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  2. There are many ways to get it other than cfw. I even mentioned one in the first post. Thats a pretty easy one too if you can connect to the server but certain ISPs won't let you use a different DNS. Plus you're also relying on someone else's server making it a less than permanent solution. Out of curiosity though, which shop items does that method give you? Unless it rotates like the service did initially you'd still wouldn't have access to a few items, but they're mostly just healing consumables iirc.
  3. For some reason I'm having trouble uploading a little Gold Golem .gif I made! I keep getting a "-200" error! Weird... anyway, here's wonderwall another slime!
  4. you can get the dlc with out cfw i got a copy a few weeks ago and then i used this method and i got all the dlc https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/937281-dragon-quest-ix-sentinels-of-the-starry-skies/77723677
  5. A big problem with playing DQ9 nowadays is gaining access to the huge amount of locked content that requires connecting to an online service that no longer exists. There's all kinds of different solutions to this out there, but one I haven't seen talked about anywhere is 3DS Custom Firmware. All you need to do is make a save backup via the checkpoint app, put your SD card in your computer and use the DQ9 save editor on the .sav file that checkpoint created. Afterwords you can put your SD card back in your 3DS and restore the edited save to the cartage via checkpoint. I can confirm this method works as I just now tested it personally. I used to use the NDS adapter plus but it is a real pain to get working on my computer due to its lack of licensed drivers iirc. This method requires no additional hardware other than a Micro SD card if you don't already have one (assuming you use a 3DS). I've looked and I haven't seen this offered as a solution anywhere else so I just figured I'd bring attention to it as it seems to be a rather good one.
  6. I ended up grinding up to 99, and doing as much as I could for the Tockle Village Alters. I managed to complete the post game, and started to working on other newer content. I had to turn off super strong monsters at that point. Some of those fights are just downright brutal.
  7. Just occurred to me that you could use the chapter selector when changing between 2D and 3D modes in DQXISDE to effectively start a NG+

  8. As someone who has only ever played remakes of main series DQ games except for IX, and XI it's interesting to see the different takes on these. Especially how people seem to prefer the DS versions of IV, V, and VI, to the Mobile versions. Especially with how laggy DQ4 and to a lesser extent DQ5 were on the DS (never hear anyone mention that, seriously use swoosh on a decent sized group of enemies in DQ5 and you'll see what I mean), and how a lot of the party members in VI are locked behind the tag system on DS which is rather difficult to use, especially in the west. Though I've never played the original version of VII myself I remember there being so many complaints of cut content in the 3DS version and poorly implemented modern features. Even having only played the 3DS version you can definitely tell that the maps were not designed to have monsters roaming around on them. For how much crap I've heard talked about the remake I was definitely under the impression that it was generally considered inferior.
  9. Been playing Dragon Quest III (via the Switch version) on and off with Dragon Quest XI S. Mainly I put on DQ3 after a long day of work so I can play something I don’t necessarily have to focus too much on. This is why I wish more RPGs nowadays had lighter stories: sometimes you just need an RPG that’s fun to play and not one that has a lot of story to it. Anyway, my party has been Hero, Warrior, Thief, and Mage. At some point Mage will become a Sage so I can have someone with Mulitheal. I almost made my Thief a Gadabout instead, as I named the character after Platty, but I opted for a Thief because of the chance to steal items. Plus, I’ve used a Gadabout before in a Super Famicom Run (or should I say I used a Jester?), and quite honestly using that class was...well, let’s just say interesting. I’d be down for trying to use a Jester again, maybe a male and female one, but I don’t think I could handle a full party playthrough of them. I’m hit and miss on the playable character/NPC sprites, but I think the newly drawn monsters look great. A lot of them look exactly like the art I remember all those years ago from my Dragon Warrior Monsters 2 guide book. I do wish there was a sprite filter for the playable characters as I prefer the SNES look of the character sprites, but I’m good with how they updated the monsters. Only other thing I wish this version had was the ability to use the L or ZL button to select commands. It’s not just because DQ11 lets us do that; I’ve played other RPGs where you can essentially play one handed, and it’s kind of useful if I need to look something up on my phone or change whatever I’m listening to or what have you. That’s a minor gripe though. Right now I’m heading to Skyfell Tower to look for Kandar. I’ve been doing a bunch of battling to get a lot of gold for good weapons and armor, but honestly I’ve never minded fighting a lot of battles in all the times I’ve played DQ3.
  10. The Super Famicom version also has the Pachisi boards still intact. That’s a pretty significant difference along with the monster animations.
  11. Some of these versions I have never played or finished and I am judging based on screenshots, commercials, or other video. Dragon Quest 1- Super Famicom Dragon Quest 2-Super Famicom. The Battlebacks including Battleback edges are better than the IOS version. Also cool graphic of castle at beginning. Dragon Quest 3-Super Famicom. Identical to IOS except animations are intact. Dragon Quest 4- PS1. Better Battlebacks compared to IOS version and more fulfilling town creation side quest based on Dragon Warrior 7. Dragon Quest V-Toss up between Super Famicom and PS2 mostly because of graphics. Dragon Quest VI- Super Famicom because better graphics. Dragon Quest 7- 3DS but my vote my change as I have not finished that version yet. The rest are either no remixes, not enough experience with game, and I haven’t played Dragon Quest 8 yet or finished 11.
  12. Yesterday
  13. A member from long ago suggested Protectors of Paradise. I still, to this day, believe that would be the most fitting subtitle for 7.
  14. I mean, one of the big selling points of Fire Emblem is Support Conversations, so that makes sense.
  15. Been taking the game pretty slowly recently, just made it through the last of the Start-of-Act 2 Mini stories. Here's some brief thoughts on them.
  16. Hey, the old saying "Fire Emblem fans can't live without stirring drama" keeps proving itself true.
  17. Open this page in Chrome (make sure you have Google Translate installed) https://dragon-quest.jp/ten/quest/number.php and look for the quest number that matches the quest. This site is an invaluable resource. Also, I highly recommend checking out Nawaria's translation on YouTube.
  18. Found a youtube video about the quest
  19. Hi guys so ive been having a great time messing around in DQX. I completed the offline mode and created a character in the elf race. So far i have finished two elf test and worked my way out to what appears to be thr main hub for this area (there are tons of shops, a pub, a train, etc.) From here i went to a monument on a hillside and then south to a camp and then a tower. At the top of the tower I got killed and so i decided to do some leveling and build myself up a bit before i go back. I really want to re work my party (I somehow got a level 28 default party with a warrior a priest and a mage) but it appears as though i have to complete a quest to get access to the roster of characters to hire. I accepted the quest from the lady at the counter and now I dont know what im supposed to do. Ive tried searching for guides but info seems to be pretty scarce. There are tons of youtube videos but they are mostly 1 hour lets play videos.. Hard to search for specific answers without watching hours and hours of video.. Can anyone help?
  20. Well, Paladins are a pretty sweet class in the remake of DQ7. Though if we did rename it to that, let’s slap in Cecil from Final Fantasy IV for shits and giggles, preferably post Mount Ordeals. 😜
  21. These are actually the ones I have gripes with, myself. Not like it matters, but if I were to rename them, they'd be: "The Dark Diety of Destruction" "Legend of the Luminary" and "The Paladins of Paradise".
  22. if need get hold of me fast here my discord https://discord.gg/RhUbsHR
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