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  2. Curious to see what y'all would think, but would my team be considered insanely overleveled or simply overleveled (as of now) in my current Dragon Quest 5 game? As of now I just completed the Abovitall Tower and about to fight the Faux Dowager, and I'm thinking of grinding some more because I simply just like grinding for the fun of it. Here's my current team and their equipment: Silver (Hero) - Level 23 - Metal king sword - Iron armour - Iron shield - Iron helmet - Crude image Harry - Level 23 - Gringham whip - Iron armour - Iron shield - Iron helmet Jayie (Grudgerigar) - Level 15 - Edged boomerang - Iron cuirass - Pointy hat Topaz (Restless armour) - Level 13 - Metal king sword - Iron armour - Iron shield - Iron helmet Steve (Slime knight) - Level 18 - (Had the Metal king sword but gave to Topaz) - (Had the Iron armour but gave to Topaz) - Iron shield - (Had the Iron helmet but gave to Topaz) Hatchet (Brownie) - Level 14 - Stone axe - Iron cuirass - Iron shield - Iron helmet If it helps, I currently have 228,487 casino tokens and 15,811 gold coins carried and 17,000 gold banked (32,811 total), which I plan on putting a good chunk of the carried gold into the bank before fighting the Faux Dowager. So...would you say I'm just overleveled or insanely overleveled? I was so hecking tempted to grind to level 30 but I didn't
  3. I have exactly 3 physical Vita games: Cold Steel 1 & 2, and Persona 4 Dancing. It's been almost totally digital on there for me.
  4. These two arrived in the mail this week. Got both directly from Amazon for a good price for new copies, and surprisingly the version of Cold Steel 1 ended up being the special edition one. That was a nice surprise. I have to laugh how most of my physical Vita library is now Falcom games. I’m not complaining since I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve played from them, but it’s just kind of funny.
  5. It was hard for me to take Calasmos all that seriously when he looked like a giant version of Cell from Dragon Ball Z with a goofy fat baby face. However, I do like the way his text is presented, and the brief moment in the final battle where you hear how his text sounds with that incredibly ominous deep sound to it was perfect for a villain. Honestly it made me wish we had the option for voices or text speech sounds because I would turn it to the latter just for that. Jaspar was okay. He’s a villain I hate because his boss battles were some of the more difficult ones in the game (might be just because I was playing with strong enemies, but who knows) and I did like his human design. I feel like they were going for an Angelo/Marcello story with him and Hendrik, but it didn’t quite hit the mark. Their confrontation with each other in ruined Helidor castle was a great cutscene though, along with the reveal of their past. I just got hope the Switch version goes into more detail on there past. Now Mordegon, honestly, is one of my favorite DQ villains. The big reveal of who he was and how he became the monster you know was unexpected, and actually seeing a DQ villain succeed in taking over the world was pretty unexpected. True, Orgodemir before him managed to fool the world, but Mordegon’s rule had such a huge impact on the entire world. With most DQ games, I always felt like while the big bads are powerful and a threat, they never do much to actually flaunt their powers and the worlds are usually pretty well off looking despite monsters running around. With Mordegon’s rule? Most of the world/landscape is torn up somehow, monsters have become much more violent, you see his forces decimate towns and see how the world has a more muted feel to it with the ever present brown sky during the daytime hours. Heck, him showing up to fend off the Lantern was pretty unexpected and demonstrated he was willing to go beyond his castle to actually do something if he wanted to, unlike say Nimzo or Mortamor who sit on their asses waiting for their minions to do their dirty work or how Baramos was such a “threat,” when Ortega went after him but didn’t do ANYTHING really evil and just waited for another hero to show up. So yeah. Calasmos and Jaspar were okay, Mordegon I really liked.
  6. eal

    Vita RPGs...?

    I found a new copy for a great price so I couldn’t resist.
  7. I'm curious to see what you guys thought about Dragon Quest XI's villains, what you liked and didn't like about them, your favourite villain in the game, how they compare to other villains in the Dragon Quest series and so on. The primary villains of the game are Jasper, Mordegon, and Calasmos. Of these three, the most well developed, in my opinion is Jasper (not surprisingly as most Dragon Quest final bosses have little to them other than being a demon lord). Jasper is probably my favourite villain in this game because of his competitive relationship with Hendrik and his obvious corrupt nature that was taken advantage of by Mordegon. I also liked Mordegon a lot, I enjoyed the story about how he was once Morcant but I especially liked how he managed to execute his plans and how much preparation he had made. I always enjoy when a villain achieves some sort of goal in a video game, it makes it feel more important and motivates me to move forward. I didn't pay much attention to any of the minor antagonists in this game as most were just simple Dragon Quest bosses, my favourite of those is probably Tatsunaga. I didn't really like Calasmos though, he just didn't feel like he made much of an impact. This game had some pretty good villains overall and I also loved their designs but, for me, they aren't the best in the series, the game seemed to focus a lot more on your party and those characters which was done excellently.
  8. That'd be the easiest change to implement; the ds' sound hardware is fully capable of mimicking the snes so it's just a matter of sitting down and making it happen. On the subject of music, I personally wouldn't mind a slight remix of the regular battle theme's opening to make it a bit more quick and intense.
  9. Sorry to keep you guys waiting, but I have a beta for Dragon Warrior Quest 2 😛 It's rough and it's only script, monsters, and items right now. But if you're eager to try it out, I appreciate knowing any problems you guys might find. I had to redo the dictionary DW2 uses for compression over and over and OVER again to get things to fit, and FINALLY got it! Like the first game, the new script is about double the size! I also have a bunch of time freed up for me recently. Also thanks to abw on the more technical side of things. https://www.mediafire.com/file/tfh668w56h02d9p/DW21b.xdelta/file
  10. (not the topics subject, but if they were to remake DQ1, given the fact that it has only one character, I wouldn't mind it being an action RPG. Having a 1:1 world and castle and town, kinda like in DQXI, roaming through the map (which would of course be smaller than XI) and all. It would feel maybe more... Convincing. Also, I wouldn't mind the game having less color/sunlight. I mean, Lordragon has stolen the Sphere of Light, which is basically Alefgard's sun. It'd give the game a more defined purpose, to bring the light back. And it'd be much "spookier" at night. Cause an actual day/night cycle, or just the game being always close to night would be great too. II being played as a Kingdom Hearts, or DQ Heroes wouldn't be a bad choice either. Having the other two prince and princess as supportive characters would be neat. A good IA could make the game pretty fun imo. And having a world map akin to XI too!)
  11. Yeah, I couldn't agree more. This mix of fantasy-looking characters, with magic and swords, and technological spaceships was great. Heck, they could take the characters, story and worlds of this game and make it DQXII, that I wouldn't mind at all! 😁
  12. What I want is lots of books and PNJ talking about the game's lore. I want to know more about XI's past. As for the gameplay, I'd be fine with any mechanics, from Monsters 1 to Joker 2. I think the size element was a nice logical addition. The 4 sized monsters of Monsters 2 3D were also impressive, so that would be cool to have them, if there are any in XI to begin with. What I'm mostly curious about, is how the game will begin. Like, are Erik and Mia going to travel in Erdrea, or are they going to travel to another world/realm, like all the other Monsters game?
  13. I just remembered that the size system became a thing in Joker 2 where monsters could take up multiple spots in the party. I liked this feature but many did not as I think it was very unbalanced and damaged the competitive aspect of the game. Personally, I'd like to see it return but I wouldn't be surprised if it didn't. Also in Joker 3/Monsters 2 3DS (I think), you were able to alter the size of your monsters, so that may be the solution that is used in this game. Yeah, the recolours in Joker 3 was a real let down. I don't mind the odd recolour here and there like in Joker 1 and 2 but I'd like to see a lot more variety. The skillsets used in the GBC games are fun to use and I think that not having set learnsets is a good idea and can make the game very interesting (a prompt to breed more monsters as well). However, I'd also like to keep stat boosters (Attack Boost etc.), so maybe they could put stat boosters into a seperate system than the learnsets.
  14. Well the 7th floor of the Old Schoolhouse was really unexpected. Like, straight out of left field unexpected. I figured Cold Steel was going to have a surprise 7th floor, but not something like that. Good surprise for a final dungeon since I wasn’t expecting that. I can only wonder what the hell is going to be at the end of it. Ah well. The festival stuff was kind of neat, and I like how each attraction you can go to lets you choose one party member or major NPC to join you, making each character have something unique to say. I know that because I tested it with a few characters each. I gotta say, the fact Falcom goes to lengths like that with the writing gives them my respect. For a game with tons and tons of text, doing extra touches like for all those characters is awesome. It was also funny to see different NPCs from the past chapters exploring the festival. It’s like the ending of Paper Mario where all the NPCs from the game show up at Peach’s Castle to celebrate! So many familiar faces.
  15. Welcome to the Den! Our own little slice of the Internet! And thank you for correcting the decades-long DQ slight. We take names and count numbers. [emoji12]
  16. Honestly as of now I'm fine with any of the games (that potentially need it) being remade, but would prefer a IX remake or a I - III remake, mainly IX. As for what I want for a IX remake... ~ More post game content. Got bored after beating the main story and ended up deleting my save file to replay the main game because the post game is just so...boring unless you have the DLC quests (I never could get them), and even then it still would be pretty boring. ~ Bringing the casino back. I for one love giving my characters Metal king swords and Gringham whips during the earlier (ish) portions of the game and brutally destroying everything in my path (cough cough what I did in DQ4, DQ5, and DQ6 cough). ~ I'd rather they just allow you to do the DLC quests from the start of post game instead of having you download it, but that's just because I'm still salty about DQ9's DLC. ~ Online and local multiplayer. ~ Giving weapons like the whip and boomerang and spells more use. I'll have you know that the whip and boomerang weapons were some of my favorites but I'm disappointed by the lack of usage for them and how useless they are at times. ~ Allowing you to recruit previous DQ characters as post content honestly sounds really epic, imo. ~ Idk, but I've always felt like they could've given at least a few more options when customizing characters? That might just be me, though. ~ Better graphic designs for NPCs in general. It's always irked me that NPCs have this generic, boring, and plain 2d sprites while your playable characters and *important* NPCs get 3d sprites (and even then some/most of them revert into a 2d sprite after their story is done). As much as I like both styles, there needs to be more consistency. ~ Might just be me, but I honestly wish they had a few more classes from previous games. Although I wouldn't mind a DQ3 remake either, but I'd rather a IX remake. DQ3 is still on my 'to play list'
  17. Hello! New member here, saying hello! I have only ever beaten Dragon Warrior back when it was still new on the NES and then never went back to play any others thanks to becoming a Final Fantasy guy. I am currently in the process of correcting that thanks to iOS though. I am JUST about to fight the Dragonlord at the end of DQ1 as soon as I post this topic! Then it’s onto 2 amd down the line through to 6! I am very excited to finally give this series the attention it deserves.
  18. Ah i see. I do plan on translating the story once I've fully covered the the game mechanics and such, which im close to getting done. Its a pretty long story now having 2 worlds. The first world is a whopping 390 quests, and 182 subquests. The second world is now at 202 quests and 104 subquests 😵 Not counting the Loto and Zenithian perma-event quests, and limited events that pop up... Iol it's alot for just me who is doing this. But I do hope that either we do get this game in english one day or once I get to translate the story that you possibly come back and are able to enjoy the game Yeah the Star God limited event is awesome, finally mixing some scifi into the DQ theme. It's refreshing to see the series being experimented like so!
  19. Last week
  20. Hey guys, GigaDracky here! Being new to this forum I hope to meet new friends who are fans to the series and engange in discussing interesting topics and hearing opinions from you all 😊 A little bit about myself, I've been a big fan of DQ since I was a wee slime. I remember watching my big brothers play Dragon Warrior on NES and other RPGs but when I first laid my eyes on the iconic Slime what struck me was how even though it was one of the first monsters you fight in the series it always has a smile even when you fight against it. I quickly caught interest with the cute little critter and decided it was a game I'd like to play. It wasn't until DW7 on ps1 when I finally got to really play the series and understand its theme and world, I fell in love with the series. With all the guides, efforts with translations, and contributors of this series to us fans I've finally wanted to be a more active part to the fan community. So I decided to join here with hopes of making friends and contributing with what I can 😊 So much has helped me from here with playing the series and being updated on news and such, so I want to thank you all contributers 😁 I hope that any of you who play Dragon Quest of the Stars mobile game find my guides helpful and useful to your playthrough! I hope my contribution to this game brings players together and welcomes new comers to try it out and find themselves enjoying it 😊 My japanese isn't the greatest but I am learning a great deal and improving 😅 As to why I chose GigaDracky as a nickname, I also love Drackys and thought such a nickname was a good fit for me. It just sounds cute to me lol 😅😁 -sorry for the long intro 😅
  21. No recolors (outside of slime species that have diffirent properties otherwise and, well, Darkdrium) and back to system of GBC games - I know it won't happen, but I liked not having set learnsets(
  22. So far the party chat weighs in at a little over 200kb on my end, so you're right. I've opened a thread for it in the zenithian section but I'll post it here for exposure. I haven't had time to type up the context yet, but that should take only a month or so. What I have done is organize by chapter an alphabetically for easier reading. 4 party chat.odt
  23. First, all thanks should be directed to aerynb, who did the hard work of ripping the files in the first place. None of this would be possible without their breaking down the tech barrier. As for the thread title, I call this the first draft because while it's organized by character and chapter I have yet to add context for each line. About three more weeks or so to do a casual playthrough and get the information ought to be enough to properly set up the dialogue. Once I have that organized I'll edit the thread and replace the rough draft. I didn't want to leave anyone waiting for longer than I already have, so contextless word document is better than nothing for the time being. 4 party chat.zip 4 party chat.odt
  24. So, my best friend (we'll call him Danicka - that's the name of his DQX character) and I both just received offers for a nice job that pays more than I've ever made and offers full medical/dental/optical benefits, as well as all sorts of on-site benefits including a gym and a cafeteria run by gourmet chefs. We're already guaranteed at least twice the amount of hours I work now (my current job only gives 20-25 hrs/week) with built-in overtime each day and alternating 3-4 day weekends (the shifts are really long to make this work, but it sounds totally worth it). Suffice to say, we both accepted the offer. There's a problem though: It's in a city about 2 hours north and we are both broke. Like, we have no money. My current job, as stated above, doesn't give me very many hours, and it pays minimum wage. As it is, I've already had to start living with Danicka at his grandmother's home just to stay off the streets. He currently works delivering the local newspaper. It used to be a decent gig, but subscriptions are dropping like flies and the price of gas has risen to the point where between the two of us, he can barely afford to make the deliveries. Once gas is bought and we pay off the bills, we've barely got money for food. Neither one of us can afford to move. And we have to move in less than a month, now. Rent in the area is bare minimum $1200/month for a two-bedroom or $1600/month for a three-bedroom. Now, we plan on renting a three-bedroom with another friend of mine (who also got the job, he starts a week or two before us) as soon as we can afford to, but we have to save money first (he lives just close enough now that he can afford to carpool to work with a few others in the area, but he's about an hour in the opposite direction of our destination as we are). Right now, our best plan is to camp in Danicka's van on public land in the area for 3-4 days a week on worknights, and come back down to his home for the weekends. We've got a deep-cycle leisure battery in the van with a power inverter so we'll have power (though we still need a charger of some sort, whether it be a wall-powered charger we can charge when we're home/parked somewhere, or a split-charger powered by the alternator), and we're looking into starting memberships at a gym in the area so we'll have access to a bathroom/shower. (We both could use some time at the gym anyway. We don't get access to the company gym until we've been there for a few months.) Obviously, that doesn't sound ideal. That's why I've written up this post, asking for advice. If you guys have any ideas, I'd love to hear them. Thank you for your time.
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