this game. (mind you, this is all on easy mode) Crappy camera controls. Check. Multiple multiple attempts at some bosses. Check. Needing to spend a lot of time in menus for optimizing characters. Check. Final boss is not final boss. Check. Final final boss not dead when HP = 0. Gets up and fights again. Check. Can't wait to finish & sell this. Not an enjoyable game for any of us really.
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