Game Tips

Level Building Area - csd120 (Added: March 10, 2002)
In the tower near Hamilia, you get those level 8 slimes, sleep them all (I find the SleepAll spell from Shepards+Mages work best) and kill them off except one, then that last one will call a herd back in. Repeat as necessary.

Level Building Area 2 - King Zenith (Added: 20090123)
On disc 2, Krage is essentially turned into the land of the slime thingys. On this island, you will only encounter the following monsters:
Slime, Red Slime, Metaly, Babble, Metababble, Healer, King Slime, Cure Slime, Metal King, Gold Slime
The encounter rate is very high for monsters of the metal variety which is great for experience. Additionally, the parties of the weaker slime monsters are so easily dispatched that class leveling is extremely quick as well (recall that on disc 2, even weak monsters count towards your class leveling).