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  2. Does it come with a side of fries when you go to the drive thru?
  3. Monday both my wife and I worked from home while my son was with us. It was super difficult to get anything done. He chose the worst times (ie conference calls) to be clingy towards one parent. It's hard to get mad at a child when his only problem is that he wants to play with you.
  4. Last couple weeks at work have been pretty busy, finally updated the DQotS events list, the following events have been going on since 6/23 And these since 7/1
  5. [emoji23][emoji1787][emoji23][emoji1787] I took 3 days off for kid #1 and later my boss yelled at me I didn't take more. I mean, I'd worked there all of 2 weeks (Plattym4 was born the 9th day of the school year) and we only get 10 days so Idk what she expected. I took a week off for Plattym5, that was fine. A (former) coworker adopted a kid on Christmas last school year and took all of January off and into February. He refused to answer emails, calls, or texts from anyone at the school. Needless to say, he's not coming back. The fact he was a jerk to coworkers didn't help. Nor that he had some complaints about remote teaching during the spring. But I was amazed by how long he was gone in Jan/Feb. I mean, I liked being home with my new kid(s), but there was only so much to do with an infant. It's Covid times. It's a "baby staycation." But since he's been working from home, is it just a really long "bring your kids to work... month"?
  6. All ours in FL seem to be drive-up. You pull up, roll down the window, get 2 nostrils impaled & away you go!
  7. Cran has her fan to thwack people with. Having been thwacked before, I feel that it is sufficient.
  8. You need to enlist Dwaine and his banhammer if it gets too bad
  9. Today
  10. I told my work I want retro paternity time since they just implemented it, they didn't think that was funny
  11. That's weird, I haven't experienced any of those issues at all lately. Everyone in the team is about as helpful and courteous as can be imo.
  12. Does Terry live up to his hype? Why does he become a Dancer for a bit? And who is that dragon in our thumbnail? Find out, TODAY, on DRAGON QUEST SIIIIIIIIX!! [Also, massive thanks to the Japanese artists that gave me permission to use their art]
  13. Using the correct buffs and debuffs as needed is the difference between being able to basically push right through most of the DQ series or having to stop and intermittently grind for levels. That's just my experience though, YMMV.
  14. Thank you for addressing this issue Cran. It’s been really bugging me for a little while now, even just not resubbing to keep my mind off of that and im sorry that you have to deal with this and start doing things you never thought you had to do for this team. We will all try to help preserve the purpose of this team. The positivity and welcoming of this team is slowly deteriorating and I’m glad you have addressed this. Hopefully, these measures will be able to prevent such things from occurring more frequently.
  15. I use Surround. Not all the time, but against very physical creatures, especially in the older games, and often when I'm lower in MP and HP, and want to either explore a bit more, or I haven't gotten to the next town yet, and the spike is a bit more than my current levels can handle. 5/8th's reduction in hit-rate goes a long way in some battles. As per DQ2 and changes? Yeah, there were some changes in the remakes, though it wasn't all to make things easier; in some cases, more difficult. Sidoh/Malroth, for example (DQ2 calculates resistance as a #/7, so higher numbers = higher resistance): Attack Magic (all properties) = 7 -> 0 Surround = 4 -> 5 Sleep = 7 -> 6 Sap = 2 -> 0 Hargon changes: Attack Magic = 3 -> 2 Belial changes: Attack Magic = 5 -> 3 Surround = 0 -> 5 Sleep = 5 -> 7 Death = 6 -> 7 Sap = 0 -> 7 Pazuzu changes: Attack Magic = 4 -> 5 Surround = 6 -> 0 Sleep = 3 -> 2 Death = 7 -> 5 Sap = 4 -> 0 Atlas changes: Surround = 2 -> 3 Sap = 2 -> 0
  16. I shamed myself at a Dunkins drive-up when I accidentally handed them my Barnes & Noble card instead of my debit card so now I don’t wanna go to any drive-ups anymore.
  17. Got to a sudden death moment in Three Houses. I completed some of the new Paralogues and completed the new story mission for the game, and after finishing the map SURPRISE! Major supporting character for Byleth died. It actually caused the stone faced protagonist to actually emote, so that was surprising. Not gonna lie, Byleth is about as emotionless as MopTopMo is in DQ11, almost always having the same frowning face expression. Now there have been some hints at Byleth’s past and seeing more of the villains behind the scenes. I found it interesting that not even Byleth’s powers to turn back time could stop the character death. It was a cutscene so I know it was scripted, but all I could think was, “Hey, I only used the turn back feature twice in the story mission, I still have like 7 more uses of it! What the heck, game?!” Unit wise, Leonie has become one of my strongest characters. Same with Marianne. You had to select someone to win the Winter Heron Cup, and going with Marianne ended up being the right call as she not only won but gained access to the Dancer class. So my long range healer can now also allow a character to act again on the same turn, and her critical rate for her spells jumped up too. Hilda and Lystheia go back and forth on offensive and defense depending on the map, but if they need to attack they aren’t shown up. The guys aren’t far behind either. Lorenz has continued to be one of my MVPs, Raphael’s strength and high HP makes him perfect for non-mage enemy units, and Ignatz and Claude can pick off enemies with their long range attacks. Ignatz has been my jack of all trades unit, and while his damage isn’t as strong as what everyone else can do, he makes for a good distraction thanks to his speed stat. I’m hoping I can get some of the non-Golden Deer characters caught up too, namely the two teachers who can join you as units. They do alright, but they are behind in levels and it has shown on a few maps.
  18. I went through a CVS drivethrough and haven't been anywhere since. Home iced coffee is never as good as Dunkins...even if it's Dunkins K-Cups.
  19. This is not a message I was looking forward to writing, but it's one that is required at this point. There's been problems with the Team Chat, and till now they were relatively minor. But it's been a growing issue, enough that I've received numerous complaints about it. Initially I was giving verbal reminders to people, but the issues have only grown and frankly the chat is becoming uncomfortably toxic. It was one thing when we had people accidentally dropping story spoilers, but now I'm seeing racist comments, insulting other team members, and outright harassment. This needs to stop immediately. Nobody likes an overbearing moderator, I am not someone that wants to throw her weight around. But my patience with these issues has worn thin and if I have to get heavy handed, then I will. I can, will, and have, started issuing suspensions from the team for these issues. As standard practice I will usually give a warning before I issue a suspension, but if the behavior is blatant enough, at my discretion I can skip the warning and go straight to a suspension. We've had pretty lax rules to this point, I figured a lot of it was common sense stuff. But I have always said that you needed to treat people with respect on the team: -Be respectful of other Team Members: The goal of this team is to be a welcoming place for other players. While this team is certainly not limited to English players, it is the main entry point for pretty much the whole English community on this game. As such, it is very important that we be respectful and tolerant, not just because it's the right thing to do, but because we are guests on a foreign game that mandates a certain level of respect and politeness from it's customers. Us miss-behaving and not following this most basic of rules can put everyone at risk. -No racist, inappropriate, derogatory, or harassing messages in Team Chat: This is pretty much tied into being respectful. We've had cases of racist remarks being used, and harassment or "trolling" of other players. I'll just lay this out. I don't like bullies, and I have little tolerance for them. Start bullying other team members, you won't last long. If you have a personal issue with someone on the team, do your best to solve it outside of team chat. If you need a mediator, you can reach out to me and I can work with both of you to try and settle the issue. But don't start going after someone in team chat. I will say I've seen racist comments in the chat before. I will not tolerate this. Anyone of any skin color and any heritage is allowed in the team as long as they are able to treat others with respect. If certain types of people or heritages are an issue for you, than I'm going to be blunt. This isn't the team for you and you should depart. I won't budge on this one. On a side note, I sometimes see this term used and people don't realize it's history. But being this is a Japanese game I feel it's important to make people aware of it. Please do not shorten Japanese to "Jap". While not everyone is offended by it, it does have a history of being used as a racial slur and to this day there are some people that are really bothered by it. Please use "JP" instead as the abbreviation. This is a non-offensive term to everyone. -Suspensions Suspensions are issued at my discretion. When you are suspended, you are removed from the team. This does not have to be permanent. Contact me with your character name and ID and I can inform you how long the suspension is for and you can be re-added when the suspension period is served. I may add to this later if I think of more. I really do not want to become that moderator that has to start cracking the whip. Nobody wants to be here under tight supervision and having their every move watched. I do not want to have to start running monitoring services on the team chat so please take this message to heart and help me nip this in the bud before it becomes worse. Nobody likes an oppressive moderator, but I do have to start tightening my fist on these growing issues. The toxicity level of the chat is growing at an alarming rate and I can't allow it.
  20. Yeah, I've been noticing this happen alot more recently. It's a bit disturbing to log into the DQX phone app (where I usually check the chat) and witness the middle of an argument.
  21. Take it from me, don’t put it off if there’s an issue. I almost waited too long so instead of one quick visit, maybe two, I’ll be going four times in as many months.
  22. Just gotta wear a mask and avoid licking the doorknobs. Not much else you can do. I really need to go to the dentist but I've been putting it off until our case rates go down.
  23. You’re also increasing your risk of exposing yourself to the virus just by getting tested, since you’ll be in a building full of people who could have it. I had to sign a release form at the dentist’s office yesterday because being in a hospital setting elevated my chances of getting COVID.
  24. You generally get it by playing DQ5 without wearing a mask.
  25. Geez what an unprofessional podcaster, taking time off for some silly "baby vacation".
  26. It’s a chronic illness. I’ve lived with it all my life. All you can do is take it day by day.
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