Dragon Warrior VII PSX Blueprints

001 Hamelia (Present) After defeating the King Slime in the Mountain Tower basement in the present Hamelia.
002 Gorges (Past) Next to the highest house (Pendragons' House) on the west side of the river, break the pots and barrels next to the house.
003 Labres (Past) - Path to Mt. Tor In a chest on the outside portion of the path up Mt. Tor. Take the first cave and exit the east side back outside. Go up two ladders, go west as far as you can go up another ladder, and take the cave to the east side and exit there to find the chest.
004 Coastal (Past) Halflings Cave - On the second floor down from the entrance level there is a set of stairs near where you come down from the floor above, go down there and the north chest has a blueprint in it. You need the Magic/Thief key to open it.
005 Coastal (Present) - Casino Purchase from the redemption counter.
006 Coral Rock Cave (Present) From the Lotus Flower go north, west then back south to a chest that has a blueprint in it.
007 Sharkeye's Ship (Present) Lower level at the front of the ship, by the garden there is a chest with a blueprint in it.
008 Dark Tower (Present) In the level with the white "conveyor" pathways open a chest for this last Blueprint.
009 Mini Medals Redeem 75 Tiny Medals.