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  2. I thought the main concern was the fact that, should a tournament is held in a country, like Japan for example, a US player would have to play with a Japan Hero. And therefore to read his spells in Japanese too. Which would prove equally difficult to use for a US player of the Hero, or to avoid for a IS player fighting a Hero player.
  3. That's my point. DQV is probably the DQ that had the most potential, and which has the most compelling story arc, but imo it's kinda ruined with a bunch of blank companions. Had the game had characters like the wondrous cast of IV, of even less interesting ones like VI, it probably would have been a favourite of mine. I like the story arc, but the only character I like in the game is the silent protagonist. Hard for me to really enjoy the game in this condition. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  4. I am rather new to this game, so I'll ask a new question: Where do I locate my ID number? :] Thanks in advance.
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  6. Best game? Ehhh Best DQ story arc? Sure! [emoji112]
  7. Just to keep everyone abreast of developments, Nintendo doesn't give a #$*! about that anymore. They've got Moreo Chronicles on Switch where every monster is a dick and all the games with rubbing mechanics are releasing unsensored while Sony is going very very conservative.
  8. I was in a video game club in college a few years ago and during our brief introduction circle, I indicated that Dragon Quest was my favorite series. I got a bunch of blank stares and one nod of mutual acknowledgment.
  9. I thought I heard the sound of the Hallelujah chorus going off in someone's head.
  10. Thank you. So then it’s not about stopping players from zooming on “boobies”… Except… Nintendo, so maybe. If it’s concern about the graphics, that’s ridiculous. The game looks gorgeous! If, like me, you never played PC/PS4, you are not gonna feel anything other than delight about how this game looks! Why would they do this? It’s like not including 2D in the demo. Why remove the opportunity to hook people with the most charming features of this particular game? I really don’t get it.
  11. I’d love to hear two people who really know and understand the lore discuss it clearly, at length and depth. I’d enjoy hearing how all the threads run through the games and how the timeline works. It would also be neat to hear the personal roller coaster ride of what it’s been like to be a DQ fan outside Japan, always hoping the next one is gonna break through, always knowing how different it is in Japan, knowing the legacy of so many more commercially popular games owes so much to DQ, trying to get friends into it, kind of enjoying your “private, secret” game. Like that. That sounds like a fun conversation to me. It might also be interesting to hear a discussion of innovations that really worked (and may or may not have returned) and those that didn’t. Of course this will be subjective, but it could be interesting to hear. Also, ideas for the future. For example, if DQXII was an action RPG with no menu-based combat, could that work? Could you have three to five AI Companions? Can the series continue without either Sugiyama’s music (or even his style), Toriyama’s design (or even his aesthetic), Horii’s vision (or even his approach and tropes)? Stuff like that?
  12. I’m shocked now by two things I’d assumed to be true that were a lot of the basis for how I was planning to experience this game. Is there really… …no zoom in Photo Mode? …no first-person view? Not even just no zoom, but no first-person camera at all? I heard about the no-zoom Photo Mode early yesterday. I was very disappointed, but I could deal with it. No first-person view, though, completely destroys the level of immersion I have been anticipating for this game. I have been planning to fill up my SD card with screenshots of city streets, beautiful vistas, cats on roofs, butterflies, fruit bowls, charming interiors, light on water, light through trees, etc. I don’t care if there’s a “graphical downgrade” from PC/PS4. What I want is to be able to photograph my journey through a DQ game, especially this one, with the freedom and intimacy of a real road trip. I think FFXV does this? Though, for my personal tastes, FF has lost a lot of the “fantasy”. I thought this was a sure thing in this game. It’s not even really about the graphics; it’s about pulling me in to the world. It was literally a lifelong dream come true for me to experience a traditional JRPG world in this way. The closest I ever got was Lea Monde in Vagrant Story. It irked me every second of play through FFXII and Pokémon Ultra Sun/Moon that I could not view and photograph in first-person. I’m truly devastated by this news. Is there a first-person view on PS4? What about PC? I bought a Switch for this game, but without this functionality, I’m afraid that virtually every moment of the experience, I’m going to feel limitation, frustration, disappointment, and regret. For me personally, the ability to screenshot and photograph the journey through my personal point of view was the heart of the experience I was paying for.
  13. Should we do a show of hands for everyone who doesn’t have V as their favorite game? It’s in my top 5 DQ games though, so partial hand raise I guess?
  14. OMG...OMG...OMG...I didn't notice until now, but BATTLE SPEED in 2D mode, with manual. For a FAQ writer, that is a godsend. I can actually check damage output, and not have to second guess myself or take screens at the right moment, or record video. SICK!
  15. Where the heck is my Amiibo Dual Pack? I want the Luminary + a basic Blue Slime, with the Slime made from the same squishy material as the Metroid Amiibo. I hope they have creative, interesting in-game effects. Like the Slime could give us the Slime equipment from DQ Heroes like the Slime Sword, Goo Gauntlet, and Goomerang. Maybe it just drops one random treasure chest per day (bonus points if it’s blue instead of red), and you collect the set over time. Maybe the Luminary Amiibo could unlock zoom on the camera and Photo Mode. And if your performance in Smash Bros can be used to build levels in DQXI or your character training in DQXI has an effect on Smash Bros. I’d really love to feel that the figure is “my” Luminary in both games. I would definitely buy Smash if something like that happened. Speaking of “zoom”, though, I kinda wish there was a toggle in Definitive Edition settings so that we could only Zoom outside, just for the head bumps and nostalgia.
  16. Yeah. Honestly, I wish it was a bit more organic to player decision-making and character interaction than Though thankfully I don’t really know who that is, where it is, or how that mechanic works in the game, so it may be more meaningful than I think. I hope every option feels at least as dramatic and romantic as “choosing” in the PS4/3DS versions.
  17. Looking forward to your next episode guys ^_^
  18. I hope it's something more meaningful. Hell, there wasn't even a cutscene in the original one, was there? I felt I picked that to happen and suddenly it was true, zero interaction.
  19. The twist saddens me greatly, but the movie still looks drop-dead gorgeous. I'll watch it anyway whenever I get the chance to do so. V was never my favourite anyway, tho I see this game's narative potential as a movie.
  20. Hope you'll have fun doing so If I remember correctly, someone here had started translating the novelization of DQ1 some time ago. I should assume that he is still doing so, and if the quality of his work hasn't declined, then I ought to tell you to read it, cause it's jolly good!
  21. The list is really interesting and the images are great, thanks for sharing
  22. eal

    Switch RPGs...?

    As a funny aside, I was on r/Vita and saw a post mentioning the Superbeat Xonic OST was on sale on the publisher’s store. I bought a copy and when I went to see what else was on sale I noticed the OST was now sold out. I think I got the last copy lol.
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