Torneko: The Last Hope - Playstation

It all began with Dragon Warrior IV for the original Nintendo Entertainment System. One of the many memorable characters in that game was Torneko (a.k.a. Taloon), a roly-poly shopkeeper whose dream was to become the world's greatest merchant. Now, Torneko returns, in Torneko: The Last Hope, a game that follows a grand tradition of action/RPG/dungeon-exploration games.

Longtime Dragon Warrior fans will find familiar elements as they fight armies of monsters, from Slimes and Wyverns to vomiting Zombies and the insanely powerful Red Dragon. You must outthink enemies who are often faster or stronger than you, efficiently using weapons and magic when the odds are against you. What's more, in order to succeed you will also test the limits of Torneko's insatiable appetite.

Just completing the game isn't the only goal. In order to gain the game's highest ranking, you must complete the game's "mystery list," which requires you to try doing things you're "not supposed" to do, like robbing the shopkeeper, bringing home a monster as a gift for your wife, and making sure you get killed in every way possible.