Name Sort Ascending
Sort Descending
Buy Sort Ascending
Sort Descending
Sell Sort Ascending
Sort Descending
Found Sort Ascending
Sort Descending
Change 3,000 500 Changes the item you put inside to something else
Clone 10,000 5,000 Any items placed inside are duplicated
Exploding Explodes like a mine if you trip on a rock. Throw it.
Golden 30,000 5,000 Causes a pot to appear at the beginning of each floor
Heal 5,000 1,000 Heals you fully
Magic Box 20,000 4,000
Melding 7,500 1,500 Lets you do melding without the shop
Preserve 3,000 500 Lets you store items inside.
Storage 2,000 500 Automatically sends the item placed inside to the storehouse
Thief 2,000 500 Sucks in the item in front of it without anyone noticing
X-Ray 2,500 Unitentified items placed inside are identified