Dragon Warrior VII PSX Monster Heart Locations

001 Hork Heart Sunken City (Past) Move the Center pedestal at the beginning and break a vase in one of the Jail Cells there.
002 Berserkr Heart Tunnel between Avon and Huzu (Past) After you defeat Gracos, there is a chest with the heart.
003 Slime Heart Mountain Tower - Hamelia (present) The floor above where the villagers were being held in the past, there are two vases near the middle of the room, the west one is the Slime Heart.
004 Florajay Heart Probina (Past) In the cave (1F) on the way from the town of Probina (Past) to the temple on the hill.
005 Lipsy Heart Probina (Present) In the cave (1F) to where the temple was on top of the hill from the town of Probina.
006 Lipsy Heart #2 Loomin (Present) Tower of Darkness On the first floor on the back side of the tower, you have to go up to the second floor then back down, and out a set of double doors to find a chest with the heart in it.
007 Wyvern Heart Lefa (Past) Wind Fane Take the door on the north side of the first room and in the room on the east side with 3 chests, the east most chest has the heart.
008 EvlTurtl Heart Coastal (Past) - Halflings Cave After you bring light back to the land with the PilotFire, talk to the Grand Halfling again and he will let you take the treasure chests in the lower level of the room he is in
009 Mimic Heart Sphinx New Area - Dune Region after God's revival When you go to explore the Sphinx new area after getting the King's Key, there will be a chest when you ride the raft.
010 CursLamp Heart Immigrant Town When your town is between 30-34 people, in the jail area, there is a chest that contains this heart.
011 Wyvern Heart Immigrant Town, Bazaar In a pot in the large group of buildings on the north side of town.
012 RainHawk Heart Immigrant Town, Grand Slum Purchase for 100,000 coins in the casino.
013 Hero Heart Bonus Dungeon 2 Gift for defeating God in less than 20 rounds.
014 Platking Heart MedalKing Castle Get from the MedalKing for giving him 110 medals.