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  2. I have a lot of designs to post here. I'll spoiler tag them to avoid too much clutter Akechi Akechi (Crow) Rosalina Tsarevna Alena Maribel Mayde Gym Leader Melony King Slime Gym Leader Sabrina Haru (Noir) Shadow Queen
  3. Updated the list to have the short list at the top and then link down to each of the upgrades and cost. Added the icons for each Regional Specialty as well.
  4. I'm the same way. Been very much into muosu games this year. Hyrule Warriors & Fire Emblem Warriors were good. Not as good as DQHTWTWATBB or the 2nd, but playable until the end. A buddy talked about how amazing Dynasty Warriors 8 was. Tried it, but it's not an IP I recognize and I lost interest within 2 missions. I can't play Muosu unless it's a property I already like. Sure this NES game isn't quite the TnT board but I gotta make do with what I can. At least until I can earn that golden ticket Yangus was talking about for Theatrhythm Dragon Quest.
  5. Something that's been getting to me lately have been all the moral authority dicks. Not the folks who are genuinely concerned for the well being of others. The ones who just want to control others because they often have no control over their own lives. It's obvious. They think of themselves as a legitimate news source. They've stopped posting political propaganda and now they post pseudoscience to stop people from doing necessary things like grocery shopping and exercise. They think they're actual heroes for staying inside and consuming product. I saw one comment that said, "How many children and elderly will YOU murder today by going outside??" Oh, hundreds, I hope! Thousands, if I'm lucky! I'm a one-man ISIS!! I know what to do. I'm staying safe. You have no authority over me, so butt out of my business. I gotta do what I need to do. In fact, I even have a permit for it.
  6. Hi all, sadly I'm faced with the exactly the same problem as JustJeff88. I've been using save states my entire playthrough so far; I only noticed when I had to obtain the King's Sword in Kol, so I have no idea when this glitch would have started to take effect. After selling the Orichalcum I saved and reset my game, only to be greeted with "Adventure Log 1 has vanished." I've tried to use my save file and save state(s) in different emulators, and going and saving in different places in all save slots with different versions of the game but to no avail. I know that the game is/was able to save correctly at some point in the past as I did have a (very) old save state that has a functional SRAM save upon restarting. I also tried using the Dragon Warrior Savestate Editor but it wasn't able to successfully read my save states. I doubt there's a way to actually recover my save, but if anyone could direct me to a functional save file that's up to Alefgard or even the post-game that would be much appreciated.
  7. Sorry for the somewhat necro, but I completed a "not-speedrun" speedrun earlier today, trying to test out a few different possible options if someone wanted to go for a truly optimized playthrough, ending up with about a 4 hour time or slightly less. Some differences from the route above: -I didn't bother with a GiantWorm, I bred my Armorpede directly with one of the Orcs (you can recruit one from the "Beavern" battle and get Biino after beating Oasis) to save time. I bred that HornBeet with the Armorpede from the Arena to get better stats, and this lasted me for the entire run. -For most of Pirate, I used a team of an Orc, the BigEye "CurseLamp", and a HaloSlime, as the HaloSlime knew three very important skills of HealMore, Revive(!!!), and Sleep. Given how tanky it was, this made it very easy to go through all the boss battles. I switched out the Orc for Squiz when I recruited it. -I recruited a Wyvern from Oasis to breed with the Shadow to get a MadGoose, and I recruited a Pixy to breed with "Squiz" to get a Merman, all for a WhipBird that was ready to go before "BombCrag". The only Metaly grinding I did was to get the MadGoose and Merman to sufficient levels to learn TwinHits and such, meaning I was able to get a WhipBird with both breath attacks, HealAll, Vacuum, TwinHits, PaniDance, and Revive, which I used for the rest of the run -For my last party member, I bred the other Orc with a Dumbira to get a Grizzly with MetalCut and RainSlash for some easier battling, and I bred that with the Golem ("BombCrag") to get a Roboster with very strong stats. I bred the Grizzly, despite it having better attack growth, because its other stats were awful; the Roboster also had strong attack while being quite tanky too, and TwinHits+QuadHits is the optimal way to take care of most bosses in Sky and Limbo. -I made sure to get as many TinyMedals as possible, which as it turned out wasn't terribly necessary; since the OrcaCape and WarRing sell for a ton of gold too, I didn't actually need to go overboard, but it definitely makes things easier. -To compensate for not doing any breeding or grinding beyond the bare minimum (I defeated three Metabbles in the cave and used a Repellent because it's a massive time sink actually killing them), I used my excessive amounts of gold to buy WorldDews, which I spammed during battles so my monsters could focus on dealing as much damage as possible. Defense is for cowards. The hardest section in the run besides Kid's Class is probably Metabble cave simply because it's hard to deal enough damage quickly. Ice World is quite easy if you're dealing enough damage (and by using three of the best monsters in the game you certainly are), and Sky and Limbo are cakewalks after that. I'm pretty sure with better routing and RNG (I spent 10 minutes trying to find a Wyvern of a different gender until just going with one to match my Shadow, and I think I could have gone for WorldDews earlier), you could get this under 3 hours. Random encounters can be avoided with Repellents probably after you level up your Roboster to 15 or so, which should happen without too much effort, excluding the encounter or two in Metabble cave, where you really want to get critical hits early. Otherwise, it's just not worth the experience, as you get a hefty amount from boss battles and you don't want to waste MP. Being sure to recruit ArmyAnt on your first pass through Oasis also helps, as well as finding things like the female Pixy quickly (you want a Pixy to pass TwinHits to your WhipBird later). The Roboster may be an unnecessary indulgence, but I don't know if the Grizzly would survive.
  8. Yesterday
  9. Don’t diss the tank. Seriously though, the “neck,” for the skull face is pretty ridiculous. I think it’s a character no one is meant to take seriously at all, but that’s what makes the “character,” fun. It’s a literal tank in a fighting game and I love it. Some of the character reactions in the text quotes after a battle are pretty funny to, particularly this one I got while playing earlier. I was dying laughing because IT’S A TANK! How did she learn anything about it personality wise?!?! 🤣
  10. eal

    Switch RPGs...?

    That’s a very phallic tank.
  11. Yes, this a question of upmost importance.
  12. I liked the boss as a concept (usually it’s the grunts that defend the boss, not the other way around), but if you don’t do what you can to knock out his grunts as fast as possible or don’t have any Ma- skills it’s an uphill battle. If I remember correctly, he also does a heavy attack to a party member once every 3 turns, but you can stop it entirely if you throw up an Attack Mirror. The next dungeon isn’t my favorite but it’s easy once you understand the trick. However, the gimmick for the next boss is rough. You’ll need a guide handy to keep track of what he does, otherwise you’re wasting precious turns trying to get a clear picture of everything. The story is boring, but there are so few story scenes that it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t even go anywhere until Chapter Five starts. The side quests are where they stashed all the good stuff.
  13. I decided to get the 2.0 content pack for Blazblue Cross Tag Battle since it’s on sale right now. 9 new characters, new songs and a new stage, and a new story mode. I haven’t played the game in several months, so it took a bit to get used to the game again, but I forgot how fun the game could be. It’s an easy game to learn but there is plenty you can do with how the combo system works. 8 of the new characters are fun to play as, but the 9th one....the mother#$*!ing Blitztank...I love this thing. I think I finally found my character for this game aside from Ragna. Blitztank was such a bizarre announcement back when the 2.0 update was first made, but damn, it’s fun to play as. Definitely controls differently from the other characters, but it has the same potential as the other characters combo wise. It sucks it has no special character interactions though, but (tank noises) makes up for it. And look at what I can make with this tank!
  14. Just be honest, does Maribel die?
  15. She seems good. Just got her last night (that boss fight sucked). Woke up and listened to https://www.rpgfan.com/retro_encounter.html since they cover games in halves and that's right where they stopped TMS. In between chapters now doing the character quests and ready to dive into the next dungeon. You're right, that last idoloshphere was very nicely laid out with the AD jobs to do. Almost 17 hours in. The battle system is what's getting me through 95%. I've taken to skimming the story stuff, but that battle system is an awesome SMT with a FE skin.
  16. I have updated the maps that are playable to have the locations and location icons on them now, replaced the blank maps were applicable. Example:
  17. I sent in an Sqare-Enix support ticket as well. We will see if they respond. I tried google translate to French as well J'ai également envoyé un ticket d'assistance Square-Enix. Nous verrons s'ils répondent.
  18. Sorry, no I do not. Maybe you can post the question to their Facebook page? https://www.facebook.com/DQS.SQEX/
  19. Need a pick-me-up with some #DragonQuest flair? To entertain us at home, the Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra has shared a special "spring holiday gift" on YouTube! Follow the link in the tweet below to watch & listen to songs including the famous DQ Overture! https://twitter.com/TMSOnews/status/1243705816995074048 … View the full article
  20. bad tbh I've dealt with anxiety and depression since I was 12, and the anxiety/obssessive side was relating to disease and germs. Years of therapy helped... It was like this: "You need to get out of the house and stop washing your hands so much". Now: "Stay the hell inside and wash the hell out of your hands" 😩 At least work is kinda letting up a BIT *knocks on wood*
  21. Bonjour, Savez-vous quand le coffre pour avoir les armes gluant de métal revient? Merci de votre réponse ...
  22. Updated the combo meals page to include the Slime Dango Combo Meals as part of the Dragon Quest IV event. https://www.woodus.com/den/games/dqstarsandios/combo_meals.php
  23. Dragon Quest of the Stars Dragon Quest IV Event has started.
  24. I started a list for the regional specialties items on the map. https://www.woodus.com/den/games/dqstarsandios/regional_specialties.php
  25. In case anyone else is interested in the Sega Genesis Classics Collection, it will be on sale for $12 until April 13th.
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