Name Sort Ascending
Sort Descending
Buy Sort Ascending
Sort Descending
Sell Sort Ascending
Sort Descending
Found Sort Ascending
Sort Descending
Agility 200 Increases your speed for a few turns
Antidote 200 Restores your strength to full if poisoned
Berserker 500 Makes the target berserk, uncontrollable and breaking walls
Big Tum 500 200 Increases your Max belly capacity by 10
Blinding 600 150 Blinds the target
Dance 250 Causes the target to start dancing for 10 turns
Disaster Lowers the targets level by 1
Eyedrop 50 Cures when you cant see right, casts Radiant
Flame 100 Chew it to do 70 damage to the person in front of you
Golden 2,500
Herb 50 Minor healing
Ironize 250 Turns the target to iron for 15 turns
Joy 2,000 500 Increases your level by 1, up to 99
Life 50 Increases your Max HP by 5
Misleader 600 150 Makes it so the target sees things falsely
Panic 150 Confuses the target
Paralyze 250 Paralyzes the target
Poison 200 Lowers the strength of the target
Sleep 600 150 Puts the target to sleep
Small Tum
Strength 500 200 Increases your strength by 1, up to 96
Super Herb 100 Major healing
WakeUp 400 Wakes up the target
Warp 200 50 Warps the target to a different spot on the level
Weed 25 Does nothing (left over when World Leaf is used)
World Leaf 5,000 2,500 Brings you back to life if your HP reaches 0