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Ahh, that's better! So? Wot was you wantin'? Or d'you need to, er... answer the call o' nature too? Heh heh.

-- Male NPC at Faraday Castle after releaving himself on the wall
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Dragon Quest Monsters+ Manga in English
Here are the (shameless Amazon plug) links for the Dragon Quest Monsters Manga that is in English. Volume 1 is out now, Volume 2 is listed for March 26, 2019, and Volume 3 is listed for June 11, 2019. Volume 1 - Volume 2 - Volume 3 - My volume 1 should be here next week, and I have the other 2 preordered.
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Dragon Quest XI - Added In Game Music
Thanks to Erdrick The Hero for the in game music for Dragon Quest XI. I have uploaded it and added the menu item to the Dragon Quest XI submmenu and to the Music and Sounds page. Music and Sounds Page Dragon Quest XI Section
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Dragon Quest XI - Added Pep Power Requirements
For Dragon Quest 11 I added the a list of requirements to use the various pep powers.
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Dragon Quest Builders 2 Trophies
Added the Builders 2 trophies to the section. With the hack job that google translate spits out anyway. Will update whenever we get a localized list.
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Dragon Quest XI - New Items Added
Added List of Casino Prizes Horse Race Prizes Ingredients List Recipe Book list Recipe List Working on the weapon armor lists, but the way the spreadsheet is this will be a nightmare to fix to make it importable.
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Dragon Quest XI Islands Map
This irritated the crap out of me not having this (because I couldn't remember which was which) so I created a map that labels the islands. On the Overworld Maps page:
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Dragon Quest XI Accolades List
I have added the Accolades list to the Dragon Quest XI section. I used the list from my game and then filled in the ones I was missing from another source. If the accolade doesn't begin with "awarded for" and you have the actual text send them to me and I will update the database.
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Dragon Quest XI Quest List
More info from the spreadsheet that @mjhopkins81 sent over, I have the quest list updated and added to the Dragon Quest XI section. The spreadsheet was missing the original quest request text, but that can be added in later.
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Dragon Quest XI Monster List Updated
Thanks to @mjhopkins81 for the spreadsheet of info on Dragon Quest XI, I have wiped the monster database for DQ XI and re-imported using the new data. So the list should have all the correct names, exp, gold, treasure (common and rare drops). The pictures will be broken for many as I will need to go thru and rename them all or regrab the screen shots.
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New Dragon Quest Monsters game announced
A new Dragon Quest Monsters is coming to Japan! Also, Terry's Wonderland is going mobile in Japan.
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DragonQuestions Part 2
Figured I should post it here too so it shows up on the main page.
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Dragon Warrior Monsters 2 Ultimate
Thanks to jonahstrix about their DWM2 romhack! Check out the info below. Try out the new hack of the classic monster breeding game for GBC! Dragon Warrior Monsters 2: Ultimate DWM2 Ultimate is an increased difficulty ROM hack for those that grew up with the game and want a new challenge. If you have a tendency to over-achieve and over-grind in DQ games, this hack is intended for you. I have made changes to greatly increase the variety of monsters hroughout the story. After a couple months one of the greatest childhood GBC RPGs has been remade into an adult RPG challenge. Changes have been made to monster encounters throughout the story to provide much more variety and difficulty. Check out the Forum page for more details:
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Dragon Quest XI Added Pages for Weather Cows and Locked Doors
I have added pages for Weather Cows and Locked Doors to the Dragon Quest XI section. I don't have many cows because I wasn't grabbing shots of those as I was playing thru so I will have to go back and get those. Also added a few more Mini Medals.
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Dragon Quest XI Pep Power Videos
I have been capturing the Pep Powers as well as I come across them (though I haven't been able to play for a week). Sample thumbnails:
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What Draconian Restrictions Actually Mean
Thanks to Shogil for the "What Draconian Restrictions Actually Mean" writeup post. I have taken the post and made a page out of it in the Dragon Quest XI section.
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Dragon Quest XI Crossbow, Puff Puff and Mini Medal Lists Started
With shots from my current playthru (I am only to Lonalulu at the moment) I have started lists for Crossbow Target locations, Puff Puff performance locations and Mini Medal locations. I know I am missing many so if anyone has any and want to send them to me let me know, I would like to have a screenshot of the location and of the full map view. Crossbow Targets Mini Medal Locations Puff Puff Locations
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DQXI out today & DQXI Quests out today!
With the North American release of Dragon Quest XI today, I finally got around to updating the Quest area (mostly): First, congratulations to these Denizans that will receive their preorder and purchase badge (2 separate badges - apply here­čś× Preordered Badge: Nikkolus, cprmauldin, Prince of Cannock, GrandAlchemist, Woodus, Imutone´╗┐, redneckpride4ever, Tiael, Soera, Sumez, Dakhil, heorotlinea, Plattym3, Sackchief, clusa, AustNerevar, KibaTheBarbarian, cobolisdead, TheKingOfTheDragovians, eal, Goshzilla, Dakarus, The Dog of Zahan, Twinkie, AzureVoid, mysticshadow73 Purchased´╗┐ Badge: Prince of Cannock, Sackchief, AzureVoid Don't forget to help out @WestyBlueSlime and #bragyourDQswag! Quest #179 - Brag Your DQ Swag XI New Quests out: Quest #180 - DQXI Lightspeed Quest #181 - DQXI Notable Quotables
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Dragon Quest XI PS4 Trophy List
I have created a new page with the PS4 trophies listed.
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Added Dragon Quest XI (JPN) Overworld Map
Overworld map that may contain spoilers. Added to the Maps section of Dragon Quest XI.
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Dragon Quest Builders 2 (JPN) Release Date 2018-12-20
Releasing for Nintendo Switch and PS4!
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