Town Info

Banker - The banker bought the old mansion in town, but now it is haunted. Find his safe in the mansion and he will open up a bank in front of your storage shed. He will hold your money for you that you bring back from the dungeons you travel thru. After depositing so much money he will give you some gifts, listed below:

Gold Gift
5000 Joy Herb
10,000 World Leaf
30,000 Melding Pot[6]
50,000 Joy Ring
100,000 3 Blank Scrolls
200,000 Hunger-X Ring
400,000 Club +30
800,000 Leather Shield +30
1,500,000 Clone Pot, Vacuum Scroll, Prayer Scroll

Blacksmith - After you bring back the Sacred Flame he will fix the lock on your shed, then after you finish the Toro Ruins you can go to him and upgrade your sword or shield in trade for 2 random items. The first time for me he asked for an Ironize Herb and a Curse-Off Scroll. After every ten jobs he does for you he will give you a tip.

Tip 1 Haven't gotten yet :)

Ed - When the Blacksmith fixes your lock you can now store items in your shed. It will start out with a capacity of 20 items, but you can pay Ed 1000 gold after each time you travel somewhere and he will increase the capacity by 10 each time until you reach 250.

Baker - Upon completion of the Graveyard Dungeon the baker will have his mentor's recipe, he Baker will open his shop and you can purchase Big, Huge, and Magic breads.

Magic Shop - After you come back from completing Mt. Fiery Dungeon, the Magic Shop will open up. Remi will sell you an Iron Safe for 2000 or you can have her level you up. Leveling up costs 2000 for the first level and 1000 after that upto level 5. This gives you a boost for a new dungeon, but when you leave you go back to level 1. Then after the Lost Forest Dungeon you can have Remi increase the amount of charges on Staves (this can get expensive). About here you can also have her Disperse you into a dungeon, pay her 1000 per floor and she will warp you to that floor in that dungeon. After defeating DarkEvil she will change your class for no charge, the classes are Merchant, Mage, or Warrior.

Melding Shop - Since you can walk completely around town after beating the Toro Ruins, you now have access to the Melding Shop, here you can combine swords or shields to make them more powerful.

Decrepit Mansion - After defeating DarkEvil the Decrepit Mansion becomes the Ordeal Dungeon.

Well - After defeating DarkEvil, behind the Decrepit Mansion a man has created the Well as a test for adventurers, you can choose the level of difficulty you want to try. There are 2 floors each time you go in, the first floor is one of 3 types: one is a monster house, the second is a maze separated by walls, and the third is a maze separated by water (if you have a passage ring this one is easy, since you can walk on water). After you pass the first floor, the second floor has 3 gold bags and 1 key, the money in each bag varies by the difficulty you chose:

Level 1 1,000
Level 2 (Haven't Done Yet)
Level 3 (Haven't Done Yet)
Level 4 10,000
Level 5 (Haven't Done Yet)
Level 6 (Haven't Done Yet)

Explorer's Inn - There are some explorers that hang out here that will give you some tips on adventuring.

Old Man's House - The old man that runs around throughout the game lives here. After you beat DarkEvil and you are a Warrior or a Mage he will let you do a special dungeon behind his house.

Swords Dungeon - If you are a Warrior, the Old Man will let you get to this special Dungeon.

Mage Dungeon - If you are a Mage, the Old Man will let you get to this special Dungeon.

King - After defeating DarkEvil, the King decides to start collecting Tiny Medals, after so many he will give you a gift:

20 Medals King Metal Sword