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Contest #146B - Preorder DQVIII 6.5 KB 50 x 50 Contest #146B - Preorder DQVIII Image
The first part, preordering Dragon Quest VIII, starts now and runs through the day before the release date of each (no going in to preorder the day it comes out ). Contest Topic
Contest #123 - Become a DQ3 Lightspeed Champion 5.5 KB 50 x 50 Contest #123 - Become a DQ3 Lightspeed Champion Image
Dragon Quest 3 - Seeds of Salvation has now been released on iOS and Android devices. Hours of joy and happiness await you in your humble app store. If you are awesome, then you have already purchased this game by now. If not, hang your head in shame, but only for a moment! Now pick it back up and dash off to purchase this game, because only a few of you have what it takes to be a Light-Speed Champion! Contest Topic