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Man who fights with woman all day gets no piece at night.

-- Broadaxer, Dragon Warrior 7 Monster Park
Submitted by: GrandAlchemist
Dragon Quest XI Added Pages for Weather Cows and Locked Doors
I have added pages for Weather Cows and Locked Doors to the Dragon Quest XI section. I don't have many cows because I wasn't grabbing shots of those as I was playing thru so I will have to go back and get those. Also added a few more Mini Medals.
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Dragon Quest XI Pep Power Videos
I have been capturing the Pep Powers as well as I come across them (though I haven't been able to play for a week). Sample thumbnails:
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What Draconian Restrictions Actually Mean
Thanks to Shogil for the "What Draconian Restrictions Actually Mean" writeup post. I have taken the post and made a page out of it in the Dragon Quest XI section.
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Dragon Quest XI Crossbow, Puff Puff and Mini Medal Lists Started
With shots from my current playthru (I am only to Lonalulu at the moment) I have started lists for Crossbow Target locations, Puff Puff performance locations and Mini Medal locations. I know I am missing many so if anyone has any and want to send them to me let me know, I would like to have a screenshot of the location and of the full map view. Crossbow Targets Mini Medal Locations Puff Puff Locations
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DQXI out today & DQXI Quests out today!
With the North American release of Dragon Quest XI today, I finally got around to updating the Quest area (mostly): First, congratulations to these Denizans that will receive their preorder and purchase badge (2 separate badges - apply here­čś× Preordered Badge: Nikkolus, cprmauldin, Prince of Cannock, GrandAlchemist, Woodus, Imutone´╗┐, redneckpride4ever, Tiael, Soera, Sumez, Dakhil, heorotlinea, Plattym3, Sackchief, clusa, AustNerevar, KibaTheBarbarian, cobolisdead, TheKingOfTheDragovians, eal, Goshzilla, Dakarus, The Dog of Zahan, Twinkie, AzureVoid, mysticshadow73 Purchased´╗┐ Badge: Prince of Cannock, Sackchief, AzureVoid Don't forget to help out @WestyBlueSlime and #bragyourDQswag! Quest #179 - Brag Your DQ Swag XI New Quests out: Quest #180 - DQXI Lightspeed Quest #181 - DQXI Notable Quotables
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Dragon Quest XI PS4 Trophy List
I have created a new page with the PS4 trophies listed.
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Added Dragon Quest XI (JPN) Overworld Map
Overworld map that may contain spoilers. Added to the Maps section of Dragon Quest XI.
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Dragon Quest Builders 2 (JPN) Release Date 2018-12-20
Releasing for Nintendo Switch and PS4!
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Dragon Quest I and II Android-iOS Monster Sprites Updated
Thanks to the work by Choppasmith I have updated the Dragon Quest I and Dragon Quest II for Android-iOS monster lists to have the monster sprites from the games, rather than in game screenshots. Added the original sized sprites as the thumbnail version and then sized up 2x if you click on them. DQ 1 - DQ 2 - Samples:
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Dragon Quest X 6th Anniversary Wallpaper Available
I pulled the wallpapers from the DQ X Hiroba site and uploaded them to the Den. If you want to download any of the sizes (640x1136, 750x1334, 1280x720, 1366x768, 1920x108, 480x800) check out the DQ X Wallpaper page - Thumbnail Image:
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Dragon Quest at SAN DIEGO COMIC-CON 2018
From the SE Press release
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Yuji Horii To Attend Anime Expo 2018
From Square-Enix Press Release Creator of the legendary DRAGON QUEST┬« series, Yuji Horii, will be attending Anime Expo 2018, the largest anime convention in North America. He will be participating in autograph sessions at the SQUARE ENIX Booth throughout the weekend, at the following times: Friday, July 6, 10:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Saturday, July 7, 10:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Saturday July 7, 2:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. The autograph tickets will be distributed at the DRAGON QUEST area of the SQUARE ENIX booth starting 10:00 a.m. of the day prior to each session. Lucky attendees who receive a ticket will be able to receive an autograph on an exclusive 8x10ÔÇŁ signing card prepared by SQUARE ENIX and a photograph with the creator*. * Fans may pose with Yuji Horii for one photograph. Signatures will be limited to a signing card prepared by SQUARE ENIX and he will not be signing personal items. Throughout the weekend, attendees will be able to get hands on time with DRAGON QUEST XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age, prior to its release on September 4. The playable demo features two separate areas of the game: Cobblestone, where the HeroÔÇÖs journey ...
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Updated forums to latest version
They added a few more GDPR backend options and some bug fixes. Indexes are being rebuilt so some searches may not return results yet.
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Character Stills
Took some 1920x1080 shots from the E3 Trailer and added them with their localized names to the Dragon Quest XI Characters page:
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Site and forums converted to HTTPS
Long time coming, I have converted the Den and forums to use HTTPS by default so all traffic should be encrypted. Remote images could still show as unsecured. Let me know if anyone finds any broken pages or features.
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Tapatalk having issues
Seems as if Tapatalk is having issues with the forum software. Errors like unable to login, email address not found for login. I have opened a ticket with Tapatalk, but I am guessing they haven't updated the plugin to support the 4.3.x line of Invision Board yet.
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New Contact Methods, Switch, PSN, Steam
Thanks to @Dakhil for the suggestion. I have added Switch Friend Code, PSN Account and Steam Account to the contact methods to prepare for Dragon Quest XI to come out this fall (and future for Switch). Click the Edit Profile link in your account to find these new fields.
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Dragon Quest Builders 2 Screenshots
I have added a screenshots page to the Builders 2 section to add the screenshots that have been popping up on the official site.
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Forum Update
Updated forums to latest version last night, as well as the theme to match it. This version adds a bunch more emotions, I figured i would leave them enabled (or if no one likes them I can revert to slimeys only :)) There are other new options as well, but nothing that really jumped out at me.
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Thanks to Nikkolus for the Donation
Thanks to Nikkolus for his donation to the Den, always appreciated
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