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  2. So this is weird. The Wikipedia entry that I screenshotted on the first page of this OP is now gone. The whole page is no longer a thing. That page had details of every episode and their Japanese names. It's weird that someone would have removed it. If you go to the link it now redirects you to this general Dragon Quest Anime blurb, with no episode details.
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  4. Started up the remake of Link's Awakening. I used to replay this game a lot, but it has been a good 10+ years since I have touched the game. I got the impression that I remembered everything about the game, but the fact that I haven't played it in years made me forget a lot of things. The version is really good so far. Outside of the issues I knew I was going to have anyways. The framerate does drop often and links turning "animation" is non-existent. But I quickly adapted to it all. I started up playing the game on normal. I wanted to start on Hero, but considering how much I like this game I don't think it will be hard to do a second playthrough after I beat it. The new dungeon creating content is alright. I honestly have a lot more fun on doing the puzzle of putting the dungeon together then I do playing them.
  5. Chester! He's about 11 and a slayer of dragons (and bugs).
  6. What are some major fads or things that became super popular that you never got into? I never got in Pogs or Pokemon. My age group didn't really get into either when they first hit the scene. It was my younger brother's group and below that did.
  7. For those who want to see the whole thing in all its beautiful Dragon Quest glory. The first DQ part begins around 45:45. https://archive.org/details/tokyo-2020-opening-ceremony-23-july-2021
  8. Last night i uploaded my isle of awakening to the noticeboard! Feel free to visit, there's much to see! You see, normally i try to limit the amount of pictures i post in one post to 4-5 images here, but since it's my own island and want people to come visit it, i'm gonna post some more in a spoiler below. p6eipQsFao I have basically reworked all the areas in IoA, even some underwater sections... but that part is a WIP. The biggest terraforming was in Scarlet Sands i think? A quick summary would be: - made a dock that connects to The First Room™ -reworked the southern beaches to look a bit more natural, only missing seaweed and other underwater decoration. This includes Malroth's Rock™ or where your first wake up in. - covered the hermit's mountain in dirt, grass and trees. There's some nice secrets in the central mountain, like a reference to Netflix's Dark!, or a new path to the underground temple. - added paths to mostly everywhere. - worked a ton on the Green Gardens, lots of houses and other buildings in there -it's where all my humans live. - made layered farms. If you visit my GG and see houses in a different style than most, it's because they're old and i haven't had the time to remake them. - removed the pyramid and castle. - moved the portal to the mountaintop, and made a small shrine where the portal was originally. - terraformed the Scarlet Sands and surrounding areas to become a monster town area with lots of wild plants and fake monster residents -right now most of SS is about 4-5 blocks higher than it was originally. - made a huge museum in Cerulean Steppe and covered the area in snow and huge trees. There is a small farmhouse out there and it's where my cows and sheep live now. - made a bridge between CS and the central mountain - blocked the original entrance to the underground temple with sand and terraformed the surrounding underwater area - added some small silly secret spots in every area... some behind hidden magneblocks that might move if you do the right thing Phew, that's quite a lot. According to my Switch i have played for over 630 hours so yeah... I plan on eventually adding more details (basically mid growth crops, pebbles and some plants) to Scarlet Sands, Green Gardens and the Mountaintop. The next big project i have is reworking all the underwater sections to make them more natural. The idea is changing the underground landscape a bit, and most importantly: adding seaweed, coral and other decorative items down there. And now, the pictures: More pics in the spoiler below:
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  10. Ah, a nod to the Hanshin Tigers, nice--the Tigers are a famous baseball club in Japan whose fans are notorious for the passion. (A slightly more widely known reference might be the character Casey from the old Pokemon anime). It depends; a monster's lore can vary between installments. In most games it's safe to presume that the knight is alive--DQXI and the Heroes series directly identify the knight body as the main subject--but the Rocket Slime series makes the knight a puppet (and likewise makes golems into mecha waiting for other monsters to pilot them). Terry's Wonderland, on the other hand, identifies the slime as the subject and claims the knight is part of its body, an idea echoed by DQM Joker.
  11. Happy Troll Trivia Tuesday! Did you know that, in Dragon Quest Heroes, the Great Troll model was used for the Stout Troll? Dragon Quest Heroes II added the model for what we all know and love as the Stout Troll, restoring order to the Troll Universe.
  12. Happy Troll Trivia Tuesday! There are no less than 7 species of Troll, including the Boss Troll, Great Troll, Stout Troll, Terror Troll, Gladiator Troll, and Sweet Troll, and not counting individual Troll-characters or conditional variants like the Vicious Troll and Vicious Boss Troll.
  13. Just beat the prologue in Trails of Cold Steel 2. It’s really good, so far! I’m really loving the divine knight battles.
  14. Hey @DranzerX13, did you ever get this Lost episode fan-subbed? I only have the original Japanese version. It also looks like Element7's Dragon Quest videos are now gone from YouTube. Good thing we backed all of them up when we could.
  15. Similar to my own last batch of screenshots, today i'm sharing a crops-based building: Builder Asuka's Faculty of Agriculture: ---- While i'm at it, here's Holgrin's latest video. You might remember him from some posts earlier, the guy with the binary counter.
  16. I wish I could say I was more excited. Though I’m not big on FF, if they were released in a physical package for Switch I’d definitely be interested. Let us know how 4-6 turn out though! I’m still curious.
  17. I wanna talk about the new Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters, available on PC (with font fixes) and the mobile stores. I grabbed FF3 when it came out the other day and I'm really liking it. I remember the NES version back in the day, and it's like a blast to the past for me. Plus the OST is amazing. Anyone else try 'em? I'm gonna grab FF4-6 most definately.
  18. Happy Birthday to the best bandit on the forum! @YangustheLegendaryBandit !
  19. Just got the platinum trophy on Trails of Cold Steel! It took about 78 hours and 30 minutes to get all of the trophies (not counting the 100 hour playtime trophy). I’m going to start Trails of Cold Steel 2, next.
  20. Hi! Today im gonna post about another Khrumbul-Dun build by builder Oyu (you can see two of their other videos in the very first post!) This building style is insanely detailed and great, but beware if you plan on mimicking the magne-block technique: you can only have 256 magneblocks per island (or 255 if you want them to move). --- On another note, i recently built a mini museum for all the kinds of crops in the game in all their growth stages! The idea is to use it as a reference in case i want to use some of the intermediate stages as wild decorations, since you can only get the fully grown crop with the ultimallet. To do this i basically planted 5 seeds of each crop and waited until they grew, and moved them to the desired spot with the gloves. I plan on uploading my isle of awakening soon so you can all visit even if you only have access to the demo
  21. Then as soon as you can get on WiFi and enter the weekly WiFi tournaments! There are 200-300 people weekly playing, so even if you lose all your battles, you'll finish in the top 300 weekly. What this does is get you various bronze, silver, gold and platinum coins. Those coins can be used to buy copies of your monsters. That's how I got an extra Starkees for 1 gold coin. This becomes invaluable when you're going for higher level things later on and you've got a Metal King Slime but 3 things you want to make with it. No problem, just use WiFi coins to make more. My big final destination was to make a Platnium King Jewel and I spent a lot of coins on duplicates of monsters I'd need for it.
  22. I'm playing it on a real 3DS, I'll stick to professional then I think. I'm really enjoying it so far! Can't wait to get my first monster that takes up all four spaces.
  23. It's no use doing vanilla first, honestly it's just the same game. I actually just reached the final final Professional story boss last week after playing much of June & July. The differences I could detect: 1. You get a better starter. I had little Starkers too. Never fused him into anything else until I realized I could get more, but only if you're playing on a real 3DS, not Citra. What are you playing on? 2. Inconsequential monster location changes (and not many). I got a Gold Golem as a prize for the hidden road on the 3rd or 4th island instead of the 2nd. 3. More monsters overall (I'd not have noticed except for looking at a list), it's nearly 800 instead of 600, but a ton are super boss SS-rank fusions, so I'll never see them anyway. 4. The ride fuse. 5. A 2nd, lengthy post game. They just put in a 20+ extra content area after the normal post game.
  24. Ahh right, that makes alot more sense. I've never played Joker 3 so I didn't know if Unify was included there as well. I could totally see it being useful to help skip content you have already done to get to newer stuff, especially in a long RPG. Would you recommend I play the vanilla version for a first play through or stick with Professional? Are there any huge differences other than new content? I'm loving the more futuristic vibe Joker 3 has at the moment! Also I was wondering if you knew, but the starter it gave me is the little esark thing, I've been avoiding fusing him into a different monster because I didn't know how easy it is to get one of them back, are they a unique recipe or are they relatively common?
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