Slime Knights Info

This section is to remember Slime Knights, the Square-Enix community that was directed at Dragon Quest (Dragon Warrior) fans.

Following info is from the deleted Wikipedia page.

Slime Knights was an official Square Enix website that promoted the Dragon Quest games released in North America. The site prompted its registered members to participate, making the featured game known to a wider public, and rewarded participation with an inside currency called mini medals (MM), which could then be exchanged for prizes. Members could also interact with each other through the message boards and chat room.

On November 15th, 2007, King Slime, the head admin of the website, announced that the website would be closing on November 30th, 2007. How this will affect possible upcoming translations of future Dragon Quest titles -- if any come to pass -- is unknown.


Featured games

The first game to be featured on Slime Knights was Dragon Quest VIII, for the PlayStation 2. Because this was the first Dragon Quest game to be released in the US after the Squaresoft / Enix merger, Square Enix decided that it warranted a greater marketing push to attempt to breach the US market, which Dragon Quest games have traditionally done somewhat poorly in.

The second featured game was Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime, for the Nintendo DS, as this game primarily starred the Dragon Quest Slime mascot, which also is the mascot and theme of the Slime Knights website.

The third and currently featured game is Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker, for the Nintendo DS, as it was the first release of a Dragon Quest game in over a year.

Member participation

Members of the community are encouraged to participate in diverse activities defined in the site. Some activities award the member with mini medals, which can be exchanged for prizes related to the Dragon Quest game currently on promotion.

Member profiles

At registration, members are asked to create their profile, which includes a short description about the person, their interests and favorites, their game systems and optional information so other members can interact with them outside the site, like instant messenger ids or video game network ids.

Once the profile has been created, the member can start gaining member levels.

Member levels

Member levels is a way to categorize members according to their participation on the site or special position. Levels are named after slime type monsters from the Dragon Quest universe. the levels range from slime to king slime


Missions are the main way to gain mini medals. Each mission is posted in the site by the manager, and has a deadline and an amount of mini medals to be earned.

In the Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker version of the site, the missions are called hunts.

Polls and quizzes

Polls are used to get feedback from the community. The results of the previous poll are displayed, while the current poll is active for members to take. Answering a poll awards the member with a specified amount of mini medals.

Quizzes include questions related to the games or the community. Each question is assigned a value in mini medals; correct answers reward the member, while incorrect answers have no effect.


Galleries display works submitted by the community members. Those can be works created for a mission, or material created for shared use as web content.[5]

Each member can upload graphics to the web content gallery, which consists of AIM icons, web banners, desktop wallpapers and signature banners. Each approved submission awards the member with a specified amount of mini medals. Some of these categories allow only for a certain max amount of submissions.

Each entry on the galleries can receive comments and votes from community members. Votes can assign a value of 1 to 5 stars to an entry.

A gallery named Best of the Best displays a selection of submissions that have received a remarkable feedback from other members.


Slime Knights provides different methods for its members to invite more people to join the community.

Those invitation methods include email, instant messenger, SMS, web text, web banner and web signature file (those last three to be used on personal web pages or other communities. Mini medals are awarded for each time an invite is followed by a non-member, to a defined limit of 2500 mini medals per day.

Slime Knights encourages its members to not abuse this feature, and advices to use clear descriptions of why people would like to join the community.

Member blogs

Each member has the ability to create a personal blog inside Slime Knights. Other members can read and comment on the entries. The main page displays the latest member blogs.

MySpace styles

Slime Knights provides pre-created styles that can be applied to a user MySpace page.[6] Those feature Dragon Quest themes and slime imagery. The MySpace styles can be edited to fit your personal wants.