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Do you want your neck sliced off by the scythe of hell?

-- Monster threatening the cook of Uptaten Towers when he refused to cook the hero and Bianca in Dragon Quest V
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Database Server Upgrade

I just got notified by my host that on June 6th, between 4:00pm and 7:00pm PST, they will be doing a software upgrade on my shared MySQL server. This means there could be connection issues for the forums and main site (more than normal that is ). Hopefully it goes smoothly.

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Dragon Quest Builders 2 - Switch Digital Download, DLC and Season Pass Press Release

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Square Enix English manga, novels, art books coming Fall 2019

Penguin Random House Publisher Services announced a multi-year sales and distribution agreement with Square Enix to introduce a new line of English-language manga, novels, and art books starting fall of 2019. Hope this means we will see some more Dragon Quest manga, etc! Full Press Release below:

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Dragon Quest Monster 2 3DS and Slime Mori Mori 3 Codes

Thanks to Cameron C on facebook for codes for Dragon Quest Monsters 2 3DS and Slime Mori Mori 3. The DQM2 3DS codes are located at: They are translated by Google Translate, so take the English with a big grain of salt ;). The Slime Mori Mori 3 code are at: And the last code needs to be tested as it might be a DLC code.

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Dragon Quest VI DS Weapon Info Updated

Thanks to dochalkos for typing up a bunch of the missing info for the weapons for Dragon Quest VI DS. I have added the info into the database.

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Dragon Quest III Android/iOS Music

Thanks to reinhold23 for the line-in dump of music from Dragon Quest III for Android and iOS. I have added them to the Music page.

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Dragon Quest VI DS Spell and Skill Videos

Thanks to dochalkos for allowing to host the Dragon Quest VI DS Spell and Skill videos they created. I have created two new pages to house the videos Spells: Skills: Sample Thumbnails:

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Dragon Warrior Monsters 2 Breeding Search

Since updating the Dragon Warrior Monsters 2 breeding info, I made a search page Where you can pick the monster you want to breed and it will return all the breeding combos for that monster.

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Dragon Warrior Monsters 2 Updated Breeding Info

Doh, just realized it has been 3 years since I looked at this (dang time flies). Thanks to @Jimmu_Dudeski for updating the Dragon Warrior 2 GBC Breeding info based on the Jimeous info. I have cleared out the database of the info I had and imported the data that was gathered. Here is the link for Beast, use the navbar at the top to select the other families.

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Dragoon Warrior/Dragon Quest PDF Guides

Other guides (I think this is all I have at the moment) DQ 4 DS - DQ 5 DS - DQ 6 DS - DW 7 PSX - DQ 8 PS2 - DQ 9 DS - DWM 1 GBC - DWM 2 GBC - DW I & II GBC - DW III GBC - Builders -

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Dragon Warrior Monsters 2 PDF Guide

Thanks to Anthony on Facebook I have added the Prima guide for Dragon Warrior Monsters 2 to the Den. I have it on the submenu for the Dragon Warrior Monsters 2 section and here is the direct link.

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DQM Battle Road Victory Wii Save File

Thanks to Robercletzon for sending in a save file for Dragon Quest Monster Battle Road Victory Wii. I created a Save Files page to list it on. -

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Quest 181 & 182 Winners

For these two quests we are just giving badges to everyone that entered! (Might as well keep using the Hero for badges since Platty loves his hair so much ) Quest #181 - DQXI Notable Quotables gooieooie, Twinkie, Plattym3, Woodus, YangustheLegendaryBandit, eal, Sackchief Quest #182 - Screenshot + Saying Sport Plattym3, Woodus, Liamland, redneckpride4ever, YangustheLegendaryBandit, Sackchief, The Mystical One, Dakhil 

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Quest #180 - DQXI Lightspeed Winners

Slimetastic job by those who completed the DQXI Lightspeed Quest! AzureVoid, Twinkie,Woodus, GrandAlchemist, heorotlinea, AustNerevar, YangustheLegendaryBandit, Sumez, Prince of Cannock, Sackchief, Soera, Plattym3

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Quest #178 - Pre-Order & Buy DQXI for the West Winners

Con-goo-ratulations to those who have earned questing badges for the pre-order and purchase of Dragon Quest XI (not Switch version). Preorder: Nikkolus, cprmauldin, Prince of Cannock, GrandAlchemist, Woodus, Imutone, redneckpride4ever, Tiael, Soera, Sumez, Dakhil, heorotlinea, ethanej, plattym3, Sackchief, clusa, AustNerevar, KibaTheBarbarian, cobolisdead, TheKingOfTheDragovians, eal, Goshzilla, Dakarus, The Dog of Zahan, Twinkie, mysticshadow73 Purchase: Sackchief, AzureVoid, Prince of Cannock, The Dog of Zahan, MV6000, Tiael, Bururian, heorotlinea, Woodus, Imutone, Dakhil, Soera, AustNerevar, redneckpride4ever, eal, KibaTheBarbarian, gooieooie, Dakarus, cobolisdead, Sumez, mysticshadow73, YangustheLegendaryBandit, Twinkie, Duran, Goshzilla

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Dragon Quest Commercials

Thanks to AustNerevar for the link to the to the dump of video game commercials. I have taken them and added a new commercials page for each section that now has videos to display. Some aren't very good quality (VHS dumps and old website FLV files). I have converted them all to MP4 so they will play in the Den's web player. These should be all the sections with commercials now. DQ 10, DQ 11, DQ 1 SNES, DQ 25th Anniversary, DQ 2 SFC, DQ 3 SFC, DQ 4 DS, DQ 4 PSX, DQ 5 DS, DQ 5 PS2, DQ 5 SFC, DQ 6 DS, DQ 6 SFC, DQ 7 3DS, DQ 8 3 DS, DQ 8 PS2, DQ 9 DS, DQ Builders 2, DQ Builders, DQ Heroes 2, DQ Heroes, DQM 1 3DS, DQM 2 3DS, DQM 3 GBA, DQM Joker, DQM Joker 2, DQM Joker 3, DQM Battle Road Wii, DQM Super Light, DQ of the Stars, DQ Swords Wii, DQ 1 GBC, DW 1 NES, DQ 2 GBC, DQ 3 GBC, DW 7 PSX, DQM 1 GBC, DQM 2 GBC, Itadaki Street PS2, Torneko 2, Torneko 3, Young Yangus

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Dragon Quest Trading Card Game

Thanks to Chris on Facebook for bringing to my attention there has been a newer Trading Card game out for a few years. I have copied the cards and Japanese manual from the site and created a new section. I took the categories names from the google translation, so they might not be totally accurate. Cards - Armor Cards - Blindfold Cards - Character Cards - Event Cards - Item Cards - Love/Spread Cards - Monster Cards - Nakama Monster Cards - Weapon Manual - Japanese Sample cards

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Dragon Quest Collectible Card Game Cards Back on the Den

Since chichi's site has been down for a few years now I have put the cards I had scanned back up on the Dragon Quest Collectible Card Game 01 section. Cards - Character Cards - Items Cards - Monster Cards - Quest Sample cards

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Dragon Quest XI 3DS Monster List

I have uploaded the 3DS monsters to a new page/section for the 3DS version of Dragon Quest XI. I did my best to visually match up the monsters with the PS4 versions and name them properly, but it looks like there are some that exist in the 3DS version that didn't exist in the PS4 version (and some I may have missed getting bug-eyed comparing images). If anyone finds any errors, or matches any of the Unknown ones up with a recent translated name let me know.

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Upgraded Forums to 4.4

I upgraded the forums tonight to version 4.4 and with it an updated theme. If you notice any strangeness, you might clear your cache and reload the page again.

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