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  2. Guess I’ll post some insight into spell only builds: don’t bother lol. I’ve been running rounds on Estark Extreme mostly since he’s the best guy to gauge a lot of a character’s strengths. Even with maxed out gear that gives extra 25% spell damage, 35% critical spell rate, and an extra 9% or so to critical spells, with heavy wand sage no less, I was really running out of MP at times to do much of anything to him. The problem is melee users just inherently have higher DPS since they can keep on attacking without having to repeatedly charge spells for max damage. I was even running a maxed Sorcerer’s Ring that put Lazarel’s MP over 250. I was still running out of MP a bit more into half the fight. It’s definitely better for non-boss enemies. Plus I wish to say a couple things about spear, staff, and axe. -Spear is actually okay. So long as you learn to dodge after your active attack frames, you will have access to your amazing normal roll dodges. The back hops on spear are extremely good as well. So there are workarounds, but it requires some practice of knowing when to use what attack. Overall its offensive kit with spells or abilities is solid, and its aerials do a fair amount of damage. Put it in the hands of a gladiator, and you will get the best results with their +20 dodge ability, and higher attack stat to really bring out its damage. Its abilities are all pretty decent, too. Especially access to Multiheal as a priest. -Axe is the polar opposite. Its aerials are absolutely terrible. Its attack string is terrible. And Rampage without access to Red Mist makes it worse. It relies too much on its abilities to shine, which all are really, really good. But when you’re too reliant on limited resources over a long fight, you’ll notice the drain. Its attack string is unsafe during two hits of it where you can’t dodge out of it, due to being in midair, and it has just normal damage for an attack string I believe. Rampage completely outshines it when you can dodge out of it. If you try to hit with the strong aerial, the first hit knocks targets away, so you cannot follow up with the slam. Plus the slam has a terrible hitbox and tends to miss a lot. I’d say this weapon is just plain bottom tier overall like wand. Desdemona can help bring out some of its potential with Red Mist to increase her attack, and have Hatchet Man ready as early as the fourth hit instead of the tenth. Yangus however, while slow, is undoubtedly the best axe user. He packs power with all his moves being able to be charged, has access to the fastest Parallax variants in the game, a weirdly timed, but very long dodge, and access to some paladin-esque traits. Whistle attracts their attention, and he can then activate Defending Champion. DC is so busted that most physical attacks will not even scratch Yangus, and it just comes with a measly cost of 5 MP, and reduces damage from breath and spell based damage exponentially. Even Estark’s strongest abilities when tensed up, or his sleep explosions, will not harm Yangus while DC is up. And you can cancel at any point with the attack button. -Staff is extremely mediocre. All of its unique abilities are crowd focused with lots of lag locking you in place. Deliverance, Royal Wrath/Nature’s Fury, Crushed Ice, Furious Flurry, or even doing Whirly Burly. Its few solo target focused moves, like Crushed Ice, take too long to do and/or lock you in place unable to do anything until it’s over with. Even getting access to Omniheal as a sage isn’t worth it. It costs 90 MP to use, and consumes so much time to activate, that I don’t believe it is really worth using. Staff seems like another below average tier weapon class given its lack of useful single damage output options. Even spear beats its out. As for some of the best move sets in the game, I can definitely say Psaro is likely candidate for the best. Carver is up there as well. Even beating out claws/Alena in DPS with Divide and Conquer active (just so long as Blind Man’s Biff isn’t being spammed of course lol). Sword and shield are amazing all around. I keep finding myself coming to sword and shield regardless of character because it just has everything you’d look for in a move set. Twin Swords in the hands of a gladiator are fantastic, too, but I wouldn’t know where to place them because they noticeably lack some of the stuff that sword and shield have as a gladiator, while also sharing quite a few things like Cold Fission/Inferno Slash. It’s missing the extremely important perfect block, and its moves seem to be slower due to how the attack string forces you into two hits, whereas sword hits once, making its attack string faster overall.
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  4. Ooooh that'd be absolutely brilliant! The 3rd Torneko game always looked like a lot of fun. If you do work on it, do you think you could do some screenshots of the work progress and maybe the softwares you use to do so? I've always been curious as to how people translated games, but never actually saw how it worked.
  5. DQXI plays *much* better on this uncluttered new SSD of mine. It's no PS4, but *wow* what an improvement.

  6. 2am BST! Normally asleep but I'm sure I could make an exception. There's a good chunk of the main menu done so far. Two things I found that were interesting. There are the remains of a debug menu. I don't know if it's accessible but good to know. Also the secret ??? mode is "Ballinabo Challenge Mode". From what I could find (Here!) it's a "Hard Mode" where, if you die, you lose all progress and go back to the start of the game. It's unlocked by completing the Story Mode.
  7. You're penciled in for Episode 075 - Tigermask & Torneko's Mystery Dungeons. What do your Wednesday nights look like in July 2023? Say 8pm CST.
  8. Funnily enough, it was 3rd one I was looking at. It seems straightforward so far, it's just going to take a lot of time. I've not got that far into playing it myself but I'm sure I will in the next few months. I put out a patch for it in the next couple of days, just to see if I can get the main menu done as well as latin alphabet input 🤔 Definitely an incentive to work towards! I should have it done summer 2030 at the earliest if that's okay?
  9. You spoke clearly and were easy to follow. What I really really LOVED were the overlays like on this screenshot. The rounds and the damage and patterns. So neat to follow along with!
  10. Actually started up #3 on GBA last night. Beat the first dungeon. Saved the game & went to shut the emulator and it froze my Vita hard. Today I noticed someone mention possibility translating a GBA game, so maybe I'll just set that aside...
  11. Seeing a buddy tweet about the Crossbell games (and Torneko 3 GBA freezing my Vita) has inspired me to jump back in to the Legend of Heroes games. I know I'm not catching up by the Cold Steel 4 Switch release, but I started 3TitS and got three solid hours in. Whew, story story story story story and more story! So far, so good. I wonder if I can knock this out by the end of September & move on to Crossbell. Between this and MegaDimension Neptunia, let no one say, "why don't you read a book?" [emoji12]
  12. Which one were you considering doing? I have a suggestion if I may be so bold. There are 2 Torneko GBA games. 1. Dragon Quest Characters: Torneko no Daibouken 2 Advance is the GBA version of the PS1 title we got in the United States 2. Dragon Quest Characters: Torneko no Daibouken 3 Advance is the GBA version of the 3rd title which came out in Japan as a PS2 title as well. Coincidently enough, I started this game up just last night. Played for about 30-40 minutes. I actually beat the first dungeon (guess this has multiple because that first was only 3 or 4 floors and then I was done). Sadly I saved the game at the place to do so in-game and then went to close the game through the emulator and it hard froze my Vita. Took a good 5 minutes to shut it down and power it up again. I'll have to try it with a different core, but yikes! I'd suggest if you're willing to do the third game as it's the one that's not in any way come West. The first SNES one has a fan translation. The second one came as a PS1 title. The third's never received any love. As some extra incentive [emoji1787] if you do take up this gauntlet, perhaps this would be a good excuse for@Liamland and I to finally talk about the Mystery Dungeon series on our Slime Time podcast and who'd be a better guest on that episode than you!?
  13. Hi everyone. I started messing about with a a Torneko ROM and was wondering if there was much interest in a translation patch for it? I've found a couple of people mention one in the works but nothing more than that. I've already made a start on the menu screen at the beginning but wanted to: A) Check there wasn't already one in the works or available. B) Gauge the interest of one. The only other translation project I've worked on was Final Fire Pro Wrestling for the GBA. Translating a wrestling game might not sound overly complicated but it had a promotion management mode and I figured out how to edit all of the wrestlers, promotions and other bits too. Anyway! Please let me know what you think.
  14. So the old hard-disk drive fell over and died last week and I've given it a Hard-D transplant; checking in with an all-new SSD drive.

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      😧 oh no

  15. And finally, after some grueling work with Estark, I've figured out how the magic orbs work for heavy wand. Uncharged variants function exactly like the bow. They're shot repeatedly and track your targets automatically. However, since these orbs have low damage ranges due to low attack, they're not as useful as bow. The charged variants function much like Inferno Slash or Sword Dance. First, I should explain the minimum number of orbs you can fire off from a charge is three. Even if you release it at the earliest possible timing, it will always conjure a third orb to fire at a target. Second, you can have up to 11 of these orbs out at a time. They all have their own hitboxes, so say if all 11 hit on completely separate frames, on one large target, all 11 will hit and do damage. However, there's a catch: this is practically impossible, but for good reason. If two or more orbs hit a target at the exact same time, their damage will increase, and function like the other two skills: depending on the amount of hits that connect, it will hit for one strike with higher damage. So if two orbs hit on the same frame, as a hypothetical, it will do 286 damage to Estark in a single hitbox. What if four hit at the same time? 542 in one single hitbox as another hypothetical.
  16. I have finally figured out how Psaro's Zam line of spells track targets. I had the perfect testing ground for it, too. It goes after targets with a lower HP total. So even if you're in front of an enemy, like say three feet, and there's another target 30 feet away, it will go after the one 30 feet away with less HP.
  17. Now, in the meantime, what're the things I did best, and what're the opportunities for improvement? This could be for both me and Skaizo, and it's super important for future projects!
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  19. Looking at Amazon you can get the games via pre-order now. I may just go for the standard physical copy, as thinking about it I don’t really need the bonus stuff. Plus I already have Stranger of Sword City’s soundtrack courtesy of iTunes. https://www.amazon.com/Saviors-Sapphire-Wings-Stranger-Sword-Revisited/dp/B08FC4RDL1/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=stranger+of+sword+city&qid=1596928670&sr=8-1
  20. Cran was able to cull the member number down a fair bit. I don't think you're in danger of being removed anytime soon. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  21. Hi Cranberry! This is Tenshi, I have been MIA several weeks looking for a job and I'm currently in a recruitment process that I hope it gets me the oportunity to get hired, that's why I haven't been active in game or here on DD forum but I'm not quitting game, just trying to sort out things in real life but I'll definitely back in game soon. Just updating you and my DD family how things are currently in my life so you guys won't forget me or even worse kick me out of our in game DD Team. I hope everyone is doing great in real life and I'll keep updating you guys how everything goes in my life, take care and have a great weekend everyone! Sincerily, てんし – Tenshi
  22. Hey team admin, I was wondering if you could add my two friends to the team. I can vouch that they're cool people and won't cause any trouble, they just want to relax with fellow English speakers. コバルト BF655-065 ムンバ IC348-872 Thanks so much! I've only been playing for a little while and the team has already been so kind and helpful. <3
  23. Aye, I haven't played X at all, but apparently he's the version 1 last boss, and main antagonist before meeting his end. He still has a pretty damn big impact on the world and main character tho. Should you want to read some about him, here's his Japanese DQX wikia entry: https://wikiwiki.jp/dq10dic2nd/【冥王ネルゲル】
  24. That’s pretty sweet. I’ve been hoping for a dungeon crawler on Switch, and this new game + Strangers would fill that need. I’m leery to try and order from NIS America’s website, but I wouldn’t mind getting that limited edition. Strangers was a really good game. It could be tough, but I loved it and how it handled the class system and character creation. It reminded me of a mix of SMT Strange Journey and a little Etrian.
  25. Good point. Nep Nep goes on and on about pudding. This could happen.
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