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Quest #182 - Screenshot + Saying Sport 8.6 KB 50 x 50 Quest #182 - Screenshot + Saying Sport Image
Here's the quest! Take a screenshot from the new DQXI. Post that screenshot here and give it a clever caption. ´╗┐Boom! Done! Now, you may use any means needed to get that screenshot, but it should be YOURS. The key is to getting the perfect text to go with the perfect screenshot. Take a nice landscape and write a haiku. Zoom in on some weapon and cleverly discuss cleavering. Get that great battle shot! Anything goes. Contest Topic
Quest #181 - DQXI Notable Quotables 6.7 KB 50 x 50 Quest #181 - DQXI Notable Quotables Image
Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to identify some of the most interesting or funny quotes that come across while playing the newly released Dragon Quest XI game. Truly, the series has a veritable gold mine of classic lines and witticisms, and I'm sure this game will keep it up. Contest Topic
Quest #180 - DQXI Lightspeed 8.8 KB 50 x 50 Quest #180 - DQXI Lightspeed Image
This quest is here to reward people for beating the game, and doing it quickly. If you want to become part of an elite squad of Light-Speed Champions, you must quickly reach the ending credit sequence in Dragon Quest XI, and submit evidence of your feat here at the Den. Contest Topic
Quest #178 - Purchase Dragon Quest XI 8.4 KB 50 x 50 Quest #178 - Purchase Dragon Quest XI Image
After that date, this topic will stay open and the opportunity for a the B badge will be there for a couple months. I anticipate doing a badge round-up about once a month. So, if you've posted proof, wait a bit for your badge. We'll get you! Contest Topic
Quest #178 - Pre-Order Dragon Quest XI 8.4 KB 50 x 50 Quest #178 - Pre-Order Dragon Quest XI Image
The first part, preordering Dragon Quest XI, starts now and runs through the day before the release date (Sept. 3, 2018). Contest Topic
Web Award 6.6 KB 50 x 50 Web Award Image
Actively Participates in promoting Dragon Quest in one or many ways. This includes blogging, advertising on popular sites like on Myspace and Twitter, Youtube videos, website, etc. Show proof of your dedication to reap this reward! Contest Topic