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  2. I've been playing on the trial on PS4 for a lot longer than 440 hours. I think Yawara is right. There isnt any time constraint related to the trial version.
  3. Haha, no problem. You putting axe into the post helped me figure it out eventually haha. And thank you for my 3,000th upvote. Damn.
  4. DIE! Oh...um...this isn't the abuse section? Oh, it's for birthdays! Terribly sorry. Say no more. Ahem... *clears throat* ...and now for something completely different. A very Happy Happy Birthday *bursts out of cake wearing a swimsuit*...oiy, what's with all the stares? I didn't have time to prepare a present! I thought this would be...well, I guess it seems a little whacky. OH, you wanted a female to jump out of the cake? Preferably your wife, but not here...at home you say? All I saw peaking into that head of yours was bathing suit and cake. Oh dear me, I've made a mess of things again haven't I? Wink, wink. Say no more! Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy *is holding a blue paint brush* Hmm, I suppose that particular chant lacks a certain noun, doesn't it? Hmm... The Spanish ...no, no...no. That simply won't do. The inquisition was rather dreary I'd say. Bunch of blowhards frothing about doing dilly dally whatelse but bothering people over things that weren't their business....and there I go ranting about nothing again. I'll get this right. Just hold on. HOLD ON I say! *doubles down on clearing throat for a good long minute...swallows* Ahah! Happy Birthday good fellowman...um, friend...no no... Happy Birthday King Zenith! Yes, by jove I think I have it! The rain in spain...oh posh, I lost it. Happy Birthday King Zenith! May the drink flow, the food be delightful, the warmth of friends and family ever comforting, the frolicking fun and merry, and the cake most scrumptious! I hope you had fantastic evening to top off a great day!
  5. Listening to Slime Time is debauchery enough for one evening.
  6. I don't think there's a time limit on the trial. SE hasn't deleted accounts due to inactivity. But If you own a land/house that could get confiscated/(all items on the land can be collected later) once it passes 3 months of inactivity for trial users(https://hiroba.dqx.jp/sc/news/detail/b1301141feffabac455e1f90a7de2054/).
  7. At least you got it. No one grasped my egg joke above. Bad egg being the base tier new name in DQ7's two egg monsters, rotten being the upgraded more dangerous one.
  8. Yeah you're probably right. Well hopefully someone will one day do it in the future.
  9. There really isn't much like that. On GameFAQs the offline tutorial and the starting village for each race has a text translation, but that's all that exists. Trust me, if it existed, it would likely be here on the Den.
  10. Thanks guys! Great day so far and plenty more debauchery planned for this evening. Most of my birthdays are marked by some Dragon Quest achievement. This year, the achievement was finishing listening to the currently released Slime Time podcasts.
  11. I've been playing the trial version on Switch for the past week but since the trial will end soon (apparently it closes after 440 hours have passed since you started it?) I'm considering buying the full version with a 3-month pass during summer break (where I actually have more free time) and continuing from where I left off. Would Square Enix delete my account and save data due to account inactivity if I wait that long without playing anything?
  12. Yeah I found her channel earlier today and was super happy! But I was hoping for translated English text to read instead. I'll be using her videos for now but if anyone finds anything like what I was asking for, please let me know
  13. Yesterday
  14. It took me a minute to get the joke, but I get it. Very clever, Ignasia. That was pretty funny once it clicked. You know what you get?
  15. Probably shouldn't be putting out so many family photos out there, you never know who has an axe to grind.
  16. Second vote for Nawaria. I'll often sync my gameplay to hers so that the cutscene translation feels like a more authentic experience.
  17. You could watch Nawaria's playthru of Dragon Quest X, she translates as she plays https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHG_jEUENqsr5nst1Uw6pSA
  18. Been playing the Switch trial version of DQX lately using google translate and it works fairly well for game menus. But when it comes to NPC and cutscene dialogue, I can barely make out actual sentences sometimes. Sometimes there are cutscenes with nothing but bad grammar which I'm not surprised by. I guess Google Translate isn't too useful for translating Japanese text that involves conversation. Is there any website that has cutscenes that are actually translated well to English?
  19. I struggled so much to try to get cover on Gamer. Everything I tried to do got me caught. Thanks! Roy is one of my favorites. I don't know why I picked him up. I never really played him in 4. Marth used to be my main in 4, and actually got me into the top 3 and was very consistent with him at tournys at the time. As much as I do like Hero, I wanna go back and pick up Marth again and start practicing again. Since he is really the only character I got any results with.
  20. And I have it here as well now https://www.woodus.com/den/games/dq9ds/dqvc_schedule.php
  21. No worries, I will replicate it here as well
  22. I've had so so much money and almost nothing to spend it on. Very little equipment, period. Do I need to be saving? I feel it's a good idea too. Plus, don't you want to fill up your extremely limited inventory space with wonderful things?
  23. Pokémon was the first monster catching game I played, but the minute I started DWM, that was it. I thought it was superior in every way. I thought for sure, "This is going to be the next big thing!" I didn't understand marketing at the time, nor the power of incumbency. I showed that game to anyone that would listen. Nobody. Gave. A. #$*!. Not a single one of my friends. None of my sister's friends. Nobody. That was pretty irritating.
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