Award #4 - Royal Rattie Award
This award is a little different, but hey it is recognition :) It is from Tim and Heather's Rattie Place.

I have to say that yours is the most extensive DW site I have ever seen... It is WONDERFUL!!! I would like to to award you with my award... It's for mainly pet rat related sites, but I think yours deserves the recognition!!!

royalaward.gif (10231 bytes)


Third Award - Alakazam's Gold Award - January 24, 2000
I received a new award, this award is Alakazam's Gold Award, thanks to

Second Award - #1 Free Stuff - October 13, 1999
I received my second award today, this one comes from #1 Free Stuff, ( If you would like to see the criteria to get the award, or nominate another site to get the award check out the award application page (

#1 Freestuff Award


My First "Award" - June 11, 1999
This site was chose as a "Open Directory Cool Site",

Cool Site

check it out at the Dragon Quest Section of the Open Directory. Here is what they had to say

" Of all the Dragon Quest/Warrior sites out there (which haven't gone down yet :-), yours is the best. Good information, well-presented, easy to navigate. Here's to you.




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