Dragon Warrior Monsters - Gameboy Color

Our hero, Terry, sets out on the road to adventure to become the most Front of Japanese Boxpowerful Monster Master by fighting the monsters he meets, taming them and then raising them. Continue Terry's quest and aim to have the monster that no one can beat.

You're cast as Terry of Dragon Quest VI fame, who journeys into a magical world located inside his dresser drawer; his sister has been spirited there by a demon. Once he arrives inside, Terry is given a series of missions that all involve venturing down into monster-infested dungeons to complete various quests. Many of these missions are homage's to those of Dragon Quests -- remember defeating a golem guarding a gate or finding a Healer at the bottom of Front of US Box a well? He is found by an old man who guides him to the kings castle where he is told to recruit a slime on

The monsters Terry encounters aren't all opposed to him, however. Once defeated, many of his former foes offer a helping hand; up to three such monsters can join your party at once (Terry himself does no fighting). Your only parental obligation is to search out food in the dungeons and keep your monsters well fed; starving monsters don't make the strongestDragon Warrior Monsters Intro Screentraveling companions :)

  As Terry completes more quests and explore more of his wonderland, the central town opens up more and more: previously off-limits areas become accessible, and new buildings are constructed. Some of the more unusual facilities include a coliseum where you Dragon Quest Monsters Intro Screen can enter your monsters into the obligatory fighting tournaments (necessary before certain quests can be undertaken), and breeding ground where two monsters of the same class can be mated together to produce an offspring with the powers of both parents.

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