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Sprite Name Buy Sell Found Dropped By Info
Cursed Alchemy Ingredient Alchemy Result Recipe Healing Holy Powers # Shop Upgrades Needed
Sprite Name Buy Sell Found Dropped By Info Cursed Alch Ing Alch Res Recipe Healing Holy Powers # Shop Upgrades Needed
Item Art: Bastard Sword Bastard Sword   300     A real survivor's sword. You want to be careful with this one!        Recipe: Chest x8 + Miracle Sword x1 0 No  
Item Art: Bombshell Bombshell 40 15     Your basic bit of ammo with a damage rating of 8. Should come in very handy in the early stages.         0 No  
Item Art: Boomerang Boomerang   35     Chases down enemy fire and brings it down! It doesn't always come back, mind.         0 No  
Item Art: Boulder Boulder         Only inflicts 3 points of damage, and can't be sold in the shop, either. Pretty useless, all in all!         0 No  
Item Art: BS-1 Crooze BS-1 Crooze   70     Improved version of a bombshell. Is there some special secret about all these items with numbers on them?        Recipe: Bombshell x5 + Pompom x9 0 No  
Item Art: BS-2 Blue Streak BS-2 Blue Streak   120     Quite a bit more powerful than the BS-1 Crooze, this is a fairly devastating missle.        Recipe: Crooze x2 + Shuriken x3 0 No  
Item Art: BS-3 Slimahawk BS-3 Slimahawk         Much, much more powerful than the BS-1 Crooze. You don't want to mess with this missile!         0 No  
Item Art: Catnip Catnip   5     Jailcats love these. Pick one up and watch those cats go crazy over you!         0 No  
Item Art: Chest Chest   20     This treasure chest may hold great wonders, but once emptied, it's just a plain old box.         0 No  
Item Art: Chili Pepper Chili Pepper   120     Load this hot veggie into a cannon and it'll set the Schleiman's mouth on fire!        Recipe: Fire Water x3 + Pompom x4 0 No  
Item Art: Chimaera Wing Chimaera Wing   25     These wings are so eager to fly, they'll carry anything they touch off into the air without delay!         0 No  
Item Art: Clap Trap Clap Trap   120     Lay this on the ground and wait. When the enemy gets close        Recipe: Iron Ball x2 + Rockbomb x2 0 No  
Item Art: Cloaking Device Cloaking Device   400     A strange Item that makes you invisible. The perfect way to sneak into the enemy's tank!        Recipe: Spook Bomb x4 + Toy Slime x2Recipe: Spook Bomb x4 + Toy Slime x2 0 No  
Item Art: Destructiball Destructiball         Extremely heavy and extremely damaging! Unfortunately, it's also extremely slow.         0 No  
Item Art: Devil's Tail Devil's Tail   150     Badder than a plob two-tailer! But it doesn't seem to do very much         0 No  
Item Art: Edged Boomerang Edged Boomerang   300     Tougher version of a standard boomerang. It can take out lots of incoming fire at once.        Recipe: Boomerang x5 + Iron Shield x2 0 No  
Item Art: Fire Water Fire Water   50     Throw this to fry the surrounding area. Or load it into a cannon to frazzle the enemy's tank.        Recipe: Bombshell x2 + Pompom x4 0 No  
Item Art: Girder Girder   100     For slimes, who don't have the skills to make iron, these are pretty valuable items, you know.         0 No  
Item Art: Goddess Statue Goddess Statue   100     A divine statue that has holy powers. Could make a good ingredient for some alchemy, perhaps?        Recipe: ChimWing x6 + S. Knight 0 Yes  
Item Art: Gold Bar Gold Bar   10000     A Valuable item like this fetches a good price. It'll also work as ammo when you don't need the gold.        Recipe: Holy Crystal x8 + Goddess Statue x8 0 No  
Item Art: Golden Arrow Golden Arrow   100     A gleaming arrow of gold. And it does a lot more damage than a wooden arrow, too.        Recipe: Gold Bar x1 + Wood Arrow x2 0 No  
Item Art: Hell Scythe Hell Scythe   300     A scary curved blade dropped by Harvest Loon, Master of Scythes, at Callmigh Bluff.         0 No  
Item Art: Hero Sword Hero Sword         A mighty attacking weapon, truly worthy of the name 'hero', that does a massive amount of damage.         0 No  
Item Art: Holy Crystal Holy Crystal   200     A sparkling stone that has holy powers. Perhaps with a bit of alchemy it would really show its value?        Recipe: 1000Wt x2 + Holy Water x4 0 Yes  
Item Art: Holy Water Holy Water 60 30     Water with holy powers that can eliminate spooklear bombs.         0 Yes  
Item Art: Iron Arrow Iron Arrow   30     Being made of iron, this is a slightly more powerful type of arrow than the basic wooden arrow.        Recipe: S. Knight x2 + Catnip x5Recipe: Wood Arrow x5 + Obelisk x5 0 No  
Item Art: Iron Ball Iron Ball   40     A big metal lump that's about as fast as a living statue compared to other ammo you can fire!        Recipe: OakenClub x1 + 1000Wt x3 0 No  
Item Art: Iron Shield Iron Shield   120     Once fired from one of your cannons, it'll block up to three pieces of incoming enemy fire.        Recipe: Chest x2 + 1000wt x1 0 No  
Item Art: Irritaball Irritaball   200     This item is annoyingly slow! But it's worth the wait; it does serious damage when it hits.        Recipe: Rockbomb x4 + Iron Ball x3 0 No  
Item Art: Kaboomamite Kaboomamite   1500     Its blast covers a wide area, so it takes out any ammo around it. And it does a lot of damage, too.        Recipe: Vulcan Shells x2 + Crooze x3 0 No  
Item Art: Kafrizzle Kafrizzle         A very dangerous item that rains down fire on a tank's cockpit on impact. So watch out!        Recipe: Devil's Tail x6 + Orichalslm x2 0 No  
Item Art: Lightning Staff Lightning Staff   320     It's so frightening, it summons lightning! Don't just stand and watch it, use it on the enemy!        Recipe: Devil's Tail x3 + Catnip x3 0 No  
Item Art: Medicinal Herb Medicinal Herb 100 50     Herbs that are perfect for tank warfare! Fire them from one of your cannons to recover 20 HP.        Recipe: Holy Water x2 + Pompom x4 20 No  
Item Art: Metal King Shield Metal King Shield   2000     The number one shield of shields. Nothing gives greater protection than this!        Recipe: Orichalcum x2 + Toy Slime x5 0 No  
Item Art: Metal King Sword Metal King Sword   1500     So called because it's as hard as a metal king slime. And that's very hard indeed!        Recipe: Bastard Sword x3 + Orichalcum x1 0 No  
Item Art: Meteorite Meteorite   600     A super-fast flyer and a pretty powerful bit of ammo. It does a fair amount of damage.        Recipe: Kaboomamite x2 + Oaken Club x5 0 No  
Item Art: Miracle Sword Miracle Sword   280     A sword with holy powers that restores your tank's HP by the amount of damage it does to your enemy.        Recipe: Steel Broadsword x4 + Boomerang x5Recipe: Medicinal Herb x6 + Shuriken x4 35 Yes  
Item Art: Mirror Shield Mirror Shield   800     A miraculous aid that can reflect the enemy's fire right back at them. But be warned, it'll only work once!        Recipe: Iron Shield x7 + Miracle Sword x3 0 No  
Item Art: Oaken Club Oaken Club   30     They carve these clubs out o' tree trunks, guv. An' they don't 'alf 'urt!         0 No  
Item Art: Obelisk Obelisk   30     It's already broken, so if you drop it on the ground, you'd better say your goodbyes!         0 No  
Item Art: Orichalcum Orichalcum         Metal harder than iron and steel. Surely this would make a great alchemy item.        Recipe: Gold Bar x1 + Fire Water x3 0 No  
Item Art: Orichalslime Orichalslime         Looks rock hard at first glance, but actually as soft as a slime. Extremely rare, this one.        Recipe: Orichalcum x1 + Toy Slime x5 0 No  
Item Art: Overdrive Tablet Overdrive Tablet   100     A strange slab with the latter 'O' on it. It's designed for use with the other letter tablets.        Recipe: Orichalslime x3 + Pompom x3 0 No  
Item Art: Pompom Pompom   10     A fruit so red and tasty-looking, people die for it, dye with it, and die because of it         0 No  
Item Art: Power Tablet Power Tablet   100     A strange slab with the letter 'P' on it. Maybe it goes with the other letter tablets to make something?        Recipe: Oaken Club x9 + Bastard Sword x9 0 No  
Item Art: Rockbomb Rockbomb   15     Handle with care! Explodes when thrown. It counts as an item, but it's really a monster.         0 No  
Item Art: Shuriken Shuriken   45     Throwing stars once used by warriors who practised the mystical art of ninjutsu.        Recipe: Chest x2 + ChimWing x2 0 No  
Item Art: Slime Knight Slime Knight   40     Press the Y Button with this on your head and it'll slash with its sword! It's actually a toy for young slimes.         0 No  
Item Art: Special Medicine Special Medicine   700     These herbs smell good        Recipe: Strong Medicine x3 + Goddess Statue x9 50 No  
Item Art: Spooklear Bomb Spooklear Bomb   80     Passess right through incoming fire, and can only be exorcised by items with holy powers.        Recipe: Devil's Tail x1 + Rockbobm x4 0 No  
Item Art: Steel Broadsword Steel Broadsword   120     An extremely sharp sword made of steel that does a fair amoung of damage.        Recipe: Girder x2 + IronArrow x1 0 No  
Item Art: Strong Medicine Strong Medicine   250     Concentrated medicinal herb that restores 30 of the tank's HP when fired from its cannons.        Recipe: Goddess Statue x2 + Medicinal Herb x3 30 No  
Item Art: Thousandweight Thousandweight   30     So heavy it can cause an earthquake, so handle with care, or you'll have to get ready to rumble.         0 No  
Item Art: Toy Slime Toy Slime 200 100     A gorgeous toy that looks just (?) like a slime! On sale now in the Boingburg shop!         0 No  
Item Art: Vulcan Bullets Vulcan Bullets   600     These pack slightly more punch than your standard Vulcan pellets. Each clip will fire 20 rounds.         0 No  
Item Art: Vulcan Gun Vulcan Gun         If you chucked some Vulcan pellets in one of these, what in the world would happen? Who can guess?         0 No  
Item Art: Vulcan Pellets Vulcan Pellets 120 60     Chuck these into any Vulcan gun and it'll start spitting lead! Each clip holds 20 rounds.         0 No  
Item Art: Vulcan Shells Vulcan Shells   1000     Much more powerful than standard Vulcan pellets. This is good ammo! 20 rounds per clip again.        Recipe: Vulcan Bullets x3 + Bombshell x5 0 No  
Item Art: Weapon Tablet Weapon Tablet   100     A strange slab with the letter 'W' on it. Try carrying all three letter tablets at once        Recipe: Vulcan Shells x3 + BS-2 Blue Streak x3 0 No  
Item Art: Wooden Arrow Wooden Arrow   15     This arrow's made of wood. (Never!) It soars through the air faster than other ammo when fired from a cannon.         0 No