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  2. This is amazing. I can't wait till my baby boy is old enough to play with me.
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  4. That's awesome. We'll be back in the good ole days of games like that pretty soon, taking turns. There are only so many couch co-op games out there & you know I prefer my RPGs. Thanks to quarantine & such we've knocked out Hyrule Warriors, Fire Emblem Warriors, Let's Go Pikachu, and Luigi's Mansion together since Christmas. It's a furious pace and now it's summer, so still more time.
  5. I don’t think it’s weird at all. It reminds me of the gaming memories I have with my dad and how we would play stuff like Super Mario 64 together and how he and I would go back and forth on making some progress in Banjo-Tooie. One day I got home from school and saw that an area was open in the first world that I couldn’t figure out HOW to open, and I remember being so amazed by that.
  6. Honestly, some might find it a bit weird, but my kids and I are making some lasting memories. We've had a couple boss battles where we've taken 4-5 times to win, usually because we don't know the boss mechanics and my youngest can't do special attacks or revive yet (he just runs around screaming and smashing A). But today we were fighting one of Dr. Strange's enemies in some other worldly zone and he was a #$*!. Hard to see what to do because the screen was filled with monsters and there were turrets off both sides hitting us (have I mentioned camera control is HORRIBLE, especially in multiplayer mode). Well, eventually Hulk died and I did a bunch of damage with Venom and he died. We used up our revives and my kids were the only ones left. My 4 year old just ran around going crazy until he died, but my oldest was insanely precise, doing the final 25% completely on his own with the gimmicky energy bombs the boss was spewing out. We all screamed and cheered for quite a while. Kinda like team-building exercises at work, I feel like we're really bonding over this.
  7. A Discord server is much more convenient for setting up multiplayer for the game than forums are, so I'm game with it. Multiplayer's been filling with randoms much slower lately.
  8. Been methodically working through Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 with both of my sons, age 6 & 4. That's been one hell of an adventure (especially the 4 year old)... the game itself is a mixed bag. There's like 60+ people to play as in a party of 4 and people not participating don't get experience. WTF is up with that. Hard to change memebers at that point, but we've pretty much got in a rhythm of my oldest loves Spid-ermAn, I enjoy switching between Hulk and Vemom, and my youngest usually wants to play as whoever we just opened. He was Deadpool for an hour, now Ghost Rider.
  9. Tesla is the one who made it. As for why, I do not know. But if enough people want it I can make a new one
  10. Welcome to DD team csula! I have been playing DQX for a month and even though I can't play as much as I'd like due to real life stuff, I love this game to the point I upgraded from free trial to full version just after a couple weeks playing it. Also DD team mates are always nice and up to either help members or answering any question you could have regarding game, since sometimes the language barrier can be a problem because as you can see most of the in game content if not all are in japanese. Anyway it's always glad to hear more new members are joining DD and I hope to see you in game! てんし = Tenshi
  11. Hi there! Most (if not all) DD team are english speakers and since SE finally lifted the no japanese IP ban, more U.S. gamers had joined the game so at least on the team chat the language barrier shouldn't be a problem. I hope you can join our team and see you in game! 😁👍🏻
  12. I grinded up some classes last night and have my party where I want them now. I have Hero as a Paladin, Maribel as a Sage, and Ruff as a Gladiator. I know I get two more party members but I'm not sure what to do with the girl. Melvin will likely be another Gladiator since I like my RPG parties to have 2 heavy hitters, a "hybrid" class that can heal and hit well, and a dedicated Mage.
  13. Good episode! I was afraid there was going to be a throwdown when he said he didn't like XI.
  14. I couldn't restrain myself. I had to push it out. Everyone loves a little toilet humor.
  15. Awesome idea! This is one of DQ's most underrated and complex games of the classic series. Thanks for putting this together.
  16. There. Now there's no chance of viewers feeling pressured. Just support the channel if you feel like it (you know the drill), and enjoy!
  17. EDIT: Took this down, as I wasn't satisfied with how I worded the whole "like, comment, and subscribe" spiel. Will re-upload soon.
  18. You know, originally I made a Butt Mark joke but then I felt like it may have been misconstrued as an insult. The DQX board seems get a lot more traffic than most from people who speak English as a second language.
  19. Hey folks, I'm a newbie who just started playing DQX the other day (just in time to miss a bunch of time on maintenance, lol) and will be joining the DD team as soon as I get home and accept Cranberry's invite (thanks again!) - I look forward to meeting everybody in-game sometime soon!
  20. Hi! I'm new to the game as I was searching for an mmo to play in Japan, I'd like to know if there are other English speaking players playing from here or Aus/NZ timezones thanks
  21. is there a list of every single item used in Alchemy in dragon quest all games and quest i need them in picture with the name beside them I'm working on my Dragon Quest Minecraft mod pack and some items I cannot find a English version translation of them

  22. I’m in Chapter 5 of Bug Fables. Finally learned the backstory for Kabbu, and due to some side exploration, I found out who exactly Leif is. I must say, I wasn’t expecting Leif’s story to be the way it was, and I was caught off guard by it. The side area you find this out in had an Etrian post game feel to it, in that you learn some shocking information about the old world of the game’s universe. The devs put a lot of thought and detail into the lore of Bug Fables, and I have to really give them credit for it. It’s genuinely interesting, as are many of the characters. These guys can definitely make an engaging world to explore.
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