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  2. You just had to bring up the Bianca vs. Nera thing in Dragon Quest Heroes, didn’t you @Liamland? 🤣
  3. So I have been sorta rushing to get to the new "super boss". Somewhat ignoring my weapons and armor. Since I turned off draconic and wasn't having much of an issue. And well... I hit a brickwall. I spent all my free time today getting the best equipment to tackle on this boss. Level 99 and everything. I attempted to fight the boss again and he just destroyed me. Massively. I REALLY hope you guys like a good challenge. Cause this boss will take everything you got. Including the grinding. I am fully convinced that this new post game content is impossible with full Draconic. Unless you really want to spend the rest of your life grinding out those seeds. This whole day made me realize that I might not be suited to handle the grind for a complete Draconic run. I will still attempt it, but I really have no faith on tackling the post game stuff. I might just end up saying "no" to the idea and just do my third run with a couple turned on.
  4. Yah it's a JP account, the entire shop is in Japanese. I did find it I just had to go about it in a weird way. Also I saw in another thread that when you go to buy a subscription for the Switch version there is an option/link for it in the main menu of the game, is that correct?
  5. Wait till we get to March. Demo won’t stop posting Christmas songs the entire month. 😜
  6. Been loving the episode so far guys! Really cool to hear Pendy’s Japan experience and makes me want to go to Japan to see all that stuff for myself!
  7. By the way, check out some more of Fountains of Wayne. They're a really good band that sadly got hit by the One-Hit-Wonder Syndrome, even though they had hit singles years prior.
  8. There is a drastic difference in having party members you create yourself, which was a staple of the defacto Dragon Quest that refined and defined most of the elements we qualify as Dragon Quest, and having a completely different setting. Having created party members in DQ9 is akin to having a marriage system in Phantasy Star Online. It's something already done within the series, and something that is a gameplay element, not a thematic aesthetic that creates the allure and feel of a game world. Having a Phantasy Star game without technological elements but instead a pure fantasy, with a look similar to Link's Awakening Remaster, would be the equivalent of Dragon Quest going from a Fantasy setting to a Steampunk setting. One is a minor change in the nature of your characters, that has absolutely no impact on the larger narrative, or the vignette structure inherent to Dragon Quest. Afterall the hero's personality is defined by other characters, whether they be NPCs or story recruited characters. Essentially DQ9 is a solo game, and it's treated and meant to be a solo game, much as DQ3 is a solo game, and is meant to be treated as such. This keeps the spirit and flow of the Dragon Quest story and gameplay structure. It changes nothing. Steampunk would be a total overhaul. You'd have to add in munition type weaponry, something never before seen in Dragon Quest. The generally clean and friendly look of characters would have to be changed to a more wild and erratic mixture of 50's style art deco shapes and form, with more ragged or wild mixtures of cloth and mechanical elements. Stuff that seems very strung together, unless they take the cleaner high road and pretend it's the rare exception in steampunk where there isn't a degredation in society, and an inherent metal poison keeping things in a degenerating state where nothing moves forward, and people just repurpose old tech and items. I forget the word, but Steampunk is specifically...dystopian (remembered as I wrote this sentence). The few times it's not are more modern interpretations to maintain the feel of steampunk without the psychological and sociological elements that maintain a lack of development in stylization and aesthetic...which make absolutely no sense in context, as it requires total magical thinking that somehow society would retain a specific perspective and the lack of development would not circle back and rot over time. I'm not saying that wouldn't be cool...but that's such a common thing these days, it's refreshing DQ maintains its roots, as that becomes the exception today. That level of change would require a total overhaul of the battle system. It wouldn't look right for DQ style attacks, magic, etc. in that setting. It would look off. FF6 maintains the illusion because it isn't actually steampunk, it just borrows elements from that era...it's proto-steampunk, showcasing the development from the start of a technological world, and one that melds in magic, leading to new directions and designs that are anything BUT steampunk. Even the capitol of the empire isn't steampunk, it just has a few elements and parallels, but lacks the overall feel and dynamic. It's "new" while steampunk has the distinct flavour of "old-rehashed-inability to move forward-static time loop," while the empire and world in FF6 felt alive and developing, where it feels like the capitol would shift in look as the technology progressed, as with the rest of the world. FF7 has a similar aesthetic. An alive, functioning, burgeoning new world that develops AS the technology develops, or regresses naturally as the technology is destroyed and taken away. In such a world, the concept of magic as a mystic force that governs nature is not a juxtaposition, but rather a parallel element growing alongside. This is something inherent to all FF games with technological wonders. Steampunk games by definition, maintain that feel of mechanical, even in magic. I can point to Arcanum, a magical world in a steampunk-like universe. There's also Septerra Core. The magic as it exists in both games, has a very sciency feel to it. There is almost no mystical aspect to either of those worlds. Magic is treated as a byproduct of biological forces or science, or a connection to natural forces that can also be harnessed by science, and the demonstration in how attacks work, have very mechanical elements to this. This is true for Fallout as well. Meaning for a Dragon Quest game, placing Gigaslash into that universe would require a reworking of the form and look. It's too fantastical. Too magical in style. Too mystical and unexplainable in form and function. It's just there, and we accept it's there because it's a fantastic fantasy, magical force that fits with the setting, with a world steeped in magic and forces one cannot rationally explain with scientific endeavour. It would feel out of place in that world in its current form. That would also alter the nature of how it's obtained. It would need something science related, not just a skill tree where you magically just learn a skill via skill point dumping. The DQ experience would feel out of place and counter to the world structure and the science and mechanic aspects. That would be hard to justify for me DQ12 being DQ, as it would be the first that requires a total overhaul of everything. A dropping of literally all conventions, all carry-overs, the very essence and nature of Dragon Quest itself. The music, the visual style, the gameplay aesthetic, even the story telling would need tweaking as it would require dropping the lighthearted surface layer inherent to DQ. It wouldn't feel right in that format. Maybe it might work...the only thing that could potentially work IS the story format. Gameplay though, definitely needs a shift to fit the feel and I can't think of the damn word for it, but like the inherent expected format for that type of world. You'd have to explain Gigaslash away as needing some lightning thing added to the character's robotic arm, or weapon. Something that works in context with what I would expect in that game world. I suppose the one thing both have in common...is the nature of being trapped in a time loop, and awash with a nostalgia, a need to maintain form. They're just very different.
  9. That got me the most in my initial playthrough. Going through on Switch I'm dreading getting back there cause I'm not ready for the feels again 😕 I got Sylvando tonight and am headed to Gondolia. Picked up the pastword and headed back to Tickington before calling it a night.
  10. I think you're a month early. Or Canadian, eh?
  11. @Liamland and I talked to @Pendy about 8 days ago, but I just got around to editing and posting. Didn't want to run Pendy right up @Dwaine's rear end! Spoiler-free about the movie. Spoiled the hell out of the game, duh! It's pushing out to all the regular places now, but for a quick link: https://anchor.fm/podcast-d4a5800/episodes/Episode-005---Pendy--DQ5---Your-Story-e7mlub
  12. Thanks, I'll have to figure out how to flag myself.
  13. Are you sure you're using the JP acct? I just went to it on my Switch using my JP acct and it pulled up normally.
  14. I may be doing something wrong but every time I try to go to Dragon Quext X on the eShop it says: Have they removed the game from the eShop? I tried using the link on the main DQX page and it also leads to the same page. This is where I'm seeing it: https://ec.nintendo.com/JP/ja/bundles/70070000001881 Thanks for any help that can be provided. *Edit* I guess I figured it out in a weird way. I typed in "5000" and it brought it up in the eShop on my switch. No matter what I do I can't get it to show up on the eShop web version.
  15. Happy Thanksgiving y'all. Had the dinner yesterday. It was a hecc of a day. Used the leftovers to make turkey stew
  16. Honestly, ignasia your reaction was similar to the reaction i had to Dragon Quest IX back in 2009, i was disapointed of the lack of party members but i gave it a go and it was actually pretty fun and the NPCs were good enough even through it isnt as good as IV, VIII or XI (my favourites) it was fun for what it was. Sometimes getting diferent mainline games isn't that bad, not at the level of FF but a little change even if it's just setting wouldn't be too bad, i mean i dont know we're at 11 mainline entries so trying something new for one game doesn't sound THAT horrible to me, i really dont know how to feel if all the futurE mainline DQs In let's say the next 20 years were the same. And i dont know how a change of setting, plot or tone would make it less of a DQ game, all DQ have the same enemies, weapons, black UI and combat system so as long they keep that it would feel as a DQ game just fine.
  17. Went to the renowned Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular at Roger Williams Park Zoo over the weekend. It was very spooky.
  18. I personally doubt Gemma is the least devoloped and pointless "important" character of the whole series, i can think of some characters least devoloped/important than her: Nevan from VI Melonie (As much i like her) and the glasses guy from Joker 2. Desdemona from Heroes 2 Anlace from Swords Sterling from Dragon Quest IX
  19. Yes, I would play it. If that's what Horii wanted to do, since it's his baby, I would give it a go. I might hold my nose a tad, but I'd certainly play it. Though if it does, it would be a setting, and likely the fantasy setting would be present, but let's say he did make it a full on space setting (which is actually distinct from Steampunk, which is a particular flavour of sci-fi)...sure, though again, I would hold my nose a tad, as it would feel a bit out of place in the DQ universe. Now steampunk, if it were not just sci-fi, and in space, but also steampunk. I would still play it, and feel that not matter what anyone says, it wouldn't look like Dragon Quest, even if it played like Dragon Quest. I'm sure it wouldn't sound like Dragon Quest either, as the necessary shift in musical composition to fit the scenery and style, in particular for Steampunk, is so wildly unique to the standard flavour and format, it would be very vexing. Even if I found it to be a great game, and thoroughly enjoyed the experience, I already know I would NOT classify it as a great Dragon Quest experience, no matter what label is pasted on the box. It would just be a great game that happened to be called Dragon Quest. Now I guess they would need space dragons, and more metal dragon types. There's only one so far, and it's...kind of steampunkish, but more in the sense it fits 1950's design aesthetic, not true steampunk, which has a darker theme, more layers and additions, and more fantastical elements added to it...though I guess Metal Dragon could be called a proto-steampunk. If the series simply took that direction and maintained it, then at that point Dragon Quest is just Dragon Quest, regardless of setting. So I would say 3 games using that as the main setting would satisfy my need to feel comfortable calling that format for Dragon Quest...Dragon Quest. That's not particularly unpopular. I've rarely met anyone who didn't feel it's one of the strongest OSTs in the series. Myself included. I prefer most of the tracks to 1 and 3, despite enjoying both compositions. That's just like New Parma in Phantasy Star III. A fantasy world living in a spaceship, heading to a new planet, complete with mysticism, the evil dark force that can meld with both biological creatures and machines, swords, magic, bows, guns, and bazooka's.
  20. I just put on the "no keyboard" and "solo play" flags and ignore any attempts at communication in JP, since I'm not capable of responding.
  21. Yesterday
  22. Veronica is pretty obnoxious when you first meet her in Hotto (which actually makes sense given her situation and trying to reduce her sister), but after that section she becomes much better and actually gets along/likes everyone in the party. Hell, she even apologies for snide comments she makes towards Rab and Jade at one point, as well as other actions that make her a likeable character.
  23. Favorites: Torneko Taloon - loving chubby hubby Yangus - lovable chubby bandit Cristo - the best DQIV character! Paladin before Paladins were a thing Sylvando - he's splendid, darling! Amos - dude is a Beast, the Hero of DQVI Stella - best part of DQIX. When I made the perler bead Veronica for DQXI, I made her dressed in her Stella gear Least favorite: Gemma - I feel this is the least developed character that's meaningful in any game. Pointless person. Maribel - pure #$*!. There's a whole topic on how bad she is Every DQVI character but Amos - they suck Flora - shoehorned into DQV before people complained her sister was in the remake
  24. Based only on how far I’ve gotten in XI, Veronica is an improved and refined Maribel. Almost like an apology for Maribel.
  25. I’m wondering that same thing eal. Veronica has redeeming qualities to her unlike Maribel. Plus Veronica isn’t constantly #$*!ing at the hero every 5 seconds. Anyway... Favorite: Yangus. Least Favorite: Ashlynn.
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