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  3. Fair enough. Maybe you need to pull a Schwarzenegger and go Kindergarten Cop on the kids.
  4. Haven't listed to the show yet but I am enjoying Tact more than Stars.
  5. I mean I have to put it nicely "please quiet down" about 50 times a day to my students, it's refreshing to say it like it is. [emoji23][emoji23]
  6. Best part was when @Plattym3told me to shut up. What a way to end things. Anyway, with Liamland hung up with internet problems, I was glad I could help out. It was fun talking Tact.
  7. Yesterday
  8. More Builders, Pokemon and Digimon today. Got into the Mirage Tower on Pokemon. I can't remember the trick with this one, haven't dealt with it in many years, but I remember the reward being decent. Build a Holy Hostel in DQ Builders. Hopefully my villagers will cook something for me now since not a single item has been made in the crude kitchen I constructed. I'm about 16 hours into Digimon and on Chapter 5. My primary fighters at the moment are Garurumon, GeoGreymon, and Pumpkinmon. I just transfered a Devimon and Sunflowmon into my reserve spots and that takes up the whole
  9. I have two more tournaments coming up. Definitely expanding and making a name for myself
  10. And the YouTube version https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AT11OmtPilU
  11. A day late and a dollar short... well $5 short if you use your 3DS to go on and but DQ Wars. Best if you just save that $5 and give this a listen!
  12. Interesting. That makes sense. Though you'd think the check would look for encoded language, and syntax. Ah well, that does make sense given the word and potential usage of it in potential code. LOL. Well, it's good to know, but sorry you're having issues as well. In a way I kind of miss the old old forum, but the aesthetics of this one is really nice.
  13. Definitely! That's one of the few I had 0 knowledge of! And the others are menus and music. But seriously, glad I could help out however I could.
  14. Regardless, that article was compentently written and informative for newcomers.
  15. The cast of RPGamer's weekly news podcast spent some time talking about the article today: https://rpgamer.com/2020/10/rpg-cast-episode-560-kmart-breath-of-the-wild/ Skip ahead to 56:20 to hear about the article. They called me the Dragon Quest Master. HAHA, far from it. I've just used all the information that @Woodus has had y'alls help in compiling for decades! Thanks a bunch to all Denizens past and present for helping get information together & talking DQ with me for the past 16+ years!
  16. Could be the way the stupid security module works, maybe it is thinking you are trying to do SQL injection or something. I had problems with posting embedded links for a while and had to complain to support to allow that to work.
  17. New episode titles from December Issue (October 21st) of V-Jump: 05. Avan's Mark アバンのしるし Aban no Shirushi 2020/10/31 06. The Beast King, Crocodine 獣王クロコダイン Jūō Kurokodain 2020/11/07 07. Maam's Feelings マァムの想い Maamu no Omoi 2020/11/14
  18. Monster Hunter has taken over my gaming time once again. Having lots of fun with Generations Ultimate with my Hendrik file.

    1. Twinkie


      I still need to get more into it. I really enjoyed the little time I spent with it. Just a massive undertaking for how many game play styles there is.

    2. YangustheLegendaryBandit


      If you get back to it let me know. We can go on hunts together.

    3. Twinkie
  19. Alright, I'm locked in editing the above post, but let's see what happens by retyping that post bit by bit, to see what the issue is: Anyway, the easy method, and this works for EVERYTHING, is: Unlock developer mode on both phones. Plug both phones into the computer, select file transfer on both the computer and phone. Or if it's confusing, plug in the old phone first. Go straight to the folder with the game, it shouldn't take too long to find it. Copy-paste the folder to either into the same directory path in the NEW phone, or if plugging just one phone at a time, the
  20. Last week
  21. I’ve been enjoying MH Generations Ultimate a lot on my Switch again. It’s been fun doing the Hendrik file I created, making all his Palico companions into DQ11 characters. I’ve color coded all of their fur, and my main hunting Palicoes are a white and gold one named Jasper and a purple one named MopTopMo. With all the puns Palicoes, Felynes and others of their species love mixing into their speech, it’s fitting to name them DQ characters! Haha Replaying Bloodborne for the Halloween season has been slow going. I’m not liking the new file I started, so I think I’m going to play my Yangus fi
  22. The nose looks like a foreskin... Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  23. Found this funny Yangus bear image today floating around Twitter. Cracked me up.
  24. Always enjoy hearing about this. Were talking about this project last night on the Slime Time after party.
  25. Testing, as responses seem to be busted for me. Ok, that worked, but not sure why, but I've had a written response where I fixed my phone issue, that won't post. I keep getting sent to the den main page with a giant slime, and a "file not found" below it. I still can't post it. I can't add it to my edit. It denies me, tells me I'm not able to edit. So I'll rewrite it. ======== I'm a bit of a fool. It's been years since I last used my PC to transfer data directly to and from my PC (like photos). I hadn't had a phone from 2009 through 2017. Seriously, that long without
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