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Sprite Name Buy Sell Found Dropped By Info
Cursed Alchemy Ingredient Alchemy Result Recipe Healing Holy Powers # Shop Upgrades Needed
Sprite Name Buy Sell Found Dropped By Info Cursed Alch Ing Alch Res Recipe Healing Holy Powers # Shop Upgrades Needed
Item Art: Barrel Barrel   60     Despite their sturdy construction, they are remarkably delicate. It's probably unwise to drop these.         0  
Item Art: Boulder Boulder   55     Impress your friends by carrying around this huge boulder!         0  
Item Art: Chest Chest   60     This treasure chest may hold great wonders, but once emptied, it's just a plain old box.         0  
Item Art: Fire Gauntlet Fire Gauntlet   200     Wear this glove on your head to make a bold fashion statement and to shoot fire at anyone who doesn't approve.         0  
Item Art: Gold Bar Gold Bar   100     A Valuable item like this fetches a good price. It will explode in a rain of gold if you drop it into the lava.         0  
Item Art: Ice Blade Ice Blade   200     Like a regular sword, but colder. Don't think about swinging it though! It's too cold to handle, so you'll have to throw it!         0  
Item Art: Life Seed Life Seed         Increses the damage you can take before you are sent to visit the goddess         0  
Item Art: Pompom Pompom   30     A fruit so red and tasty-looking, people die for it, dye with it, and die because of it         0  
Item Art: Purse-uit of Happiness Purse-uit of Happiness 1000       With this amazing purse, monsters will drop extra cash for you just so they can see you whip it out.         0  
Item Art: Railway Tile Railway Tile   40     This could be handy to redirect train cars that aren         0  
Item Art: Rockbomb Rockbomb   40     Handle with care! Explodes when thrown. It counts as an item, but it's really a monster.         0  
Item Art: Sands of Time Sands of Time 100 50     When your time is up, the sand from this glass will turn back the clock and give you another whole day to explore.         0  
Item Art: Shell Shell   40     This unbreakable item can be found near beaches. They also make a very fashionable hat!         0  
Item Art: Slime Knight Slime Knight   80     Press the B Button with this on your head and it'll slash with its sword! It's actually a toy for young slimes.         0  
Item Art: Steel Broadsword Steel Broadsword   80     An extremely sharp sword made of steel.         0  
Item Art: Wood Wood   60     Someone went to all the trouble of chopping and bundling this wood for you. The least you can do is stoke the fire!         0  
Item Art: Yggdrasil Dew Yggdrasil Dew 150 75     Just when you think you are down for the count, a drop of this dew will refill half of your hearts and set you up for that glorious comeback!         0  
Item Art: Yggdrasil Leaf Yggdrasil Leaf 500 250     Gives you a new lease on life by completely refilling your hearts when you are reduced to a lifeless pile of goo.         0