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  2. [emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787] So true!
  3. Apt comparison. 1. Luca sees fake people. 2. Tell Luca to swing away. 3. The plants weren't trying to kill Luca, but some other virus was.
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  5. It's not possible in the NES...Cannock is the only one with a revive spell. You also managed to learn it a level earlier than Moonbrooke's natural level. That is the lowest level possible to learn it. So effectively, you've already hit the rock bottom in levels, due in many respects to some heavy luck on the part of the level you learnt Revive.
  6. DQotS Or DQotSTMGTWAWPFFWOATQ Dragon Quest of the Stars, that mobile game we'll all play for four week only and then quit.
  7. There's a bunch of videos on YouTube about self-imposed video game challenges like "Can you beat Pokemon Emerald with only Mudkip" or "Can you beat Super Mario 3D World without jumping?" I noticed that Dragon Quest didn't have one but got a good idea for one when a friend was playing DQ II for the first time. I'll admit that the final result below isn't perfect, but let me know what you think!
  8. Thank you for sharing that, will definitely be looking into it when the game comes out tomorrow.
  9. As I posted in the other thread, using mjhopkins' data project I've created a synth chart for He Who Has No Name, the new final boss, who conveniently requires every OTHER final boss at some point in his chain. I hope I can use it some day!
  10. Need "Stayin' Alive" playing with that clip.
  11. Dragon Quest of the Stars announced today that the 500,000 pre-registrations
  12. I had close to this in my original Cobi DQM2 cart. I ended up filling my whole 312 DQ-dex, mainly by breeding & trading across the link cables. It was my most memorable DQ experience. I don't think I'll go for it here because yikes, you're looking at making dozens of lower tier bosses such as Dragon Lord, but I 100% commend your efforts! This is definitely a game I'll be dropping everything to play when it gets finished. I have faith Z6n4 eventually will find the way to do so!
  13. Actual chart showing my enjoyment of Dragon Quest: Your Story. I'd love to leave a full review, but I'm still reeling from that M. Night Shyamalan ending.
  14. Really appreciating the Gorundhog Day love in here, fantastic movie.
  15. Back to Tokyo Mirage Sessions after my customary “stuck so I’m going to take a week off” break. And just like every other time, the problem fixes itself almost immediately. The boss I was stuck on was a breeze this time and now I can move on, which is good because I had basically run out of new weapons to use so I was basically using mastered or mildly upgraded weapons, which is a waste. A flood of Radiant Unity skills unlocked too. And I’ve got Duo Arts that can extend the length of my Sessions and a couple Master Seals as well. Right now, I’m just blitzing through some side content and then I’ll get back to the main game. I hear the next chapter is incredibly long compared to the rest.
  16. I was looking at the Dragon Quest Wiki and noticed there are different final bosses for different "versions," with only minimal basic spoilers if possible, can I be elucidated on why, how, and what the final bosses are and like what order they appear?
  17. I fought him. Good enough. In DQH2 I feel there is talk all the time about places/characters and stuff I've never even seen.
  18. Yeah, but I had also used all my Divine Pulse charges so I wouldn’t have been able to save him anyway. I just got extremely unlucky with that crit from the Death Knight, but I was able to make up for it in the redo (and not just getting him back with a random crit either). In most of the games I’ve played with this mechanic, the main character is usually the strongest character in the game. Byleth in this game alone trumps all my other party members in overall stats, and I’ve purposely not been leveling him as much. I’ve seen it the same way in other Fire Emblem games, both the ones I’ve played and the ones I haven’t. The weakest of all the lords (aka lead character group) is Roy from The Binding Blade, but he is still a strong character. Only series where it’s hard to deal with is any SMT related game.
  19. I like DQStars. Colloquially, planets are stars (both are tiny sparkles in the sky), and the distinction only really exists in astronomy and related discussions.
  20. So because it was Byleth getting killed it an automatic game over and you can't rewind time right? That's what I don't like about some games. Like if this one character dies you lose. It makes me not want to use them because I have to be super careful and not get too far into the action.
  21. I've chosen my moniker for this site based on what I'll do when I get the chance to play this. I intend to have a proverbial "Living Pokedex" of final bosses from throughout the series - one of each, all at the same time. As most of their synth chains require others, this means I'll be making most of them multiple times. That's why this game in particular is so important to me - it included every flavor of demon lord from throughout the series at the time of its release. Joker 3, to my moderate horror, actually cut three final bosses (Magarugi, Xiphos, and Gadis) and several other cool monsters for palette swaps and generic-looking robots for reasons I have no idea of. I'm not sure how feasible this goal will actually be, though - I know some bosses require (ugh) promo monsters and I don't know if there'll be any way to get them in the ROM.
  22. Random bit of trivia for you, but Groundhog Day is my half-birthday. I’m not sure after all these years if I remember Groundhog Day because of my half-birthday, or if I remember my half-birthday because of Groundhog Day. I usually try to watch the movie on Groundhog Day at least once, or tune into AMC since they usually have a full day marathon of the movie if I’m at home.
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