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  2. Been slowly chipping at the 3DS game list. My thoughs on a few so far: Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer: 3D Classics: Kirby's Adventure New Super Mario Bros 2 Yo-kai Watch Currently playing Shovel Knight (Nintendo published it in Japan,for some reason) and still putting time into DQ8.
  3. Had a story progress making day with BD2. Got to the Rimedhal region and obtained the Salve-Maker, Dragoon, Swordmaster and Spiritmaster job asterisks. Fun boss fights aside from the Salve-Maker one, but at least it was nowhere near as difficult as the Salve-Maker battle back in BD1. I found a DQ11 voice actor in Bravely Default 2 by the way. The man who voices Jasper in DQ11 voices a character in the Rimedhal portion, specifically the character who travels with the party once they reach the city of Rimedhal. Really funny too considering the major difference in characters this guy has voi
  4. Yesterday
  5. That's good to know about the markers, thanks for letting me know! I've installed the patch without the MT text and the reactor shows the skills now. I've played through the game a few times already without any patch so I'm not too bothered about some text being in Japanese, since being able to read some dialogue is a bonus. The resistances didn't change but like you said it's relatively minor, so no issues there. As for the transfer crash, unfortunately I have no idea how you might fix it, but I decided to test the DQMJ3 to DQMJ3P transfer on my 3ds and when I go to select the monster I
  6. The square brackets are markers for the stuff that's machine translated. I haven't seen the reactor issue but the resistance one is something I've seen on both a patched rom and with the Citra mods folder method but it's relatively minor. Also, I assume this runs off the updated Joker 3 translation because the stealth box with the wizard book in Grim Tundra doesn't crash the game. If anyone can get back to me on the transfer crash, that would be great.
  7. Just a general warning... Don't leave your Vita idle for months uncharged. Internal battery dies. RIP, Vita. Vita no longer meant life for this unit.
  8. I just opened up the voting so people can decide one character they want fan art of. You can vote if you want, too. The more votes, the more interesting things will get.
  9. That is cool, but what will you do with these 33,800 tokens. If you like gambling and like winning, then there is something I would like to suggest to you. Betting is the best and most attractive gambling game I've ever heard about. If you also understand sports and can predict the results, then you should try betting. There is nothing more exciting than betting and winning. If you don't know what bookmaker to choose, I recommend you the one I used to bet on. Usually, I bet on w88, so if you were looking for a trustworthy betting site, this might be the right one.
  10. Thanks so much, Austin. I appreciate the response and knowledge... I had thought hard about that point and figured it wouldn't be so easy, lore wise, but oh well!
  11. Welcome to DQX! Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  12. Last month I spent some time in the French Quarter in New Orleans. Those people didn't ease back into social stuff and apparently haven't for a long time. I survived, so you should be good! There are people I know that are fully vaccinated, yet they still think going outside and having a basic interaction will give them covid and die. So they'll make these woe-is-me posts, "Oh, remember when we used to do things?" Bruh, the only thing preventing you from doing anything is you!
  13. well, i have some questions i want to play with my girlfriend.. did we need to play the same race to play together? or is the story tied at the point after the race story? and.. can i just make a party with her and play the story? and sry, english is not my first language
  14. With my family and friends nearly all fully vaccinated, the amount of upcoming events is getting out of control. Don’t get me wrong, I love em, but sheesh we gotta ease back into this social stuff . I guess one of the under-appreciated silver linings about the lockdown was not worrying too much about events as part of my schedule and just going back and forth between chillin with my small family unit and working.
  15. Thank you very much, now I can start going for better monsters. I'm on Citra, so I can't access the internet on the game. I can enter the lobby fine, and it says the WiFi signal is on, but whenever I try to connect to the internet, it goes on forever.
  16. https://discord.gg/FqhcCeFW7P Discord invite for the Translations server. That's where everyone I know who plays the 3DS version of DQM2 are at right now. Unsure about the GBC version still. There's a subsection for Joker 2 as well, but it's kinda dead. Haven't seen anyone post in there besides me since I joined the server earlier this month.
  17. eal

    Vita RPGs...?

    lol glad I didn’t do this. With the first two games fully completed (okay, I’m halfway done with the last route in the second game), I did some research into the last game, Wintertide Miracles, and uh, the chronology of these games are a bit of a mess. The first game has you just go through the five routes available, nice and easy. The second game offers an extra 2-3 hour mini story for each route that continues the narrative from where they ended in the first game. However, the second game also includes a story that is meant to be placed right before the point at which the routes split o
  18. South Park: The Stick of Truth is just a little over 10 hours, could probably take 12-15 total to complete if you meticulously follow a guide for item locations.
  19. Well, we began. My wife and I started DQX on the Switch. Turns out she's the first Amanda ( アマンダ) in the DQX world. Naturally the brother is named after me and I turned out to be a dufus that burns good beans with shitty alchemy. Oh joy. Once we set up a JP SE account and get some Yen cards or the like I hope to meet up online. Might be awhile, and take getting used to, but I think this'll be a great time that is LONG overdue.
  20. A bit late to the party, but I think I found that service that allows for Wifi for DS/Wii games. It looks like they do have some support for DWM2J but it looks like it's in testing? So I don't know how detailed it gets. I don't know if I can post links directly here, but it's called Wiimmfi; a quick google should do the trick. Caveat that I haven't set anything up for it yet so I haven't tried it (I just learned about it today). I would totally dust off my old copy of DWM2J and start a new game if people are getting into this. As for DWM2, I've been looking and I have no idea whe
  21. Last week
  22. For anyone who followed these steps to patch Joker 3 Professional, can I check if you’ve noticed any of these issues in the game? Not sure if it matters but I’m playing v1.3 on a 3ds, and I’ve only played as far as getting your first monster and learning to scout, so not sure if it changes at all going forward. For some dialogue, square brackets ([ ]) will appear at the start and end of the dialogue. Since one appears at the beginning of the text box, it tends to push the text along a bit and some words end up being split across two lines. It also usually ends up needing a second text box
  23. I've now sunk 46 hours into Dragon Quest Monsters 2 the past 15 days or so. I beat the main story and am now conflicted if I just just go crazy breeding (haha, like I haven't already) or just keep going because honestly I'm blowing through bosses on auto without healing basically. I'm about 5 minutes in to SaGa Frontier, playing as Red. I need to get this going this week as I'm supposed to write a paragraph about this for a feature at RPGamer. Theatrhythm Dragon Quest is going well. I talked about this in the DQ Music Slime Time Episode 036 thread. I've finished all of DQI and DQII music on
  24. Plattym3


    Nice! I'm recording a Grandia 2 podcast actually tomorrow night since the last cohost lost the recording we did last July.
  25. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1V7Q_sovR-j0ir9FKEVW_-T9O_SDPitdgQ_tntd0cl74/edit?usp=drivesdk You doing the WiFi at all, getting the free keys daily?
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