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  2. Finally a remaster I'm actually interested in, if only because the original game requires every player to bring their own GBA and GC link cable (the latter of which almost no one owns). It's a dreadful game in single player, but a ton of fun when playing as a full team! Hoping to some day experience that again.
  3. Don't worry too hard about this. Going in blind you'll miss out on a bunch of potential events of the game, but it's this dynamic structure that I love about it. You'll find plenty of other great allies. Personally I never found the thieves' guild. That said, I'm a little confused. I did what you described, and just cleared out the dungeon, and they joined me just fine afterwards. I think there's a moment shortly after the surprisingly dead-easy first parts of the game where it suddenly turns super hard. But as long as you keep trying to evolve your characters rather than run from every battle, you'll make it up soon enough. I don't really know if this is true, but it also feels to me like every time you pick a new successor (even from a party wipe), your next team will always be a little stronger. Aw, that's one of my favourite scenarios, and the first one I did, while still playing as Gerard. Felt very DQ-like that one. How did it play out in your game then? I assume you are still able to include the region into your empire? As long as you can get back to the map screen, you can fast travel back just fine? I love how expanding your empire gives you more travel routes progressively.
  4. Man, you guys are going fast. I'll try to keep up with your posts! A couple of comments so far: Yeah, biggest issue of the game. 😕 Didn't ruin anything for me, and you get used to it over time. I kind of enjoy the recurring part where you go out in the world to put together a new rag-tag team based on allies you've made in previous generations. I probably didn't make the most "optimized" decisions, but that doesn't matter. I prefer focusing on the worldbuilding. Really, only relearning magic spells and managing inventory (mostly armor) was a bother to me - the interface could have beena bit more effecient. Weapon skills are at least as effective as magic most of the way, but stick to magic if you want to stay truly OP by the end of the game... that's all I'm going to tell. It's a good idea to branch out across the elements, too. Although any spell will level up a characters individual magic skill level, using the more powerful spells will help your magic research facility better.
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  6. Sounds like you’re having a wonderful time with the game. 🤪 I haven’t played it as much as you at this point, but I’m still enjoying my time with it despite the frustrations I’ve come across. I know this comparison isn’t liked, but it’s kind of the same draw I have for Dark Souls/Bloodborne: it’s tough and can feel unfair sometimes, but there’s something that keeps drawing you back and then suddenly everything clicks. You can accidentally screw up a quest line or have new encounters you didn’t know about. I like it. I’m hoping to play more this weekend. Gonna be busy tomorrow and part of Saturday but I’m hoping Sunday I can kick back and not get interrupted for a good play session with the game.
  7. The frustration is rising. I'm now close to 11 hours and I have no clue what's going on. I did restart Generation 3 to get the heir I wanted. Accidentally recruited some #$*! mage and had to wait for her to die to switch her out. I can see why people bounce off this series. I'm starting to feel it and my day a couple of days off to get over annoyances. 1. I can fast travel to a place on the other side of the world, but I can't fast travel back. 2. Can't switch out party members. Gotta wait for them to completely die before changing. 3. Generations change after a few tasks, but without notice. 4. Dude just asked me about building a bridge, I said yes, buh-bye a million $, thanks for the heads up, game. 5. My reset count is over 20. Haven't learned a new skill in forever. Took 2 nights for all these issues to come up. Maybe 2 nights away will help. It's not like I know where to go or what the #$*! to do now anyway.
  8. Awww, no new Smash Ultimate character reveal at the Game Awards. I was hoping they’d go full circle. But I am happy Sekiro/From Software won Game of the Year. I’m happy for Hidetaka Miyazaki and FromSoft.

  9. Hi all, I've been using the PS4 trial version for a few months now but I also bought an all-in-one disc for PS4 that includes v1, 2 and 3. I'm at the beginning of v2. So far I have remained on the trial since it seems to be working fine. If its not broke dont fix it, right? But what if I did use the disc? Would it unlock features that aren't available on the trial such as the bazaar and concierge? Would I then be required to get a paid subscription? What other features might be opened up with the use of the disc? Are you all ready for my v1 walkthrough that is going to drop next weekend? 😁 Sorry, lots of questions, I know.
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  11. Olfair, yes. Thanks! Is that Orphair or the Puku starting town?
  12. From what I've seen it can get a little sketchy. You basically bend the metal holding it down back and electric tape the new one in. If you're any good with a sawdering iron you can use that instead of tape.
  13. Hello! After years of waiting for an English release, I've finally decided to try to play the game in Japanese. I've been following the PC guide on this site and everything seems to be going fine, until I try to launch the actual game. It shows the splash screen, then the game crashes. It loaded for me once when I first installed it, but hasn't since. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game, as well as restarting my computer, but nothing seems to be working. Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks
  14. I've maxed out a few times, but haven't made a habit out of it. I've always liked grinding though. It feels rewarding to see your characters get stronger.
  15. Is it hard to change those batteries out? I still play my GBC from time to time, but I'm always reluctant to start a new RPG for fear of losing my save.
  16. You can run blended as well, that will test ram/cpu etc
  17. Is that Orphair or the Puku starting town?
  18. There's an old puku in the first puku city (blanking on it's name at the moment and I'm not currently subscribed so I can't check), he's at the top of the map near the kitchen/food store. Talk to him to access the orb grid. I never actually learned the whole system so I can't tell you more than that. Good luck!
  19. Thanks Woodus, I'll give it a shot. I sure hope it's not my CPU... That's the part I spent the most money on, specifically hoping it would outlast the rest of the machine.
  20. Happy birthday @MelonGx! Hope it's a good one.
  21. Well, if you're ever loaning your Switch, send it on up to New Jersey.
  22. We’ll all be like kids looking in the window at all the stuff on display at Christmas time.
  23. I put Dragon Quest VII on hold after I got back into III after the podcast. I'm at Zoma's castle so I can put it down now and grind whenever so I'll likely get back to VII now.
  24. Nice! Now I can look at all the medals I'll never collect.
  25. Yeah, I’ve seen that it grows as I’ve fought battles and helped take care of different situations. Helping with the jewel mine helped raise my money income by a fair bit. I’m just thinking it will probably take a number of battles for money to be raised for the treasury. It seems like a lot of in game events, such as building new areas and new armor/weapons, comes about by fighting so many battles. I guess I’ll have to go and take care of the Cumberland area before it’s too late. Now that I’m done helping the Armed Merchants I thought about heading to that area next. Better make sure I don’t go too off course like you did. 😉
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