Dragon Warrior Monsters I GBC - Breeding Lists

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Use the Navigation bar above to choose the family you would like to look at, listed in each are how to bread the different monsters.

Boss Family Beast Family Beast Family
The Boss Family is some of your favorite bosses from past Dragon Warrior games. They are powerful and difficult to obtain. Most of this Family resemble animals, but they are able to resist special skills that lower attributes. They too have a strong attack and high HP.
Devil Family Devil Family Bird Family Bird Family
These little monsters are fierce fighters with high HP, Attack and Defense. They can withstand strong magic attack and other special attacks. The members of this family are speedy and grow quickly. They defend well against Thunder magic and Thunder special skills.
Bug Family Bug Family Plant Family Plant Family
The insect Family is strong against poisonous attacks, and have a great capacity for increasing their attack and defense attributes. Despite being plants :) they do have high intelligence and MP, and have the ability to grow to high levels in these areas, but have low agility.
Slime Family Slime Family Zombie Family Zombie Family
This Family is a good support group during battle, they also grow rapidly and have high agility and can grow quickly in attack and defense. The Zombie Family has high HP but are low in most of the other attributes being average to feeble and are week against spells such as paralysis.
Dragon Family Dragon Family Materials Family Materials Family
These guys are obviously strong against fire attacks, but can also repel blizzard attacks. All attributes are high, but they grow slowly. The Materials are made of natural materials like mud and stone, so they can resist cold and fire well and have high defense attribute.