Fishbel Area - Hometown

Overworld Map with Estard Island

You start your adventure in the small town of Fishbel, which is a fishing town, after talking to Maribel head to your house on the beach. When you get home, sleep in your bed, your mother wakes you up and says that your father is at his ship already. She gives you a sandwich to take to your father.

Talking with Borkano

Talk to everyone there to learn about the boat and get some items, give the sandwich to your father. Then head inside the boat and find Maribel hiding behind some barrels, the cook hears you and tells her to get off the boat.

Head back to your house, a soldier will tell you that you need to go see the king. Maribel comes by and asks to go along. Head out of town and walk towards Estard Castle (don't worry you won't get attacked yet). When you get there Maribel will leave your party and go off on her own.

Talking with King Burns

You can talk to all the people in town now or after talking to the King, so head towards the castle (north) and talk to the King. You will learn that Kiefer has taken the Sunstone Ring. The King asks you to talk to Kiefer and tell him to act more like a prince.

Head back home now, when you get home, the man on the pier will tell you that Kiefer is looking for you in your "usual spot", which is the forbidden lands in the Northeast.

When you arrive and talk to Kiefer he will give you an old scroll to look at even though you cannot read it, Kiefer thinks the SunStone Ring will "activate" the statue, but fails to work.

Kiefer has the Sunstone Ring
He gives you the scroll and heads back to the castle.

Head back to Estard Castle, if you talk to the old women by the well you can go down the well and find a Pearl.

Found a Pearl

Now go talk to the old man on the bluff behind the town (take the underground passage in the Northeast Corner of town, behind your uncle's house). Give him the scroll to decipher and the take the pearl to try on the statue in the Ruins.

When you get to the statue you will find a letter from Kiefer telling you to come to his room in the castle and talk to him. So trek back to the Castle and talk to Kiefer in his room on the 2nd floor.

Kiefer and you will now go talk to the old man on the bluff. He has finished decoding the scroll and says you need to pray to the statue for something to happen. As you go to head to the Forbidden Zone, Kiefer gets hauled off by some guards.

Head back home and goto bed. In the middle of the night Kiefer comes and wakes you up. No head back to he statue at the Ruins and stand in front of the statue and "pray", the statue will turn and open the doors to the temple.

Activating the statue

Snoop around inside, there is some writing on the floor, you can't read it though. Later you will find a tome, and when you look at it you can suddenly read the ancient writing.

Check out the tablet
Head to the basement now, where you will face some puzzles before you can advance.

You will come across a rock with writing on it, it tells you that he is the guard of flame, if it goes out he will relight it.

Now head into the room and you will find 4 statues holding torches and a brazier in the middle of the room. Extinguish the flame in the center of the room from the west side and the east statue will relight it

Put out the Flame
, under the statue is a pressure switch, when you step on it a door opens which reveals where the Saint's Helm is located.
Got Saint's Helm

In the next room are 4 large statues, which are labeled Statues of the Saints.

Head down the stairs to the next room, if you go clear to the west side of the room and take the stairs, you will come to a monolith that describes each of the 4 saints, this will help you figure out which piece of armor is for which saint.

Read about the 4 Saints

After reading these head back up to the room with the scale to solve the second puzzle. Step on the scale to go down into the smaller room, push the block onto the switch to open the door. Then in the hallway push another block onto the switch to open the door to the other room. Now go up the stairs on the right side and get on the scale again, you should have enough time to run thru the doors and get to the one behind the scale.

Now you will come across the third puzzle, the Lion Head. Just say yes to put your arm in the lion's mouth, which will give you the ancient key.

Put your arm in the Lion's Mouth
Now you can open he door to the next room.

The fourth puzzle is the repeating branching hallway. If you look at the picture on the wall it shows leaves on the left or right branches, this is the order you need to take the hallways, which is left-right-left-left.

Tree Branch Puzzle

Go thru the next room to the back and into a room with a long ladder and go to the floor above, grab the crystal from the dragon on the west side of the room, and take the crystal and put it on the dragon on the east side of the room, this will cause the water in the room to shift sides.

Changing the water flow
Now go back down the ladder, and out into the room with the waterfall.

The water is now on the side of the room with the raft, so jump on the raft and goto the little island with a set of stairs that go down, go down the stairs and down a corridor, another set of stairs and you will find another message. Now in the back of the room there is another set of stairs down, take those.

Now for the fifth puzzle, step on each of the switches to raise 2 of the pillars. Each pillar has a colored band on it look thru the pillars to see a picture (make sure there isn't another pillar blocking your view) make a note of each picture and which color it corresponds to.

Blue Picture Red Picture Yellow Picture Green Picture

Now go back up to the room with the waterfall and the raft. Go to the east side of the room, and go down into the channel where the water was previously and go thru the door on the north side of the room. You will find a room with 4 colored tiles and 6 pillars with monster pictures on them.

West Side Pillars East Side Pillars

You need push the pillar with the picture over the colored tile that matches what you saw in the pillar room two floors down. Blue is the Merman picture. Red is the Flame guy. Green is the Windbeast. Yellow is the Goldman. Now you can get the Saint's Armor.

After getting the armor, head back to the raft and take it south to the next room. In the next room will be a set of stairs and a chest. The chest holds the Saint's Sword, so grab that and then take the stairs. You will come to another raft, take that and follow the path to yet another set of stairs. You find another raft, take this and follow the path and you will come to a chest with the Saint's Shield.

To solve the sixth puzzle of which piece of armor goes with which Saint, head back to the Scale room and go up the stairs on the west side of the room. To put it shortly, the first Saint gets the Armor, the second Saint gets the Shield, the third Saint gets the Helmet, and the fourth Saint gets the Sword. The door will now open.

Saints West Side Saints East Side

In the next hallway there is an Adventure Journal so you can finally save your game.

Continue on to the next room which holds the seventh puzzle, which is nine braziers, and red and blue flames, and two large statues with jewels at their bases. To find out which braziers to light with each color take a torch (either red or blue) and goto the north side of the room to the two large statues, light the brazier they are holding with the color flame that matches the jewel on the front of the statue. They will show you which of the braziers to light.

Blue Flame Positions Red Flame Positions

Walk into the next room; pick up the LandShard on the floor near the stone monument. Explore the Traveler's Gate rooms and pick up another LandShard. Place the two LandShards in the Northwest tablet in the Northeast room, there was already one there, but you are still missing one.

Piecing together the first Traveler's Gate
While you are walking around, be sure to grab the World Map that is in the big room between the two northern rooms.
Found the World Map

So, head back to Fishbel and talk to the guy near your father's boat, he says that your father has what they found. Find your father, talk to him and receive a third LandShard.

Borkano has a Shard for you
Now trek back to Grand Estard and grab Kiefer in his room. Meet Maribel and back at the Ruins add that third LandShard to the Traveler's Gate that you placed the other two.
Traveler's Gate Activated
You will be taken to the Rexwood Area.


Rexwood Area - ColorStone Mine

Rexwood Pedestal

World Map with Rexwood Area

First off when you arrive, Maribel will say she is going home and leave your party.

Maribel Screaming
Follow her off screen and then save her from the attacking slimes.
Were those Monsters?
Continue on and you will meet Matilda. Maribel will give her the flower seeds that she has.

Head on to the town of Rexwood nearby (Matilda leaves when you get there) The townspeople tell you about the attacking monsters. Head to the back of the town and in the trees will be a shack, talk to Patrick (Hank's Son). Patrick will ask you to get a Green Orb to heal Hank.

Learn of the Green Orb
But before you leave town make sure to buy weapons and armor for your characters since they don't have much.

South of town you will find the ColorStone mine, head into the mine and start going down. To clear the gems you need to push two like colored ones together. When you get to the last floor you will meet up with Matilda again, she will break a piece off of the green gem to give you the Green Orb and she will also give you a Wood Doll.

Got a piece of the Green Orb

Take the Green Orb back to Rexwood and give the green orb to Patrick, who in turn will use it to heal is father. When you come back in the morning Hank will ask you to help clear out the East Tower. When you try to enter the 2nd floor of the East Tower there will be a Golem guarding the door, after you defeat him you will receive a WindShard. On your way thru the tower there is a FireShard in a treasure chest. At the top you will battle Clawser and then Matilda.

Fighting Matilda
You can choose to either fight Matilda or Flee,
Not fighting Matilda
the outcome will be the same, just some different dialogue in between the beginning and end of the scene.

After the two battles at the top of the tower head back to Rexwood and talk to the townsfolk. After chatting with everyone head back to the cemetery (where you first met Matilda), give the Wood Doll to him. Go back south from there to find the Traveler's Gate walk into it and you will return to the present and you can go back to Fishbel.

There you will learn that a new island has appeared.

Villager telling you of a new island

Track down Kiefer at the Scholar's house on the cliff behind the castle. Now go back to Fishbel, (you can wake up Maribel if you want, or just go on she will show up on her own) and then to the cave on the west side of town. Inside move the stone lid and find the ship.

Moving the Stone Lid Got the ship!

Use it to sail north from Estard Castle to the island that has appeared. You will find that it is Rexwood many years after where (or when I should say :) ) you were before. Talk to everyone and explore the town, in the house on the southwest side of town there is a WindShard on a desk, when you examine it the old lady in the house asks you if you want it. Take it and she will ask you to talk to her husband by the pond, when you do he tells you there may be more "stones" like the one you just got in the ColorStone Mine. So go check out the ColorStone mine again, they have opened up a new floor and there you will find a FireShard.

Sail back to Grand Estard, you will learn the Scholar has left his meeting with the King in a hurry, you will find him by the gate to the dungeon. Follow him down and talk to the old man after you overhear his conversation with the captain.

Helping the Old Man
Then talk to the captain so he will let you use his raft.
Talking to the Captain
Go down and get the raft and sail around to the opposite side of the castle from where you are. Go up the incline, then walk to the back of the castle and go in the double door. Go down the stairs that you find, you will come to a bookshelf that upon examination you can move it. In the room behind you will find a FireShard in a chest. Go back and talk to the old man and the captain.

Go back to the Ruins and use the FireShards you have collected and open the Gate to Engow.


Engow Area - Mt. Flame

Engow Pedestal

World Map with Engow Area

After arriving, head south around the mountains to reach the village of Engow. When you arrive talk to everyone, after you talk to the Elder spend the night at the inn. In the morning listen to Pamela's vision by the well in town.

Pamela's Vision

The Elder will announce the starting of the Festival for the God of Flame, go talk to Pamela in her house (west of the well), she will ask you to help her save the village. Go stay at the inn again and when you wake up, talk to the Elder, then go back to Pamela's shop and talk to her. When you leave Pamela's most people will have their torches, so find the Elder in the northwest corner of town to get your torches and start the Procession of Fire.

Join the Procession of Fire

When you get to Mt. Flame you can jump to the head of the line and go into the cave with the Elder. The Elder will have you toss your torches into the volcano.

Throw in your torch
After you have finished walk around the crater and talk to Pamela on the other side.

She will send you down into Mt. Flame to find the source of the problems, but you are on a time limit. When it seems as if you can't go any further, but there is a big pit of fire in the middle of the room, jump in the pit, you will fall down to the next level. If you fail the volcano erupts and you have to start again at the festival back in Engow.

At the bottom of the volcano you will find the FireGiant, and when you defeat him you will get an AquaShard.

Finding the FireGiant
But when you defeat him it doesn't stop the problems with the volcano. A black flame is brewing and can't be put out very easily.

Go back to the top and talk to Pamela, she will have noticed the black flame and will have a vision that you need to get some liquid in a bottle from a shabby man whom which you know.

Another Pamela Vision
What you need to do is go back to the present and talk to Hondara in his house, he will ask you if Borkano and Amitt went to the castle to talk about the new island, tell him yes and he will give you the HolyWater.

No go back to the Engow past and Use the HolyWater while standing between Pamela and the Elder, that will dissipate the black flame.

USEing HolyWater

The town will celebrate that night

Elder wants to get drunk 1 Elder wants to get drunk 2
and in the morning if you go talk to Pamela, she will give you an AquaShard.

Return to Estard Castle and head to the throne room for the end of the Expedition Meeting. King Burns and Amitt will tell their children that they cannot go on this adventure any more. Borkano is much more accepting and admits he cannot stop you if you really want to go.

In the morning Maribel will be waiting for you go with her to get the ship from the cave, when you are unable to move the slab to get to the ship go back outside, Kiefer will be there to go along. Sail up to Engow in the present and explore the village and Mt. Flame. While in Mt. Flame you should find another WindShard. At the top of Mt. Flame you will find another warp, when you take this one it will take you back to the Ruins, but in one of the 4 buildings in the big center room.

Head back to the Ruins again and open the gate to travel to Dialac, which is the northwest pedestal in the southeast (blue) room.


Dialac Area - The Grey Rain

Dialac Pedestal

World Map with Dialac Area

Head west to find the village of Dialac, when you enter you will find all of the townspeople have been turned to stone statues. Talk to the old man in the back, Clayman, by the well. He will explain what happened and what you need to try to remedy the situation, the AngelTear potion.

Receiving AngelTear

Stay at the deserted inn and in the middle of the night you can "talk" to the statues and learn their stories.

Waking up to noise outside
The statue in front of the Northwest house crumbles when you "talk" to him
Statue crumbles away
, inside you will find a note. Go back to the inn then and sleep the rest of the night.

In the morning, on the west side of town check out the grassy area near Joseph's markings on the ground, you should find a hidden staircase to his secret base.

Found hidden staircase

Look around the base and then climb the rope to reach the top of the tall rock in the center of town. Use the AngelTear potion,

USEing the AngelTear
the statues are too worn to come to life but Joseph is revived from his other secret base and comes out.
Joseph comes out from his hiding place
Look in his other secret base to find a LandShard, and then take Joseph to see Clayman.

Take the Traveler's Gate back to the present and sail south to Dialac. The town is not there but you will meet Sim and he wants help to build an immigrant town, you will also find a WindShard on the ground here.

Meeting Sim

Return to the Ruins and complete the Wind Traveler's Gate to open the way to Orph.


Orph Area - Animal Town

Orph Pedestal

World Map with Orph Area

Talk to everyone (including the animals) as usual, and then make sure to check out the stable in the northeast corner of town. It seems you need someone who can talk to animals, so head back to the present and check in with the woodsman that lives in the house west of Fishbel.

Talk to the guy by Fishbel
He will agree to help you, so bring him back to Orph and have him talk to the animals for you. It turns out he can't talk to the animals, but he can talk to the humans and he says that the humans are really animals inside. Head back to the stable and talk to the boy that is tied up.
Finding Gabo

Make sure you talk to tall of the animals in human form, otherwise you won't be able to leave town. The woodsman will tell you he wants to gather the rest of the story if you missed someone. When you have talked to all of the animals in human form he will summarize the story for you.

Now travel west to Mt. Ceide and navigate the cave. When you get to a Stone Door that is already open, go past it and back into the cave to find one of the two AquaShards. Then go back to the door to face Deathpal.

Finding Deathpal

After your battle, go back to Orph, check in the stable again and talk to the farmer in the barn, when you exit Gabo will be there. The woodsman will say that he wants to help Gabo and take him home. So the Woodsman and Gabo head to the Traveler's Gate and wait for you. When you get there they go back to the present. When you arrive Gabo says that he wants to go with your party.

Gabo joins your party

Sail to Orph in the present day. Join the Animal Appreciation Festival and if you win you will receive the Monster Book. Check the chest in the Weapon & Armor shop for a WindShard (enter in the back of the store). The go back to Mt. Ceide and talk to Deathpal again, he is nicer now.

Deathpal in the present
He will try to change Gabo back into a wolf, but it fails, but it does make him able to speak. and will give you an AquaShard, he also makes Gabo able to talk.

Deathpal will then give you an AquaShard, so take your Shards to the Ruins and open the Aqua Traveler's Gate to the Falrod Area.


Falrod Area - MechSoldiers

Falrod Pedestal

World Map with Falrod Area

When you arrive in the Falrod Area head south to the town of Falrish. You will catch a meeting in progress. There is a FireShard in a Treasure Chest inside the wall on the west side of town under the outside steps up to the top.

Now head over to the castle Falrod. Here you can enlist, as mercenaries in the east tower, to qualify you will have to defeat the Falroider. After you become mercenaries you are able to enter the castle, so talk to the King and the Captain of the soldiers.

You will be told to attend a strategy meeting that is in the west tower. The captain will pause during the meeting and let everyone think, talk to everyone in the room then talk to the captain again. Someone will suggest using a mechanical engineer's help, Zebbot, but then the Captain storms out of the room, Talk to Hanes and he will ask you to goto Zebbot's house, which is west of the castle. Zebbot will tell you to get out of his house; he says he doesn't care what happens to the castle or town.

Return to Falrod castle and goto the guardhouse and talk to Hanes again, as you do Captain Trad will return. Trad will ask you to take over for the soldiers on the guard tower, so head up top of the west tower (which means you have to go back thru the castle to get up there). As you get to the top, the soldier that is up there sees someone coming into the castle, a messenger from Falrish, follow the soldier back down to the main level and you will see Trad talking to the messenger. Trad will now go with you to see Zebbot, so take him and head back west to his house.

Trad talks to Zebbot

A MechSoldier will show up at Zebbot's house and breakdown, Zebbot will become interested and want to look at it.

MechSoldiers find Zebbot's house
Trad sends you back to the castle.

When you arrive back at the castle, it is under attack. You can attack the MechSoldiers that are moving and not fighting anyone. Then talk to the soldiers in front of the castle gate, they will tell you that you are the last defense, go inside and talk to the soldier by the stairs and he will tell you to guard the gate. Go back outside and the two soldiers guarding the gate will get defeated and the two MechSoldiers there will attack you. After you win that battle, three more MechSoldiers will come up, but just before they attack they start going crazy.

MechSoldiers stop working

Walk as if you were going to leave the front of the castle, Zebbot and Trad will be there, Zebbot figured out that the MechSoldiers were being remote controlled, and he modified the MechSoldier that he found to disrupt that signal.

When you wake up, find Trad and Zebbot in the East Tower, when you talk to Trad he will tell you to go talk to Hanes and get a strategy meeting going. Hanes will say they are ready and to go fetch Trad, so back to the East Tower. Talk to Trad and follow him to the West Tower and talk to him to start the meeting.

They say they will meet you in Falrish, so head over there after they leave. Check out Falrish, and talk to Trad in the inside the protective wall.

After that head to the MechSoldiers Base to the east. When you get there start to go down into the base and a soldier will stop you. Then Trad, Zebbot and the repaired MechSoldier, Eri, will arrive. They will go down first and disrupt the MechSoldiers that are there so you can get into the base easily.

When you get to the bosses room, make sure to get the FireShard from the east side of the room. When you fight you will meet the Machinoid.

Fighting Machinoid
After you defeat him then you have to battle the EvilMech.
Defeated EvilMech

After the battle go back to Falrish and talk to the people in the middle of the town. When you do Zebbot and Eri come back and the townspeople want to destroy Eri so they run from town.

Now head back to Falrod Castle and talk to the king. You will get a reward of a Bug Knife from the King.

Receiving gift of Bug Knife
Zebbot and Eri will leave and head down to the basement where the princess was behind the castle. If you follow them down you can listen to their conversation.

If you go back out to the guardhouse and talk to Hanes he will give you 1,200 GP as payment for being mercenaries.

Mercenary payment

Head back to the present and sail southeast to find the lands of Falrod. Go up to see the King, he is having a meeting with some scientists. During the meeting a soldier will come in and say they found the ancient MechSoldier.

The King will leave with the troops and go to where Zebbot's house was in what is now called the Forbidden Zone. When you go to leave Armand will stop you and ask you to stop the King from going into the Forbidden Zone.

Head to Zebbot's house and go in the house,

Eri trying to help Zebbot's dead body
when you come back out the King will be there. He will tell you to stay out of the way. They will take Eri back to the castle.

Don't forget to grab the FireShard in the shed behind the house.

Head back to the castle and go back up to the Throne Room. Armand wants Eri put back, so the King has him arrested.

So now head down to the dungeon and talk to Armand. (Don't forget to spin the view so you can see the lever to open the dungeon door.) He will ask you to get some of Eri's parts that have been taken out. He tells you go goto Falrish and talk to his granddaughter who knows where the parts are.

She is on the ground floor of the guard tower in the southeast corner of town. She tells you that her grandfather had a secret hiding spot near the barrel by the pod. Move the barrel there and search and you will find the MechParts.

Found MechParts

Take the MechParts back to Armand in the dungeon. He will want to go fix Eri, so he will dress as the soldier guarding the door and join your party. Eri is in the east guard tower at the front of the castle.

When you get there Armand will fix Eri and she will mistake Armand for Zebbot. The King and some soldiers will come in and save Armand from Eri. Then the King will return Eri to Zebbot's house, and Armand will fix her again.

After that head back to Falrish and talk to Armand and his granddaughter again (in the ground floor of the guard tower). The granddaughter will give you a FireShard.

Now you can go back to the Ruins and use the FireShards in your possession to open the Traveler's Gate to Verdham.


Verdham Area - Return of the Grey Rain

Verdham Pedestal

World Map with Verdham area

Travel northeast from the Gate to reach the town of Verdham. When you enter you notice that everyone here has been turned to stone too! Goto the big house in the center of town and climb to the top, here you will fight Rainmaker. After defeating Rainmaker, use the AngelTear to revive the town.

USEing AngelTear again

When you check out the Herb Garden (next to the house where the Rainmaker was) you find one citizen has not awakened, help carry him back to his hut. Go back into the big house in the center of town and talk to Iwan's father, Borlock. He asks you to help Linda, head upstairs and try to talk to Iwan, you will hear him and the maid, Kaya, talking. Kaya tells him that she thinks Linda likes Pepe. Follow Iwan to follow him to Linda's house, he has been thrown out, go upstairs and talk to her. When you leave her house she runs to the Herb Garden. Follow her to Pepe's house, here you learn of a potion that can help Pepe. The potion is found in Engow.

But since you don't have a ship in this time, travel back to the Present, then go back to the Past in Engow (NW Gate in the same room as the Verdham Pedestal). Pamela is in the Elder's house, talk to her and she will go back to her shop. Follow her there. and get the Mila Drug from Pamela.

Get Mila Drug from Pamela
Take the Mila Drug back to Verdham in the past and give it to Pepe.

Iwan and Borlock will throw a party to celebrate the awakening of Pepe. Head out to the party, but Pepe is missing. He is on the west side of town talking to Kaya, she is trying to talk him into eloping with Linda. He walks off during the conversation.

Find Pepe wandering around town and talk to him. Then go talk to Borlock so he will make his announcement. When he starts too it starts to rain and everyone scatters because they think it is the gray rain again.

Find Linda and Pepe talking on the west edge of town (where Pepe and Kaya were talking). Linda wants to leave town with Pepe, but Pepe says he won't elope. So they argue and Pepe leaves. Go find Pepe at the entrance to town and he says he is leaving town alone, and he leaves.

Now with Pepe gone, you will hear talk of a Merchant who went looking for shards in a cave to the west. So head north from town and follow the shoreline west to the Marshy Cave.

On your travels thru the cave you should come across two WindShards, one in a chest and one lying on the ground. To get to the one lying on the ground you will have to defeat the Cavemon and two JewelBags. In one of the chests that is near where the Cavemon was you will find a TinyMedal.

Now, back to the future, and goto where the city of Verdham should be. There is nothing but the herb garden. You will find a WindShard lying on the ground.

WindShard on Ground
Then go west from there to find the town of Mentare.

There is a LandShard in a chest on the 3rd floor of the mansion. If you go north out of town you will come to a Monastery and a cave in a cliff. In the cave are some herbs that are glowing.

Hidden Garden
And at the Monastery are two gravestones that have the names Linda and Pepe on them, so they must have gotten together.

Now back to the Ruins to use the WindShards to open the Traveler's Gate to Deja.


Deja Area - Attempt to Revive God

Deja Pedestal

World Map with Deja Area

Walk west from the portal to find some mountains, in the mountain pass you will find a tent. Here is the Dejan tribe's camp. You can't talk to the chief yet because there is a ceremony going on. Talk to everyone then talk to the guy in front of the chief's tent again. The ceremony will be over and they will come out. Then you will be taken to meet the chief.

When you come out talk to everyone (and check all the tents one has an AquaShard), when you come to the test just west of the chief's tent you will find Kiefer. He says Layla went inside, go in and talk to her, then go back out and talk to Kiefer, he will suggest getting some wine, so go to the southeast corner of camp and get some wine from the old woman by the bottles. Take it back to Kiefer, he will go in the tent, follow him inside. Jann will come in and accuse Kiefer of trying to steal his fiance.

Jealous boyfriend

After some info on what had happened you will awaken during the night to sounds of a battle. Go outside and Kiefer will have protected Layla from a monster. Kiefer will volunteer to stay behind and protect Datz, while the rest of your party goes with the tribe to the Temple. You go back to sleep and awake the next morning. After some conversations everyone leaves, so leave at the south end of camp to follow them. Head west, then north, then cross the bridge, then back west across another bridge then into a cave. There is only one way thru the path in the cave so follow it, when you come out the other side you will find the temporary camp of the tribe.

Talk to everyone then take a rest in the west tent, in the morning everything will be packed up and you can continue. Head west and then south around the lake with the temple in it.

Temple in Lake

When you arrive at this campsite, talk to everyone again and then take a rest in the north tent. The next morning Jann will join your party and want to go into the cave to try to drain the lake with the TerraBell.

Partway thru the cave you will find a slime that will tell you that you need to place the TerraBell on an alter to drain the lake.

When you come to another monolith, Jann will ring the TerraBell and the paths over the chasms will flash.

Hidden Paths

When you get to the alter Jann will place the TerraBell on the alter, it will ring and you will hear the sounds of a door opening.

TerraBell on Altar
Now you can exit from the alter room to the south. And on your way out you will find a LandShard.

Head over to the front of the temple, everyone will be waiting there (except Kiefer and Layla still) talk to the chief and they will ask you to read the tome on the side of the temple. When you do the stairs slide out of the way. You and Jann go inside and find the TerraTula and Innocent Dress.

Innocent Dress and TerraTula

When you goto leave Kiefer and Layla come back. When you go outside Jann wants to perform the ceremony but the Chief says it isn't right yet because the TerraTula isn't glowing like fire like the tome said.

He rushes to the top and he

Jann Playing the TerraTula
and Layla
Layla Dancing
perform the ceremony anyway, but nothing happens. Jann confesses that he hurried along to get the ceremony done so he could marry Layla. He says he is sorry and says he will leave the tribe.

So now the tribe wants you to reseal the Temple, Datz goes with you to go back and remove the TerraBell from the alter. You don't actually have to do it, they do another text based cutscene.

During the night Kiefer tries to talk to while you are sleeping talking about your destiny and how he needs to do something for the world.

When you get up the next morning Kiefer is fighting Datz to become a guarding for the Deja tribe, talk to Kiefer to move the story along.

He will tell you that he is staying here and he has found his own path.

Kiefer is a Tribemember

He will walk you to the Traveler's Gate, he then pushes you thru the gate and when you arrive back in the present you find a bag with you. In it are all of Kiefer's things and a letter from him.

Go back to Estard Castle and talk to King Burns, you will tell him about Kiefer, he will be disappointed in Kiefer, and says he was going to let Kiefer continue with your quest and gives you an AquaShard.

Talking to King Burns

Now head to where you found the Deja Tribe, there won't be a tent, but north of the mountain pass there is an Excavation site, pay 5 Gold to enter the tent and then exit the west end of the tent and go down into the well. In one of the chests of drawers there will be an AquaShard.

Head back to the Ruins and use your AquaShards and open the Traveler's Gate to Dharma.


Dharma Area - Get a New Job

Dharma Pedestal

World Map with Dharma Area

Upon arriving in the Dharma Area head northeast and stop at the house that is there to hear some news about the region. Also you can play casino games at the Dharma Casino at the bottom of the well.

You will hear lots of talk about how quiet it is and nobody is stopping on their way back from Dharma Temple.

Head north and west around the mountains and you will find Dharma Temple. Talk to the people inside and when you are ready talk to the priest at the top of the alter to change your class.

The priest will ask you to step into the purifying spring to cleanse yourself before you change classes.

Spring glows with light

When you do, the spring takes away all your magical abilities and drops you into the Prison Town.

Powers taken away 1 Powers taken away 2

When you arrive check out town, some people aren't very nice to you; there is a priest that is being mugged on the west side of town, if you help him you will be attacked by EvilArmor.

When you get around to the back of town you will find a conversation between Kasim and Flower, when it is over you can talk to Flower, he says he is a master thief and can get anything for you.

Make sure while in town to buy the Thief Key from the item shop (if you did forget you can come back and get it in the past at anytime).

Go down the steps into the bar and check it out, when you come back out and go up the alley 3 monsters will come along and try to get someone to accept the challenge of shattering 5 souls. Then Suifu comes to chase off the monsters and to "pummel" you, you can't win this battle.

When you awake you hear Zaji and Neris talking about you being saved.

Zaji talking to Neris
When you come out Neris comes out to talk to you, then Kasim comes in with some medicine for her then he leaves.

Leave the house and Kasim and Flower will be talking again, then Flower will ask for your help to get thru the western cave. He will give you the WondeRock to restore your health during your battles.

On your way thru the cave you will come across a couple monsters guarding the path, Flower says he will distract them, but when he does he gets by and you get attacked by Inopp and Gonz (you can't win this battle either).

When you awake you are back in Neris's house. Zaji and Neris will be go outside to talk, follow them and they will argue about Kasim. They run off, follow them to the back of town, you will come across Neris who is too tired to follow Zaji anymore. Head towards the bar to find him. Zaji tells Kasim to stay away from his sister, but he doesn't want to listen. Talk to Zaji outside the bar, then go back to talk to Neris again. Start to walk back to the south end of town and you will hear a scream.

Walk back towards the north side of town, you will find the soldier in the pink armor had shattered someone's soul, then Suifu comes out and the soldier runs north. He shatters 3 more souls on the way to the north end of town. There is a battle trying to stop the soldier, and Zaji ends up getting cut by the sword.

The monsters come and take away the soldier and the bodies of the 5 victims. You end up back in Neris's house, her and Kasim head off to the western cave to meet up with you on the 4th floor.

After you pass the point where you met Inopp and Gonz last time you will find Kasim and Neris. They will go on ahead, and when you follow them you come to a town that is filled with the priests from Dharma Temple and people who have had their souls shattered.

Start your way thru town and you will see Kasim and Neris go into one of the huts.

Flower and Kasim talking
Follow them inside and Kasim is trying to rescue High Priest Fosse and wants your help to do it.

When you leave the hut Kasim and Flower will be trying to get into the cave to find Fosse. Don't forget to rest and save your game in the hut on the east side of town.

When you get to where Fosse is imprisoned, go up the steps and you need to drop 2 blocks onto the generators below to disable them (if you miss, just leave the room and come back and the blocks will be reset)

Location to push the East block Location to push the West block Breaking Generator

When you free her, Inopp and Gonz will return, but Fosse will take the power back that they stole from you.

Inopp and Gonz lose power
The fight is winnable now at least :)

When you beat them, Kasim and Flower will head back to the priest village, and Fosse will go with your party to go back to town.

When you get back everyone will be happy to see Fosse, they will goto the Head Priest's house, follow them there. Neris will be acting a little strange, and when you talk to Fosse she will give you the Dharma Key to open the gate to get to Dharma from below.

Got Dharma Key

Neris will continue to act strange, the others will leave for the doorway, so follow them into the cave again, but take the right fork this time. When you get to the door Neris will ask for the key, say No and then she will show herself as really being a monster, the real Neris is safe elsewhere.

Neris is a Monster
You will then have to battle the Maneater.

When you win Kasim and Zaji are fighting, Kasim ends up getting the SoulSword and throws it and hits Zaji with it.

Zaji hit with SoulSword
It will return his soul.

Head thru the passageway beneath Dharma Temple, you will eventually come to an alter with a large glowing orb above it, stand on it and you will get your abilities back.

Get your powers back

Continue on, you will come to an arena where the people who have had their souls shattered have to battle to gain freedom. Go into the room on the north end and you will find Neris; she has taken up the SoulSword to avenge the guy who took Zaji's soul.

Head back around the east side and Zaji will say he needs to join the arena to get the sword away from Neris. Walk south to find Zaji, he will join your party and you can battle in the Arena now.

Head into the Arena and start fighting.

The first round is Nepro and 3 Drakslimes.

Round 1 Battle

The second round is Garcia and 3 Boltrats.

Round 2 Battle

The third round is Thompson and 3 Goopis.

Round 3 Battle

Round 4 is Naputo and 3 Smoochers.

Round 4 Battle

The fifth round is DonJose and 3 BeakRats.

Round 5 Battle

The Final Round is Neris and 3 SlimeNites.

Final Round Battle

When you win Zaji hits Neris with the SoulSword

Got SoulSword Back
, but before she can reawake the monsters escort you out of the Arena. When you get to the top Zaji breaks free and runs back down to the Arena.

If you want you can follow him back down to the Arena, when you get there it seems as if Kasim has started a revolt. Make your way thru the Arena defeating monsters as you come to them. Head to the north room where Neris was when you first came to the arena, and Kasim tells you to get going and they can handle the battle down here.

When you head for the stairs to go up into Dharma, Fosse appears and joins your party. Head up to Dharma Temple and face Antoria.

Battle Antoria
After the battle if you go west you will find Kasim and Flower, Flower decided not to become a guard and takes off. Zaji has changed classes to try to protect Neris better.

Go down into the basement and enter the room on the east and go south thru the door and across the damage tiles. One of the chests holds a LandShard.

Leave Dharma Temple and go back to the Penal Town, in the building that was the World Bank (north side of town, small building) you can now open the chests there and one has another LandShard in it.

Head back to the present and check out the Dharma area, people are talking about some bandits.

Head down to where the Penal Town was, there will be an area there and you will see a priest laying on the ground, you can't talk to him but when you try to pass him you get attacked by the bandits. They are Brigand, ShrubMage, Bandit, and Epong.

Follow them to the cave in the west, if for some reason when you enter the area there isn't one of the bandits there talking to the guards, go back to where you were ambushed and talk to him there and follow him back to the cave again.

When you go up to the guards then you will be asked for the password, which is "Go to hell." Inside you can talk to everyone, go to the north end of the cave and talk to the little guy there, he is the boss, BanditWig, you will have to battle him.

When you win you will receive a LandShard. Search the cupboard behind him and you will find the BanditKey.

Found Bandit Key
You can unlock the gate in the hideout and get the items in the chests if you have the Thief's Key.

Now sail east from the island Dharma is on and you will find the town of Mezar. If you go down into the well (you will be attacked by an EvilWell) there will be a LandShard lying on the ground there.

Walk into the house just as you enter town, you will see Nicola talking to someone. When he leaves go find him in his house in the northwest corner of town.

He will ask if you are adventurers and then ask you for a favor and says to follow him. Walk just south and a little west to find him. He will walk south into a grove of trees, search around in the trees until you find a staircase down.

He will lead you to his treasury, and give you a flying carpet.

Nicola shows you the way
In one of the chests here will be a Tiny Medal. The flying carpet won't fly as of yet, but hang onto it.

Now head back to the Ruins and open the Traveler's Gate to Dune.


Dune - Monument of the Terra Spirit

Dune Pedestal

World Map with Dune Area

When you arrive head north to the castle that is located there.

Go down into the castle until you find a room filled with skulls, when you enter the room someone will ask you why you are there.

He tells you there is no one here and to goto the town to the east and little to the south. Head over there then. Talk to the chief, his house is straight north of the town entrance. He will let you rest there for the night. In the morning he talks to you and tells you to stay away from the palace, so what should we do now, let's goto the palace.

When you get there you can see tracks on the ground of something. Follow the tracks down to the floor where the skulls were

Glowing footsteps
, there will be something in the room with the skulls.
Monster in basement

Walk back there and talk to the monster, while you are talking Hadeed comes in and wants to fight the monster too. Then you have to battle the BoneRider.

When you win the battle the BoneRider speaks of the Queen and says he has a necklace of hers. Hadeed finishes off the BoneRider and takes the necklace. Then he leads you back to town, so follow him out of the palace. But when you get to the door to go outside you are unable to because of a sandstorm.

You go back down to the lowest level and help Hadeed bury the dead. In the morning Hadeed will ask you to go back to the village with him. Follow him to the house in the back of town and talk to Hadeed and his father the Chief until Hadeed vows to save the Queen.

Talk to the Chief after Hadeed leaves, you will get the DuneCharm. Now when you talk to the people in town, you can show them the DuneCharm, they will then understand that you are a friend of the village and will give you more information. Talk to everyone in town again showing them the DuneCharm (including the Chief).

After you have talked to everyone head just west of the Castle and you will see Hadeed enter a section of the river. Follow him into the area

Follow Hadeed
, you will see him swimming in the river
Hadeed swimming
, he is looking for Tyrannos but can't find it, and asks if you have seen or heard anything about it or the golden horn it used to have on it's head.

Where did we see a big horn on an animal, well we saw one on the skull at the Excavation site in the present. So head back to the present, talk to the Scholar a couple times and show him the DuneCharm when asked. He will agree to give you the fossil if you take him back with you, so say yes.

Take Scholar with you

When you leave the area a cutscene will tell you that you and the scholar traveled back to Dune. When you arrive take the scholar to the Castle, he will be so intrigued that he will let you keep the fossil.

Head back to town and everyone seems to be gone, go into the Chief's house and you will find out the Chief has fallen ill. Go up and see him, talk to everyone and then go to leave the house, but before you can get outside Hadeed will come in and go upstairs.

Follow him up to check on the Chief, the chief will awake. Then he will notice the fossil you have, so show it to him when he asks.

Examining the skull
He says that is the skull of the Tyrannos and it must be too late, so the Chief says it is his time to go and passes the Chief duty to Hadeed. Then they ask you to leave, when you get to the other small room to go down Hadeed will come and tell you that the Chief has passed away.

He will go down to tell the villagers, go down and talk to him to start his speech. When it is over the screen will cut to one of those text cutscenes to tell you that you couldn't sleep overnight and in the morning the funeral procession is going to happen.

You will end up at the bank of the river for the ceremony, talk to Hadeed to get it going. He will push the coffin into the river at the end of his speech.

Funeral for the Chief

Talk to Hadeed again and he will tell you we need to put the fossil into the river as well. So walk to the edge of the river and USE the TyranBone.

Skull in River

As you go to leave someone will see something in the water and thy Tyrannos will be reborn.

Tyrannos reviving
Hadeed will tell the tribe he is not ready to be Chief yet and needs to go save the Queen and asks you to help him out. When you are ready walk out onto Tyrannos and talk to Hadeed and tell him you are ready.
Tyrannos at river side

The beast will take you up the river and drop you off near the statue

Tyrannos going down the river
, Hadeed will go off ahead, leave the area and walk to the Statue to the northwest. When you arrive Hadeed is talking to someone, the monsters are making the people pray to the DemonLord and they have taken the Queen off to be killed. You will have to fight 2 Pigmon's here.

The lady there will heal your HP when you win the battle. Go inside and go straight up the center and read the inscription on the tablet there. There is an indentation in the tablet after you have read the inscription USE the DuneCharm and it will the southwest door that holds one of the pedestals.

Stone Monument with indentation

Take the northeast statue (looks like a dog to me) and place it on that southwest pedestal to open the northeast pedestal door.

Take the southwest statue (looks like a turtle) and place in on the northeast pedestal to open the southeast door and pedestal.

Take the northwest statue (looks like a bird) and place it on the southeast pedestal to open the northwest door and pedestal.

Take the southeast statue (looks like a snake) and place it on the northwest pedestal to open the door to go up to the next level.

When you come to Queen Fedel she will give you a Black Key and restore you HP.

Receive Black Key
When you get to where the damage tiles are you have to walk on them or you will fall down to the floor below, and ignore the chest it is a Cannibox.

When you get to the top you will have to battle Seto,

Confront Seto
when you win the statue will crumble and you and everyone else will float down the river to where the villagers are waiting.
Hadeed washes up on the riverbank

Move when you can and try to talk to Hadeed, it tells you that he is lifeless, then the Queen restores his life to him.

You go to a text cutscene that describes a feast and celebration, and you awake the next morning. Talk to everyone, then head over to the palace and talk to the scholar, he will give you a package to give to the guy at the excavation site.

Package from Scholar

Head back to the present and go to the excavation site, talk to the guy guarding the dig site and he will ask about the scholar, you can give him the letter and money and he will move out of the way so you can explore the dig site.

Give guard money and package

Head over to the castle, on your way you will find an area in the grassy spot and a transport don't take the transport yet.

Go back and go into the castle, but before you can get anywhere someone comes up to you and recognizes you and calls you Saviors. Seems as if Hadeed wrote in the history that you saved them in the past and that you might come back in the future and to welcome you.

They give you a big feast and then you can explore the castle, they all seem to know you and that you saved the queen in the past.

No go back to where the transport was, when you take it you end up in one of the large buildings in the center room in the Ruins. Go back to the Dune Pedestal and go back to the past. Go to the castle and you can see that it is under repairs now.

Talk to the Queen, she will tell you that you can take the treasure down in the castle and then she gives you one of the Dark Rubies so that they are separated.

Got Dark Ruby
Head into the castle and go down to the lowest level.

Go behind the throne room and go to the east to the dog statue, push it to the east, you will see some stairs, take them down to the treasure room.

Grab everything there and head back to the present.


Krage - I'm The Real DemonLord

Krage Pedestal

World Map with Krage Area

When you arrive there will be an Inn nearby, when you talk to the people there they'll tell you not to continue onto the village of Krage, but that isn't going to stop you is it? :)

Head west to find the village of Krage, most of the people will tell you that they are the "real" DemonLord. Head to the north end of town and talk to the man in the black cloak, he will have the villagers try to cut down the Sacred Tree to the north.

Just to the west of the man in the black cloak is the Mayor's House, talk to the mayor, he will tell you to leave town before you become poisoned too. But as you leave he asks a favor, to head north to the Sacred Tree and tell the girl there what has happened to the town.

So head north out of town and goto the Sacred Tree, when you arrive go into the hut and try to talk to the girl. She won't wake up though, so head back to talk to the mayor again. When you arrive back in Krage you will see the villagers leaving to go cut down the Sacred Tree. Hurry to the north end of town and talk to the mayor again.

When you get back to the tree the villagers are trying to cut the tree down

Trying to chop down Sacred Tree
, the girl comes out to stop them but gets knocked down.

Talk to one of the villagers, they will try to cast spells on you but since they are not magically inclined, they fail. Then the guy in the cloak says he will take care of you and tells the villagers to go back to cutting down the Sacred Tree.

You will now have to battle the WeirdGuy, when you win he runs away. The villagers then leave, saying they will "spare" you. Try to talk to the girl, she is unconscious so carry her into the hut.

She will awake and talk to you, she will ask you if you want to rest for the night. When you awake, talk to her and she will ask you to collect HolyDew from the Sacred Tree. Get the Elven Jar from inside the hut, and then go outside where there is water dripping from the Sacred Tree, stand there and use the Elven Jar to collect the dew.

Gathered World Dew
Then go inside and use the HolyDew on the girl.

Head back to town and give some of the HolyDew to the mayor, use it when near him. He tells you to try to dump the HolyDew into the well. When you try to put it in the well the cloaked figure stops you and he and the villagers block the well so you can't get near it.

Trying to fix the well 1 Trying to fix the well 2

Go back and talk to the girl at the base of the Sacred Tree. She will show you an underground passage to get to the well.

Bottom of the well
When you get to the end of the passage you will have to defeat the EvilWell. When you do use the HolyDew on the well.

Climb out of the well and confront the cloaked man again. This time you will have to fight him as a WolfDevil.

Cloaked man turns into monster
When you win you can roam the village freely again. Go talk to the mayor and he will let you spend the night. When you awake the mayor will tell you the girl at the Sacred Tree wants to talk to you before you leave. But before you leave town talk to the farmer and get a FireShard.

Go and talk to the girl at the Sacred Tree. You learn that this tree is really just a young version of a World Tree. She gives you a staff made from a branch of the Sacred Tree, the Bless Staff.

Received Bless Staff

Now head back to the present and sail to the present day Krage. Go into town and enter the mansion at the north end of town from the back and you will find a FireShard in the basement. Then leave town and goto the World Tree, there will be another FireShard lying on the ground.


Litorud - Clockstoppers

Litorud Pedestal

World Map with Litorud Area

Enter this town and everything seems fine, no major problems at all. There is a famous architect that designed some of the buildings in town, and he is building a bridge that will connect over the river to Verdham.

Enter the inn and you will find the maid had fallen down the stairs. And the little girl in front of the mayor's house lost her money, it is behind the house just south of the mayor's house.

When you get to the southwest house in town you will find the innkeeper and the maid (Aimy) talking to Dr. Creyney. Creyney will keep Aimy for observation;

Creyney checking out Aimy 1 Creyney checking out Aimy 2
he suggests you spend the night at the inn so you can enjoy the Bridge Opening Ceremony the next day.

When you awake you will see Aimy fall down the stairs and you will save her. Check out town and it will be like nothing the day before happened. Go check out the bridge and talk to the guard at the bridge and he will say that the ceremony is still tomorrow.

Go stay at the Inn again. Aimy will fall down the stairs again and you will catch her again. Goto the bridge and talk to the guard. He will say that the ceremony is tomorrow again, then you will tell him he said that yesterday and he will ask if you think they are stuck in one day, say yes and he will say that you sound like Baloch, and tell you if you want to talk to him to goto his studio in the east.

Where to find Baloch's studio

So head east to Baloch's studio. He is in the west part of the studio, talk to him and he will give you the key to the Clock Tower.

Got Clock Key

Head back to town and go into the clock tower and go up the stairs, and into the control room and pull the lever to stop the Clock Tower. When you pull the lever you will notice the music has stopped.

Pull the Lever?
Leave the room and go back downstairs and the people there will be immobile.

Head to Dr. Creyney's house and go downstairs to the picture of the clock tower.

Check out painting
It has turned into a vortex. Enter the vortex to enter the Time Pocket Cave.

Make your way thru the vortex until you find a monolith that says "When time runs backwards, a new path will appear."

Clue to Clock Puzzle
So to solve this problem, walk north to the square that says XII for twelve and walk left around the path until you get back to the XII. (For some reason I had to go around twice) but then when you get back to the XII a new transporter should appear.
12 (XII) 9 (IX) 6 (VI) 3 (III)

Take that transporter and you will come face to face with the TimeSage and two MakiMakis. When you win walk up to the big Hourglass and destroy it.

Destroy the Hourglass
You will get the TimeSand and then you will be returned to town. Everyone will be back to normal. Head to the Inn and spend the night. The next morning Aimy will almost fall down the stairs, but she won't.

Head to the bridge and check out everyone there for the opening. Talk to the guy behind the priest in the back row and he will move over, then talk to the priest and he will move over so you can get to the front to get a better look.

Bridge celebration
When the mayor is done talking they will want Baloch to talk, but he isn't there. Just west of the bridge is an old man, talk to him and he will move and you can go down and talk to Baloch next to the river.

The ceremony will continue and the next morning you will wake up and you can cross the bridge to Verdham. 30 years have passed since you were there last. There is a Tiny Medal in the Mansion in one of the barrels on the first floor. And a Tiny Medal in the well in a chest of drawers.

If you go west of Verdham you will find Mentare, Pepe will be there. In talking to everyone in Mentare, Verdham and the Monastery you will learn of what happened to Linda. You can find a Tiny Medal in Pepe's house in a chest on the first floor, and another by the pond on the screen with the bridge on your way to the Monastery.

At the monastery there is a single tombstone on the edge of a cliff, you will find out that it is Linda's.

Linda's Grave
Go back and talk to Pepe, he will ask you to take him to the grave. He will thank you for telling him what happened to Linda.
Pepe at peace

Head back to the present and check out Litorud in the present. Get the WindShard from Creyney's old house in the basement. In ton of the bookshelves in the basement, you will find a letter, give it to the scholar upstairs and he will give you an INTseed.

Now head over to where Baloch's studio was, which is now Baloch's Tower.

Baloch's Tower
Make your way thru the tower. When you reach the top you will find a LandShard and a WindShard.

Head back to the Ruins and complete the gate for Hamelia.


Hamelia - The Great Flood

Hamelia Pedestal

World Map with Hamelia Area

Head south from the travelers gate to the town of Avon, you will be unable to take the mountain tunnel (at the southeast corner of town) to the next village at night so go back to the chieftain's house (northeast corner of town) and spend the night there.

The next morning the town in deserted

Townspeople missing
, so with nothing else to do here head thru the tunnel to the town of Huzu.

Check out Huzu and talk to all the people, when you are done stay at the Inn. In the morning, everyone from Huzu will be gone now too.

So head to Hamelia, check out the town and head to that inn to spend the night. In the middle of the night you will wake up to the sound of music, you will see the Bard playing music and the townspeople walking into a traveler's gate.

Bard playing
After they have all gone, follow them into the gate.

Make your way up the Mountain Tower, you will find the villagers from the 3 towns up a couple floors. Talk to the kid by the door on the northeast side of where the people are and he will open the gate for you. Continue up the tower till you find the bard.

Talking to Bard

Talk to him and during the conversation the ocean will rise up the tower and flood the entire continent. Talk to the people who came to the top of the tower and head back down into the tower. But before you get too far the bard will ask you a favor, he will ask you to take on his task of ridding the area of the monsters. He will comment on how he was a Dejan tribe member and had to leave (this must be Jann), but before he did some travelers helped his tribe out, and your party reminded him of them and decided to ask your help.

Help the Bard

He will give you a WindShard and tell you there is a raft at the bottom of the stairs. Head down a couple floors and grab the raft. Check out Hamelia and you will find some people took refuge at the top of the tower in town. Then head over to Huzu, some people took refuge at the top of the lighthouse, one of them says another man knows the location of the Sunken City, that guy is in the southwest corner of town. He will tell you to sail due west of the peninsula.

Sail south from Huzu until the town is at the top of the screen and then sail west, you should run right into the Sunken City.

Where to sail west from Location of the Sunken City Crest on the water's surface

After you have made your way thru the Sunken City you will face Gracos.

Found Gracos
When you beat him he will destroy the path out. Talk to the Bard and he will create a Traveler's Gate to get you out of there.

When you get back to the tower, the waters will recede. The bard will tell you to go on ahead, so head down to the first floor and go to enter the Traveler's Gate, but as you do the Bard shows up.

He says you need to go and he needs to close the gate, but as you step on the gate he says he is taking a leave now and is going to try to find someone to train as his successor. He tosses you something as you go, and it is a Wizard Ring.

When you get back to town go behind the tower in town and take the raft down the west side of the moat, talk to the guard under the house and he says you can have the town's special treasure

Special Treasure Room
, a WindShard and the Merm Moon.

You can check out Huzu on your way back, but when you head back thru the tunnel to Avon, you can get thru the locked gate to the two chests that are there.

Head back to the present and check out the Hamelia area. When you walk towards the north end of town you will see two men fishing, Dr. Azmov and Beck, they end up pulling out a shard and then a fish

Azmov fishes up a shard
, and they are trying to prove the legend of the old bard and the great flood.

He will tell you to come see him at his house, so go to the southeast and check out his house by the moat.

Talking to Azmov
When you go talk to him he will ask you to get rid of the monster in the tower northeast of town and he will give you the shard they fished from the moat.
Agree to help Azmov

So now you can walk to the Mountain Tower since a bridge has been constructed, so head up there and confront the King Slime in the basement. After you defeat him, he will split into some normal slimes, you will tell them you came to take on the monster of the tower, and they will tell you it would be nice of you to take care of the monster? There is another monster that is in the tower that you need to take care of.

Help the Slimes

The head slime's name is Slachi and he will go with you and show you the way to the "real" monster in the tower.

On the north side of the first floor outside the wall there is a chest that has a FireShard in it don't forget to grab that.

When you get to the floor the villagers were on in the past, Slachi will open the gate that the child opened for you before.

When you get to the top you will have to fight the GigaMute, when you defeat him you will receive another FireShard.

Head back to Hamelia and talk to Dr. Azmov, he and Beck will head to the tower, follow them over there. When you arrive they will come running towards you saying you didn't get rid of the monsters. Then Slachi will appear, explain what is going on and then the Slimes will let Dr. Azmov and Beck research in the tower.

Azmov Confused about monsters

The slimes will leave and Dr. Azmov and Beck will run off before giving you the shard they promised you. Find them on the floor where the villagers were being held in the past. Talk to the doctor and he will tell you it is in his basement storage, which is under the pub. In there is yet another FireShard.

Now head out of town and go back to the Sunken City. In the first little building to the east of where you start look in the chest for a FireShard.

Make your way to where you fought Gracos, when you get there you will find his ancestor Gracos V. He can be tougher than Gracos. When you defeat him you will receive a ? Shard.


Awaken the Great Hero - Melvin?

Now is a good time to take care of this so you have some time to get the Great Hero leveled up and trained in classes.

Head back to Mezar (which appeared when Dharma was uncovered).

World Map with Mezar Location
Goto Nicola's house, which is in the northwest corner of town, he will ask you to look for the Great Hero. Tell him you will and follow him to his storeroom, there you will get the magic carpet from him.

Leave town and try to USE the carpet, it won't fly, so go back into town and talk to Nicola again. Tell him no when he asks if it flew or not. He then will take the carpet back and leave, when you leave his house the maid will come out and ask you to check on him in his storeroom.

Talking to the Maid

Go talk to him, he doesn't want to do much talking to go back and talk to the maid again. She confesses that the carpet Nicola has IS a fake and she has the real one hidden and will give it to you if you have the Merm Moon. So show her the Merm Moon.

Show Merm Moon to Maid

She will be impressed of your adventuring abilities and agree to give you the carpet, she will tell you to meet her behind the Temple, so walk over to the northeast corner of town and talk to her.

Help her search for the stairs; they are directly behind the center of the Temple.

Found hidden stairs
Follow her down into the basement storeroom and get the Magic Carpet from the chest.
Got Magic Carpet
Then Nicola will arrive and all will come out in the open, in the end you get to keep the Magic Carpet and search for the Great Hero.

Leave town and use the carpet to reach the temple near town. Talk to the ghost of the soldier there and learn about the seal of the Great Hero.

Talking to ghost
Then take the WindShard from the chest there.

Leave the temple and return to Estard City and talk to Hondara in the Inn (remember he had the HotStone). You will find out he sold it to Brugeo

Talk to Hondara More talking to Hondara
, so check out his houses in Krage and Litorud, and find he is in neither of them.
Talking to one of Brugeo's servants Talking another one of Brugeo's servants

Now head to Orph and use the Magic Carpet to sail across the lake to get to the Mansion north of Orph.

Flying over lake

Go down in the basement and get the LandShard from one of the chests down there.

Then head up to the second floor and talk to Brugeo himself about the HotStone, he won't give it to you so head out of the mansion.

Brugeo won't give up the Hot Stone

Brugeo will come out and tell you that he won't give you the HotStone, but he will travel with you and allow you to use it when needed. So take him with you.

Brugeo chases after you

Head back to Hamelia (Present) and use the carpet to sail up the river and get off the carpet where you see the rolling hills (the brown bumpy hills). Walk to the west and there is where the Medal King's castle is. Walk west of the castle and there is a grassy spot next to the lake where you can use the carpet again, fly across the lake and you will see the Tallest Tower.

Tallest Tower

Climb the Tallest Tower, when you reach the top Brugeo will give you the HotStone, stand on the altar and use the stone.

Holding up HotStone
The Great Hero Melvin will appear with a shard. Talk to Melvin and he will join your party, then grab the FireShard.
Melvin Arrives


Probina - The Goddess Statue

Probina Pedestal

World Map with Probina Area

Now head back to the Ruins and complete the northeast pedestal in the wind room (green) to head to Probina.

Check out the town, you will learn of the Goddess Statue and how it protects the town from monsters and that an empire to the south Raguraz wants the statue and will start a war to get it.

When you are done with town, go out the north side of town and thru the cave to get to the temple at the top of the hill. There you will find the Priest, Razuel and Ordeux, as you are talking to them someone rushes in and tells you the army of Raguraz is at the bridge and is going to invade.

Razuel takes the Goddess Statue and heads towards the bridge. Follow him down there and you will see him break the statue to try to stop the invasion.

Standoff at bridge
As soon as he does, you find out the army is really monsters in disguise
Soldiers are really monsters
, and with the statue broken they take off to destroy the town.

Head back to town and talk to Razuel in the middle of town. He tells you to go ahead to the Temple and talk to the Priest. So head back up the hill to the Temple. When you talk to the Priest he goes outside and starts to have a terrible headache, and his memory comes back to him.

Then Razuel arrives and he and the Priest head to the storeroom of the Temple follow them. He asks Razuel to go into the storeroom and get something for him, and for you to help him out. But then he comes down and locks you in the storeroom and leaves to face the monsters.

Getting locked in

After the battle you are able to get out

Temple Destroyed
, head back to town and search for Razuel.

After you talk to him he will walk off and drop a chest, inside is the Goddess Picture and Priest Key.

Priest's boxes
Continue to the edge of town and show Razuel the picture, he will remember the priest washing the Goddess Statue in the spring behind the temple.

Head back to the bridge and grab the legs

Found Legs
and torso
Found Torso
of the Goddess Statue. Head back to town and show them to Razuel. Then take them up to the spring behind the now destroyed Temple.

But as you go to put the statue in the spring the DragonMan appears and stops you.

Monster at spring
You can't win at this point but you have to battle him long enough for Razuel to arrive.

When he arrives he throws the statue in the spring and it repairs the statue, then it takes away some of the DragonMan's power so he is much easier in battle to deal with.

Goddess statue thrown in spring

When you defeat him he destroys the statue when he dies. Then Melvin hears something, when you go out side the souls of the villagers are returning to their bodies.

Souls returning at temple Souls returning in town

Head back to town and everyone will thank you for your help.

Head back to the present and check out Probina there

When you are done in town head to the tunnel and check out where the Temple used to be. On the way on 3F you will find a LandShard in a chest northwest of the stairs.

On the 4F talk to the old man and help him up to the Temple. When you get to the temple goto the Priest's room and check the chest, the Priest Key you have will open it and give you a WindShard.

Open Priests Chest

Now head back to the Ruins and use your FireShards to open the northeast pedestal in the fire room (northwest).


Loomin - Disaster Deja Vu

Loomin Pedestal

World Map with Loomin Area

When you arrive head west to find a hill you can enter

Hill on the way to Loomin
, on the hill you will find a LandShard. After picking that up continue west to the town of Loomin.

When you enter town you will get attacked by two BabyGoyles

Confront BabyGoyles
, take them out and then talk to the townspeople, including the Priest hiding in the well on the northwest side of town, you will need to walk behind the large house in the middle of the north side of town to get thru the wall to get to it.

After that enter the house you had to go around to get to the well, the monsters boss Borunga is upstairs sitting in the bathtub.

Defeat Borunga and take the Tower Key from the drawers in the northwest corner of the room.

Found Tower Key

Head to the Tower of Darkness to the west to take on DarkDraco.

Head to Tower of Darkness Confront DarkDraco
When you defeat him the light will return to the land.
Light is restored
Head back to town and talk to the people, they will be happy to be rid of all their problems.

Head back to the present and sail to Loomin. When you arrive you will find out that the town . . . has been destroyed.

Town is still destroyed

Something must have gone wrong in the past, but before you head back check out the Monster Park behind the town of Loomin. The man there will give you a bag of BeefJerky to use to try to tame monsters and he wants you to send them to him.

Got BeefJerky

Also climb the Tower of Darkness again and get the ? Shard that is located where DarkDraco was in the past at the top of the tower.

Head back to Loomin past and when you arrive the town it is under attack from VineRoots, destroy all of the VineRoots in town, including the houses and other buildings.

VineRoots in town
Make sure you check out the house where you defeated Borunga.

Then head to the well, more VineRoots will appear, when you defeat those head into the tunnel in the well. Follow the retreating Roots thru the cave. Eventually you will come to the HellVine.

When you defeat the HellVine you receive a WindShard, then head back to town.

Talk to everyone; make sure to stop by the house where the guy with the Bombcrag lives (the big house at the north edge of town). He will have another pet monster.

Meet Chibi

You solved the town's problems again

Receive thanks for saving th town again.
, so head back to the present and check out Loomin.

When you arrive you find that . . . the town is STILL in ruins. So head back to the past and see what happened this time.

Town Still in Ruins 1 Town Still in Ruins 2

When you return you will hear from the townspeople of Sieble (the guy in the big house on the north side of town, again)

Learn Sieble's name
and his pet monster, Chibi
Sieble and his pet
, which has grown and is worrying the townspeople.
Townspeople are scared

Then go into the mansion and talk to Sieble and hear what he has to say. When you go to leave some of the townspeople will come in and ask Sieble to get rid of Chibi, and Chibi will try protect Sieble when one of the townspeople come at him. Then they will run off scared.

Go outside and talk to the townspeople, they will ask you to kill Chibi for them

People ask you to restore peace
, say No when they ask. Then go back inside the mansion and talk to Sieble again.
Tell Sieble about townspeople's plans
Say Yes when he asks if you will help him.

Wait for Sieble to leave, then head out of town and meet up with him at the hill to the east of town.

Suggestion of the Hill to hide in
Leave Chibi there
At the hill with Chibi and Sieble.
and head back to town, while talking to Sieble you will hear a scream outside.

Fight the Hellworms in town until you are reminded about Sieble, so head back to the mansion and check on him. You will get attacked by a group of Hellworms, take Sieble outside. There will be a small army of Hellworms there.

Mass of Hellworms attack
But before you get attacked Chibi comes back and takes care of the Hellworms and saves the town.

Talk to everyone and then head back to the present. Not much really to see now that the town is actually here, just that everyone thinks Chibi was a person.

Chibi's Gravestone


Mardra - The Ultimate Magic

Mardra Pedestal

World Map with Mardra Area

Back at the ruins the remaining FireShards to open the last fire pedestal, it is the southwest one. When you arrive head straight west and check out Raguraz Castle (the castle to the north) and talk with the king.

Now head to the southern castle visit Mardra and Mardra Castle. When you goto the castle tell them yes when they ask if you are the messenger from Medille.

Pose as the Messenger
That will get you inside the castle.

In the northwest tower on the top floor you will find the Empress, talk to her and she will ask you to goto the Great Fane to the south. She will give you a letter to get you thru the roadblock that King Zeppel has erected.

Actually act as a messenger Got the Empress Letter

The 4 spires, front east one with blue is Water Spire, the yellow north it is the Earth Spire, the front west one with the red is the Fire Spire, and the northwest with the white is the Wind Spire.

In the southwest tower on the lower level talk to the Staff Maker, he will be looking for his apprentice. Go to the southeast tower and on the second floor you will find the apprentice, he can't remember how to open the chest in the middle of the room.

Clue to open the chest

Leave the room and come back to make sure the room is reset. From the wizard statue, walk east thru both doors

Path to unlock 1 Path to unlock 2
, then go around the outside of the room to the north door and walk south thru both doors.
Path to unlock 3 Path to unlock 4

Then chest should unlock (you will get a message you hear a click if it does) when you open it the apprentice comes over and asks if he can have the contents, the LightAqua.

Apprentice takes the contents

Walk back to the lower level of the south corridor that connects the front to Spires and talk to the guard, he will tell you the other guard hasn't come back to give you permission to come in and asks if you are an imposter. You will get thrown out of the castle.

Getting thrown out

So head south to the Great Fane with the Empress letter. The guards will let you thru since you have the letter.

Checkpoint access using the Empress Letter
Go south to the Great Fane and go to the second floor to talk to the High Priest, and give him the Empress Letter.

He will ask you to get the StarShard for him to complete a spell he is working on.

Need to get the StarShard
The StarShard is in the cave to the west of the Great Fane.

Before you leave the Great Fane in the room with the platform in the middle of the lake, leave the room and come back in then use the same tactic used on the chest in the castle to get to the platform. Starting at the west door (with the statue of the wizard) walk east thru the west door then thru the east door.

Open the hidden path 1 Open the hidden path 2
Take the hallway around to the north and then walk south thru the north, then down thru the south doors.
Open the hidden path 3 Open the hidden path 4
It will open a path to the stairs down.
Path is open

Now head to the cave in the west. Partway thru you will come across a Dwarf and his wife, you will have to spend the night there to be able to continue on since the waterfall is blocking the path and it only lets up in the morning for a little bit.

Time to go

Head to the top of the mountain and get the StarShard,

Found StarShard
head back down and stop by the Dwarf's house again and talk to him and pay him 40 gold for spending the night.

Then finish your trek back to the Great Fane and give the StarShard to the High Priest.

Give StarShard to High Priest

Now the priest will give you the Priest Scroll

Got Priest Letter now
and tell you to go back and delay King Zeppel from completing the Ultimate Magic spell.

On the way to the castle a hooded figure will try to attack a little girl and the priest Dino will save her, you will help Dino back to the temple. He will tell you a story about himself and King Zeppel.

Now head to the castle, tell the guards that you are NOT the messenger from Medille then you can show them the Priest Letter.

Talk to the King

Ask the King to stop
, he will tell you to tell the High Priest that he is not working on the Ultimate Magic.

Leave the castle and use the Priest Letter to enter the Magic Research Institute.

Use Priest Letter to get into the Magic Institute
Check it out, when you come out there will be a messenger from the High Priest asking you to come back to the Great Fane and he is ready to test the magic.

Head back to the Great Fane and talk to the High Priest again. He will test the spell, but he messed up the formula so he sends you back to the Castle to keep an eye on the king.

When you get back to Mardra City you will be confronted by the messenger from Medille, after he converses with you he will attack you, he is a ZoeMage.

Confront the messenger

When you defeat the ZoeMage and head into the Magic Research Institute. You will see Dino arguing with one of the researchers; follow him down into the basement

Follow Dino

Zeppel will cast the spell and it will overtake him.

Zeppel uses the spell
He will head back to the castle. Follow him; you will catch up with him on the bridge to the castle.
Zeppel feels the power

You cannot win this battle so don't waste your energy here. When you loose the High Priest will come and revive your party.

Your party is revived

Head into the castle and go up to the second level and talk to the High Priest, he will cast his spell and weaken Zeppel

High Priest casts Majustis
, then you can go back down to the first floor and battle Zeppel.
Plea to stop Zeppel

After the battle you can talk to everyone in town and the castle, the apprentice of the Staff Maker will give you a Bolt Staff if you talk to him before you leave.

Got staff from Staff Maker
If you go by the temple Dino will tell you he is going back to the castle to be near his friend again.

Now head back to the Great Fane and see what the High Priest wanted to talk to you about. He tells you he will teach you the Majustis spell when he perfects it.

Promise to give you the spell

So now head back to the present day. When you arrive Maribel will say she wants to take a rest and when you go outside someone from Fishbel will arrive and tell you that Amitt (Maribel's father) is sick.

News of Amitt's illness

Goto Fishbel and talk to Maribel and Amitt, also talk to your father, he will tell you of some people he encountered that lived in tents and asked if you had come across people like that.

Nomadic tribe news 1 Nomadic tribe news 2

Leave town and sail to the Deja Region and you will see they are going thru the dance ritual you encountered in the past before. Talk to the guy guarding the main tent, then talk to everyone else in town. Talk to the guy guarding the tent again, the ceremony will end abruptly and Aira will come out.

At the Deja Tribe
Go in and talk to the Chief.

Then leave the camp to the south and travel northwest till you find a hill with a grave. Enter the hill and talk to Aira, she will run off again.

Following Aira
So head back to the camp and go into the Chief's tent. Aira is leaving and wants you to help her. After you agree to go with her talk to the Chief and his wife then talk to Aira again and you can set off. (Don't forget to train her in some classes.)

She will take you back over to the hill with the grave. She will recover a sword she hid there and you will camp for the night.

Holy Blade
In the morning you can continue, but before you do Aira will give you a WindShard.

Head off to the Mardra region. Talk to the townspeople about a musician that lives there, Johann. But it seems as if he has left town for the moment. Head to the castle and talk to everyone there including Princess Michaela. The Princess will hold a contest to find the best Tula player so you will have to come back to see that later.

Tula Contest is started

For now head down to the Great Fane.

Use the technique from the past to gain access to the stairs in the middle of the lake in the Fane. Go down and find the grave of the High Priest, read the tombstone and you will learn Majustis.

Reading Tombstone 1 Reading Tombstone 2 Reading Tombstone 3

Now head back to the ruins and prepare to travel to the Lefa Region.


Lefa - The Winged Peoples

Lefa Pedestal

World Map with Lefa Area

Head to the southeast pedestal in the Wind room (southwest) and complete that gate to head to the Lefa Region.

From the Traveler's Gate head north to the town

View of Gorges
, then go down the stairs and follow the cave until you reach the town.

Walk west just a bit and enter the big house, talk to the man Pendragon, he will ask you to goto the Lefa Fane to the north and recover the BlissRock that they left behind when the Fane was attacked by monsters.

Quest to get the BlissRock

Make your way down the cliff to the bridge and cross over and go back up the other side.

Head to the Fane in the north, you can stop at the village just before where people from the Fane have taken up Residence.

Enter the Dark Cave before the Fane and make your way thru. In the room with the monster statues, search each one and it will point (with its tail) which way you should go

Statues point the way
, don't stray too far otherwise you will fall to the floor below.

When you get to the end of the cave you will have to take on the HellGenie.

Enter the Fane then and make your way up until you find the BlissRock. Take it back to Pendragon's house and walk into the kitchen, watch Firia and her grandmother argue, then talk to Firia, then talk to the Grandmother. Then Pendragon will come back.

Give him the BlissRock; they will have a celebration in your honor that night. In the morning stop by and talk to him again, he will give you an AGL Scarf and you will find out that grandma told Firia to take the BlissRock and throw it in the river.

Cross the bridge and go to make your way up the other side, but just as you are to enter the cave on the other side the wind stops.

Travel to the top of the cliff, when you get there you will find Firia hanging from the cliff, jump down to the landing near her.

Firia hangs on
When you do she falls, but just before she hits the ground she starts to hover and lands softly. The BlissRock saved her from falling.
Firia is OK after her fall

Now follow her back to her father's house. You will have to go back to the Fane and clear the cloud that is there, but you need a Lefan to go with you to open a door, but Firia is the only one who can move, but she thinks she is an orphan. It comes out that she is a true Lefan and she goes with you to open the door in the Wind Fane.

Lefan Door

So head back to the Wind Fane, and when you get back to where the BlissRock was, place it back on the pedestal

Put the BlissRock on the Pedestal
, it will generate a breeze again. Then go back to the room like a maze with the switches and rearrange the walls until you connect the large north door with the large south door.
Wind Path 1 Wind Path 2 Wind Path 3 Wind Path 4

When you do connect the path the dark cloud will disappear, and a foe will appear laughing. Firia will go to get the BlissRock, when she does, move the south most 90degree wall and then go out to the statue.

You will have to battle HellCloud here.

Confront the HellCloud
When you defeat him the dark clouds will go away and the wind will return. When you leave the fane the Dark Cave will be gone also.
Dark Cave is gone

Head back to Gorges and go to Pendragon's house. Firia and her grandmother will go out side and Firia can fly with the BlissRock, but she doesn't want to keep it and stay just the way she is and she gives the BlissRock to you.

Firia gives you the BlissRock 1 Firia gives you the BlissRock 2

Now head back to the present and sail to present-day Gorges. The inhabitants can no longer fly, and the Pendragon is holed up in her house and won't come out.

Head to the Wind Fane and you will find a LandShard where the BlissRock was in the past and a AquaShard in one of the 3 chests in the back rooms.

Now head back to the Ruins and complete the pedestal to Labres.


Labres - A Monster in Priest's Clothing

Labres Pedestal

World Map with Labres Area

Use your LandShards to complete the northeast pedestal in the northeast room. Walk north to the town of Labres.

When you talk to the man near the entrance he will tell you that his brother has tried to go to the town to the south but hasn't come back yet.

Arrive at village

Go to the hill to the south, you will find the man there. You will need to battle two TreeGuards. After you defeat them if you try to go south thru the pass the fog sends you back to the start of the pass.

Monsters in the fog

So follow the man you helped back to town, he says something about defeating a priest. It appears that the priest looks like a monster, goto the Prefect's house in the northeast corner of town. He will ask you to kill the monster, tell him NO, then check out the town including the temple and the monster.

No you won't help

When you reach the temple you see a child praying at a tombstone, that is Lukas his parents were killed.

Lukas at the cemetery
While he is praying the priest monster comes out of the temple and the little boy runs off. Enter the temple from the back and try to talk to the monster, but it can't communicate.
Talking to Monster

Go back to the house just below the temple and talk to Lukas a couple times, he is having second thoughts about the monster priest being bad.

Lukas has second thoughts

After you have talked to everyone go back to the Prefect's house and they will start the meeting.

During the meeting you will get a chance to talk to everyone there, speak with them all. Lukas will ask to speak with you in private and tell you he doesn't think the monster is evil.

The meeting will continue when everyone leaves talk to the Prefect again and tell him NO you won't help them. Then he will tell you to stop joking and tell you than you can rest upstairs. Talk to him again, say YES you are ready to go then NO you aren't going to help them kill the monster, then YES you are refusing to help them, then NO again you won't help them.

Refusal to kill the monster

The Prefect will call for help and have you locked in the shed.

You get locked up
Walk over to the door and you will hear the little girl out there. When she asks if you will be good say YES, she will let you out and Lukas will be out there.
Are you sorry?
He will join your party, go to the Temple and talk to the Prefect. They will capture you again, but this time dump you on Mt. Tor and lock you in.
Captured again

Make your way to the top of the mountain

Talking to Botok 1 Talking to Botok 2
and defeat Botok. Head back to Labres now, they will have the priest monster on a burning stake and are going to burn him
Monster on a stake
, go down and talk to the Prefect then to Lukas. The priest will turn back into his normal form.
Monster is really the Priest

Help Lukas get the priest back to the Temple, then go talk to the Prefect. He will ask you to check on Lukas, so head back towards the Temple, but before you get there the Priest comes out and asks you to help him leave town.

Priest wants to leave

Before he gets out of town Lukas comes to say goodbye and gives the Priest the Goddess Statue.

Priest heads out of town
After he leaves the Prefect comes and asks about the Priest, you tell him that the Priest already left. The Prefect has you spend the night, in the morning you can head back to the present.

Sail to Labres and talk to the inhabitants, it seems that they have skewed the story over the years and made you out to be the attacker of the priest not the villagers.

Talk to Lief in the house where Lukas used to live, then check out the monument to the priest, it will look like it has been changed.

Lief's tale 1 Lief's tale 2

Go talk to the current Prefect and tell him you think things are wrong, he will tell you that you are joking.

Tell Prefect the town's story is wrong
Talk to the kid guarding the Junk pile and agree that Sazamu is your boss. When you get inside Sazamu is digging a hole but he can't lift what is in the hole to continue digging, help him by removing the item which is the Monolith from the monument in town.
Dig up the tablet

You will end up showing it to the Prefect

Prefect stops you
; he will smash it and deny the whole cover-up. Go back to the junk pile and talk to the kids again, they will let Leif play with them again and they will say they will work hard to convince the grown-ups what is the real truth.

Before you leave town grab the AquaShard from the chest in the General Store tent.

There is one more shard needed to goto the next region, RETURN to Dune and use the carpet to fly down the river to the Sphinx, up on one of the higher floors there is a shard lying on the floor.

Now head back to the Ruins and use your AquaShards to complete the southeast pedestal in the southeast room.


Coastal Region - The Great Lighthouse

Coastal Pedestal

World Map with Coastal Area

When you arrive head north to Coastal City and check out the town. While talking to everyone one of the guys in the bar beneath the inn tells you that the inn owner is at the temple if you want to get a room.

Go to the temple and talk to one of the ladies, she will tell you that if you had the King's permission then you could stay.

Need King's permission
So go back to and talk to the minister in the King's chamber
Asking the Minister
, he will say no but the King will interject and say that it is OK for you to stay, so go to the inn and talk to the innkeeper again.

You get to stay for free but in the middle of the night you awaken to a scream, when you go outside you see a lady name Sierra trying to talk to a monster saying it is her baby.

Mother and Monster child

Go back to the castle and talk to the Minister, then go upstairs and go out on the balcony and talk to the bard. You will see a flashback of what happened to Sharkeye and his wife Anise.

Flashback with Sharkeye

Go back to the inn, in the morning you will be summoned by the King. But before you go to see the King exit the east door on 1F of the inn. The house behind there has a bookshelf in it, inspect it from the north side and you can slide it to get to the chest outside that contains a ? shard.

Then head to the castle and see what the King was interested in. He explains the curse of the town and the plan to find a way thru the Great Lighthouse. He then asks you to goto the Halflings cave in the east.

So leave town and head north until you can round the mountains and go south again to the cave. Make your way thru the cave until you reach the Halflings Town.

Entering the Halfling town

No one will really talk to you, but go thru the door on the lower level to talk to the Grand Halfling, he will tell you that you will have to go further into the cave to find the Glim Moss, and there is a monster down there that is eating it.

Go down a couple more levels and you will have to battle Gamadius

Found Gamadius
, a SeaHorser and a SeaDragon. When you win go up to the wall and take some of the Glim Moss, now head back to coastal and make your way as if you were going to the inn. When you get inside the child monster will be there, go up to the monster and USE the Glim Moss.
USEing the Glim Moss

The monster child will walk off and the king will say the moss will glow forever in the dark, so they have you take a rest. In the morning the king will tell you that you need RainbwDew to extinguish the Dark Flame and that the scholar (on the south end of that floor) knows where it is.

The RainbwDew is in the cave that you and Kiefer were exploring during the into at the beginning of the game. When you get back to the Ruins go to the big room in the middle and enter the temple with the Blue Flame, then go south and east and you will be at the pond with the RainbwDew.

Filling the bottle

Head back to Coastal now and goto the Great Lighthouse. Follow the footsteps thru the Great Lighthouse, when you get to the DarkFlame USE the RainbwDew on it.

USEing the RainbwDew
It will turn into a portal and take to you another location. Here you will have to defeat BeliMawr.

When you defeat BeliMawr you will receive a ? Shard.

Head back to Coastal and talk to the King, now it seems as if Anise has run off and the King wants your help to relight the Great Lighthouse

Got Coastal Letter
and you need to goto Engow to get the PilotFire from the chief there.

Return to the Ruins and go back to Engow (northwest pedestal in the northwest room). Talk to the Elder and show him the Coastal Letter

Give Elder the Coastal Letter
, they will give you the PilotFire.
Obtained the PilotFire
So now head back to the Great Lighthouse, climb to the top and USE the PilotFire. Light will be restored to the area and some guards from Coastal City will arrive and take you back to the castle.
PilotFire illuminates the land

You will find out that Anise has gone into the sea to become a mermaid so she can wait until Sharkeye unthaws and she can see him again. You relight the flame in the lighthouse in the castle and learn that you may have mended the relationship with the Halflings. Head over to the Halflings cave and talk to them before you head back to the present.

After you talk to the Grand Halfling you can take the stuff from their treasure room, which is in the lower level of the room that the Grand Halfling is in. You will get another ? Shard.

Head back to the present and check out Coastal City, the castle is gone now and is replaced by another Casino. You can buy a ? shard for 2000 tokens. Also from the east exit stairs of the casino talk to one of the guys who says he is a big winner, he says he sold it to the Armorer, go to the Armor store and talk to his wife working the counter (enter from the back side) she says he went to the Great Lighthouse and has been gone for some time.

Head to the lighthouse and climb to the top to find the Armorer.

Armorer in the Great Lighthouse
He will tell you he gave it to the Priest in Coastal City, so head back there now and find him in the bar in the Casino. When you talk to him he runs off and goes to the floor above the temple. Talk to the nun there and she says she saw him rummaging around under his desk a while ago. Go search under the altar and you will find a ? shard.
Searching under the Desk

If you want to visit the King of Coastal, the castle is now part of the Halfling cave in the east.

You have now freed all of the lands that had been disrupted by the Demon Load.


Take on the Demon Lord - Round 1

Look for a Shrine to the east of Falrish/Falrod near a small lake.

Shrine near the lake

Go up to 2F to talk to the guard, he will unlock the door on 1F, go thru the door on 1F to the flower at the back. The flower will take you down under the water.

Riding the Lotus Flower
Make your way thru and when you come back under water after you end up on land for a bit take the east branch when going south and down some stairs to find a ? shard.

There is also a creature near there that asks you to talk to the Undersea King and ask you to have him change the creature's form to something less scary.

Monster asking for help

Continue on, when you come up to land again and all there is a crest on the ground

USEing the BlissRock
, stand on the crest and USE the BlissRock and a platform will come down from the sky.
Platform arrives

Get on the platform and it will take you to the Sky Fane, talk to everyone there, then jump on the platform and go north to visit the other part of the Sky Fane.

There use your shards to complete the Pedestal of Resurrection

Pedestal of Resurrection
, it will take you to the past, head north to the Fane and go take the Lotus Flower down to the Coral Cave and traverse it again.

Use the BlissRock on the crest of God when you reach it

USEing the BlissRock again
, this will resurrect the downed sky fanes.
Restoring the Sky Fanes 1 Restoring the Sky Fanes 2
Now head back thru the Coral Cave and you will notice the Fane is gone, go back south to the Traveler's Gate so you can return to the present.

Head to the south part of the Sky Fane and talk to the High Priestess and she will give you access to the Sky Stone.

The Sky Stone

Check out the west part of the Sky Fane for some weapon upgrades.

Now using the Sky Stone fly to the Fane north of Hamelia that is surrounded by mountains

Aerial view of the Fane
, he will give you another ? Shard and tell you your path leads deep underground. Now head to the excavation site.

Make your way thru the Excavation site to a pedestal, use your ? Shards to complete it and move onto another cavern.

Pedestal for the Excavation Site
Make your way thru this cavern to find the Demon Lord, Orgodemir.

You will see a cutscene about the final battle between God and the DemonLord.

Orgodemir and God

This can be a long battle and Orgodemir has 2 forms so make sure you are ready.

When you win

Defeat Orgodemir
, leave via the portal to the south, a the land with God's Temple will reappear and you will have to switch to Disc 2.
Land with God's Temple


Reviving God - Back to the Dejans

You will end up in the Sky Fane, after talking to everyone in the room, go down the stairs and take the Traveler's Gate back to the ruins.

Everyone in your party will agree it is time to awaken God. But first head back to Estard Castle and talk to King Burns in the dining room.

Are your travels done?

He will ask you if your journey is done, tell him NO and he will tell you about a region to the north with music abilities (Mardra of course). So leave the castle and head to Mardra.

Head towards the castle, you will come across Michaela; they will be heading to the Great Fane for the contest, so follow them down there.

Contest about to start

The contest will go poorly and Michaela will want to destroy the TerraTula

Michaela is annoyed
, but Johann's master will stake his life that Johann can play it, so Michaela gives him another chance and he does great
Michaela gives another chance
, then joins your party.

Head to the Deja camp and talk to the Chief's wife, she tells you he is already at the lake to the west.

Johann at the Deja Tribe
Head to the lake and talk to the chief, he will ask you to rest the night, use the northernmost tent.

In the morning head into the cave, it should be the same as it was in the past.

When you get thru the cave, place the TerraBell on the altar and it will drain the lake again.

Place TerraBell on Altar again
Go out and talk to the Chief, Aria and Johann will perform the ritual and God will be revived.
God Appears
The chief will then send you back to the Ruins, and then Johann will leave to go back to Mardra.
God says to return home

Head back to Estard Castle, they will send word to the King and send you home to Fishbel where they are preparing a celebration for you. Talk to your parents then the cook on the ship to get the party started.

Head to the north end of town and talk to the old man blocking the way, he will tell you that you can't leave, but then Johann arrives and tells you that King Burns wants to talk to you.

Requested meeting with King Burns 1 Requested meeting with King Burns 2

They have a huge celebration, all of the towns party and everyone splits up. You go back to being a Fisherman's son.

Celebration in Estard Castle Celebration in Estard City Celebration in Engow Celebration in Dune Celebration in Gorges Back at Estard Castle


Awaken the Flame Spirit - Don't get Burned

You wake up one morning, much like you did at the beginning of the game, and you take a Fish Sub to your father and check with the cook to see if there is anything to do.

Take the Fish Sub again
The cook says he doesn't have anything and to go back upstairs.

People calling themselves the Messengers of God arrive and Amitt and Borkano need to talk to them.

Messengers of God arrive
Your father has you go in his place, so you find out they head to Estard Castle so follow them up there.

You can't get into the dining room to attend the meeting, so go upstairs to talk to the Minister, when you do a guard will come up and say that you are to come to the dining room when you arrive.

So head down to the dining room now and enter the meeting.

The messengers are here to tell the King that each country is going to receive a special message from God and they are summoned to the Crystal Palace. So you, the King, Aria, and Gabo take the Sky Stone and follow them to the Crystal Palace.

The Crystal Palace

You can explore the Crystal Palace now; when you are ready take a nap in the room that is next to where the King left you. You will have to go downstairs and out the side doors and around the outside of the building to get to the room.

While sleeping you are awoken by a noise, head back to where you can go upstairs like the King did and talk to the guards there.

Awoke by a commotion
When you do Melvin arrives and takes the two guards there and goes outside to take care of a disturbance.

Head upstairs and talk to the guards at the next set of stairs, they will recognize your names and let you go up to the meeting. Talk to all of the attendees and then try to head down the stairs, God will then appear.

Part of God's speech 1
God will tell you to lay down all your weapons and not to kill any living being, including monsters.
Do not kill monsters God says

When it is over, head downstairs and outside to meet up with King Burns again to leave.

Leaving the Crystal Palace
Outside you will see the cause of the disturbance is Hondara. Then as you leave Melvin gets called back up to speak to God. Then you see him running from the guards and escape from the castle and they say he has committed treason against God.
Melvin runs from the guards

On your way back, the sky gets dark, and lightning forms and your party falls from the Sky Stone.

Sky Stone in the Storm
King Burns gets hurt and is taken to the throne room, but doesn't awaken.

Head back to Fishbel, a soldier in Estard City tells you not to go, but head there anyway. You will find out that your father was left at sea. Find Maribel to see what else you can learn.

She joins your party and wants to head to the ruins, so go there and check them out.

Maribel Joins up again

When you get outside town, you can look at your map and the island that is on the map.

Head to the ruins and when you walk in you hear something; the further you go the more you hear your name. Walk west to the statue and talk to it, you will be able to communicate with Melvin.

Talking to Melvin
It seems that God banished whole continents calling them dens of evil, and Fishbel was one of those lands.

Head into the ruins now and go back to the big room between the pedestal rooms, check out one of the small buildings and see the Traveler's Gate there isn't working anymore, and notice all of the pedestals are missing their shards again.

Melvin will talk to you again and say he is in Coastal and can get you the Sacred Flame to relight the torches at each of the 4 traveler's gates in that room.

Now you will be controlling Melvin in Coastal.

Maribel won't have any new equipment since you left her last, use Melvin and buy any upgrades for her in Coastal and the Halfling Cave and put them in the BAG, when you get your party back, the items will be there for Maribel to use.

That being said, take Melvin and head to the Great Lighthouse, but the guard won't let you in, you need permission from the King. So head to the Halfling's cave and find the King. He will give you permission to the Great Lighthouse.

Climb to the top and examine the Pilot Fire

Melvin gets the PilotFire
, you will transfer control back to your party and the flame on the Flame Shrine will be lit. Take it now to Engow.
Melvin sends the PilotFire

Leave Mt. Flame and head to Engow village, talk to the guy in the northwest corner of town by the extinguished torch. A monster will attack; defeat the monsters, then goto the Chief's house. Talk to the old man guarding the door, he will let you thru when you tell him there are monsters in the village.

Go up and talk to Pamela and the Chief, Pamela will go with you to Mt. Flame, when you go to leave town she will want to stop by her place, so head there and talk to Ilma. She will tell Ilma to find "that", whatever that is?

Pamela talks about Pamela talks about

Now head back up to Mt. Flame. Pamela will go down into the volcano with you, head to where the boss room was; now there is a further area behind that room.

Something powerful in the new area
Head down into there, when you reach a door you can't open Pamela will call for Ilma, while waiting for her Pamela will tell you about the FlameSpirit.

When Ilma arrives you will get the FlameAqua and Flame Key, now you can enter the room.

Ilma Brings the Flame Key and FlameAqua 1 Ilma Brings the Flame Key and FlameAqua 2

Use the FlameAqua on the magma

USEing the FlameAqua
, the FlameSpirit will awaken and challenge you to a battle, defeat him he will try to fix the lands that have disappeared, but he can't do it, but it does remove the darkness from Engow.
Received the FlameChrm
You will get the FlameChrm and you will end up back at Engow village.

Head back to Mt. Flame and take the Traveler's Gate back to the Ruins. Now head back to Fishbel.


Awaken the TerraSpirit - He is down to earth

Back in Fishbel everyone is talking about a large ship out at sea, find your mother on the dock, she will ask you to go will Amitt on the ship to check out the other ship and see if they know anything about Borkano.

Check out the ship at sea

Talk to Amitt and he will let you on the ship, then go down to the lowest level and talk to Amitt again to get going.

You will follow the fire trail in the water to the ship, which ends up being Sharkeye's ship.

Flame path to Sharkeye's ship
But as you try to board, they dump you in the ocean thinking you are monsters. You will then see a flashback about Sharkeye again, and then you will awaken on Sharkeye's Ship.

You will have a flashback about Sharkeye and his past.

Sharkeye Flashback

When you awaken you will talk to Sharkeye, and the mark on your arm will "activate"

Mark on your arm
and you will hear from the AquaSpirit
AquaSpirit Talks
and you will end up with the complete mark
You have the entire Crest now
and 2 more of the Traveler's Gates in the Map Room in the Ruins will be activated.
Traveler's Gates activated.

Check out the ship and then talk to the guy steering the ship, he will take you to Fishbel, get out and head back to the Ruins and goto the room with the Shrines. Take the northeast shrine Traveler's Gate (with the yellow flame).

Head just west to Dune Village and talk to the Chief to find the state of things. He will tell you that the castle has been attacked and to go there and save the Queen.

Asked to help the Queen

Head to the Palace and go downstairs to talk to the Queen, whom actually talks to you directly this time.

Queen asks you to believe her
She asks you to awaken the Terra Sprit (imagine that) and that the Shaman in town can awaken the Spirit, also she says to take one of the Chief's sons with you on your journey.

So head back to the Village and talk to the Chief. The three sons that are there will chicken out, but the youngest son will ask to go. Go behind the main house and talk to Saide and he will join your party.

Saide helps you

Then go into the big vase in the middle of town and talk to the Shaman and he will agree to bring the bodily form of the Terra Spirit out with a ritual.

He goes out side town and then to the hill near town to draw a likeness of the TerraSpirit on the ground

Shaman draws the TerraSpirit image
, but he forgets what the face looks like.

Head to the palace and talk to the queen, she will let you explore the Fane underground, head down there to find Saide's brothers.

Monsters will attack them, defeat the monsters and then the brothers will give you the King's Key.

Got King's Key

Take the key up and talk to the Queen, she will tell you that key has been passed down from the times of king Hadeed and it can reopen the Sphinx. Head now to the village and take the Traveler's Gate in the large vase in the middle of town to get near the Sphinx.

Enter the Sphinx and go to the North side of the main level, now you can open the door to this new area.

USEing the King's Key

You will enter the Underground Pyramid. When you come to room with 6 coffins in it, close the coffin doors to darken the room

Close Casket Lid
and you will be able to get the Seer's Gem.
Found Seer'sGem

Then when you come to a room with a Face on the wall, stand on the diamond tile in front of the face until the mouth opens

Wait for mouth to open
, then you will be able to get the Rogue Gem.
Got Rogue Gem

Continue until you find the Heart Gem

Got Heart Gem
, no puzzles here, it is just lying on the ground, another floor down and you can get the Nose Gem.
Got Nose Gem

Now head back out of the Underground Pyramid and the Sphinx. Use the Heart Gem from your inventory and you will be able to break it in half.

Use Heart Gem
In doing so you will receive the Pierce Gem. Now head back to the Shaman at the hill in the desert.

The Shaman will complete the ritual

Shaman completes the ritual
and awaken the TerraSpirit and you will receive the TerraChrm.
Got TerraChrm

Talk to the Chief and Queen again, then head back to the Ruins.


Awaken the WindSpirit - She is kind of an Airhead

Back at the ruins head to the Wind Shrine (the one with the green flame) to arrive in the Lefa Region.

You will arrive at the top of the Wind Fane, head down to the main level and to the back and walk into the library, the researchers may have found a clue on what to do,

Clue on what to do
but they need to tell the Pendragon.

So head to Gorges to talk to the Pendragon, when you arrive, she is about to make a speech, so head up to her house to wait for her. She comes out and tells everyone that she has grown wings, and if there are any warriors present to help with the fight against the monsters to come speak with her.

Head up to her house and speak with Sefana, she will ask you to take her to the Wind Tower.

Help Sefana
So head up the ridge and southeast from town.

Climb the tower and at the top at the Wind Alter you will see Firia again and she is grown up

Talking to Firia
, with Sefana's help you will fly up to where the Lefans began, Sky Town.
Ride the whirlwind

When you arrive find the Pendragon's house and help him clean the messy room. Pick up each piece of trash and throw it in the garbage can.

Cleaning up
When you do you will get the Seal Key
Got Seal Key
and the Halo Orb (which can be used to travel between Sky Town and the mainland).

Find the circular shrine and you can enter it and take the warp plate to the Wind Maze, the maze is 3D and it can get confusing making you way thru it.

When you get to the 4th area there is a chest on a platform, but it is empty. When you check it Negal attacks you.

Confront Negal

When you win you will receive the Wind Robe, and the Statue behind the chest will turn into a warp plate, take it back to the Sky Town.

Talk to the Pendragon again, his room is a mess again, help him clean it and you will get the Wind Hat.

Got Wind Hat

Use the Halo Orb to return to the mainland and head back to the Wind Fane. USE the Wind Robe on the Spirit Statue and she will appear and join the other 2 Spirits.

Wind Spirit is awakened

Head back to the Traveler's Gate and back to the Ruins.


Awaken the AquaSpirit - She's not watered down

This is the simplest one to take care of. Head back to Sharkeye's ship, and you will hold the Aquagon sword up again

Raise up the Aquagon Sword
and it will show you where the AquaSpirit is. She will awaken
AquaSpirit is awakened
and the 4 spirits will confront God.
Spirits confront God Coming out of the darkness

They will reveal that he is really is the Demon Lord.

God is really Orgodemir

The Crystal Palace will mutate into the Dark Palace

Crystal Palace mutates 1 Crystal Palace mutates 2 Crystal Palace mutates 3 Crystal Palace mutates 4
and Melvin will rejoin your party.


Defeat the DemonLord - Round 2

You will return to Estard Castle. The king is feeling better and Maribel will rush off to check on her parents again. If you want her in your party, just go talk to her at home and you can choose whom to take with you on your final journey.

Use the Sky Stone to fly to the Dark Palace (old Crystal Palace) and make your way down. When you reach the location to jump into the big hole to move from the old Crystal Palace into the Dark Palace area, check the chests for the Final Key.

Found Final Key

You can head back to Estard Castle now with the Final Key and get into the treasure room under the main staircase and get the items there.

Make your way thru the Dark Palace, when you get to a point that has a dead end

Spirits might help
, use one of the Spirit Charms, you will be taken to a themed path of that Spirit.
FlameSpirit Path TerraSpirit Path WindSpirit Path AquaSpirit Path

When I played the only path worth taking was the AquaChrm path, because you get a ? Shard when you go that way.

Confront DemonLord again
When you defeat Orgodemir you will arrive in the Sky Fane again
Back in the Sky
, talk to everyone including the guy downstairs, then the Floating platform will arrive to take you. When you go to leave, Melvin stays behind.
Melvin leaves 1 Melvin leaves 2

The Sky Stone will take you to Dharma Temple, talk to everyone there and then head outside to have the Sky Stone take you again.

This time you end up in Gorges, talk to Sefana so you can continue on your journey.

Then you end up in Mezar, talk to Nicola and you will see Ragley come back and ask for you to say that he was with you when you defeated the Demon Lord, you can only say yes otherwise you will loop forever.

Then it is to Dune, talk to the Queen and be on your way.

Next is Engow, you will be talking to the Chief, and they are going to start the Procession of Fire up again. Talk to everyone, then talk to the Chief and then the procession will get underway.

Back at Engow

Then it is on to Mardra, you will talk to Princess Michaela and she will give you a kiss and tell you that you better visit her.

Michaela wants a boyfriend

Now time for Coastal, talk to the King and Grand Halfling and be on your way.

Then you stop at Sharkeye's Ship for a small celebration.

Then it is on to Estard Castle, but before you go talk to the King, goto town and go down the well.

Found LostShard
Get the Lost Shard there and then goto the Scholar on the Cliff, he will tell you the chest on the cliffside is used to send items back in time.
Talking to Scholar 1 Talking to Scholar 2

So go back into the tunnel you took to visit the Scholar and take the gate there to the chest, place the Lost Shard there and it will save that progress to your current game.

Now head back and talk to the king.

There will be a party in your honor

Party in your honor
, and then you will end up at your house. You will wake up again ready for the Amitt Harvest, but this time you get 2 Fish Subs, one for you and one for your father.

Get on the ship and talk to everyone, you will find Maribel hiding in the ship again, but this time Borkano says it is OK for her to go along.

You and Maribel get to go fishing

Watch the end credits and you have beaten the game.


During the end credits while fishing you will find a tablet from Kiefer to you that explains what happened to him.

Tablet from Kiefer 1 Tablet from Kiefer 2 Tablet from Kiefer 3 Tablet from Kiefer 4

The End, sort of.

The End


Bonus Dungeon 1 - But wait there is more

Bonus Pedestal 1

You complete the first bonus pedestal and you will be transported to an island with a cave, the cave will be composed of a bunch of different areas from your past travels all linked together.

The path is pretty straightforward, not many real wrong paths you can take.

When you reach the bottom you can battle God

Found the Real God
, the real God this time, he is one tough dude.

If you manage to beet him in fewer than 20 rounds, he will let you choose your prize. 3 of the items are ? shards. So you have to beat God 3 times under 20 rounds to get the 3 ? shards to get to the second bonus dungeon.

Beat God and choosing gift


Bonus Dungeon 2 - Even more

Bonus Pedestal 2

Walk up to the castle from the Traveler's Gate. Ignore the side entrances they just lead to a chest that is a DorasBox.

This trip seemed to me much shorter than the first dungeon. Most of this path is pretty straight forward also.

At the end of this Dungeon you will have to battle the four Spirits together at the same time.

Confront the 4 spirits

When you win you can continue on and talk to God and he will join your town.

God agrees to join your town