Name Image Action 1 Action 2 Description HP Last Updated
Big Daddy Big Daddy Image Infiltrate and sabotage Keep baddies out IF THE ENEMY TRIES TO ATTACK, I'LL SOON SEND THEM PACKING! 5 2011-04-21
Blubba Blubba Image Use the upper cannon Keep baddies out You may have noticed I'm rather large. That means I can carry three lots of ammo at once. 5 2011-04-21
Bo Bo Image Bring ammo Follow the leader I'll do whatever I can to help you. That's what little sisters are for! 3 2011-04-21
Bunnicorn Bunnicorn Image Infiltrate and sabotage Fire self at enemy I'll hop to it and attack the enemy and their tank with my ultra-pointy horn! 4 2011-04-21
Cactiball Cactiball Image Fire like crazy Target their commander Arriba! I putta lots of ammo in the cannons. I attack the enemy commander, too! 3 2011-04-21
Curate Rollo Curate Rollo Image Keep everyone alive Keep me alive I'll accompany you to the enemy tank, and restore your health when you're in trouble. 3 2011-04-21
Dancing Flame Dancing Flame Image Infiltrate and sabotage Guard your commander I'll go and scare the enemy. They'll soon see I'm too hot to handle! 3 2011-04-21
Dracky Dracky Image Use the lower cannon Use the upper cannon Ssshoot high, ssshoot low 2 2011-04-21
Flancisco Flancisco Image Sing to repair the tank ~ My divine chants will restore of your tank's HP, my slime. 3 2011-04-21
Ghost Ghost Image Steal ammo Hamper their commander Hellooooo! I will make myself invisible and give the enemy a fright. Boo! 3 2011-04-21
Glooperior Glooperior Image Keep everyone alive Use the lower cannon I will cast Miniheal to restore health to anyone in danger, my slime. 3 2011-04-21
Golem Golem Image Wait for me ~ 7 2011-04-21
Goodybag Goodybag Image Steal ammo ~ I'll usE Zoom to Get to the enEmy TanK! TheN I'll stEAl theIR amMO. Ha HA, he he! 5 2011-04-21
Goosashi Goosashi Image Goonin Ammo Strike Goonin Bodyguard Insert me into a cannon and I will catch the incoming ammo. I am the yang to their yin. 4 2011-04-21
Gooshido Gooshido Image Goonin Ammo Theft ~ Oss! I will infiltrate the enemy tank and bring their ammo to you, sensei. 4 2011-04-21
Hammerhood Hammerhood Image Fire like crazy Target their commander Bam! I'll go after the enemy commander. I'm good-good-good-good with a cannon too. 3 2011-04-21
Hooly Hooly Image Fire self at enemy Infiltrate and sabotage Monsters and tanks don't scare me! I'll attack anything and everything 5 2011-04-21
Imp Imp Image Fire like crazy Bring ammo I'll thearch for ammo and bring it to you, but I might trip over and drop it thomtimes. 3 2011-04-21
Jailcat Jailcat Image Infiltrate and sabotage Fire like crazy I can jump over closed doors and get into the enemy tank. A purrfect tactic! 3 2011-04-21
Jinkster Jinkster Image Fire like crazy Infiltrate and sabotage Eye will use Zoom to whizz around! The enemy won't even see what's coming. 3 2011-04-21
Killing Machine Killing Machine Image Use the upper cannon Target their commander I-will-take-myself-to-their-leader. Then-I-will-exterminate! 6 2011-04-21
Living Statue Living Statue Image Use the lower cannon Keep baddies out I'll oust any en-emies that come into our tank. 2 2011-04-21
Mama Mia Mama Mia Image Fire like crazy Mum missile I'll store up my magic powers and become a really powerful bit of ammo, dear! 4 2011-04-21
Mimic Mimic Image Bring ammo Mimic a chest Clack, clack! (It says it'll turn into a treasure chest and scare the enemy silly!) 4 2011-04-21
Mischievous Mole Mischievous Mole Image Use the upper cannon Bring ammo I'm a lean, mean fightin' machine! You're gonna dig all the ammo I fetch ya! 4 2011-04-21
Picksy Picksy Image Use the lower cannon Use the upper cannon I really, really love carrying things! I'll put ammo in the cannons quick as a flash! 2 2011-04-21
Platypunk Platypunk Image Fire like crazy Infiltrate and sabotage I'll just keep on loadin' in that ammo, boss! 3 2011-04-21
Restless Armour Restless Armour Image Infiltrate and sabotage Guard your commander I will infiltrate the - clank - enemy tank. And I will act as your guard, sir. 3 2011-04-21
Swotsy Swotsy Image Use the lower cannon Use the upper cannon I'll place the ammo in the cannons quickly and tidily. It'll be smashing! 3 2011-04-21
Tokyo Tom Tokyo Tom Image Goonin Ammo Supply Goonin Cammoflage I'll totally turn myself into some gnarly ammo and go attack the enemy. Cowabunga! 4 2011-04-21
Walking Corpse Walking Corpse Image Fire like crazy ~ Aaarrrgh. I will puTTTT amMo iNto thEeee cAnNooons. 3 2011-04-21
Wyrtle Wyrtle Image Use the upper cannon Fire self at enemy I'll send the enemy into a spin with my deadly attacks! 3 2011-04-21