Overworld Map

I. Chapter 1 - The Royal Soldiers

II. Chapter 2 - Princess Alena's Adventure

III. Chapter 3 - Taloon the Arms Merchant

IV. Chapter 4 - The Sisters of Monbarbara

V. Chapter 5 - The Chosen Ones

VI. Tips For Survival

VII. Strategies for Building Experience

VIII. Small Medal Locations

IX. Cheat Methods

i. Item Carryovers
ii. The Poker Table
iii. Save State Method
iv. 2,000 Free Coins
v. See Result of a Poker Game
vi. Keep Strom and Laurent

X. Does It Really Take This Long?

XI. Miscellaneous Techniques

XII. Frequently Asked Questions

XIII. What's the Best Way To Cheat?

XIV. Game Genie Codes

XV. Acknowledgements



The chapter starts out in Burland Castle where the king is distraught about kids who live in Izmit Village being reportedly kidnapped. The king asks you to investigate the problem and find the kids. Feel free to explore the castle and the town by talking to people and gathering information.

Alex & Flora
In the southern part of town on the western edge, you will find a woman pacing back and forth. If you talk to her, she will tell you that her husband Alex is missing and to let her know if you see him. You may not know it but this is your first assignment. You will find Alex in the underground jail in the town of Izmit. If you talk to him during the day you will discover that he is the man you're looking for, but unfortunately the knowledge that he gives you will not be useful to Flora. The reason for this is because he doesn't tell you his name. Instead, visit the jail at night and talk to Alex. He'll tell you his name this time. After you formally discover that his name is Alex, go back to Burland and talk to Flora and she will insist that you take her to him. Once you do, Alex will give you some information about the location of the kids' playground. Before you go and explore the playground, you may want to build some experience around Izmit and upgrade your weapons and armor.

Kids' Playground (Bottom of the Well)
You will find a well in the middle of the playground. Jump into it and you'll fall into the cave. Inside you will find the flying shoes and Healie, who will be very helpful to you from this point on. Once you start your journey through the cave, you'll notice that whenever you come across a fork in the path a voice will say to you, "Come This Way". If you turn the wrong way you'll hear, "Not That Way". The enemies in this cave are tough but fortunately if you follow in the direction of the voice, it will not only lead you to the flying shoes but you will not be attacked by monsters either. After you obtain the treasure though, they will start hunting you again! Once you have the flying shoes, find Healie and let him join your party (I personally find Healie before getting the flying shoes). He will help immensly in the battle against the kidnappers at the Loch Tower. After you find Healie, it might be a good idea to build up your experience by fighting some tougher monsters. The best way I know how to do it in this chapter is in the Tips section. Also on the second floor of this cave you will find a treasure chest with 600 gold pieces. As you leave, don't forget to pick up the Medical Herb and Agility Seed in the basement on your way out.

Loch Tower
Equipping yourself with an Iron Shield before you enter the tower is to your advantage, but not entirely necessary because you will find a Scale Shield inside anyway. The difference between the defense power of these two shields is 5 points, which is not a lot so it's up to you weather or not to buy the Iron Shield (You'll want to have it for the final battle though. After you defeat the boss, monsters vanish so you can't earn anymore gold). You will want the Half Plate Armor though before you enter the tower. The Wooden Hat is also useful even though it's weak protection. In my opinion the Iron Spear is not worth buying before entering the tower because the Sword of Malice awaits you on the first floor. The Chain Sickle should help you survive until you can pick this up.

There are plenty of treasure chests in the tower, but the ones that should be of top priority are the Scale Shield and the 640 gold pieces. Both items are located on the second floor. The other item that is a must have is the Sword of Malice on the first floor. Once you have these items, you can either go back to Izmit to upgrade your equipment (if you haven't already got the best there is yet) or go on to the basement level and try to save the children. Remember that there is a healing spring in basement one where Healie can replentish his MP.

Save the Children
You will have to battle Saro's Shadow and Giant Eyeball. The most effective strategy here is to let Ragnar attack the eyeball to get him out of the way. While he's doing this, Saro's Shadow will throw fireballs at you and cast a few spells. Be sure to watch Healie's health, because Saro's regular blows can be devestating to either party member. Keep Healie as fresh as possible with Ragnar's herbs in addition to Healie's HEAL spell. After two hits from Ragnar, the eyeball should be dead. In the unlikely event that the Eyeball changes color he'll become even stronger, add a couple rounds of HP to his arsenal, and be able to land terrific blows and attack twice. This does make the battle last a little longer if it happens. Focusing on Saro Healie will rarely attack, but instead monitor the party's HP levels. Direct attacks with the Sword of Malice is all that you can do at this point. With Ragnar's direct blows and Healie's ability to replentish HP, you should prevail. You'll go through quite a few rounds of fighting, but with the right strategy you will have no problem defeating the enemies.

After freeing the children from the tower, head on back to Izmit Village and reunite them with their parents. Now go back to Burland Castle and tell the king of your accomplishments! When you arrive, they already know about your feats and they all come to meet you. Per your wish, the king grants you permission to fight the world's evil forces. So he gives you some extra experience points as a gift and sends you on your way...


Here is the progression timeline for chapter 1:

Level 1 Burland Castle
Level 2 Izmit Village
Level 4 Bottom of Old Well
Level 8 Loch Tower






The chapter begins in the king's thrown room. As you talk to the people here, you'll discover that you are not allowed outside of the castle. If you talk to the king and say NO when he asks you if you insist on going outside, he will praise you and tell you to go to your room. What good advice! Alena's room is on the upper floor and is the first one north of the staircase. Talking to the maid you find out that the wall is broken. It looks like a place to jump off the roof which would be a great way out of the castle, but she is in the way! Hmmm.... Well, if you search the drawers in Alena's room you might find something useful for your future travels! But what about that secret passage way in the room that you want to explore? Why not walk around the castle and chat with everyone (yes, everyone)? See what they have to say. By that time, the maid might been done with her work and be out of your room. Don't forget to check the bedroom of the Shaman for a useful item!

After mingling through the castle and talking to everyone, you will notice that the maid is now gone from Alena's room. Searching the area around the broken wall may give you the insight you need to find a way out of the castle! Once you have broken the wall and found your way to the back yard, you can simply slip out the back way and head on over to Surene, the town next door. But of course you can't travel alone because the king worries about you so much, so Cristo and Brey follow you and insist that they join the party.

There isn't much to do in this town except for upgrading your equipment when needed. One lady in the center of town tells you that there is another town to the northeast through the mountains. Getting a little more experience and better equipment is a good goal before attempting the trip. The area around Santeem Castle and the northern mountains are good places to build experience early on in this chapter, but it is slow going. Most certainly by Level 3 you should be able to reach the next town. It would be beneficial to your party to have purchased the best equipment possible from Surene by then, but it takes a lot of time to build up the gold. Going to Tempe with less than perfect equipment should be just fine. I usually go with a Boomerang for Brey (if possible), a Thorn Whip for Cristo, and the hand-me-down Club for Alena. The defense equipment I would take would be everything for everybody except Leather Hats. They are completely worthless at this point because their defense power is only 2.

In town there is a teacher on the east side that tells you his daughter must be sacrificed or the monsters will destroy the village. He asks if there is anyone strong enough to defeat the monster. If you tell him you will, he tells you to see the Shaman to be an offering. There is no way to get through the northern woods at this point unless you are strong enough to destroy the monsters in this town. So, if you have the right equipment and experience (usually level 4 or 5 for me), talk to the Shaman and he will bring an offering that will carry you to the monster's gathering place. The battle with Chameleon and his Henchmen might be a bit tricky. The Rabidhoiunds are fairly easy to defeat with direct blows, but Brey's Icebolt spell works wonders on them too! You should probably take them out first. Be aware though that Chameleon has the HEAL spell and he uses it often on his allies. Another thing you may want to consider doing is having Cristo cast Upper on one of your stronger characters to save HPs if they start dropping fast otherwise. But after the Rabidhounds are dead, focus on Chameleon. He will not be a problem because his attacks are somewhat weak and his MP count is natually low, so by this point he may not even have any MP left. After you defeat your enemies a path becomes clear through the northern woods and you are now able to travel east to the town of Frenor.

Upon arriving in Frenor, you discover that much of the town is depressed. Apparently the princess is being kidnapped. After you learn from the people at the Inn that the princess is staying there, you can travel down to the Inn's basement area and see her taken away by her captors. But how do you get her back!? They must want something in return for the princess... If you talk to the young boy in the southeastern part of town, he will read a letter to you that he got from his dog, Kit. And now that you know what the kidnappers want, how do you find it? Well....the old man that lives on a small island in town can help you out with just that problem! And thus, you discover that your next task is to obtain the Golden Braclet.

It is very wise at this point in the chapter to gain some experience points and better weaponry to prepare for the cave south of Frenor. For the quickest way to build experience, check out the tips. There's one annoying hinderance about fighting monsters in this area; the Demon Toadstool. They often poison their enemies when attacking them, making it difficult to hunt for monsters for long periods of time as your HPs steadly drop with each step when a character is poisonsed. One way around this problem is to simply run away when you encounter a herd of them together. Otherwise, if you're far enough into the chapter Cristo and Brey might know some spells that can attack a group of enemies with enough damage to take them out, for exmaple, a group of 6 Demon Toadstools in one shot! Regardless though, make sure you carry plenty of Antidote herbs. For better weapons and armor you'll need to travel to Bazzar, as Frenor has nothing for you. If you do buy anything worth of equipment status in this town, buy a Wooden Hat for Cristo immediately when you come to town.

Cave South of Frenor
For the rest of your equipment needs you will most definately need to travel to the nearest desert town Bazzar. The enemies around this area are more difficult than those of Frenor, but building gold will be much easier as a result. Use the Inn as much as you need to regenerate yourself. When are you well equipped to enter the cave for the bracelet, obain it and take it to the graveyard in Frenor at night. Note that the thieves will not be around during the daytime if you look. Be aware too, that if you are not well equipped enough to take on the monsters in this cave for long periods of time you might not make it through. They follow you much more closely after you've gotten the braclet, but by this time Brey should have already learned the spell Outside, so if things get too bad you can always use it as a lifeboat for a quick exit. When you give away the golden braclet, apparently the princess has learned her lesson (whatever that was). For her gratitude of being saved she gives you the Thief's Key. At this point, I'm sure you're unsure of what to do with the Key because noone has hinted to you about what to do with it. Well...perhaps you should travel to the next town Bazzar and see if you can gather additional information there...

There are many plesant people living here and some of them can be gracious. There is a lady with a shop next to the Inn where she is selling antique jars. If you check them out, you mind find yourself a Strength Seed and Gum Pod. Among other things in town, one particular interest for you is the lonely soldier standing by the water. He tells you to return to Santeem Castle. For what reason though...?

Santeem Castle
When you arrive back to the castle the king can't speak. Oh No! What do you do? Well....there's one person lurking around in the castle who has an idea. Alena's secret passage will serve you well in finding him. When he gives you the name of a friend that recovered from simliar symptoms, go see him. He might know where you can find a remedy for the king!

Birdsong Tower
The tower is located southwest of Bazzar. By the time you are ready to enter it, you should have equipped yourself with the best weapons and armor available. In addition, Brey should have already learned the Snowstorm spell. This is extremely helpful fighting against herds of Flythrops and Pteranodons. One round of battle on the receiving end of Pteranodon's Firebal spell can demolish your party in a split second. Razorwinds can also be a pain because they can frequently cast the Infernos spell, which can hurt if it's cast more than once. On your way to the top of the tower you find a strength seed and 1200 pieces of gold. Once you are able to obtain the Birdsong Nectar, return to Santeem and give it to the king. He claims to have had terrible dreams and he now suddenly is going to let you travel the world at your will. Because of his new generosity, you will now discover that the guard at the travel door south of Frenor will let you through. On the other side you will find a path to Endor.

When you arrive in Endor, most likely you will have enough gold saved so you can upgrade Cristo's equipment immediately. If you can, do it. There is a tournament being held at the castle, and the king has proclaimed that the winner will marry his daughter. The princess does not want to get married because (apparently) she wants to remain free like Alena. After you speak to the king, he says he admires your desire to prove your strength and he will automatically enter you in the tournment. To get to the coleseum, enter the castle through either side door, walk through the corridor and take the stairs inside the next building. The fighter's lounge is to the left. Here you can stock up on medical herbs for the tournament. The weapon shop also offers you the Iron Claw for Alena.

You can enter the tournament at anytime, and you can try as many times as you want to win. I typically don't even try until I've at least reached level 14. Normally, I will start trying after reaching level 15. There's nothing special about this point, but the maximum HPs for Alena after level 15 should be sufficient enough to get through 5 enemies. Before entering the tournament, load up on medical herbs as much as possible because you have the option to use them between battles. Also, every opponent but the first one leaves a medical herb behind. Clearly the strongest opponent is Sampson. Make sure you have your maximum HP before battling him (opponent #4). You will most likely be able to beat him before you absolutely need to use a medical herb. If your HP gets too low and you end up needing an herb, you might find yourself in a situation where you use them all up accidentally (to prevent dying) due to the "take-turns" style of fighting. Hopefully Linguar (opponent #5) is easy, but it can take a while. I really don't think there is a pattern to finding the real Linguar. There may be, and from my expierence playing the game the real Linguar tends to be either 'C' or 'D' about 80% of the time. So it might be wise to pick one of those to attack. Linguar usually only takes two hits and he's finished.

The king recommends that you return to Santeem to tell your father of your accomplishments, but as you soon find out there is noone in Santeem to greet you. As you walk around the castle Brey and Cristo ask if anyone is home, but noone answers. As a matter of fact, this mystery is never solved and the whereabouts of Santeem's residents are never again mentioned in later chapters.


Here is the progression timeline for chapter 2:

Level 1 Santeem Castle
Level 1 Surene
Level 4 Tempe
Level 6 Frenor
Level 8 Cave South of Frenor
Level 11 Birdsong Tower
Level 13 Endor








Chapter 3 begins in the town of Lakanaba where Taloon lives. As the story goes, Taloon has always had a dream about owning and operating his own shop. This chapter brings that dream to life. You pick up the story at a point in Taloon's life when he's just starting to work and earn money. Neta (Taloon's wife) tells you to head off to work and hands you some lunch for the day. On the way out the front door, don't forget to pick up the medical herb. The shop where Taloon works is on the southwest side of town, but before you go to work don't forget to explore the rest of town and talk to the people. One person in town is a good friend of Taloon named Tom, who is now getting too old to take care of himself and constantly offers you money to push him to the house of healing.

When you finally go to work your boss will give you about a five second training session on how to sell and then you're on your own. As customers come to you they will either buy items or offer to sell items to you. The shop never runs out of the inventory that is there when you first start selling items so if you want to buy a stronger weapon from this shop later on, make sure to buy it from a patron that offers to sell it otherwise the shop will never carry that item in its inventory. It's really unclear how much money you have to make during any given day before your boss relieves you of duty, but when he does you will generally receive around 100 gold pieces for the day. You can also quit early if you want by going downstairs and talking to the boss. You can work as much as you want, and I generally work until I have enough money for a good combination of all the armor related equipment (for example, a Leather Shield and Chain Mail). Depending on my mood I might buy the best weapon, but most of the time I don't because it's a waste of time. If I have enough money I will buy a Copper Sword (but you really don't even need this much sometimes) at the most to get me through the cave north of Lakanaba. There's a free Chain Sickle in this cave.

Cave North of Lakanaba
The only reason to really explore this cave is to obtain the Iron Safe, which, in my opinion is not necessary to have. The purpose of it is to save all your money if you die during your quest. I don't like to have it in my inventory because it takes up an item slot but there's no problem toting it around with you just in case. When you enter the cave, first grab the Chain Sickle. When you get to the lower level you'll notice two boulders on the floor. To prevent a thief from stealing the Iron Safe, there is a weight sensor hidden under it. The door to the room closes if the weight on the sensor does not match that of the Iron Safe. Luckily for you, the boulders weight exactly the same amount. Coincidence? Make sure to use that boulder to fool the door.

Just south of Lakanaba you will run across a small village. You'll find that everything about this village is strange. People talk about foxes. The item store sells a Broad Sword for 10 gold pieces. There is an old man in town that offers you a place to stay, but when you wake up the village is completely gone. If you talk to everyone in this village, one of them is named 'Da Gardi. He says he is an architect and has decided to marry a girl in town instead of continuing his architecture work.

If you travel south of Foxville you will come to the castle town of Bonmalmo. Once again you hear about foxes living in the area that like to trick people. The old man staying at the inn makes this claim. There's a lot to be learned in this town, and people have valuable information for you. The king has plans to invade Endor and is upset that the bridge is still broken. He hired 'Da Gardi to fix it and is wondering where he has disappeared to. One of the soldiers tells you he was once in Endor where he met a man that wanted to sell his shop. And another man tells you that someone else from Lakanaba is in town, but he's imprisoned. You also run into Reed, the prince of the castle. If you meet him by the weapon shop at night like he asks, he'll give you a letter to read to the princess of Endor. The prisoner in town turns out to be Tom's son. He was arrested for stealing and needs your help. Once you help him get back home you will find that in return for his gratitude, he is willing to let you borrow his dog. Following the suggestion of the man at Bonmalmo's inn, take the dog and return to Foxville. The dog will lead you to a fox in town and reveal that the entire town was a mirage. It will also help 'Da Gardi remember what he was hired to do. In appreciation for letting him go free, the fox will also give you the Full Plate Armor. Be sure to sell it to the man on the west side of Bonmalmo (the one who tells you the castle is short of armor inventory). He pays a handsome premium for armor, helmets and shields. After talking to the king of Bonmalmo again, he is now happy because the bridge has been repaired and he is preparing to invade Endor.

By the time you get to Endor you should have enough money to buy the Iron Apron, Iron Shield and Iron Spear (if you don't have the opportunity to buy a Sword of Malice at the Lakanaba weapon store). After talking to some of the people in town, you will learn that in order to own a shop in Endor you must have the king's permission. But after talking to the king, he says he'll "think about it". Remember the letter the prince of Bonmalmo gave you? Take this opportunity to read it to the princess. As the king overhears you reading it, he too makes a request of you. After fulfilling his request, go back and talk to him again and this time you will find him more receptive to your idea of owning a shop in Endor. Make sure to talk to everyone in town, as they have valuable information for you. You will talk to an old man that wants to sell his shop. And even more important, there is an antique collector in town that is willing to pay a handsome fee for the Silver Statuette!

So you have permission from the king to own a shop now. But the old man wants 35,000 gold for it. The Silver Statuette will pay most of this fee for you, but the cave to the north where it's hidden has some pretty tough monsters inside it. There are two people in Endor that are willing to join your party and protect you for 5 days if you pay them. Strom is a soldier wandering near the house of healing and Laurent is a guest at the inn. It will cost you 1,000 gold to take both of them with you for 5 days. Personally I think it's worth it, but only do it once. By the time they leave you, you'll probably be able to fight on your own just as well. Before you purchase their services too, you might want to think about building some experience points around the Endor area if your level is fairly low. Also, if you're curious about exploring the guilty pleasures of the castle, you will find a familiar face in the casino area.

Cave of Silver Statuette
In the cave you will find a multitude of treasures, including many items you can sell to increase your gold. To get to the second basement of the cave, take the ship down the waterway and drop down into the passage at the end. Most of the treasure chests are on top of the pyramids and you need to flood this basement so you can reach them by ship. You can do this by dropping the water from the first basement to the second. To get back to the first basement, find the stairs in the southeast corner. On this level you will find a trigger that will release the water. To get back to the second basement travel back to the southeast corner of this level now and take the new set of stairs. The Silver Statuette is in the third basement and the stairs are marked clearly with silver statues. You might have to make many trips to the cave to get all of the treasure chests since Strom and Laurent cannot carry any items. Also, if you have the companions with you it's good to know that Laurent is extremely inefficient with resources. In other words, if you are too deep into the cave and you find yourself in need of Laurent's Heal spell, don't be surprised if he's already used all his MP. I would say he only attacks with the dagger about 10-20% of the time, so the depletion of his MP depends pretty much on how many battles you fight. Remember that you lose half your gold if you die, unless you have the Iron Safe. Travel the cave as many times as you need to get all of treasure chests. You should be able to get everything by the time the companions leave your party.

Buy Your Own Shop
Take the Silver Statuette back to Endor and sell it to the collector. The money you receive for it combined with the sales you get from the cave treasures should be enough to buy the shop from the old man in town. Once you buy it, a new day begins and your family appears by your side. Your wife is now managing the shop for you too.

Fullfill the King's Request
There is an old man in the cave just east of Endor that wants to hire a crew to finish digging the tunnel to Branca, but he needs 60,000 gold pieces to do it. Just by some strange coincidence, the king of Endor is now looking for new equipment for his army. Talk to him and he says he's willing to pay 60,000 gold for 7 Broad Swords and 7 sets of Half Plate Armor. It is never really explained why Taloon is interested in traveling to Branca, but I always assumed it's because his dream is to become the world's greatest merchant. If that's not the reason then the chapter should end here, but of course it doesn't. There really is no "best" place to fight the monsters that will give you the swords and armor, but I always travel to the cave of Silver Statuette and do battle in the second basement. At least in this area you can get the most experience points for fighting. At this point too, it really doesn't matter if you die even if you don't have the Iron Safe, because you probably can get the king's equipment from enemies quicker than you can earn the 60,000 gold. As you gather the king's order, take the equipment to his servants. They will hold the inventory and remind you how much you have left to get after every delivery. If you are playing on an emulator and it has a "save state" button, you have a chance to breeze through this part of the chapter in minutes instead of hours. You can find out how in this section.

Tunnel Between Endor and Branca
After you get the last of the king's inventory, give the money to the old man in the cave east of Endor. He assures you that the tunnel will be finished soon. If you leave and come back to check on the tunnel's progress, he tells you that the excavation has begun and that he will send a messenger to your house once the cave is finished. At this point you need to rest a couple of days until you receive his message. Travel back home and talk to Neta. She will tell you that there hasn't been any message delivered, but suggests you go relax at the casino. Stay a couple of nights at the inn and keep asking Neta for the message. Eventually she will tell you that the cave is finished.

Once you receive the old man's message, take a trip through his newly built passage to continue Taloon's journey. The chapter ends once you exit the tunnel.


Here is the progression timeline for chapter 3:

Level 1 Lakanaba
Level 1 Cave North of Lakanaba
Level 3 Bonmalmo
Level 7 Endor
Level 11 Cave of the Silver Statuette






Chapter 4 begins in the town of Monbarbara where two sisters, Nara and Mara, are living and working. The story begins in the theatre, where the theatre master tells them it is time to move on with life. Nara mentions the name Balzack, who is apparently an enemy of theirs. The master of the theatre gives them 100 gold pieces for their work and the next morning they wake up at the inn ready to continue their journey.

Before you leave the inn, don't forget to pick up the medical herb. Go back to the master's room behind the theatre too and grab a strength seed. Some of the people in town give you information about the past. Nara and Mara's father, Edgar, was an alchemist who lived in the village of Kievs to the north and was murdered by one of his pupils named Balzack. Before going north to Kievs you should build some experience around town and upgrade your equipment.

When you get to the village there is plenty of information waiting for you, not to mention everyone in the village that welcome you back with open arms. You learn that Edgar in fact had two pupils instead of one. The old man in town tells you that the other pupil, Orin, is hiding in the cave west of the village. He tells you that Orin might know Balzack's whereabouts. While in town, don't forget to pick up the Lifeforce Nuts. Before heading over to the cave to find Orin make sure to build some experience around Kievs and if necessary, travel back to Monbarbara to upgrade your equipment even more to prepare for the cave. Building up experience in this area is essentially free because staying overnight in Kievs costs you nothing. Also, at night in the village there is a soldier at the inn that tells you the new ruler of Keeleon has aligned himself with the evil ones.

Cave West of Kievs
In the cave you will find some very important items including the Lamp of Darkness and the Sphere of Silence. You will also meet Orin, who you will need from this point on. He is much stronger than either sister at this point in the chapter and his assistance will boost your experience and gold pretty quickly. Before Orin joins the group, he tells you that Balzack has "aligned himself with the evil ones" (isn't that the same thing the soldier at the inn told you back in Kievs?). There are some tough monsters in the cave including the Demon Toadstool. He can poison you quite often, so it might be a good idea to take plenty of antidote herbs with you just in case. By the time you're ready for the cave, Mara will have learned the Firebal spell which will be very helpful in defeating large groups of enemies.

When you arrive here make sure to upgrade your equipment. The items sold in this town are the best you can get in this chapter so take advantage of it. The most important thing to learn in Haville is how to get into the king's secret chamber in Keeleon. One of the prisoners in the jail here tells you that he didn't do anything wrong, but rather he just accidentally made a loud noise near the counsel's room in Keelon Castle. If you stopped by the castle on your way here, you might recall the soldier you met that said loud noises scares the counsel and makes him run into the king's chamber. The prisoner in the jail says he made the noise with gunpowder that he got in the Aktemto mine. Before attempting the mine though, you should build up experience around Haville and Aktemto. By this point in the chapter Nara should have learned the Infernos spell, and when coupled with Mara's Firebal spell, can be very effective. The best enemies come out at night around this area. Check out the tips section to see how you can build experience quickly.

Aktemto Mine
There is nothing to do in the mine (other than fight enemies for experience) except to get the gunpowder jar. It's located on the third basement level.

Once you reach level 13, Nara will have learned the Healmore spell. This is critical to have for the battle against Balzack. About 300 experience points after Nara reaches level 13, Mara will reach level 14. At this level she will learn the Firebane spell. This will also help you in your battle with Balzack. Travel over to Keeleon and use the gunpowder jar near the counsel's room to scare him. When he starts walking to the king's chamber, follow him. He will lead you to the location of Balzack's chamber. Be sure to stay far enough behind him so he doesn't see you. If you're watching him, he won't enter the king's room. Check the wall near the area where he disappeared to find the secret passage.

The battle with Balzack will be incredibly difficult unless you immediately use the Sphere of Silence to block his spells. Balzack has 500 HP so it will take quite a few rounds of fighting to beat him. The best strategy against him is to have Nara use the Sleep spell to put him to sleep as soon as possible. While he is asleep, make use of Mara's Firebane spell every round, and immediately have Nara cast Sap on him to lower his defense power. This strategy can be used as many times as it takes to defeat him. After your victory, Keeleon will appear on this throne. Disgusted with Balzack's defeat, he will immediately challenge you. His power will destroy your party in two short rounds of battle (this is supposed to happen). After being defeated, you wake up in the castle's underground jail. Talk to the old man in the bed next to you. He tells you to take his Boarding Pass from the back room and escape while you still can. Once you're out of the jail, Orin stays behind to fend off the castle guards so you can escape.

Use the Boarding Pass to get on the ship in Haville. It is about to set sail to Endor. Once you are on board, the captain will set sail only after you have talked to everyone.


Here is the progression timeline for chapter 4:

Level 1 Monbarbara
Level 3 Kievs
Level 7 Cave West of Kievs
Level 8 Haville
Level 11 Aktemto
Level 13 Keeleon







You are a young soldier who is growing up in a mountain village just north of Branca castle. As the story goes, the people of the village have been protecting you from the evil forces of the world because you are the hero that is prophesized to save the world. The chapter begins as you are sitting at a table waiting to eat lunch. Your first task is to deliver lunch to your father who is fishing at the lake. After talking to your father, head back to the house for lunch. The day ends up being cut short, as the evil forces eventually invade the village after tracking you down. One of the soldiers in town leads you to a safe place, explains that the monsters have come to end your life and tells you to escape and survive. To save your life, your friend Celia casts the Transform spell so she can look like you. After destroying the village, the monsters are heard from outside claiming that they have destroyed the hero. Not knowing that you are still alive, they leave the village in ruins and you are left all by yourself. On the way out of the underground basement, make sure and pick up the medical herb. Make sure to also search the area of the garden where Celia was sunbathing too. Just south of the village there is a woodsman's shack where you can pick up another medical herb, some Leather Armor and 50 gold pieces. Check the jars for these items.

South of the woodsman's shack is Branca castle. There is not much to do here at this stage in the game, but a few people talk about Taloon. One person mentions that because Taloon's cave now connects two countries, monsters are after him.

Once you reach Endor, you will find your first two companions, Nara and Mara. Nara is talking to a soldier near the house of healing and Mara is playing a slot machine at the casino. Once they join your party, you might want to drop off the Gunpowder Jar and Boarding Pass at the vault (Taloon's old shop). They will take up inventory slots and they're only used in chapter 4 anyway.

The only reason to stop by this castle is to pick up a Broad Sword at the weapon shop overnight. It costs 2,000 gold but it'll help you get through the cave of betrayal on your own. It is not necessary to have, but if you have gold to spare I would recommend buying one.

Shrine North of the Desert
It is essential that you have a wagon in order to survive crossing the desert, but the owner of the wagon (Hector) that lives in this shrine does not trust anyone. Talk to the people here and you will learn that Hector lost his faith after being betrayed by his friend while he was in an eastern cave. In order to establish trust with him you need to show him the symbol of faith, which is inside this cave.

Cave of Betrayal
On the first floor your companions will fall into a trap as you make your way through. Going down the staircase, they appear to you once again and when you catch up to them, you discover that what looks like Nara and Mara are actually imposter enemies. They first appear as two Licklicks. After defeating them you fall to a second basement where they are being chased by a pair of monsters. Again the sisters appear as a set of imposters, this time as two Tricksy Urchins. After defeating the imposters again, travel up a couple of floors to reunite with your true companions. Eventually you will end up back on the first floor where Nara and Mara fell into the trap. With three people back in your party, you're now strong enough to break the rock wall and head down the stairs. The symbol of faith is hidden in the basement under a large pile of rocks. Walk through this area to break them up and reveal the treasure chest.

Head back to the desert shrine and show the symbol of faith to Hector. This earns your trust with him and he allows you to take the wagon across the desert. Hector also joins the party. Woohoo! South of the desert you will come to the town of Aneaux. The only thing here is a strength seed at the gravesite. If you talk to the people you'll get a little information about the Zenithian Armor, but not much.

Continue south of Aneaux and travel to Konenber. In town people will tell you that the lighthouse to the east is emitting evil light on the sea that sinks their ships. To get a ship of your own and set sail to new territories you need to extinguish the evil light. Before you do that though, make sure to pick up the two small medals that are in town. One is located on the ship at the port. The other is on the new ship at the wharf. The new ship belongs to Taloon who is actually waiting for your help at the lighthouse. If you don't get the small medal on his ship before you meet up with him, it will be lost forever. As soon as Taloon returns to town he stands in front of the wharf and blocks the entrance to the ship. Before leaving town, make sure to upgrade your equipment if needed.

Great Lighthouse
On the first floor, you meet up with Taloon and he says that monsters have prevented him from going any farther. He asks you to extringuish the evil light and says he'll be waiting in the port town. Once you make it to the fourth floor, get the Fire of Serenity and proceed to the fifth floor via the northeast staircase. The enemies guarding the evil fire are tough so the hero should concentrate his normal attacks on the Flamers first. Once these two are eliminated, the Bengal should be easy to defeat. Mara will probably cast the Bang spell every round, which is completely useless. Consider yourself lucky if the Flamers get any damage points from this. They are by far the toughest enemies of the three. After you eliminate the guards, throw the Fire of Serenity on top of the evil fire. This will extinguish the evil light and allow ships to once again sail. Jump off the top floor of the lighthouse and return to Konenber to meet Taloon. He is grateful for what you've done and asks to join the party. He suggests that the group take the ship and sail south to the town of Mintos. At this point you should switch Hector for Taloon, as Hector is pretty much worthless in his fighting efforts.

At the inn you will meet up with Brey, along with Cristo who is sick. Brey says that Alena has gone in search of medicine and asks you to help him find her. Agree to help and Brey will immediately join your party. The people in town tell you that Ragnar was once there. They also tell you that Alena has traveled south to the country of Soretta. Before you leave town, don't forget to get the small medal next to the well and upgrade your equipment if you have enough gold on hand. On your way to Soretta, stop by the shrine east of Mintos and pick up another small medal.

The people here tell you that the Padequia Root is the cure-all herb for sickness, but it is no longer grown in town. The king says that a Padequia Seed is hidden in the cave to the south. He also says that if he had the seed he could grow a Padequia Root for you.

Cave of Padequia
If you're interested in gaining experience points for all the members of your party equally, try taking Brey into the cave instead of Taloon. When you get the Robe of Serenity inside the cave, give it to Mara. This will be her armor for most of the chapter. Once you get the Padequia Seed, take it to the king of Soretta. He will plant it and give you a Padequia Root. Take the root back to Mintos and give it to Cristo. When you arrive, Alena will be there waiting for you. Once Cristo recovers, he and Alena discover that your party and theirs are on the same path to root out evil in the world so they decide to team up with you. On the way out of the inn, a stranger says that Ragnar once stayed there. He says Ragnar went to Keeleon, a country in the far west.

When you travel to Keeleon castle, Healie is on the outside and tells you that Ragnar is in the castle and needs to be rescued. You need a Magic Key to sneak into the castle, so he tells you to gather more information about it in Haville. When you arrive, talk to the man running the shop on the west end of town and he'll tell you that alchemists in Kievs used to make magic keys. As a general rule, whenever you're on the continent of Keeleon make sure it is nighttime. Mystic Dolls are super easy to defeat and they give 300 gold pieces each! Unfortunately though, they appear way more often at night when the tougher monsters are lurking around. If you're lucky you might even come across large groups of them, which is dream come true if you're looking for gold.

Visit the slime that's wondering around in the basement of Edgar's old house. He says that Edgar had a secret labratory in the cave west of town. He tells you that you'll find a magic key there too.

Cave West of Kievs
Beware of Flamers inside the cave. Large groups of them can be devastating. If they appear, it's always a good idea to eliminate them first in the battle to minimize the damage to your party. Once you reach the fourth basement search the ground near the treasure chest. You will find a button to push. Push it and the stairs to the alchemist's lab will appear nearby. In the lab you will find a small medal and the Magic Key.

House of an Island's Old Man
At this point you should have 5 small medals in your inventory. You can give Taloon a huge weapon upgrade if you travel to the island just north of Haville, grab the small medal in the old man's house and then take a trip over to the king who collects the medals. Trade your 6 small medals for a Sword of Miracles and give it to Taloon.

Before attempting to rescue Ragnar from the Keeleon castle, make sure your equipment is upgraded. Keeleon is a pretty tough enemy. Dragon Mail and a Sword of Lethargy is a good idea for the hero. You can pick both of these up in Riverton, just south of Mintos. When you are ready to take on Keeleon, sneak into the castle with the Magic Key. Head towards the area where the passage to the king's chamber was found in chapter 4. Ragnar is being escorted by two castle guards but he soon takes care of them and accompanies you inside the chamber. Ragnar battles the guards and leaves Keeleon just for you. Woohoo! If you have the Sword of Miracles and the Sword of Lethargy, the battle will most likely be a breeze. More often than not the Sword of Lethargy will put Keeleon to sleep. If it does, it's entirely possible that you will beat Keeleon without him even touching you. After the battle Ragnar finally joins the party. At this point you should spend some time upgrading equipment (especially for Ragnar) and maybe building up a few levels. As you know, nighttime around Keeleon is the place to find Mystic Dolls for some quick gold.

Treasure Hunt #1
While you're picking up some extra gold and gaining experience points, you can also travel to different places and pick up some useful items now that you have the Magic Key. This is also a great time to pick up some more small medals from different parts of the world.

First travel north of Haville and stop at Endor. You can make use of the vault by dropping off the Thief's Key and Symbol of Faith. There are plenty of treasure chests to get here too. Enter the castle at night, sneak past the guard and go upstairs to the king's room. One of the chests contains the Pink Leotard. Give this to Alena, as it will be her armor until you reach the final cave. There is also a secret passage at the back of the room when you first enter the castle. Just north of the staircase that leads to the lower level of the castle there is a Magic Key door that can be opened. The passage leads to the top of the tower. Jump off the top and head down the stairs to the weapon shop. Go down the next set of stairs to get the Multi-Edge Sword. The weapon is cursed so you shouldn't use it in battle, but it's worth 2,500 gold pieces at a shop.

Next you'll want to travel to the nearby Seaside Village. To get there, head strait west from the southern tip of Endor's continent. By the time you get there it should be dark. There is a small medal in front of the monument in the center of town, but it's only there during the day. The Stone of Drought is also in this town. If you look at the water that has risen from the high tide at night you'll notice a dry spot in a certain area. Search this area during the day for the Stone of Drought.

Lastly, head to Stancia castle in the northwestern sea. Perhaps the best way to get there is to travel strait south of Monbarbara. The people in town tell you about the Zenethian legend and the scholar in the castle even tells you that the helm has been handed down through the royal family. If you visited the town of Surene already and read the sign post in the backyard, you already know a little bit about Zenithia. The king of Stancia has issued a proclamation and according to some people in town, if you can make him laugh he will hansomely reward you. When you talk to the king your attempts at humor are not well received and he tells you point blank that you're not funny. So who can make him laugh? If you recall your trip to Monbarbara (if you visited the town yet) earlier in the chapter, the entertainer working in the theatre there constantly had people laughing. Go back to the theatre and recruit him (his name is Panon). Return to Stancia castle and use Panon to talk to the king again. As promised, he comes through for you and the king gives you the Zenithian Helm. After you get the helm the only other place to explore without having the Final Key is the country of Santeem. Before traveling there take the small medals you have to the king in the east to get them out of your inventory. If you have gotten them all up to this point, the king will be holding 5 medals for you now.

Balzack is now the king of this castle. Before you challenge him, make sure your equipment provides enough defense against his spells and powerful attacks. I usually purchase at least one set of Metal Babble Armor by this point. If I only have one, I give it to Ragnar because he is usually the weakest member of the party. Balzack has 500 HP, attacks twice every round and he can use the Snowstorm spell. If you don't have the absolute best weapons and armor possible, you might need some luck to beat him. The hero should still use the Sword of Lethargy and hopefully the attacks will put Balzack to sleep. If they don't you will probably die. Ragnar should not be using a Sword of Lethargy because he will try to use it as an item every single round. This is not effective on Balzack and Ragnar's power will be completely wasted. After you defeat Balzack, the guard in front of the magic key door on the first floor will be gone. Inside the treasure room you will find a strength seed, the Magma Staff and Flute of Uncovering.

When you get here the people in town are saying you will have a strange dream if you stay the night at Izmit Village. Before going there to investigate though, make sure to get the six treasure chests that are inside the castle. Make sure to talk to the king too. He gives you some information about the location of the Zenithian Shield.

Izmit Village
Stay the night at the inn here. The dream takes place in Rosaville, a village northeast of Konenber. At the beginning of the dream Necrosaro plays the Flute of Uncovering near the tower to reveal the staircase. He tells Rosa that his goal is to exterminate mankind. By the end of the dream, Rosa is calling for help but noone seems to answer.

Keep traveling east along the river after leaving Izmit Village. Head south between the mountains and then back north. The path to Gardenbur is blocked by a mountain, but now you can use the Magma Staff to cut a passage through it. You can only enter the castle during the daytime so use Brey's Day-Night spell if necessary. The palace has a lot to offer. Make sure to pick up the small medal on the west side. There is also a secret basement in the castle. To access the passageway, go up the stairs to the queen's room then immediately come back down. While you're still standing on the staircase, walk north instead of south and you'll find another set of stairs leading down to the basement. There you will find the Fire Claw for Alena. There is one more room in the castle to search, but before you do that take the small medal you found to the king in the east. He will now be holding 6 small medals for you again so you can get a Sword of Miracles for Ragnar now. Afterwards, travel back to Gardenbur and check out the room on the east side of the castle. The man tells you to look in the drawer, but when you attempt to leave the guards arrest you for stealing the bronze amulet. When you appear before the queen she tells you to find the real thief after you deny stealing the amulet. For insurance, she imprisons a member of your party.

***Beware of Chillanodons!!!***
If you run across these guys in groups they can be devastating. They have an arsenal of widespread damage techniques and they use them more often than not! Freezing winds, blizzards and terrific blows are all possibilities. A group of four chillanodons can potentially cause more than 200 damage points to each party member. They can show up anywhere around the castle, and in the southern cave.

Cave Southeast of Gardenbur
If you want to give a lesser experienced member of your party a chance to level up while you're in the cave I suggest taking Nara. She can borrow the Magma Staff from Brey and also use her healing spells for your party. Unless you're past level 25 or so, the enemies in the cave will be tough regardless of how well your party is equipped. To get the most "bang for your buck", make two trips through the cave if you get low on HP or MP. The first time through, grab the Dragon Shield in the first basement on your way to fight Bakor. Either the hero or Ragnar can probably use it as an upgrade at this point. When you get to the second basement Bakor is sleeping, but he has the amulet with him. When he tries to run, catch up with him and he'll fight you. He has a pretty strong attack but his Snowstorm spell hurts the most. Consider changing your tactics to USE NO MP, unless you're running low on HP with one of the stronger members. Nara will always be low on HP but you can use the Healmore spell on her if you need to. Everyone should concentrate their efforts on normal attacks. If Nara is allowed to use spells, she will show you her ignorance by constantly casting her Sleep spells ineffectively. In the unlikely event that Bakor casts the Increase spell, the Hero and Ragnar become the only breadwinners. If this happens, Nara's attacks will be too weak to cause any damage and Alena will also be useless (assuming you're using the Stilleto Earrings as her weapon) unless she hits a terrific blow. If you want to eliminate the possibility of this happening to you, consider replacing Alena with Mara before entering the cave so you have the Sap spell available as a counter measure. After defeating Bakor, a guard from the castle will appear and take him away. You are told to return to the castle. Before doing that though, make a second run through the cave if you didn't get all the treasure chests the first time. When you return to Gardenbur the queen will thank you for finding the real thief and give you the Jailor's Key to free the imprisoned member of your party. She also tells you to take the Zenithian Shield from the castle's basement. Lastly, she says that monsters used to live in Rosaville and suggests you visit the town to gather more information.

Treasure Hunt #2
Now that you have the Jailor's Key, there are more unique items to be had throughout the world. First travel back to Branca castle and get the three treasure chests in the northwestern part of town. One of them contains a small medal. The next place to go is Konenber. Pick up the Sword of Decimation on the second floor of the inn. Continue on to Haville and get the small medals in the prison. In two of the rooms you will find medals in the jars. Next on the list is Lakanaba. In the basement of the weapon shop there are three treasure chests and one contains the Ice Blade. Lastly, take a trip over to Rosaville and play the Flute of Uncovering near the tower like Necrosaro did in the dream at Izmit Village. To get to Rosa at the top of the tower you'll have to defeat Saroknight. He is fairly easy at this point, but he can summon Chillanodons as reinforcements. He also has the Sphere of Silence which will stop your spells immediately if he uses it. Once you get past him, talking to Rosa is pointless but the slime has something to say. He tells you that the Staff of Transform is in the Royal Crypt near Endor. He also says that you can sneak into the monsters' castle if you have it.

Shrine of Breaking Waves
At this point in the chapter you should be strong enough to survive a trip through this shrine. Inside you will find two small medals and the Zenithian Armor. Remember your early trips to the king who collects small medals? If you talked to the soldier staying at the inn, he told you about the Zenithian Armor and the shrine to the north. Once you enter the shrine head east along the river and then north. The path to the first treasure chest is through the left wall between the fourth and fifth set of pillars. The rest of the treasure chests are located in the basement. To get there, simply follow the river around to the west side of the shrine and walk down the set of stairs. You should now have enough medals to trade them in for another Sword of Miracles and give it to the hero.

Cascade Cave
To enter the cave you need to use the Stone of Drought to stop the waterfall that's blocking the doorway. On the first floor you find a small medal and on the second basement level the treasure chest contains the very power Metal Babble Sword.

Royal Crypt
The purpose of going to the crypt is to get the Staff of Transform. Without it, you will not be able to attend the monsters' meeting at Dire Palace. On the third basement level, after traveling across the moving walkways grab the small medal first. When you make your way back to the first level pick up the Staff of Transform. If possible, take the four weakest members of your party to the Royal Crypt. Make sure to take the Metal Babble Sword too, as it will help tremendously to defeat any Metal Babbles you encounter. Every win will give you 10,000 experience points and the members of your backup party always need them the most. If most of your party members are still shy of level 25 at this point, you might want to gain some more experience just inside the shrine entrance by defeating more Metal Babbles. Before you go down the first flight of stairs, all your party members are still with you so they all benefit from your battles in this area.

Shrine of Colossus
There isn't much here for treasure chests except a small medal on the first floor. When you make your way to the top floor of the shrine, walk towards the south wall. You will find a button to push that moves the Colossus statue to the other side of the river. Afterwards, jump off the top level of the statue and make your way to Dire Palace on the northeast side of the island.

Dire Palace
When you talk to the resident monsters of the castle, they will fight unless you have used the Staff of Transform to look like a monster. It can also make you look like animals and other humans, but these won't hide your true identity. After you've changed your appearance, talk to everyone. One of the minidemons on the first floor says that humans can use baloons to fly. There is also a meeting being held on the second floor in the king's chamber. Before attending though, search the basements for small medals and treasure chests. On the first basement level you can find a small medal in one of the jars. There is a secret passage through the backwall of one of the jail cells, but unfortunately it's just a quick exit route. The real path to the second basement level is in the backyard of the castle. Take the path on the south side of the yard through the trees and then north along the grassy border to get to the staircase. In the basement you will see four treasure chests. The top two chests contain a small medal and the Aeolus' Shield. The other two are both Mimics. Give the shield to Ragnar, as it is the best possible protection for him. Now head to the king's chamber on the second floor for the meeting. When you enter the room, take a seat and wait for Necrosaro to arrive (the meeting will not start unless you look like a monster). He tells the group that miners in Aktemto dug too deep and discovered Esturk's underground lair. He disappears and heads back to the mine to greet Esturk.

When you get to the third basement you'll see that it has now expanded quite a bit. On the fifth basement level, head up the eastern corridor from the ladder. If you turn right, there is a small medal nested next to the patch of water at the dead end. Continue heading north to find a miner that thinks he struck it rich. Through the passageway you will find a small shrine building. Inside is a healing spring that restores your MP and HP to maximum. East of the shrine is Esturk's Palace and there are plenty of treasure chests inside. A few of them are Mimics, but unless you have Brey with you (or you're reading this walkthrough) it's impossible to figure out which ones they are. Here is an outline that will help:

Floor 1 (entrance 1)
Room 1 - Small Medal
Room 2 - Mimic
Room 3 - 2,480 gold
Room 4 - Agility Seed (left) / Strength Seed (right)

Floor 1 (entrance 2)
Room 1 - Small Medal (left) / Mimic (right)
Room 2 - Gas Canister

There is a monster guarding one of the treasure rooms on the first floor. You will not be able to get in until you defeat Esturk. When you get to his thrown room, there are three monsters watching him revive. You'll have to defeat them to get to Esturk. Before you approach the thrown be sure to restore your party to full HP and position your party members appropriately. Put the hero in front, followed by Ragnar, Taloon and Alena. When the battle begins Esturk will still be asleep. He will not attack you until he wakes up, but this doesn't mean he can't damage your party from the effects of his revival. If you still have the Sword of Decimation at this point, use it to lower the defense power of Esturk. This helps boost everyone's attack power, but not by much. Esturk could wake up at anytime during the battle. If you're extremely lucky, he will sleep until the last round or two (this is not likely though). After the first round of his attacks, the hero should spend the remainder of the time healing other members with spells if needed. Everyone but Alena should be equipped with a Sword of Miracles, so this will help decrease the depletion time of their HP. But if you've followed the chapter 5 timeline in this walkthrough, the battle shouldn't be too bad. Esturk attacks twice per round when he is awake and his normal attacks can cause well over 100 damage points to your weakest allies. After you defeat Esturk, Necrosaro will appear with his henchmen but will quickly leave again once he hears that Rosa has been abducted by humans. On your way back through the castle, stop by the treasure room you couldn't access before and pick up the Gas Canister.

Recall that there is a shop owner in the town of Riverton that says he can make a hot air baloon if he had the right equipment. Go back and give him the Gas Canister, spend the night at the inn and talk to him again in the morning. He'll have finished the first baloon by now and left it for you outside of town. Use it to travel to Elfville, which is east of Mintos and surrounded by mountains. Make sure to buy a Shield of Strength for Taloon when you get there. You can also buy the Water Flying Clothes for Brey if you have enough money. If not, you can always pick them up in one of the treasure chests in the final cave. One of the elfs in town says she hears a voice from the World Tree. The voice apparently is calling for help and is saying to come up in groups of three. Take three members of your party and start climbing the tree. On the fifth level a Zenithian named Lucia is waiting to be rescued. She has broken her wings and needs to get back to the castle. After she joins your party, you can pick up the Zenithian Sword.

The easiest way to locate the island is to travel directly north from Riverton. There is really nothing to do in Gottside except pick up the small medal in the basement. You also need to explore the shrine of the horn on the east side of the island. Jump off the first floor and go down the staircase to retrieve the Baron's Horn. In the basement you'll also find the Dress of Radiance.

Zenithian Tower
To get in the tower, the hero needs to be equipped with all the Zenithian equipment. Once you're inside though, equip the hero with the Sword of Miracles, as it is much more helpful than the Zenithian Sword at this point. The staircase to the left leads absolutely nowhere. In the tower you will find a small medal and the Mysterious Bolero. The enemies in the tower are simply a joke. The only thing you really need to survive the trip is high HP levels. When you get to the top of the tower, step on the elevated tile and a cloud will pick you up and take you to Zenithia.

If you want to drop off Lucia here, put her in your party. If not, let her stay in the wagon and she will stay with you. If you do take her into the castle, you can meet back up with her in the shaman's room. Talk to her again and she will give you a powerful dragon named Doran. He fights well but you never really need to use him. One of the rooms in the castle contains a small medal. Make sure you go and talk to Master Dragon in the thrown room too. He will tell you that the entrance to the world of darkness is beneath the castle. You'll receive 10,000 extra experience points and discover that the Zenithian Sword is now much more powerful than it was before. The hole in the clouds outside of the castle leads to the final cave.

Final Cave
The enemies here can range from totally harmless to mildly troublesome. Perhaps the toughest enemy is Master Malice. Check out the FAQ section for hints on how to fight him. Other dangers include Demighouls, which can easily multiply when you attack. You can partially eliminate the chance of multiplying them by using the Ice Blade on the larger groups. Perhaps the most annoying battle is with Bellzables. They are completely harmless but they have a lot of HP and often cast Farewell, which will kill the castor but revive the others to full HP. If you run across a group of four Bellzables, this can potentially happen four different times. Inside the cave, head north through the door and pick up the Dress of Radiance for Mara. The first basement level of the cave winds around itself three times. Each time you walk south there is an exit to the left. Take the first exit and you'll find some moving walkways in the next room. Take the southern walkway to pick up the small medal in the field. Exit back out of the room and when you've made your way around the main corridor again, take the next exit to the left. In this room you'll find the Staff of Jubilation to the left. The treasure chest in the swamp is a Mimic. Travel up the staircase on the other side and you'll be in the room where you retrieved the small medal. Do not take the moving walkway in front of you. South of the stairs there is one treasure chest and a walkway that leads to a connector room. In this room there are four random treasures. On the next basement level you can pick up some Water Flying Clothes, but make sure you use the ship to get there instead of the moving walkway or you might find yourself heading back to basement level 1! Take the ship to the island staircase. This will eventually lead you through a door to the top level of a tower in the world of darkness. The tower is the only place you have a chance to earn 90,000 experience points in one battle. If you're lucky you'll run into a King Metal and 6 Metal Babbles. Check out FAQ section for strategies on how to beat them. The first set of stairs down is on the opposite side of a hole in the floor. Fall through it and you'll find the Mirror Shield, which can be very effective when fighting metal enemies. From here, make your way to the first floor and out of the tower.

Last Refuge
Next to the tower is another shrine where a Zenithian resident in the form of a flame awaits your arrival. Talk to it and she will appear as her true self and restore you to full power. The barriers she tells you about are controlled by Necrosaro's four guards, who live in the four shrines surrounding the palace. First head to the southwest shrine to defeat Gigademon. Before battling him, travel through the swampy graveyard and pick up the small medal at the end of the path. Gigademon is pretty easy although he attacks twice and uses the Defense spell. If he does use it, be ready to cast your healing spells. Next travel to the northwest shrine and fight the Infurnus Shadow. He is pretty tough because most of the time he will attack your entire party with a violent blaze, blizzard or a spell. Any combination of these twice in one round will hurt tremendously, but hopefully that doesn't happen. After you beat Infurnus Shadow head over to the southeast shrine to take on Anderoug. He is not too difficult, but it might take a while to beat him because he often calls other Anderougs as reinforcements. Lastly, head to the northeast shrine and battle Radimvice. He is accompanied by three Demighouls, which make the battle much more difficult. This is by far the toughest of all the shrine battles. Radimvice is very powerful and the Demighouls can multiply, which makes the battle seem endless. More than likely one or more members of your party will be dead by the end, even if you're at a high level in the game. Radimvice always attacks twice and most of the time he will cast spells. He can use Blizzard, Infermost and Blazemore. Anytime he does a normal attack, consider yourself lucky and use the opportunity to heal your allies. Don't be surprised if you end up fighting him more than once. If you die, keep trying and eventually you will win. At the time I was writing this, the Demighouls split so many times that I ended up earning more than 10,000 experience points total! After this battle the Ice Blade won't help you much anymore so you might as well sell it.

Necrosaro's Palace
The barriers in front of the castle are now gone and if your level is high enough, go on in. Head down the first set of stairs to the basement and pick up the small medal in the southern corner of the swamp. Continue on and when you reach the point where the palace gives you a choice between paths, take the stairs to the next level. If you go north from here there is a secret passage through the wall that will lead you to the Sage's Stone. If you head east the path will end with two treasure chests. One of them contains the Staff of Thunder, but unfortunately you don't need its power anymore at this point. If by some miracle you still need gold to buy equipment, sell it for 15,000. Head back to the point where the path split and step on the transporter. It will take you back to the second floor where the crevasse in the floor used to be. Head east to the next room and up the stairs to access another transporter. Head up the next set of stairs and eventually you will come out in a swamp above the castle. Call the wagon here to gather the rest of your party before the final battle. Start climbing the mountain and when you reach the top you'll find Necrosaro sitting on his thrown.

Final Battle
I usually level up to 40 or higher before I fight Necrosaro. Waiting until this level will give you the extra HP you need for the weaker allies. Necrosaro will go through 7 different stages of evolution before he dies. He has approximately 5,700 HP which is divided into groups of HP that correspond to each phase of his evolution. In some forms, Necrosaro will attack twice every round. This will happen in the first stage before he loses an arm, and in every stage after he grows his new arms. At two different stages in the battle, his arsenal of attack options increases greatly. This happens once after his belly wriths grotesquely, and again after he grows his final head. More than likely, you will have to use at least one member from the wagon to win the battle. Necrosaro just has too many powerful attack options that can hit every member of the party. Using the Sage's Stone works, but you should not totally rely on it. While the Hero is alive be sure to make use of his Healall spell if a member gets too low on HP, and if things get really bad he can always use the Healusall spell to restore the party to maximum. "Too low" means anything below 100 HP (or better yet, 125).

Battle Techniques
After every stage of Necrosaro's evolution, the Hero can use the Sword of Decimation to lower his defense power significantly (this works most of the time). The first stage is relatively easy. So is the second stage. The third stage gets a bit more difficult because Necrosaro can use spells on you. After this point, he will start evolving into a new form of being. Stage four gets even more difficult because of attacks like violent blazes. Stages five and six allow Necrosaro to attack twice, and his normal attacks become very powerful. The final stage is the most difficult. At this point Necrosaro's normal attacks become even more powerful, he will still attack twice per round, and his arsenal of attack options is devasting. If your party gets caught in his Icy Gust of Wind or his Violent Blaze the lights could go out quickly, especially if this happens twice in one round. Grab a member from the wagon if someone dies. If you do, consider getting Brey because he often casts Bikill on your strongest allies. Necrosaro has over 1,000 HP in his final form so be prepared for a long fight. The only relief he gives you are the freezing waves that shoot out from his fingers, which don't cause any damage. When you finally beat him, he will turn white and then return to his fragile human form. After the win, just sit back and enjoy watching the allies return to their hometowns. The hero is shown taking them back to their homes, one group after another, followed by the end credits.


Here is the progression timeline for chapter 5:

Level 1 Branca
Level 3 Endor
Level 4 Bonmalmo
Level 9 Aneaux
Level 10 Konenber
Level 12 Mintos
Level 14 Haville
Level 16 Keeleon
Level 19 Santeem
Level 21 Gardenbur
Level 23 Shrine of Breaking Waves
Level 24 Cascade Cave
Level 25 Royal Crypt
Level 27 Shrine of Colossus
Level 28 Dire Palace
Level 30 Aktemto
Level 31 Elfville
Level 32 Gottside
Level 33 Zenithia
Level 35 Final Refuge
Level 37 Necrosaro's Palace
Level 40 Necrosaro

















Buy Special-Use Over Strength
This section only applies to weapons. When you buy one, it is important to know that you will get much more out of it if it has special powers. As soon as Taloon joins the party, you can travel virtually anywhere and have the opportunity to buy the most powerful equipment available. Some of the weapons have extremely high attack power but when it comes to strategy in battle, they are far less useful than others. For example, when you battle Keeleon you could have already bought a Dragon Killer for the Hero. This is the most powerful weapon you can buy from a shop, but a better alternative would be to buy a Sword of Lethargy for less than half the gold. You'll find that a high chance of putting an enemy to sleep after an attack is much more benefical than 50 extra attack power points. It might not seem logical but damage-free rounds of battle are extremely valuable, regardless of who you're fighting.

Protect the Weak
Always order your party members from strongest to weakest. Put the strongest members in front, the weakest members in back and order them specifically by defense power. The only reason to put a weaker member in front of a stronger one is if the gap between their HP levels is too big. "Too Big" means more than 50 HP. Members at the front of your party are attacked more often in battle than those at the back, so this will help evenly distribute damage points to your party. Repositioning your party members does not reduce the damage from spells.



Chapter 1

Loch Tower
The best place to build experience quickly is inside the Loch Tower because it houses the toughest enemies. If you are not equipped enough to travel it yet, you can still use it to fight tougher enemies. You can always jump off the top of the tower for a quick exit if things get really bad.

Chapter 2

The fastest way to gain experience at the beginning of the chapter is to hunt at night in the northern mountains of Santeem. Monsters that give the most are Troglodytes and Rabidhounds. Look for them.

The fastest way to gain experience once you've reached Frenor is to venture on down to the desert civilization called Bazzar. These monsters are a step up from what you find in Frenor's neighborhood. You may only be able to fight a few battles at a time until you need an Inn to spend the night, but the experience will increase twice as fast by fighting in Bazzar than in Frenor.

The best way to build experience in this area is to defeat metal slimes. But of course they run away all too often, so the next best thing is as many monsters as you can fight at one time. One of the biggest payloads is the combination of 2 Rogue Knights and 7 Healers. These battles are a breeze too, thanks to Brey's snowstorm spell.

Chapter 3

Cave of Silver Statuette
This is basically the only place to build up your levels for Taloon. Experience points are not the goal of the chapter so you should just take them as you get them. The best you can do for building experience is to fight the monsters in the flooded basement of the cave of Silver Statuette. If you're lucky you'll run across a Metal Slime, but defeating one in this chapter is virtually a miracle.

Chapter 4

In the early stages of this chapter, the best way to build experience is around the village of Kievs. The cave west of Kievs is also a good place to build up your levels.

In the later stages, look for herds of Viceters. If you can manage to defeat them in large groups (up to 6), you can earn more than 300 experience points per battle. The best chance to catch them is at night around the town of Aktemto. Large groups of Licklicks (up to 5) are also common at night around Haville. Licklicks can give you more than 300 gold per battle. You might also have some luck defeating groups of Viceters and Licklicks on the first floor of the Aktemto Mine.

Chapter 5

Royal Crypt
Right inside the shrine is one of the best places to gain experience. Metal Babbles appear in groups in this area, and all of your party members can benefit from them.

Final Cave (Tower Section)
In the final section of the cave, King Metals and Metal Babbles show up once in a while. Sometimes they show up in mixed groups too, which can be a dream come true if you have the Mirror Shield equipped.

Finding Tougher Enemies
Once you get a ship in Konenber you can travel anywhere in the world and the enemies in the ocean are always the same. This makes it really easy to explore new continents where tougher enemies live. You can always travel around the world to fight tougher enemies for experience.



Port Ship in Konenber
Taloon's Ship in Konenber
Shrine East of Mintos
Alchemist's Lab
House of an Island's Old Man
Seaside Village
Stancia 1
Stancia 2
Cave Southeast of Gardenbur
Haville 1
Haville 2
Shrine of Breaking Waves 1
Shrine of Breaking Waves 2
Cascade Cave
Royal Crypt
Shrine of Colossus
Dire Palace 1
Dire Palace 2
Aktemto Mine
Esturk's Palace 1
Esturk's Palace 2
Zenithian Tower
Final Cave
Den of Gigademon
Necrosaro's Palace



i. Item Carryovers

The controlled characters of the game are able to keep their inventory items from chapter to chapter. To shorten chapter 5, get some extra gold by selling the inventory of new party members when you find them. You can stock up on weapons and armor before the end of every chapter. If you have enough gold or you want to spend the time to get it, fill up each member's inventory completely with the most expensive equipment in each chapter. For example, buy as many Iron Aprons in Endor as you can in chapter 3 and sell them for 1,200 gold a piece when Alena and her companions join your party in chapter 5. You can also buy items in early chapters that will give your chapter 5 companions immediate equipment upgrades. For example, in chapter 4 buy an extra set of Half Plate Armor and when the Hero meets Nara and Mara in chapter 5, give it to him for free. Do this before the end of every chapter and you can boost your gold level everytime a member joins the Hero's party.

ii. The Poker Table

If you want to build up coins in the casino quickly, use the "double or nothing" game after you win a hand at poker. On a console you'll have to guess how many times you can play the game before your luck runs out. The more times you win, the quicker the coins build up. Before you go to the poker table, save your game at the house of healing in Endor. Everytime you collect your winnings from the game, save it again at the house of healing before going back and playing another hand. I will reset the console and restore the previously saved game if I lose 1,000 coins (or all of them) at the table. This is the quickest way to get the Metal Babble Shields and Meteorite Armbands that you need in chapter 5.

The process here is almost the same as on the console, but the big difference is that you can use the Save State key to earn 100,000 coins everytime you win a hand. After you win one, save the state of the game exactly like it's shown here. Each time you win the "double or nothing" game, save the state when it asks you to play again. This will let you collect the coins if you happen to run into a joker as the card to beat in the next round. Apparently you can only win 100,000 coins per hand because it doesn't offer you to play again after you've won this much. It shouldn't take more than 10 or 20 minutes on an emulator to build up 300,000 coins, which is more than enough to get 4 Metal Babble Shields and 8 Meteorite Armbands for every member in your party.

iii. Save State Method

If you're playing the game on a computer emulator, use the Save State key as a backup often (if you want to cheat). You can use it in all the chapters to help shorten the game. The best way to use it is to save your life when you're fighting tougher enemies for experience points. It's also useful as sort of a "second chance" when you're trying to make something happen, like using the Chance spell to beat a King Metal or a group of Metal Babbles.

iv. 2,000 Free Coins

According to other FAQs that I have seen on the internet, you can apparently win 2,000 free coins when you're traveling through the tunnel between Endor and Branca. From what I've read, if you travel back and forth through the tunnel enough times a message will appear on the screen saying that you are the thousanth visitor and award you the coins. I have tried doing this many times to no avail, so I've never seen it happen.

v. See Result of a Poker Game

According to an article I found on the internet, you can do this on a game console. There is a certain button combination you have to press. I can't seem to find the article anymore, but if I run across it again I will finish this section.

vi. Keep Strom and Laurent

When you hire them for their services, the game records a day of service as soon as night falls. If you gather the 60,000 gold pieces the same way I do, you've noticed that the trip from Endor to the cave of Silver Statuette is short enough that night doesn't fall before you get to the cave. Inside the cave time doesn't pass. If you want to keep these two companions the entire time you're searching for treasures and earning gold, hire them during the day, travel to the cave and fight enemies until Taloon dies. Taloon is revived for free at the house of healing, and it only costs 10 gold a piece to revive the companions. When you exit Endor again the game recognizes the time of day as the beginning, just as if you stayed at an inn. This will prevent night from falling everytime you travel back to the cave. Remember that when you die half of the gold is lost, so if keeping the gold is a priority for you make sure you've picked up the Iron Safe.



Chapter 1

There is nothing you can do to shorten Ragnar's chapter. Just build up experience as fast as you can. See the tips section for chapter 1 on how to gain experience points quickly.

Chapter 2

Alena's adventure doesn't seem so mundane if you keep traveling to the next town, even before you're level is high enough. The chapter slows down significantly once you get to Endor until you are strong enough to win the tournament. Build your levels the fastest by defeating those metal slimes!

Chapter 3

Yes, this chapter is long, and if you want my opinion it's incredibly boring. But, fortunately there are a few things you can do to speed it up. First of all, there is no method that I know of to guarantee yourself those Broad Swords and Half Plate Armors. You get them from monsters at random, but they obviously show up less frequent than other equipment. The slowest part of the chapter (in my experience) is after you buy the shop. Sometimes trying to find the 6 Broad Swords and 6 sets of Half Plate Armor seems impossible. You can get a jumpstart on this process though if you pick up some of this inventory before you earn the 35,000 gold it takes to buy the shop. The more inventory you have when you reach 35,000 gold the better your headstart will be. This is the only reason that I don't get the Iron Safe. It simply takes up an inventory slot (and you can't discard it either!), which slows down the chapter. If it's necessary too, I will sell off all of my other equipment to make room for the king's inventory. Rarely do I get lucky enough where I have to do this, but it does happen. In the example I'm showing here, I had about 32,000 gold pieces at this point so I sold one sword and one armor to get my 35,000 gold needed for the shop. That way the remainder of the inventory I still had to get for the king was somewhat balanced. If you get this lucky though, hopefully you don't have to sell any of them so you can give them all to the king right away (yeah right, good luck with that!)

***Get the king's inventory in a matter of minutes!***

If you are playing the game on a computer emulator instead of a console, you can use the save state button to increase your chances of getting a Broad Sword or Half Plate Armor after every battle that gives you a treasure chest. There is only one way to do it though ... Apparently the game decides weather or not a treasure chest will be available to you as soon as you begin the last round of fighting in any given battle. Since you never know what round is going to be the last one, save the game state before a round of fighting starts (in other words, before the computer takes over the fighting sequence), and if it turns out to be the last one in the battle, AND if you end up getting a treasure chest out of it, check it. If you get an inventory item, keep it. If you don't, press the restore button to go back to the beginning of the last round of fighting. Keep doing this and the item that you get will change (most of the time you can eventually get what you want, but sometimes it just doesn't happen). This process works because the randomization of the chest item is set when the final round of fighting starts. This cheat method only works for battles that initially give you a treasure chest. If it doesn't give you one the first time you beat the enemies, don't waste your time restoring the game, because you will never earn a treasure chest for that specific battle (this is not 100% confirmed, but I have played the game enough to assume that this is correct).

Are you playing on a console?
Check out the game genie bonus section to see how you can start the game with 99,999 gold pieces (no need to fight for gold!).

Chapter 4

This chapter flows smoothly until you capture the Gunpowder Jar in Aktemto Mine. At this point, you will probably be around level 10 or 11, depending on how aggressive you are. Leveling up in and around Aktemto can be time consuming, but fortunately it doesn't take too long. This is the only mundane part of the chapter.

Chapter 5

This will be long no matter what you do. There is plenty of stuff to keep you busy though. The chapter is slow when you have to build up experience and gold. You might have to do this when you reach Keeleon, Gardenbur, and before you enter Necrosaro's Palace. The game will take much longer to complete if you don't use any of the cheat methods like the item carryovers or the poker table method.


Using the game genie codes suggested in the cheat section, I finished the game in a speed test. My times are listed below (all allies in chapter 5 were used):

*Chapter 1 - 20 min
*Chapter 2 - 20 min
*Chapter 3 - 20 min
*Chapter 4 - 7 min
*Chapter 5 - 3 hrs, 30 min



"Room to Room" - Quick Enemies
You can buy scent pouches at item shops around the world to attract enemies, but you can use what I call the "room to room" technique in caves and shrines to find enemies quickly. These places are usually divided into visible "sections". When you move between them one sections disappears as the next one appears at the same time. The movement of the screen when you switch between these sections seems to make you encounter monsters more often. Walk back and forth (in and out) between any two different screens continuously and you'll encounter more enemies than you ever thought possible in one place.

Free Metal Babble Helm
According to a forum post I found on, you can get the helm from the King Metal as a treasure chest if you're extremely lucky. Here is the portion of the post that tells you how to do it:

"Your best bet it to equip four characters with venomous daggers (randomly paralyzes enemy after hit), switch the tactics to Offensive, and drain your characters of their mp so your characters will only attack with their weapon. Once you're able to paralyze a King Metal, put everybody in the wagon except for Taloon, and keep your fingers crossed. It would be wise to empty Taloon of all his belongings because he's dumb enough to try using any item in his inventory to waste a turn. When you see the message "Taloon has caught King Metal off guard and grabs the treasure chest", he'll have a metal babble helm in his possession.


1) After extensive testing I found that you can only steal one metal babble helm.
2) You cannot get one if you already gave up 20 small medals to get a metal babble helm, but you can use those medals to equip members with the sword of miracles. (Metal Babbles hold the shoes of happiness, and you can get as many of these as you want).
3) Any item you steal from an enemy is the same item the enemy would have randomly dropped at the end of battle, but I never got a King Metal to drop the lone metal babble helm in the game.

The first time I ever tried this on an emulator I used the Save State method to replay the first round of battle. It took 32 replays before I finally paralyzed the King Metal. Believe it or not, the very next round Taloon caught him off guard and stole a treasure chest. One free Metal Babble Helm for me! Woohoo!

Double Replentishment of the Healus Spell
I have no idea why this happens, but you'll find that Cristo's Healus spell randomly doubles its power. When it happens for me, all of the allies receive double replentishment of their HP than what the Healus spell is supposed to give.

Bypass Enemies
According to some people, you can run away from any enemy (or enemy group) in Necrosaro's Palace successfully the first time, guaranteed (Clay Dolls not included). This could not be farther from the truth. I've played the game numerous times on both emulators and consoles and the trick doesn't work on either of them.



What's the best way to fight Master Malice?
He has a set strategy for battle that he uses everytime. In the first round he will chant the Explodet spell, which can hurt if you're low on HP. In the next round he casts Fendspell. If you haven't defeated him by the time he casts the Upper spell in the third round, you might want to try and run away. If you don't use a counter measure at this point (such as the Defense spell), the only damage you will probably be able to inflict is from Ragnar's attacks or Alena's terrific blows. He will cast Blazemost in the fourth round, shoot freezing waves out from his fingers in the fifth and do a normal attack in the sixth. After this round he will repeat the same strategy again in the same order. You might benefit from using the Sword of Decimation to lower his defense power, but it doesn't work everytime.

What's the best way to fight Metal Babbles?
The first time they appear in large groups is in the Royal Crypt. At this point you should already have the Metal Babble Sword, which is really the only thing that can help you defeat them. To me this is not ideal but it's the best chance you have before getting the Mirror Shield. In the tower heading down to the Last Refuge, the shield is in one of the treasure chests. This is the next best option for beating them (and possibly the best). To get the most out of the shield when you're fighting metal enemies, give it to Cristo and equip him with a weapon and the Mirror Shield only. This will lower his defense power as much as possible and also raise the reflection power of shield. When the babbles cast the Firebal spell, Cristo's shield will probably reflect 3 damage points. The Blaze spell will most likely reflect 2 damage points. This works well but does not immediately eliminate them because they have 4-5 hit points each. The option I use the most is the Chance spell. This is probably not the best option unless you are playing the game on an emulator with a Save State button. Unless you're fighting large groups of metal babbles, it's probably not worth the effort to use the spell.

How do you beat the King Metal?
The best chance you have is for Alena to score a terrific blow. If the King Metal is accompanied by any other enemies except Metal Babbles (for example a Slime), your party will attack those first. Alena always has the highest agility in your party, so if the group of enemies contains a Slime her turn will probably be wasted in the first round. Another way to beat King Metals is to use the Mirror Shield. They will probably have to cast the Firebane spell twice to kill themselves from the shield's reflection. Each attack on the shield will reflect 4-6 damage points. The King Metal has 6-7 HP, but almost always has 7. If you're going to use the shield, make sure that Cristo is equipped with it and that none of his other defense items are equipped. This will maximize the reflection power of the shield.

How important are the Stilleto Earrings?
It's actually very important for Alena to use them because it doubles the chance of her scoring a terrific blow, which happens quite often. There is a point at which two attacks with the Stilleto Earrings can deliver just as much damage as the Fire Claw. Generally this happens around level 25 or 26. Using the Earrings before this point in the game is generally less powerful than using the Fire Claw. For enemies with stronger armor though, the Earrings will not be more powerful to use until around level 30 (examples are Saroknight, Bakor, Ogre and Rhinoking).

What should I get with the small medals?
It's completely up to you. I'm sure my opinion is different than most people, but it works quite well. There are 32 total medals in the game, so there's enough to get one of every item that the king offers. If you choose to get the Metal Babble Helm you'll only have 12 other medals to get items with, and going through the game without a Sword of Miracles is not a good idea. This leaves you with the choice of either two Swords of Miracles, or one along with a Hat of Happiness. In my opinion, the Metal Babble Helm is never needed because Cristo will have plenty of defense power with a Metal Babble Shield and Metal Babble Armor. Nara can also be equipped with it, but weather that's necessary is up to you. I usually give Nara, Mara and Brey each a Hat of Happiness. I recommend getting 3 Swords of Miracles and 3 Hats of Happiness.

What is the Chance spell?
It has a specific inventory of situations that can happen. They are:

* Everyone becomes confused ("everyone" meaning all allies and all enemies).
* Everyone becomes confused except our valiant Hero.
* Everyone's spells are sealed due to "eerie mists that engulf the area".
* Everyone is put to sleep.
* Everyone's MP is reduced to 0.
* Everyone's HP is fully restored.
* Everyone "builds up strength".
* All enemies suffer 50-60 damage due to an earthquake.
* All enemies run away due to the Hero shouting something fearful.
* All enemies are carried away by a white dragon (same effect as Expel).
* All enemies explode into bits (same effect as Expel).
* All enemies are killed by an earthquake (experience and gold still earned).
* All enemies' MP is reduced to 0.
* All enemies are attacked by a laughing giant, 100-120 damage for each enemy.
* All enemies become surrounded by images (same effect as Surround).
* All enemies become Metal Slimes.
* All allies' HP is fully restored.
* All allies' defense is increased (same effect as Increase).
* All allies' speed is increased (same effect as Speedup).
* All allies transform into dragons and immediately emit violent blazes.
* All allies strike critical blows for the remainder of the battle due to a moral boost.
* A mysterious grumbling voice causes a random enemy group or all allies lose a turn.
* The Hero is struck by a bright light for big damage and become a blizzard-emitting dragon if he/she survives.
* Time stops for three turns for everyone except the Hero.
* Time reverses (same effect as the Sandglass of Regression).
* Double experience and gold are received after the battle.
* A booming voice echoes causing any slain ally will be revived to full HP.
* Casts the Return spell to a random destination, immediately ending the battle.

The only reason to ever use the spell is to increase your chances of defeating the King Metal and 6 Metal Babbles. The outcomes above that are in bold will help some, but the ones that are underlined will kill all of the enemies immediately. Turning into a group of dragons can kill most of the metal babbles immediately, but the earthquake and laughing giant scenarios are your best bets. If you manage to make this happen before any of them run away, 90,000 experience points awaits you! This is extremely rare but it can happen. Another possibility is earning double experience from the battle. This is virtually impossible because it takes more than one round of battle to accomplish, and metal enemies usually run away in the first round. To do it though, the Chance spell has to be cast twice. In the first round the experience and gold must be doubled, and in the second one of the underlined effects from the list above has to be chosen. I've never managed to do it, but I came close once. Unfortunately, one metal babble ran away too soon, which left me with a measly 160,000 experience points!

What are the best weapons and armors?
You can beat the game with a number of equipment variations, but the popular way to equip your party is far from what I use. Here's what I recommend:

Sword of Miracles
Zenithian Armor
Zenithian Shield
Zenithian Helm

Sword of Miracles
Metal Babble Armor
Aeolus' Shield
Iron Mask

Sword of Miracles
Metal Babble Armor
Shield of Strength
Iron Helmet

Stilleto Earrings
Dress of Radiance
Golden Barrette

Sword of Miracles
Metal Babble Armor
Metal Babble Shield
Iron Helmet (or Metal Babble Helm)

Metal Babble Sword
Metal Babble Armor
Metal Babble Shield
Hat of Happiness

Staff of Antimagic
Dress of Radiance
Metal Babble Shield
Hat of Happiness

Magma Staff
Water Flying Clothes
Metal Babble Shield
Hat of Happiness

The popular belief is that Nara and Mara should both have the Staff of Force, but why use that if you can equip Nara with the Metal Babble Sword? For Mara, why use it and deplete your MP when you can give her the Staff of Antimagic and sacrifice only five points of attack power? For these reasons, I never buy a Staff of Force for anyone. Also, the reason I want to end up with four Swords of Miracles is because the amount of HP it restores is far more beneficial than simply using one of the more powerful weapons.

Are there any strategies for getting 60,000 gold pieces in chapter 3?
Yes there is. Check out this section on how to save yourself from extensive boredom in this chapter.

What is the quickest way to earn gold?
By far, Mystic Dolls give the most gold when defeated. Although the walkthrough for chapter 5 states that the best place to find them is on the island of Keeleon, Santeem Castle is actually a better place. Use the "room to room" tactic described in the Techniques section to step in and out of the shaman's room in Santeem Castle as shown here. Most of the enemy groups you run into here will be accompanied by one or more mystic dolls.



How do I start?

Chapter 1 start codes
*TEKPLONN (Start with Metal Babble Sword)
*TEKPGONN (Start with another Metal Babble Sword) - Give this one to Taloon in chapter 5!
*ATVATGSL (Don't take damage from enemies / use no MP)

*There is no need to buy armor
*You never need to level up (save the children at level 1)

Chapter 2 start codes
*LNUPLONY (Brey starts with Final Key) - Make sure he keeps it!
*ZOKOZONN (Alena starts with Fire Claw)
*ATVATGSL (Don't take damage from enemies / use no MP)

*There is no need to buy armor
*You don't need the Birdsong Nector to travel to Endor
*Beat the chapter at level 5 or earlier

Chapter 3 start codes
*TXUOYONN (Start with resaleable set of Metal Babble Armor) - Equip this!
*GOUOGONN (Start with Sword of Miracles) - A Metal Babble Sword does not carry over in chapter 5.
*LNUOTONN (Start with Padequia Root) - A

*There is no need to buy armor
*Finish the chapter at level 1
*For unlimited gold, use this process:

1) Go to Bonmalmo.
2) Sell it to the old man as many times as needed to get 99,999 gold pieces.
3) You now have enough gold to get through the entire chapter!

Chapter 4 start codes
*ZNXPLONN (Nara starts with Boarding Pass)
*INXPGONN (Nara starts with Gas Canister)
*ATVATGSL (Don't take damage from enemies / use no MP)

*There is no need to buy armor
*You don't have to beat Balzack
*You can get through the chapter in less than 10 minutes
*You can bypass Esturk's Castle in chapter 5

Chapter 5 start codes
*YUOPIONY (Hero starts with Zenithian Armor)
*PXOPTONY (Hero starts with Zenithian Sword)
*GKOPYONY (Hero starts with Zenithian Shield)

Chapter 5 codes (after saving at Branca)
*YYEXVTGE (Disable Auto-Fight intelligence / Control all allies in battle)
*ATVATGSL (Don't take damage from enemies / use no MP)

*There is no need to buy armor
*You don't have to travel the seas
*You don't have to get any small medals
*You don't have to join up with Ragnar, or Alena and Cristo (although you should because the game goes much faster)
*You don't have to battle Keeleon (unless you want Ragnar), Balzack or Esturk
*You cannot defeat Necrosaro's guards before level 15-20 because their abilities to recover HP during battle are more effective than your ability to inflict damage on them. You can however, use Brey's Sap spell (and Bikill at level 19) to increase your chances of beating the guards before level 15 (this is not likely though).

Do the game genie codes work?
Yes they do. Pretty much all of them. Here are a few of the quirks:

*The rules listed do not apply to the combination of a Metal Babble Sword and Metal Babble Armor in chapter 3 (it does work in other chapters). See this section on how to get them both for Taloon.
*Alena's party will have the Thief's Key in chapter 5, even if you don't get it in chapter 3.
*Items in the Hero's inventory at the beginning of chapter 5 (produced by codes) might be duplicated in any other member's inventory at random.
*Items taken from Santeem's treasure room in chapter 3 will not be retained by Alena's party in chapter 5 (Magma Staff, Echoing Flute).
*You cannot prevent Taloon's random actions in battle, even if you are manually controlling the characters (he will still randomly do crazy stuff if you tell him to "fight").

***Did You Know???***
If you use a game genie code to start with an item in your inventory, it is not automatically equipped. But ... there are codes to automatically equip yourself with these items. When you're entering the code to start with a particular item, replace the first letter of the code with the letter to the right of it on the game genie chart. For example, if you want to automatically equip the Hero with a Metal Babble Sword, use this code: VEOPIONN. As you can see, "OPI" is the letter combo for the Hero's inventory, and the letter "V" is just to the right of the actual code's first letter "T" on the game genie letter chart:


Oddly enough, this does not work in situations where there is no letter to the right (e.g. where the first code letter is a "U" or "N"). Another strange thing is that if the game is already programmed to have the chapter's opening characters equipped, the inventory list will show an "overlapping" of equipped items. The piece of equipment that's actually equipped though, is whatever the game already had programmed (for example, Basic Clothes for Taloon in chapter 3).



The code portions below are "ally-specific". They need to be put in the wildcard sections of the "start" codes in order to work for any given character.

**KPL*** - Chapter One in Ragnar's inventory

**KOZ*** - Chapter Two in Alena's inventory

**UPL*** - Chapter Two in Brey's inventory

**OOL*** - Chapter Three in Cristo's inventory

**UOL*** - Chapter Three in Taloon's inventory

**XPL*** - Chapter Four in Nara's inventory

**XOL*** - Chapter Four in Mara's inventory

**OPI*** - Chapter Five in the Hero's inventory


If you want to start with more than one item in a single character's inventory, the wildcard sections of the second item's code must be as follows:

**KPG*** - Chapter One in Ragnar's inventory

**KOL*** - Chapter Two in Alena's inventory

**UPG*** - Chapter Two in Brey's inventory

**OOG*** - Chapter Two in Cristo's inventory

**UOG*** - Chapter Three in Taloon's inventory

**XPG*** - Chapter Four in Nara's inventory

**XOG*** - Chapter Four in Mara's inventory

**OPT*** - Chapter Five in the Hero's inventory


If you want to start with a 3rd item in a single character's inventory, the 5th letter of the wildcard section for that character must be either a "T", "I" or "Y". For example, Ragnar's 3rd item code be: **KPT***


Note: If you replace the 5th letter in any of the "start with item" codes with a "Y" (****Y***), you can sell the item 3 times before it disappears. If you want to use the item, you can sell it 2 times and then use/equip it.

***Metal Babble Sword / Metal Babble Armor***
If you want to start with both of these items in Taloon's inventory in chapter 3, the above rule for the second item will not work (you will get some other random item instead). To get this combination, the 5th letter of the "second item code" must be a "Y", "I" or "T" (instead of what's shown in the above list). For example, Taloon will start with a Metal Babble Sword and Metal Babble Armor if you use these two codes: TXUOLONN (armor) / TEUOTONN (sword).

***Chapter 3 Bonus***
If you use the "start chapter" codes combined with the rule above for defensive equipment (shields, helmets, armors), you can sell them an infinite number of times. In order to do this, you can only sell to the old man at Bonmalmo. If you sell anywhere else (even once), you will only be able to sell the item 3 times before it disappears from your inventory.

The "start chapter" codes below must be entered when you begin a chapter or they will not work.


START OF A CHAPTER GE***ONN Start with an Abacus of Virtue
START OF A CHAPTER ZK***ONY Start with an Aeolus' Shield
START OF A CHAPTER ZV***ONY Start with an Agility Seed
START OF A CHAPTER GS***ONY Start with an Antidote Herb
START OF A CHAPTER ZS***ONY Start with a Baron's Horn
START OF A CHAPTER GX***ONY Start with the Basic Clothes
START OF A CHAPTER YE***ONY Start with a Battle Axe
START OF A CHAPTER IN***ONY Start with the Birdsong Nectar
START OF A CHAPTER ZN***ONN Start with a Boarding Pass
START OF A CHAPTER LE***ONN Start with a Boomerang
START OF A CHAPTER TE***ONY Start with a Broad Sword
START OF A CHAPTER IX***ONN Start with Bronze Armor
START OF A CHAPTER YX***ONY Start with Chain Mail
START OF A CHAPTER GE***ONY Start with a Chain Sickle
START OF A CHAPTER LU***ONY Start with a Cloak of Evasion
START OF A CHAPTER PE***ONY Start with a Club
START OF A CHAPTER ZE***ONY Start with a Copper Sword
START OF A CHAPTER AE***ONY Start with a Cypress Stick
START OF A CHAPTER GX***ONN Start with a Dancer's Costume
START OF A CHAPTER GU***ONN Start with Demon Armor
START OF A CHAPTER ZO***ONY Start with a Demon Hammer
START OF A CHAPTER LS***ONN Start with the Dew of the World Tree
START OF A CHAPTER IO***ONY Start with a Dragon Killer
START OF A CHAPTER ZU***ONY Start with Dragon Mail
START OF A CHAPTER LK***ONY Start with a Dragon Shield
START OF A CHAPTER LU***ONN Start with a Dress of Radiance
START OF A CHAPTER IS***ONY Start with Fairy Water
START OF A CHAPTER ZK***ONN Start with a Feather Hat
START OF A CHAPTER LN***ONY Start with the Final Key
START OF A CHAPTER ZO***ONN Start with a Fire Claw
START OF A CHAPTER GN***ONN Start with the Fire of Serenity
START OF A CHAPTER GS***ONN Start with a Flute of Uncovering
START OF A CHAPTER AS***ONN Start with a Full Moon Herb
START OF A CHAPTER ZX***ONN Start with Full Plate Armor
START OF A CHAPTER YX***ONN Start with a Fur Coat
START OF A CHAPTER IN***ONN Start with a Gas Canister
START OF A CHAPTER IK***ONN Start with a Golden Barrette
START OF A CHAPTER TN***ONY Start with a Golden Bracelet
START OF A CHAPTER PN***ONN Start with a Gum Pod
START OF A CHAPTER AX***ONN Start with a Half Plate Armor
START OF A CHAPTER TK***ONN Start with the Hat of Happiness
START OF A CHAPTER LO***ONN Start with an Ice Blade
START OF A CHAPTER PX***ONN Start with an Iron Apron
START OF A CHAPTER LE***ONY Start with an Iron Claw
START OF A CHAPTER IE***ONN Start with an Iron Fan
START OF A CHAPTER AK***ONN Start with an Iron Helmet
START OF A CHAPTER PK***ONN Start with an Iron Mask
START OF A CHAPTER YU***ONN Start with an Iron Shield
START OF A CHAPTER IE***ONY Start with an Iron Spear
START OF A CHAPTER YS***ONY Start with a Leaf of the World Tree
START OF A CHAPTER TX***ONY Start with Leather Armor
START OF A CHAPTER AU***ONY Start with a Leather Dress
START OF A CHAPTER TK***ONY Start with a Leather Hat
START OF A CHAPTER IU***ONN Start with a Leather Shield
START OF A CHAPTER GV***ONY Start with the Lifeforce Nuts
START OF A CHAPTER LV***ONY Start with a Luck Seed
START OF A CHAPTER GN***ONY Start with a Lunch
START OF A CHAPTER ZN***ONY Start with a Magic Key
START OF A CHAPTER ZS***ONN Start with a Magic Potion
START OF A CHAPTER TO***ONN Start with a Magma Staff
START OF A CHAPTER GK***ONN Start with a Mask of Corruption
START OF A CHAPTER LS***ONY Start with a Medical Herb
START OF A CHAPTER TX***ONN Start with the Metal Babble Armor
START OF A CHAPTER YK***ONN Start with a Metal Babble Helm
START OF A CHAPTER IK***ONY Start with a Metal Babble Shield
START OF A CHAPTER TE***ONN Start with a Metal Babble Sword
START OF A CHAPTER AS***ONY Start with a Meteorite Armband
START OF A CHAPTER TV***ONY Start with a Mirror of Ra
START OF A CHAPTER PK***ONY Start with a Mirror Shield
START OF A CHAPTER ZE***ONN Start with a Morning Star
START OF A CHAPTER LO***ONY Start with a Multi-Edge Sword
START OF A CHAPTER TU***ONY Start with a Mysterious Bolero
START OF A CHAPTER IV***ONY Start with the Mystic Acorns
START OF A CHAPTER LN***ONN Start with a Padequia Root
START OF A CHAPTER TN***ONN Start with a Padequia Seed
START OF A CHAPTER PU***ONY Start with a Pink Leotard
START OF A CHAPTER YE***ONN Start with a Poison Needle
START OF A CHAPTER YN***ONY Start with the Prince's Letter
START OF A CHAPTER PU***ONN Start with a Robe of Serenity
START OF A CHAPTER AN***ONN Start with a Royal Scroll
START OF A CHAPTER GU***ONY Start with a Sacred Robe
START OF A CHAPTER AV***ONY Start with a Sage's Stone
START OF A CHAPTER YS***ONN Start with a Sand Glass of Regression
START OF A CHAPTER TU***ONN Start with a Scale Shield
START OF A CHAPTER TS***ONN Start with a Scent Pouch
START OF A CHAPTER AK***ONY Start with a Shield Of Strength
START OF A CHAPTER LX***ONN Start with a Silk Robe
START OF A CHAPTER IV***ONN Start with a Silver Statuette
START OF A CHAPTER AE***ONN Start with the Silver Tarot Cards
START OF A CHAPTER PV***ONN Start with a Small Medal
START OF A CHAPTER IO***ONN Start with a Staff of Antimagic
START OF A CHAPTER AO***ONY Start with a Staff of Force
START OF A CHAPTER AX***ONY Start with a Staff of Healing
START OF A CHAPTER ZX***ONY Start with a Staff of Jubilation
START OF A CHAPTER YO***ONY Start with a Staff of Punishment
START OF A CHAPTER PO***ONY Start with a Staff of Thunder
START OF A CHAPTER AV***ONN Start with a Staff of Transform
START OF A CHAPTER TO***ONY Start with the Stilleto Earrings
START OF A CHAPTER ZV***ONN Start with a Stone of Drought
START OF A CHAPTER PV***ONY Start with a Strength Seed
START OF A CHAPTER YO***ONN Start with a Sword of Decimation
START OF A CHAPTER AO***ONN Start with a Sword of Lethargy
START OF A CHAPTER LX***ONY Start with a Sword of Malice
START OF A CHAPTER GO***ONN Start with a Sword of Miracles
START OF A CHAPTER AU***ONN Start with Swordedge Armor
START OF A CHAPTER UNKNOWN Start with a Symbol of Faith
START OF A CHAPTER PN***ONY Start with a Thief's Key
START OF A CHAPTER PE***ONN Start with a Thorn Whip
START OF A CHAPTER TV***ONN Start with a Treasure Map
START OF A CHAPTER PO***ONN Start with a Venomus Dagger
START OF A CHAPTER IU***ONY Start with the Water Flying Clothes
START OF A CHAPTER IX***ONY Start with the Wayfarer's Clothes
START OF A CHAPTER TS***ONY Start with a Wing of the Wyvern
START OF A CHAPTER PS***ONN Start with a Wizard's Ring
START OF A CHAPTER YK***ONY Start with a Wooden Hat
START OF A CHAPTER YU***ONY Start with the Zenithian Armor
START OF A CHAPTER UNKNOWN Start with the Zenithian Helmet
START OF A CHAPTER GK***ONY Start with the Zenithian Shield
START OF A CHAPTER PX***ONY Start with the Zenithian Sword
START OF A CHAPTER ZU***ONN Start with Zombie Mail
START OF CHAPTER 1 POSOAPZU Start with 25 gold
START OF CHAPTER 1 GVSOAPZL Start with 100 gold
START OF CHAPTER 1 NNSOAPZU Start with 255 gold
START OF CHAPTER 1 AIXOZAYS Start with lots o' gold
START OF CHAPTER 1 YEEXYXLO Start with 15 hit points
START OF CHAPTER 1 GVEXYXLP Start with 100 hit points
START OF CHAPTER 1 NNEXYXLO Start with 255 hit points
START OF CHAPTER 2 ZUSOPPGT Start with 50 gold
START OF CHAPTER 2 NNSOPPGV Start with 255 gold
START OF CHAPTER 2 AIXOZAYS Start with lots o' gold
START OF CHAPTER 2 GVOZAZAP Alena starts with 100 hit points
START OF CHAPTER 2 NNOZAZAO Alena starts with 255 hit points
START OF CHAPTER 3 AOEXTZGP Start with 16 hit points
START OF CHAPTER 3 GVEXTZGP Start with 100 hit points
START OF CHAPTER 3 NNEXTZGO Start with 255 hit points
START OF CHAPTER 3 GVSOZPAA Start with 100 gold
START OF CHAPTER 3 NNSOZPAE Start with 255 gold
START OF CHAPTER 4 GVEXLZZP Nara starts with 100 hit points
START OF CHAPTER 4 NNEXLZZO Nara starts with 255 hit points
START OF CHAPTER 4 GVEXGZAP Mara starts with 100 hit points
START OF CHAPTER 4 NNEXGZAO Mara starts with 255 hit points
MISCELLANEOUS ATVATGSL Take no damage from enemies / Spells use 0 MP
MISCELLANEOUS YYEXVTGE Disable Auto-Fight intelligence / Control all allies in battle



Thanks to the google searches that helped me write this. Here are the other Dragon Warrior fanatics' webpages that contributed to my walkthru:


Written by: ajetrumpet