Custom Sprites

Name Link File Size Dimensions Thumb Description
Female Hero 7.2 KB 105 x 125 Female Hero Image Made by jamiras843. Just a modified Alena PSX sprite. Made the dress longer, got rid of the gloves and her pants (Christo/Kiryl might be a little jealous :P)and erased the hat.
Queen Slime 3.1 KB 118 x 118 Queen Slime Image Made by jamiras843. The base was a King Slime from DQM 1&2 PSX while the hair came from a Hula Dancer enemy from DQV DS.
Shadow Wraith 11.5 KB 106 x 130 Shadow Wraith Image Made by jamiras843. My version of a shadow wraith. Needs a beam sword. Beam swords = uber awesome. Just a Skeleton DQM 1&2 edit.