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Quest #152B - Purchase Dragon Quest Builders 9.4 KB 50 x 50 Quest #152B - Purchase Dragon Quest Builders Image
This is going to be a 2 part Quest. Get yourself 2 shiny badges for #1 preordering Dragon Quest Builders and #2 actually purchasing Dragon Quest Builders. You'll get one badge now when you preorder and one badge later this year when you show us you actually bought it!! The first part, preordering Dragon Quest Builders, starts now and runs through the day before the release date This topic will stay open and the opportunity for a badge will be there the entire time. I anticipate doing a badge round-up about once a month. So, if you've posted proof, wait a bit for your badge. We'll get you! Contest Topic
Quest #159 - Pumpkin Quest - Participants 6.7 KB 50 x 50 Quest #159 - Pumpkin Quest - Participants Image
It's that time again! Yep, time to unleash sharp objects on large orangey fruit for artistic purposes! Plattym3 and Westy present: Pumpkin Quest: Dragon's Den's Dragon Quest themed Pumpkin carving or decorating contest! All you goomans need to do is get a pumpkin and decorate it with a Dragon Quest theme! You can carve, paint, cosplay or decorate however you like. Then take a picture of it. Don't forget to put your name or screenname in the photo. Contest Topic
Quest #156 - Purchase DQVII 3DS 8.9 KB 50 x 50 Quest #156 - Purchase DQVII 3DS Image
Time to support the series and actually PURCHASE DQVII. We asked for it, we got it, it's here! Contest Topic
Web Award 6.6 KB 50 x 50 Web Award Image
Actively Participates in promoting Dragon Quest in one or many ways. This includes blogging, advertising on popular sites like on Myspace and Twitter, Youtube videos, website, etc. Show proof of your dedication to reap this reward! Contest Topic