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  2. Kinda in the same boat. DQXI S came too soon. I'll get back to it next year, I'm a little DQ'd out after so much lately and I already put 100 hours into each DQH. This is not a bad problem to be having.
  3. Welcome to the Den! Glad to have you officially aboard!
  4. Kinda in the same boat. DQXI S came too soon. I'll get back to it next year, I'm a little DQ'd out after so much lately and I already put 100 hours into each DQH.
  5. Hi everyone! Hope you have room for one more. Just started the game today and still struggling with the menus. lol. Joined the discord channel as well. hope to hear from you soon. Im living in Japan, playing on JP time after work, or whenever I get a chance. Hope to join the team soon. Thanks!
  6. Anyways, it's nice to see that people can play these games with any method they can, but I feel like embracing these very intentional "gambling" elements spice them up, and really makes you aware of design decisions like "flee not being a guaranteed success", "rezz having a chance to fail", "save is only available in town", the fan favorite "a metal slime appears" etc. Even losing half your money is basically "casino risk" levels of experience: "You traveled too far and met something that's so hard, your risk taking didn't work, gimme your fortune bro". I kept thinking "for a classic series, Horii was too open to roaming visible encounters" and initially believed that he was willing to let go of the risk/reward that comes from roaming too far from town in the DQ games with random encounters. But I was wrong, the risk/reward is still there, you're just the one who willingly takes the risk of going to the boss without fighting "as much as you used to". It's not like Horii being fan of gambling is a secret, and you can see that it affects his game design choices. Overall, grinding to reduce risk is only one of the ways to enjoy Dragon Quest, but it's not the only way to enjoy these games.
  7. Can someone tell me the best skillset for a break Slime?
  8. I haven't touched DQH1 in years, hardly even gave DQH2 a look. I'd be much more inclined to play if I had it with me wherever I go. (That said, they aren't my top priority, I've got to finish XIS in both modes first, and I haven't even played that in a bit. Been on a shooter binge lately, which is oddly peculiar as I normally don't enjoy FPS games that much.)
  9. Hi. Just joined the forum and thought I'd introduce myself. I've known about this site for quite a while now, but didn't decide to join until I started listening to the Slime Time podcast. I've been a fan of the Dragon Warrior/Quest series for 18 or so years and the Game Boy Color remake of Dragon Warrior/Quest III was my introduction. My oldest sister got the game along with the Prima strategy guide I assume either for Xmas or her birthday and I remember always looking through the guide at all the artwork for the monsters and equipment. It wouldn't be sometime though until I actually played or even finished a DQ game; III was my sister's game, so I couldn't play it and later when she got VIII I didn't play it either, but mainly because I was watching her play the game (and also looking through VIII's official strategy guide) and busy with Pokemon. Later though once she finished VIII, I started playing it and once I beat it, I was interested in playing the other DQ games starting with Rocket Slime which I loved. Since then, I've played and beaten every main game in the series (except for X for obvious reasons and IX) and played a few of the side games. My favorite Dragon Quest game is V and my favorite spin off game is Rocket Slime. Other than the Dragon Quest series, I also enjoy other game series like Mega Man, Mario, Picross, Pokemon, Kid Icarus, Zelda, Rayman, and in general like to play a mix of random retro and modern games.
  10. So recently, I've been having problems with my computer. At first, I thought my GPU was dead, as I came back to my computer after about an hour away, and the image was stretched horizontally and tinted green. After turning off the machine, I could not get it to show video, or (judging by the lack of PC speaker beeps) even POST. Fast forward a couple days, I'm dead angry about not having a computer to use, so I desparately tear down the entire machine and rebuild it. To my astonishment, it worked! I left it running for a few days with no issue. Tonight, I try to play a game that's stored on my secondary HDD, only to realize that the disk isn't mounted. Quickly I check Windows' Disk Management utility, to find that the disk isn't even recognized. I try rebooting, and... it doesn't POST. I open the computer and find that I had forgotten to connect the SATA data cable for the missing drive to the motherboard - d'OH! I connected it and tried turning on the computer again. It still doesn't POST. I reseated the GPU a few times, checking it's power cable, trying to boot the machine after each attempt... It still won't post. Then I remember that I found a couple buttons directly on the motherboard last time I worked on it. One labelled "PWR" and one labelled "Mem OK!". I figured that the "PWR" button was just an alternate power switch (I guess for caseless builds?) - this was true. I'm not entirely sure what the "Mem OK!" button does, but it appears to be related to the RAM. Perhaps it forces the machine to ignore memory errors. PRESSING THIS BUTTON CAUSES THE MACHINE TO POST AND BOOT. So does removing the RAM and replacing it. However, the machine will not POST a second time unless the button is pressed again, or the RAM is replaced again. This leads me to believe that one of my RAM sticks is faulty. However, running Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool doesn't detect any problems (possibly related to "Mem OK!"?). Anybody here experienced enough to confirm or deny that this is definitely a RAM issue? I'm kind of hoping that's all it is, because replacing the RAM will be much cheaper than replacing the GPU. Thanks!
  11. Thank you, I'll save this in the browser of my heart ❤️
  12. As mentioned ingame, Nawaria's Let's Play Translation video playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AUhUAmOwkRw&list=PLvcSTJr2NQPuHfl_P1lO9YXf_GGfHT5vG
  13. Thank you. Perhaps the next question would be how to save this post to check on a regular basis.
  14. Not sure if I got the translation of your name right, but you asked how I took care of my sub without Paypal. I buy webmoney cards off Play-Asia, https://www.play-asia.com/webmoney-2000-point-card/13/706xmv That'll cover a 3 month sub with a little leftover. You redeem the card in your account management screen and convert it to Crysta (Square Enix's currency) and pay with that. On the account management webpage, hit this button: And then at the bottom of the following page, enter your webmoney card number. And submit the form. Set up your subscription using Crysta to pay. Let me know if you have any other questions!
  15. Hooray, I now have all 8 elementals! Thank goodness the boss before the 8th element joins you was so much easier than the last few boss fights. Thank you breather boss. I’m sure now that I have all 8 elements that nothing bad will happen whatsoever. Nope. Not a single bad thing. What kind of RPG would this be if something bad happened after collecting all the necessary things, right? Edit: Oh no, something bad happened! Totally didn’t see that coming! Well, time to find a way to fly. Looks like I need to go back to Laurent where the Amazons are from and see if they can help out.
  16. Looks like I caved in on it.
  17. So who would be the “baby Yoda” of The Dragovian? King Trode? Munchie?
  18. Yesterday
  19. Just filling out all your nodes won't get you anywhere near beating the majority of the postgame bosses though. FFX requires a ridiculous amount of grinding for that stuff >_>
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