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  2. It is the hair that does it. The outfit looks fine otherwise.
  3. Why can't there be derivatives of something more interesting :*(
  4. I’m on the fourth world of Tropical Freeze. I have trouble remembering the world names since they don’t use alliteration. That made it easy to remember stuff in the SNES games. 2nd world’s Temple level was annoying. I spent so much time in there my banana coin counter ended up at over 600 coins, and it nearly passed 700. I’m starting to think this game is more difficult than DKC2, but I need to replay that game to see if I still think that. I’m getting pretty fed up with the underwater levels in world 4, particularly the one I just ended on with that giant octopus who constantly chases you throughout the entire level. The final vertical section was such a pain in the ass. I went through so many lives. I’m also not a fan of the puzzle pieces you collect. This world has been especially bad about them. Thank god that once you grab them you can still hold onto them even if you die, so you don’t have to re-grab them when you respawn at the checkpoint. I’m still liking the game, but man. I either forgot how tough Donkey Kong platformers are or I’m just not on my A game while playing.
  5. Welp, second day of Pokemon Masters and I've already maxed out the levels on over a dozen characters. I haven't even hit chapter 3 yet.
  6. At this point we really ought to have a mass gathering of all the Robbin' 'Ood derivatives. There are over a dozen now.
  7. 100%d GBC Wario Land II (didn't go through the secret bonus level because I didn't feel like it) and beat Shadow Mitsuo in Persona 4 which I feel like is the halfway point of the game. Now I need another side game to play; I was playing a bit of Donkey Kong Land 2 and Picross 2 on Game Boy, so I suppose I could continue on with those two games.
  8. Beat Shadow Mitsuo in Persona 4 which I assume is about the halfway point in the game. Been liking this game so far except for the Shadow Mitsuo fight which I found to drag its ass and be a bore in general. Also I'm finding the monster designs to be kinda boring; same general color schemes of greys/purples and lacking in variety. I suppose I'm so used to the colorful cast of monsters in Dragon Quest that most of the the ones I've seen in Persona 4 seem kinda meh by comparison.
  9. Personally I think VIII’s hero has the worst outfit. His yellow jacket...thing he wears just reminds me too much of April O’Neil from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
  10. I've only been playing in 2D mode on Switch, so I can't set a permanent costume. That said I actually prefer XI's default outfit over the Eight costume. Probably would wear the Dundrasil armour the whole game if I could. I do set the field music to DQ8 when Act 3 starts. Adventure is the weakest of all the DQ world map themes, and it gets old after a while. Wish I could set it back to The Hero Goes Forth with Determination.
  11. I don't mind the wait. I have my laptop as part of my set up, so I always have something to do. Thanks for the fun matches today!
  12. Just one more thread after this one, probably. Anyway, uh, these guys. I can't think of much to snark about them without spoiling something. So uh, thoughts on them? For me: Hendrick Jasper Gemma
  13. Yesterday
  14. Hi! I added FamiTracker versions of Psaro's map theme from the remakes of Dragon Quest IV, the village night theme from the remakes of Dragon Quest III, and the second world map theme from Dragon Quest II arranged similar to the GBC version.
  15. Also, there is an additional 25 second scene not shown in the TV version that was is the DVD version. 11:50 to 12:15. The audio is off by a second or so, but it isn't my rip. I plan on fixing it when I upload the subs.
  16. Sylvando - Loved him. So much personality and so different from most video game characters. He had such a flamboyant flair but still managed to be a total badass. He was the perfect support character. Rab - I actually really liked his personality but I didn't use him much in battle. Jade - Meh. She's hot but that's about it. Her character has been overdone in JRPG games.
  17. IV. A. Aigneas fails to return Angus' senses and the necessary information to rescue the town children never comes to light. With her family lost forever and unwilling to live with Ragnar in shame, Aigneas commits suicide. B. Alena rejects her royal rank and obligations and in turn is ejected from the family. Her father dies from sickness or grief. C. 1. Torneko waits too long to set out on his dream, eventually growing used to the grind of his boss' shop. 2. Torneko fails to deliver the scroll to King Shamus and so never gets the opportunity to buy the shop. In despair, he returns home. 3. Torneko is slain by the monsters of Pharos Beacon before he ever meets the party. D. The Marquis de Leon recaptures the girls and Balzack uses them and Oojam as guinea pigs for his experiments with the Secret of Evolution. E. 1. The hero refuses to be hidden during the prologue, and Psaro dispatches him immediately. 2. The heroes fail to defeat Estark, but Estark is unwilling to tolerate Psaro as the master of monsterkind, and the world is embroiled in a civil war between opposite factions of monsterkind. 3. Psaro imbibes the secret of evolution, but goes undefeated, and in his madness and rage goes on to strip the planet of all life. F. Psaro, Queen of the Desert, joins the party.
  18. She’s a great character by Dragon Quest standards, especially pre-XI. Controversial opinion, I think a lot of Dragon Quest fans overestimate the quality of some of the characters from a characterization level in these games.
  19. Heads up, if I do go AFK for a little bit I will be right back. I have some stuff cooking in the oven so I’ll have to check it around 4:50. So if you see me selecting a character or stage for awhile, I’ll only be a few minutes but will be back as soon as possible.
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