Dragon Quest Themed Web Games

Slime Hunter
This is a Pac-Man clone, with slimes as the ghosties and the Hero from Dragon Warrior I as Pac-Man with Herb, Antidotes and other DW items as the bonus "fruits"
Remember Whack-A-Mole, well this is it, but you get to bash the daylights out of slimes now.

Battle Simulator
Test the probability of winning in battle.

Stats Calculator
See your stats and expected damage against foes.

Dragon Warrior Trivia
Ten random questions about most of the Dragon Warrior games, some general questions, and some Dragon Quest ones too.

Dragon Warrior Personality Quiz
18 questions to determine which of the 45 Dragon Warrior related profiles you are

Thanks to Dragon Chaser for help with the graphics, questions, and outcomes for the Personality Quiz, and for the graphics for the Trivia

Thanks to Blotter for the Battle Simulator and Stats Calculator