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  2. For the record, I never beat Jurassic Park on the Super Nintendo. I tried a lot, but always got stuck at "You need Dennis Nedry's key card" I hate him almost as much as Jerry does
  3. I actually bought a converter to play my PS2 and other stuff on my HD TV. Haven’t tried it with the GameCube yet, but it works well with my PS2. Totally get going for the Switch collection, but if you ever want to get a converter I’ll let you know what I got.
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  5. eal

    Switch RPGs...?

    I’ve played Mario 64 on DS and Galaxy on Wii. I actually already own all three games but never beat Sunshine. I mostly bought it so I could play it mobile instead of fiddling with my aging GameCube.
  6. From what I've seen of it so far, eal is right. It may not be shot for shot, but it's 100% remake. Watched some 20+ minutes of it so far and I recalled every scene/event.
  7. Yep, that doesn't sound familiar at all. Haha, I was just drinking and listening most of that episode.
  8. I’ll be curious what your boys think of them. I remember having fun playing Mario 64 with my dad. Good times.
  9. Welcome to the Den, our own little slice of the Internet! Hope you enjoy it here. Glad you're looking around and posting. Keep feeling free to revive some old topics, we don't mind at all. In fact I quite enjoy it as it typically gets newer members talking and us old guards' brains working on new replys and such. Again, welcome!
  10. Plattym3

    Switch RPGs...?

    I'm going to make Plattym4 play in release order. I've actually never played any of them (really, no interest in Mario platforming). It arrived about an hour ago, but the kids were watching Ernest Goes to Jail, so we didn't open it.
  11. My copy won’t arrive until the end of the month or early next month. I’m okay with that though.
  12. A year later and it's all Switch and my hacked Vita. Geeze, June 2019 may be the last time I seriously even played my PS4.
  13. I usually have about 5 or 6 games on hand. Usually, there's one or two I play every day, and the other 4 get played every week. It really started becoming a bigger list when Pokemon started introducing time based events. I'd play MMBN for awhile, but I'd have to switch carts to check on my berries in Pokemon. Currently, I'm playing Etrian Odyssey 2, and I have 3 WII games on standby (2 RPGs, and Smash IV). I'm also playing Castle of the Winds. Of those five games, I've only actually touched two of them today. My strategy is probably a bad one. I have no idea what I'm supposed to do next in about 50 games I have because I put them on the back burner for weeks or months.
  14. I like Street Fighter a bit i'm mainly into smash.
  15. One game at a time before i go to the next one and see if theres any loose ends that should be cleared up.
  16. I'm downloading Black Clover, One Punch Man, DB Super, and FMA Brotherhood. I also found out that Pokemon is listed on the anime site I used. And Toonami ran some anime style Batman recently (maybe that's why I'm watching TMNT vs Batman later). I mostly watch the stuff on Toonami, except for Food Wars, Jojo, and a few others that my friends think I'm crazy for not watching.
  17. I've only played the SNES and DS versions. For the most part, I prefer the DS version. I like that the bonus dungeons are on the side, so you can choose to ignore them completely if you want. The built in maps and monsterpedia (I think every version but the SNES has the bestiary). I first played the SNES version by renting it at the local grocery store. I also got stuck in the factory in the future my first time.
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  19. The DS version is the version i highly recommend since it has all the features from the ps1 and more on the ds version.
  20. Last smt game i played was devil survivor 2 record breaker its the most lighhearted smt game i've ever played and i love how dialogue choices actually matter unlike persona 5.
  21. eal

    Switch RPGs...?

    If anyone picked up the 3D All-Stars collection, I’m wondering which gave y’all decided to start with.
  22. Finished Final fantasy tactics a2 recently.
  23. The World Ends With You Final Remix and Xenoblade 2 are the only jrpgs i have on the switch as of now i'm getting tokyo mirrage sessions for the switch for xmas as well.
  24. I've read some Hatsune Miku manga lately they have alot more story then we ever give them credit for i'll say taht.
  25. I watched the Armitage III movies recently and nothing at all like watching cult classic edgy 90s anime.
  26. My First Story Ft Chelly Million Times.
  27. IX is pretty challenging but really addictive and i'm happy to hear that your kids and wife are playing something thats really good. Dragon Quest really did help lay out the standards for JRPGS along with Final Fantasy,Shin Megami Tensei and Chrono Trigger.
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