Slime Time Episodes

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Episode 005 - Pendy, DQ5, & Your Story Plattym3 & Liamland welcome long-time fan & man-near-Japan Pendy to the podcast to discuss Dragon Quest V and the recent movie adaptation, Dragon Quest: Your Story! We spoil the heck out of the game, but the movie we talk about in a way that those like Liam (who somehow has avoided all spoilers) can listen without having anything ruined. Liam & Pendy’s adventures in Japan and Korea as well as the dark age of Dragon Quest (the late 90s and early 00s) are discussed as is pretty much every other topic that comes to mind! 2019-10-15 View MP4 253.5 MB Episode 005 - Pendy, DQ5, & Your Story Image Download MP3 99.7 MB
Episode 004 - Dwaine, DQ2, & Akira Toriyama (10.3.2019) Liamland and Plattym3 got a chance to talk to Dwaine and 3 old geezers went pretty deep into Dawine's life, the just-fineness of DQ2, and lots of Akira Toriyama talk! Don't be as grumpy as Toriyama, give us a listen below or on your favorite podcast app. 2019-10-04 View MP4 232.9 MB Episode 004 - Dwaine, DQ2, & Akira Toriyama (10.3.2019) Image Download MP3 86.5 MB
Episode 003 - Team Rocket & Slime Mori Mori 3 (9.20.2019) Plattym3 & Liamland welcome members of Team Rocket and Fan Translators International for this episode. CakeLancelot, IcySon55, and lgnmcrules discuss the challenges in bringing English fans a playable translation of the third Slime Mori Mori game, only the second of which was released in the West as Rocket Slime. Find their group at 2019-09-25 View MP4 96.5 MB Episode 003 - Team Rocket & Slime Mori Mori 3 (9.20.2019) Image Download MP3 39.7 MB
Episode 002 - Woodus & Dragon Quest IX (9.10.2019) Plattym3 & Liamland welcome the man, the myth, the legend, Woodus of the Dragon’s Den for this episode. After running him through the questions all new guests get (and a game of Marry, Thwack, Puff Puff), Dragon Quest XI is discussed. Characters and plot are run discussed briefly and we spend a great deal of time discussing our recent memories of this amazing game! NOTE: We attempt to STAY 99% spoiler-free, talking about characters on the box and plot points in the trailer, but SPOILERS EXIST for 10 minutes from the 1:14 mark to 1:24. Anyone have a copy of Nintendo Power #230 from July 2008? We’re looking for the Dragon Quest article from that month. Hit us up @DQSlimeTime on Twitter or 2019-09-10 View MP4 180.3 MB Episode 002 - Woodus & Dragon Quest IX (9.10.2019) Image Download MP3 71.1 MB
Episode 001 - Platty & Liam (8.8.2019) Dragon's Den members Plattym3 & Liamland introduce their new Dragon Quest Slime Time podcast. This is the third attempt at a Slime Time official Dragon's Den podcast and it begins with Platty & Liam interviewing each other about their history with the series and an explanation of what's to come in future episodes. 2019-08-08 View MP4 160.5 MB Episode 001 - Platty & Liam (8.8.2019) Image Download MP3 64.3 MB
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