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  2. My goal is to get at least all the Smash amiibo. Been a favorite series of mine since the N64, so getting figures from the game (and by extension the many properties apart of it) is really cool. Any other amiibos I get are a bonus if I can actually find them or get them as a gift, like the Guardian from Breath of the Wild, Alm and Celica from FE Echoes, or the Detective Pikachu one. I’ve gotten lucky when going to the Best Buy I usually shop at. They are one of the few stores around where I shop that actually still stock a good amount of amiibos. I’ve found a few of the Smash Ultimate ones there, so even though I may have to pay a few bucks more on Amazon for some I hope to someday have all the Smash amiibos.
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  4. If there’s one thing I never would have put with the Banana Splits, it’s Five Nights at Freddy’s style horror. Though whenever I saw the show on Boomerang, I always wondered what was up with the elephant thing. Him I could see being evil. The dog, not so much, but when his voice was provided by the man who voiced Tigger (and in the same style for both characters) it’s hard to think he’d be in a horror movie.
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    Amiibo Discussion

    Pichu, Pokemon Trainer, and Isabel are the next ones up and King Dedede is one of the reprints. I can’t remember the other reprints. I’ll definitely get Pichu and Pokémon Trainer. As for the ones I showed above, I’ll likely get just Dark Samus and Incineroar. Don’t care about Castlevania Man, the thousandth version of Link, and as cool as that Chrom is, I already have the FE version of him and have a hard time justifying buying a more expensive version of one I have.
  6. So, maybe one or two of you remember/have heard of The Banana Splits, an old Hanna Barbera property about a funny animal rock band that experimented with mixing live-action and animation segments. Well, for those of you who are up for yet another high-quality piece of nostalgic cinema out of Hollywood, they're getting a movie. And not just any old movie. They're getting a horror movie. A Five Nights at Freddy's-style horror movie.
  7. So one of my favorite things to do every World Cup is cook dishes from the teams USA takes on. This may be the 5th or 6th summer I've done this in the past decade (thanks for #$*!ing it up last summer men's team, who failed to even qualify). I've somehow miraculously avoided hearing Tuesday's score and have it on tape to watch now. Since they're playing Thailand, I figured I'd go fancy and make some Thai red curry shrimp and serve it over an interesting side: black squid ink dyed pasta. Guess what that pasta tasted like? Pasta. Rather disappointing, but I'd received it as a gift and the shrimp were good, so game on!
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  9. Finally got a Wii Fit Trainer amiibo. Nearly 5 years later I finally found another one in stores, and it was the last one too. Best Buy also had the 4 Champions from Zelda: Breath of the Wild. They were cool, but not having/playing the game I felt no reason to get them.
  10. 999 North Pacific Coast Highway, El Segundo, CA 90245
  11. So I am woefully late to the Hero in Smash hype train.

  12. That's it. I'm coming back and i'm getting those crystas. Now, if only I could use some help...
  13. hey, you can also download Dragon Quest III music on youtube with the https://youtubeconverter.to/youtube-to-mp3, I have downloaded a lot of music videos with this handy and easy to use tool.
  14. This was honestly way more than I expected, but I'm pleased. I wouldn't be able to do anything with them in Smash because 1) I'm a broke teenager and 2) Smash games just aren't really my thing tbh. Eh, Dragon Quest going mainstream will be better in the long run, I'm just hoping they won't screw Dragon Quest up. And honestly, I'm aware that it will cause annoyances though it isn't really anything new for me, as there are many annoyances in other fandoms I'm in as well (Warriors, Wings of Fire, Riordanverse, etc) that irk me a lot. However, it does tell me that at least Dragon Quest is growing because with more child-like behavior, it does tell me that there are signs of Dragon Quest becoming more mainstream series or starting on that route. Either way I'm happy to see more DQ representation. It was about time, in my opinion.
  15. I tend to get Amos almost immediately as soon as I get the chance and he never leaves my party. Half the time he's in my main party line up for battling and class grinding, he's a very good party member with good party chat as well.
  16. Little update here. I bred Pizzaro and I have the ingredients for Esterk. I have beat S class also.
  17. Yeah. Plus, you can advance in the game without paying any so you can check it out yourself. The story is well written(I have yet to finish it). It’s main mode is you experience a story segment, go through a short dungeon, and there is so sort of conclusion. There are multiple other things you can do to gain power apart from this.
  18. I’m so glad I was able to spend a good chunk of today playing Cold Steel 2. I managed to finish the Celdic part of Act 1, joined forces with Captain Claire, and am now in the Nord Highlands to find the next 3 classmates. The game is doing a good job showing the conflict between the two factions of the civil war. After crossing the Nord Highlands on foot for awhile (which takes FOREVER, thank god that was only temporary) you see the power struggle between the two. I’ll be curious when the “trump card,” of the Noble Faction decides to pop up... Really loving the game an awful lot. It’s a top notch sequel for sure.
  19. I’m glad to see so many of us are in the same boat when it comes to Amos. Clearly he is near and dear to the hearts of some players. Ol’ Amos would be happy to hear that.
  20. Hmm...hard to say. Carver is priceless. Amos is golden. I'd say they're about equal.
  21. New to DQX. Sorry if this has already been answered in the thread. But you need a VPN to play DQX right? Curious is all.
  22. Heh, I pick Amos up IMMEDIATELY when he becomes available in VI and he at that point never leaves my party
  23. Yeah, while Dragon Quest going mainstream (which Smash absolutely can help out with) can cause annoyances? Overall it's for the best, as long as they retain the Dragon Quest charm and don't start screwing with the formula like was done with Final Fantasy. I want everybody to love Dragon Quest as much as we all do.
  24. You gotta watch out for Aust. He’s got the shifty eyes... If someone new joins and they start causing problems, they should just get the ban hammer from good ol’ Dwaine or the other admins. I’m all for new members joining up and having discussions on DQ and other things, but if trouble makers sneak in....
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