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Come on! Try and break your precious high priestess out of prison! I'll cave your skulls in with a blunt farming implement!

-- Possessed farmer in Precipice Pass
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Dragon Quest VIII 3DS Monster List Images Updated

Thanks to Bururian for keeping at grabbing images for all of the monsters from Dragon Quest VIII for 3DS. The list is nearly complete now.

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Dragon Quest Monsters Caravan Heart Monster List Updated

Thank you to dochalkos for sending me updated sprite info as well as the monster family and book number for Dragon Quest Monsters: Caravan Heart. Updated info is on the Monsters page:

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Dragon Quest XI S Demo Available

The Nintendo Switch version for Dragon Quest XI S is available for download from the Nintendo eShop.

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Square Enix hosting Dragon Quest XI S panel during PAX West 2019

Thanks to Dakhil for the info! Original topic:

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The Hero Arrives...

The Dragon Quest Hero will arrive in Challenger Pack 2 for Super Smash Bros. This comes with the hero, the Yggdrasil’s Altar stage, and orchestrated music tracks from the Dragon Quest series. Alternate costumes let him look like the heroes from Dragon Quest III, Dragon Quest IV, Dragon Quest VIII, and Dragon Quest XI S. He can use spells like Frizz, Woosh, and Zap and wields a sword and shield. Hero's fan names from the video Yggdrasil's Altar Stage Music Tracks Additional DLC Mii Costumes - They are Veronica from DQ11, Erdrick’s armour from DQ1, the male and female Martial Artist outfits from Dragon Quest 3, and a Slime hat. Each costume set (and the Slime hat by itself) will be $.75 each. Reveal video on the Den's YouTube page -

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Server Upgrade Today

FYI, web server update today. Here is what my host said. Bionic Beaver, sounds like a dragon quest monster

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Dragon Quest Builders 2 Demo - Playthru on Switch

Here is a video capture I took of playing thru the Builders 2 Demo last night if anyone wants to see it. No commentary (no one wants to hear me talk ).

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Dragon Quest XI 3D Model Viewer

Thanks to ethanej for finding the 3D models (and the web viewer) for the Dragon Quest XI models. I have a page here that lists all the files and you can choose one and hit view. Be warned though, these are the file names so I don't have them matched up to "pretty" names so if you haven't played the game be careful as you could stumble across a monster you haven't fought. If anyone wants to make up a "pretty" list let me know and I can get a dump of the files. Controls: Scroll wheel - Zoom in and out Left click and Drag - rotate the view Right click and Drag - pan the view Here is a link to the selection page And here is what one of the models looks like. NOTE: some models are very large in the viewer so if you don't see anything after a bit zoom out.

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Dragon Quest Heroes Quest List Added

Added a list of the quests for Dragon Quest Heroes 1. Quests

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Dragon Quest Monsters 2 3DS Info Updated

Thanks to mjhopkins81 for playing 300+ hours of Dragon Quest Monsters 2 for 3DS and gathering a King Slime load of information. Monster info, egg info, area info, etc. I have added the following sections to the DQM2 3DS section. Area Guide Costumes Dream Eggs List Eggs List Mini Medal Rewards Monster Arena Monster List Scout Q Synthesizing

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Tapatalk Updated

Tapatalk for some reason wasn't telling me that the plugin was out of date, I have updated from 1.5.1 to 1.6.2. I think this will fix the pictures issue I know some have been having. If not let me know.

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Dragon Quest Monsters+ Vol 4 and Vol 5 Covers Revealed

Covers for Dragon Quest Monsters+ manga volumes 4 and 5 have been revealed. Volume 4 Amazon: Volume 5 Amazon: Publishers Website:

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Dragon Quest VI DS Helmet, Shield, Armor, Accessory, Forge Cost Info Updated

Thanks to dochalkos for sending me lists of missing data for Dragon Quest VI DS. I have updated the lists for Helmet, Shield, and Armor and added the Accessory list (was missing before). Missing info was like buy prices, sell prices, who can equip, where found, description. Also added a list for Cost to Forge items that can be upgraded.

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Badges Awarded for Quest #185 - Suppose Sometime 11 Switch Ships

Congrats to Dakhil, redneckpride4ever, AustNerevar for guessing September as the correct month for the release of Dragon Quest XI S! Quest Badge Added:

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RPGamers JRPGL Final

Time to vote for the All-Dragon Quest team by Denizen @Plattym3 and show what our fan base can do! Vote for "Alltrades Abbey Apollos" today in the RPGamer JRPGL Final!

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Database Server Upgrade

I just got notified by my host that on June 6th, between 4:00pm and 7:00pm PST, they will be doing a software upgrade on my shared MySQL server. This means there could be connection issues for the forums and main site (more than normal that is ). Hopefully it goes smoothly.

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Dragon Quest Builders 2 - Switch Digital Download, DLC and Season Pass Press Release

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Square Enix English manga, novels, art books coming Fall 2019

Penguin Random House Publisher Services announced a multi-year sales and distribution agreement with Square Enix to introduce a new line of English-language manga, novels, and art books starting fall of 2019. Hope this means we will see some more Dragon Quest manga, etc! Full Press Release below:

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Dragon Quest Monster 2 3DS and Slime Mori Mori 3 Codes

Thanks to Cameron C on facebook for codes for Dragon Quest Monsters 2 3DS and Slime Mori Mori 3. The DQM2 3DS codes are located at: They are translated by Google Translate, so take the English with a big grain of salt ;). The Slime Mori Mori 3 code are at: And the last code needs to be tested as it might be a DLC code.

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Dragon Quest VI DS Weapon Info Updated

Thanks to dochalkos for typing up a bunch of the missing info for the weapons for Dragon Quest VI DS. I have added the info into the database.

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