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  2. I've been looking at various games lately, but I got a copy of Rune Factory 4 for the 3DS today. The RPG portion of it sold me after looking at Stardew and other farming sims. Let's see how long I last, @Plattym3
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  4. I couldn't find it today, but I know we've brought it up on Slime Time and there is a quote out there from Horii saying they weren't made as a trilogy, just had some common features. Everything else is fan headcanon.
  5. I'm officially caught up on Sidequest. One or two episodes a day while I work and it's easy to catch up.
  6. "Had to" not exactly. https://nintendosoup.com/square-enix-confirms-myth-behind-releasing-new-dragon-quests-games-on-saturdays/#:~:text=Dragon Quest XI producer Yuu,police did complain about it.&text=When Dragon Quest III came,to go buy the game. They mainly did it as a courtesy. As for the 3 vs. 5 comparisons, they're hard to make a big split between. At one point, DQIX took the top spot, but more updated information ??? says that both 3 and 5 are the only ones over 6 million. 5 got a movie, 3 got some DQ 11 love, so it's hard to split hairs there. If DQ9 gets that hoped-for Switch port
  7. 1. To be honest, the Zenithia games are only barely connected to each other (6 moreso than 5/4). So... not really. 2. I'm gonna guess 3, if we're going off historical impact.... But as a not-Japanese person, I don't really think it's my place to speak for them. 3. I hope so, but SE's gonna actually have to bring them over if they want that to happen. They've been mostly good about this recently outside DQM and the switch version of Heroes though, as far as I can tell. 4. I haven't played Phantasy Star III, but in DQ5 I wish Nera and Debora got a bit more screentime before the
  8. Gradis

    DQ9 Battle Records (Gradis)

    I don't have an R4 but thank you. I'd rather get everything as legitimately as possible Oh also, this is an old image, I also have 100% alchenomicon now.
  9. The podcast journey of a thousand hours starts with a single episode. -Modern Floridian Proverb
  10. These are definitely some interesting questions, definitely one of the common questions is the one that revolves around Erdrick, people question who they were yet we may know them as the DQ 3 hero but is treated as a title in the series. So was there a hero long before the entire hero cast that was actually called Erdrick before it became an honorary title for future heroes to come? Plus you have Roto and Loto as well (Roto meaning the same thing i think the other was a translation or something). Now if i were to ponder about some of those questions, I can just imagine a Zenithian trilogy
  11. Would it work to dump one of my save files from The Den onto a second DQ cart using an R4 dongle, and then non-rare item transfer through multiplayer? You might not get the weapons, but the shareable items are available. Also, MelonGx did a series of save files to back-up various shop downloads, when it was clear that the server wouldn't be fully supported. They're also posted in The Den's save file archive for DQIX, in case you want to shop raid.
  12. 1. No idea if it would happen. It would be a good twist. 2. Seems impossible to answer. Both are the only games that get tie-in manga. 3. Maybe. 4. I heard Phantasy Star III is awful lol. 8. I'm not far enough in the game to figure that out. 9. P U F F P U F F 11. No idea. 13. Slime themed pastries like jelly slimes or something.
  13. Gradis

    DQ9 Battle Records (Gradis)

    Yep, only DQVC Items. This is because EUR carts can't access it through the altDNS. If I got my hands on a USA cart I'll be able to transfer items over
  14. 1. Actually, I'd not prefer that. I'm fine with them being their own thing, and 12 going its own way. We don't need to have interconnectivity ALL the time. It was a nice surprise for 11 to have connections, but going forward it looses some of the specialness if every single game is connected to others like that. Let's have more standalones or another loosely-based "trilogies". I put that in quotes because Yuji Horii has specifically mentioned that 4-6 was not a trilogy, more just 3 games with some same things in it. 4. Dragon quest is mainly for show. Where do your emotions take you? Wh
  15. I've guested on a Q&A Podcast for a few years now, every other month, every few months or so. We even did a DQ Slime Time/Q &A Quest crossover episode a couple months back. That podcast has been fueled by 1 super RPG fan for the past 6 months who dumped 50 questions on them, and will spend all 2021 answering another 100 he provided. After my last appearance, he's sent 15 DQ ones for me to answer next time I go on. Thought I'd post them here for some group-think! 1. Do you see the Zenithian trilogy get the DQ11 treatment a.k.a prequel or sequel? 2. Which DQ is the most
  16. You should cross-post this to the Game Review section! That section needs some love and this definitely qualifies as a review.
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  18. Hello, I was wondering if any one can please tell me where to get Drustan's Sword?? I have the shield, armor, helmet etc but can't find the sword anywhere, thank you (I am post game, I am just steps away from killing the boss, but finishing a few things) Thank you
  19. If you want to make other editors for different parts of the game, I can probably help you with some of the relevant addresses. Be sure to check out this wiki: https://dragon-warrior-monsters-2-modding.fandom.com/wiki/Dragon_Warrior_Monsters_2_Modding_HomePage
  20. HELLO I'm back playing DQX again after a 4 year break oops Character Name: サマンサ Character ID: DJ006-026 Pls lemme back iiiiiin
  21. Plenty of time. I've been listening to Sidequest in the background while I work. I have one episode left to catch up on.
  22. Uggghh, I have so many episodes to catch up on. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  23. I'm trying to finish up The Outer Worlds. Not sure what I'll work on after that. Maybe go back to DQX. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  24. New episode title spoilers from March 2021 issue (January 21, 2021) of V-Jump. 19. The Final Secret of the Avan Style アバン流最後の奥義 Aban Ryū Saigo no Ōgi Air Date: 2021/02/13 20. Now, Slice Everything いますべてを斬る Ima subete o kiru Air Date: 2021/02/20
  25. Been stuck at home for the past week since I’ve been sick. I usually get a bad cold/sore throat in December or January so it was only a matter of time, but with all the Covid stuff I had to go into lockdown and stay away from work to be safe until I could get tested. Felt better by the start of this week and my test results I got today came back negative for COVID-19. I should probably be glad I can go back to work tomorrow but honestly I don’t really care, especially since I have to do 7 days of work in row starting tomorrow. And I had to use a lot of my vacation time for the days I missed be
  26. Since we don’t have a dedicated topic for this subject, I’m making one. Share animation works you find on YouTube and the like. Starting of this topic, here’s the recently released pilot for Long Gone Gulch. It’s been 5 years in the making. Really enjoy the character designs and the animation. Definitely some fun shots/scenes in the Saloon and towards the end with the showdown.
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