Dragon Warrior IV Walkthru

The story of Dragon Warrior IV is divided up into 5 chapters. The first chapter, The Royal Solders, starts out with Ragnar a soldier in Burland being sent to check on the children of a nearby village, Izmit, whom have been disappearing.

Chapter 1 (Chapter 1 Title Screen)

One thing to note if you have played DW1, DW2 or DW3, you do not need a key to open the simple wooden doors.† Keyed doors will have a mark on them.

Check out the Castle of Burland, talk to people and gather info. Check out the cave to the west of the castle. When you are come out on the other side of the river, head north and east to find the village of Izmit.

Talk to everyone, you will learn there is a guy in jail with the name Alex, so head back to Burland and tell Flora (the lady whoís husband was missing). She will follow you back to Izmit, go back down to the jail. (Alex's wife learns the truth) (Axex's wife joins your party)

Alex will regain his memory and tell you where the childrenís play spot is in the forest. (Alex Remembers) (Well Location)

There will be a well there, you will hear a voice telling you where to go (if you follow the voice you wonít be attacked, but you wonít find any good stuff, like Healie the Healer). (Voice at well entrance)

Follow the voice and it will lead you to the Flying Shoes. (Flying Shoes)

Find Healie who will cast Heal on you during battle, in the room with 3 intersections take the southeast most intersection to find Healie. (Healie joins you)

When you are ready to leave head out of the well, where the voice says you will go back if you go that way, then fall into the crevice near the entrance and you can get out from there. (Voice in the well where to go back) (Crevice to jump into)

Now you can head to the Tower to the west of Izmit, use the Flying Shoes from your inventory. You will fly into the sky and land in the tower. (Using Flying Shoes)

When you land you will see one of the children being led away. (Child being taken away)

You start on 4F and you will go down the stairs to the north.

On 3F if you go north and follow the path you will find a Wing of the Wyvern. Then go south from the stairs and follow that around to another set of stairs up.

Now on 2F, you can go north, behind the door is 640 GP, then north of the doors is a set of stairs to find a seed, then go back and south and west a little, then north between the pillars.

The chest has the Scale Shield, grab that and then continue north to the stairs down to 1F. (Scale Shield)

On 1F, go north thru the door, if you go west then you will find the Sword of Malice and if you go east you will find a Luck Seed. (Sword of Malice)

Now if you go south from the stairs, there will be a set of stairs down, take these stairs to find a tile that will restore the MP of Healie.(MP restoring tile)

Now go back up to 1F and go west and around the south to another set of stairs down. Go east and one of the children will run asking you to save them.

You will have to battle Saroís Shadow and a Giant Eyeball, take out the Giant Eyeball first, then work on Saroís Shadow while Healie casts Heal on you.

When you win you need to head back to the top of the tower and jump off the south side to clear the water surrounding the tower. Take the children back to Izmit then head back to Castle Burland, plus now there are no monster attacks now so you donít need to worry about that. (End of Chapter 1)

Chapter 2 (Chapter 2 Title)

In this chapter you play as Alena, the princess of Santeem. She wants to go on a journey and the King wonít allow it.† Talk to everyone in the castle, that seems to trip the guy fixing the wall in your room

When he is gone, search in front of the patched wall and you can kick it out.(Kicking in the wall)

As you walk away from the castle Cristo and Brey will come and join your party, so head for the nearby town of Surene.

From here head north and east to find the town of Tempe.

You will find that there is a monster demanding sacrifices of young girls or it will destroy the town.† Talk to the man in the House of Healing (north end of town) and you can go as the sacrifice to meet the monster. (Your party in the bag)

This battle shouldnít be too bad; after you win you will be able to continue north, when you exit the sacrifice area, head north and east to find the town of Frenor.

Here everyone will be talking about the Princessís visiting the town, but wait you are just got here.

Head to the second floor of the Inn to see what they are talking about and watch the imposter get kidnapped. Talk to the boy with the dog and he will show you a letter that is a ransom note, they want the Golden Bracelet in the graveyard by the next night.† Well one other person told you that the Golden Bracelet was in a cave to the south, guess we go there.

The cave isnít too tough to find your way thru, when you enter if you go south at the first intersection you will find a Wing of the Wyvern. If you continue on you can go north at the next intersection for 360 GP. On the risen platform the chest there contains an Agility Seed.

Walk around the north end of the platform to continue until you find the stairs.

On B2 take the southeast passage into a room with 4 pillars and a path south and west, the west path leads to a chest with a Magic Potion and the south path leads (you can walk over the bones) to another room with a path to the west. There you will find the Golden Bracelet. (Golden Bracelet)

Head back to Frenor, wait until nighttime and meet the kidnappers in the graveyard (northwest side of town). The fake princess will give you the Thiefís Key in return for saving her.

Head south and west from the cave where you got the Golden Bracelet you will come to a desert with a small patch of water and grass, when you enter the patch of grass you will find that a Bazaar has been setup. (Bazaar Location)

Enter the Bazaar and buy any equipment you may need, on your way thru the Bazaar a soldier will tell you that your father the King is in trouble.

Head back to Santeem and talk to your father. It seems that you canít talk to him, he has lost his voice. The chancellor tells you that the old man in the backyard may know of a remedy. Go up to your room and jump out like before, but now you can unlock the door to talk to the old man back there. He tells you that Marone the poet had hurt his throat once and he may know what to do. (The poet hurt his voice once)

So now go back to Surene and talk to the poet there. The poet will tell you that he bought some Birdsong Nectar in the desert Bazaar. So head back to the Bazaar to find some, but they donít have any so you will have to go to the Birdsong Tower to get some.

Travel southwest from the Bazaar to find Birdsong Tower.† If you north into the room and down the stairs there is an Inn in the basement. Then go west from the entrance and north to a door, open that and take the stairs up to 2F.

On 2F if you go a little west and then south and follow the path to the stairs you can go to 3F and find a Strength Seed and 1200 GP.

Go back down to 2F and to east out of the room you started in and then south and follow the path to the stairs that lead up.

Now back on 3F if you go north you will find Wings of the Wyvern, after getting the Wings go west and follow the narrow path around the pit to the next set of stairs up.

4F is pretty straightforward just go south and follow the path to the stairs.

On 5F you will see 2 elves, when you approach them they will run and drop some "medicine". (Dropping the "medicine")

Search the northeast corner of the sandy area to find the Birdsong Nectar. (Found Birdsong Nectar)

Return back to Santeem Castle and give the Birdsong Nectar to your father.

He will tell you about his dreams of a coming evil, plus he wants you to travel the world and see what has been going on.

No go back to Frenor and travel south of the cave where you found the Golden Bracelet to find a shrine. In the shrine you will find a Travel Door, take the Travel Door to arrive near Endor. Exit this shrine and follow the grass path southeast to find the Castle of Endor.

There is a casino here, with Poker, Slots and Monster Arena. 1 Casino Coin costs 10 GP and there are some nice items for sale in the casino, but they are expensive.

If you enter the left passage in the castle there is a break in the wall on the west side, go thru this and then south to find some stairs to a chest with some Lifeforce Nuts in it.

Then talk to the King, he has promised that whomever wins the tournament will marry his daughter the princess, but it looks like one called Necrosaro is going to win. The king will ask you win the tournament since you are a woman the marriage would be nullified.

So head to the Coliseum, which is behind the castle. Since you have to go it alone make sure Alena has some medical herbs on her (you can use them between matches) and buy the Iron Claw from the Item Shop in the Coliseum.

You will have to win 5 rounds to match what Necrosaro has done. The first 4 battles arenít too bad, but the last battle the Linguar splits into himself and 3 mirages, so you have to hit the right one.

When you win all 5 battles they will call for Necrosaro to come out to fight you, but he is nowhere to be found, so you are declared the winner.

As you leave the castle a soldier comes and tells you to return to Santeem Castle right away. You cannot use Return for some reason so you will have to walk back, but there arenít any random battles.

When you get back everyone in the castle will be gone, explore the castle and when you leave the chapter will be over. (End of Chapter 2)

Chapter 3 (Chapter 3 Title Screen)

In chapter 3 you are in Lakanaba and you control Taloon, a merchant who wants to become the greatest merchant in the world.

Leave you house and go north and help the old man to the House of Healing by pushing him there.† Then go back to your house and go west to the shop there, the owner will tell you that you are late and put you to work.

Customers will come in and ask you to buy items, and you get paid on how many items you sell. You can try to get more money out of people by telling them no when they ask the price, but you may lose the sale also.† Also donít say that you are not a shop, good way too lose sales there.

Some people will sell items too, so buy them (itís not your money) and then you can sell them to some other customer, but if you only bought one item you only have one to sell whereas you will never run out of Clubs, Copper Swords, or Thorn Whips.

Spend a couple of days building up money selling stuff and try to get yourself equipped, you will go thru the same routine every day until you are ready.

Talk to the guy who runs the inn, he will tell you about the Iron Safe, which saves the money if you die.

Buy some weapons and armor and head east a little then north to find the Cave North of Lakanaba.

When you enter the cave go west to the stairs down, the go south to the next set of stairs, then north on the next room to go back down.

Here go west and north to find a chest with a Chain Sickle in it, then go back to the grey door, walk up to it and push the button there, it will open and wash you down to the next floor.

Walk north and take the northwest passage.† Now follow that path over to where there is a grey door with a boulder behind it.† Walk south from the door and the boulder should follow you.† At the intersection go east then south, back west when you are able and then north when you can, the boulder should continue south and fill the pit.

Now you can walk over the boulder to the stairs there and go down.

There will be a boulder in when you get down the stairs, push the boulder with you north up the passage to the room with the chest, push it to 1 space south of the chest.(Boulder south of chest)

Now get the chest to receive the Iron Safe, but when you step away from where the chest was a door appears.(Find Iron Safe) (Boulder and switch)

Push the boulder you brought with you onto the tile that is where the chest was to open the door.

Head back to Lakanaba and rest, then head south to find Endor. Along the way you will come to a small village, donít buy anything here it is a trick. You will talk to an architect called da Gardi, remember him for later. You canít seem to leave the town though, when you go out the road just repeats and repeats. Talk to the man in the house on the northwest corner of town and say yes when he asks if you are lost. When you wake up the town is gone, continue south to find the town of Bonmalmo.

They are talking of going to war with Endor, but the bridge is out and they need da Gardi to repair it. Also the town is low on armor due to the increase in monsters, there is a shop on the west end of the castle that will buy armor for a good price.

Talk to the prince on the west side of the castle during the day and he will tell you to meet him at night. He will give you a letter to give to the Princess of Endor. (Letter for Princess)

Now during the day, make sure you have a Wing of the Wyvern and go down to the jail and talk to the man in the cell east of the stairs. This will be son of Grandpa Tom, give him your Wing of the Wyvern so he can escape. (Son of Grandpa Tom) (Give him Wing of Wyvern)

No head back to Lakanaba and find Tomís son north his house.† He will let you borrow his dog to take to Foxville as your reward for freeing him.

When you enter Foxville the dog will run back to the masterís house and reveal his true form. (Taking the dog to Fox Village)

The town will disappear and da Gardi will be able to continue on to Bonmalmo. (Found da Gardi)

Take the dog back to Lakanaba then go talk to the King of Bonmalmo, when you leave the castle the bridge should be fixed.

Continue onto Endor now.

On the west edge of town there is a shop that an old man is selling if the King gives permission for someone to buy it. (Shop for sale)

No continue to the Princess and use the Princeís Letter in front of her. (Using the Letter)

The King of Endor will overhear your conversation and give you a Royal Scroll to take to the King of Bonmalmo.† He will realize that if they get married he will have access to Endorís wealth without an invasion. (Using the Royal Scroll)

No go back to Endor and talk to the King again, he will give you permission to open a shop in Endor. Go back and talk to the old man who is selling his shop, you will learn that the asking price is 35,000 GP. (Price for the Shop for sale)

There is a merchant in town now looking for the Silver Statuette and will pay well for it. The Silver Statuette is in the cave northeast across the bridge from Endor Castle.

Before you leave you may want to hire one of the mercenaries in town, there is a soldier (400 GP)near the shop you wish to buy, and a magic user (600 GP) in one of the rooms on the second floor of the inn. Having them makes traversing the cave much easier.

When you enter the cave follow the path and pass up the stairs and go east and take the ship around and into the dark area of the water.† This will take you down to B3, get off the ship, go north a little bit and east as far as you can go and go south to a set of stairs up. Now you will back on B2, walk northwest until you find a switch on the floor.

When you trip the switch much of the water on this floor drains out to the floor below, you can now get the chests on this floor if you like.†

Now go back southeast to where you entered this floor, there will be another set of stairs that were uncovered when the water drained. On B3 you can get a ship again, head to the north center of the room and you will find another set of stairs down.

Take these stairs down to B4 where you can get the Silver Statuette. (Finding Silve Statuette)

After finding the Silver Statuette go back up the stairs to the flooded room and back to the stairs you came in with go up and go to the far west of the room and take the stairs up to B1 and go south to get out of the cave.

Take the Silver Statuette back to Endor and in the building on the east end of town on the second floor is the man who will buy the Silver Statuette from you. (Sell Silver Statuette)

Now you have enough money to buy the shop that you want to open. Once you buy the shop your family will come to you and your wife will run the shop while you bring items to sell. (Buy the shop) (Taloon's wife takes care of the shop)

Now that you have your shop, go talk to the king he will place a big order of 7 Broad Swords and 7 Half Plate Armors. (King's Purchase Order)

In the cave east of Endor, there is an old man who is trying to build a tunnel to a nearby town, he needs 60,000 to build the tunnel.

When you fulfill the Kingís order he will pay you 60,000 GP, so get the Kingís Order completed and then you can give the money to the old man.(King pays cash) (Finish the tunnel)

Once the excavation has restarted one of the miners will tell you that the Casino has reopened, then go back and talk to your wife, she will tell you to take a rest and play in the Casino, this will be the only chance to gamble with Taloon.

Go back and talk to your wife and she will tell you that the tunnel has opened. Head for the tunnel and go up the stairs at the end of the tunnel.

This will end chapter 3. (End of Chapter 3)

Chapter 4 (Chapter 4 Title Screen)

In this chapter you are in control of Mara (a dancer) and her sister Nara (a fortuneteller), they are on a quest to avenge their father. You start in the town of Monbaraba.

Talk with everyone in town when you gain control, build up some levels and buy some weapons and armor.

When you think you are ready head north to find the sisters hometown of Kievs. By now you have heard how the sisters are seeking revenge on Balzak for killing their father and stealing his research. You also find that there was a second apprentice Orin and he is hiding in a cave to the west.

Head over to the Cave West of Kievs, when you enter, follow the path around to a transporter, this will take you to B2.† When you arrive on B2 go south and then west to find another transporter. This will take you to B4, go east and then south and then cross the bridge, open the chest to find the Lamp of Darkness. (Lamp of Darkness found)

And if you go a little farther you will find Orin, and he will join your party. (Orin joins you)

Go back to and take the transporter that got you here. When you get back to B2, go east and then south and follow the path around to the east to find another transporter. This will take you to B3, follow the path to yet another transporter. This transporter will take you back down to B4 where you will find the Sphere of Silence. (Got the Sphere of Silence)

It seems that Edgar found the Secret of Evolution and wanted to get rid of it but Balzak killed him, and stole the Secret of Evolution.

Now travel north to find Keeleon Castle, but the door is locked, fortunately Orin can break locks. It seems that Balzak has control of the Castle and the Council is the only person who knows how to get to the Kingís Chambers, and you need to scare him so he will run to the Kingís Chambers.

A man who scared the Council before was placed in jail in the town to the north, Haville.

When you talk to the man in jail he tells you that he got Gunpowder from Aktemto Mine, which is to the west in the town of Aktemto. (Learn about gunpowder)

The town is dying because a poisonous gas has been coming out of the mine.

The entrance is a set of stairs in the north end of town, enter the mine and go north to the first intersection, then east and north past the next 2 intersections, then take the west path to find the Silver Tarot Cards, then go and take the east path to find a set of stairs down to the next floor. (Found Silver Tarot Cards)

From here go north until you canít go north anymore and go east to another ladder down.

In this room there is a chest, open it to find the Gunpowder Jar. (Finding the Gunpowder Jar)

Now travel back to Keeleon and go near the Counselorís room and use the Gunpowder. (Using Gunpowder)

The Counselor will ďrunĒ from his room to the east-west hallway on the north end of the castle, stay back from him a little ways and you will see him go thru the wall. Search the wall and there will be a button you can push and go thru the wall. (Hidden King's Chamber door)

In the throne is Balzak, when you talk to him you will have to fight him, donít forget to use the Sphere of Silence, it makes the battle much easier.

Once Balzak is defeated, Keeleon will appear and you will have to fight him. You will be annihilated (he killed my members in 1 hit each), but this is supposed to happen.

When you awaken from the battle you are in prison, talk to the old man lying in the bed next to you, he will give you his Boarding Pass, go south into the next room and open the chest to get the Boarding Pass. (Finds Boarding Pass)

Then walk thru the wall to the east to get out of the jail cell. (Hidden Area to walkthru..) (..out the other side)

When you get above ground the guards will see you and try to stop you, but Orin stays behind to fight them back.

Head to Haville and use your Boarding Pass to access the ship that is going to Endor.

This ends Chapter 4. (End of Chapter 4)

Chapter 5 (Chapter 5 Title Screen)

In Chapter 5 we finally meet the character you named back when you started the game.

You live in a small village that is supposedly unknown to anyone but those who live there. Take the sandwich to your father who is fishing by the pond on the north end of town, talking to everyone else along the way. Then head back and talk to your mother to get your lunch, as soon as you do it seems the monsters found the village and are coming to get you. (Not my true parents?) (Hidden power) (Celia sacrifices herself) (Monsters think you are defeated)

You find out that your parents werenít your real parents and that the village was training you to be a great warrior, your best friend even sacrifices herself looking like you to save your life.

Exit your hiding place when you can take control to see the village destroyed, search the southeast sandy spot where your friend was lying before to find a Feather Hat. (Find Feather Hat)

Leave the village and head south until you find a Woodsmanís shack. He will feel sorry for you and he will let you take the items in the jars on the west side of the house. You will get 50 GP, Leather Armor and a Medical Herb.

Now head southeast to the Castle of Branca. Talk with everyone in town, there will be an adventuring party that will ask to you to join them, then they realize they already have 4 members, duh.

Sell the Feather Hat you picked up in your hometown (since you cannot equip it), it will fetch 210 GP which can go well towards equipping you with some better weapons and armor.

When you think you are ready, head south to find the tunnel that Taloon created in Chapter 3. Take the tunnel and go to Endor. You can check out the wedding of the Princess of Endor and the Prince of Bonmalmo in the Coliseum if you like. You can also talk to Taloonís wife; she started a Vault since Taloon is away looking for the Zenithian Sword.

Nara is talking to the soldier for hire in front of Taloonís shop, talk to her and accept her fortunetelling services. (Nara gives fortune)

She will realize who you are and join your party. (Nara joins)

After you have Nara in your party, go talk to Mara in the Casino, she will join your party also.

Now that you have more members in your party, you have noticed that you cannot control any other member other than the hero in battle, but you can give them tactic options on how they should perform.

Head back to Branca when you are ready. Go east and you should find a shrine north of the large desert. You need the horse and cart to cross the desert, but the owner doesnít trust anyone anymore.† To gain his trust you need to continue east to a cave that contains the Symbol of Faith.

When you enter the cave there will be block walls that can only be broken if you have 3 members in your party. (Walking thru boulders)

Follow the path thru the first floor, the problem with the blocks is that you lose Mara and Nara on this first floor.

Take the set of stairs that you can get to and take the northwest path to find Mara and NaraÖbut they are imposters. (Imposter set 1)

Fight the two monsters that attack you, when you win you will be in a different room and see Mara and Nara being chased by 2 monsters, talk to them and they will attack you since they are imposters too. (Imposter set 2)

Defeat these monsters now and take the stairs to a little room, then take those stairs up to see Mara and Nara walking south, catch up to them and talk to them.

This is the real set finally, but they have been fooled by imposters of you just like what has been happening to you and they ask you a question. They ask if Nara was in the Casino in Endor. Say no (because it was Mara). (Say no to her question)

They will rejoin you at this point, go back north and take the other set of stairs than the ones you used to get to this floor.

You will end up on the floor where you found the first set of imposters, go south and take the stairs back up and now go south were you couldnít before and take the stairs.

On this floor go south to find more stairs, then on the last floor there are a bunch of breakable blocks in the middle of the room, break them to find a chest that contains the Symbol of Faith. (Found Symbol of Faith)

Head back to talk to Hector, when you talk to him he will realize trust is a good thing, and he will join your party along with letting you use his cart. (Restore wagon owners trust)

Now head southeast across the desert to find the exit to the desert.† When you do leave the desert you will come across the town of Aneaux. If you talk to one of the people near the entrance of town he will give you a tour of the town. On the tour you can see the gravesite of Ruvas the hero that saved the town, and the Zenithian Armor, the armor he used.

Come back to the town at night and in the graveyard you will see the ghost of Ruvas, he will tell you that the armor in town is not the true Zenithian Armor and that someone had stolen it. (Ghost of Ruvas the hero)

Now head south to find the town of Koneber. You will learn that ships can no longer leave the port because the Lighthouse is infested with monsters and Taloon has gone to rid the monsters because he is having a ship built and wants to sail.

While in town make sure to search the chest of drawers on the bottom level the ship that is being build for Taloon to find a Small Medal. (Small Medal)

And on the lower level of the ship in the docks waiting to leave, there will be a small medal here too. (Small Medal)

Now head to the east to find the Lighthouse to free it of monsters. On the first floor on the north side you will see Taloon and he will ask you to fee the Lighthouse for him so he can set sail. (Agree to help Taloon)

Take the stairs next to Taloon to move to F2. Go south to find more stairs up. Take these up to F3.

Here take the path being careful not to fall in the pit and take the exit out of this room south, follow the path around and at the intersection take the west path and then go north between the 2 soldier statues to find the next set of stairs.

Now on B4 go south a little and open the chest to get the Fire of Serenity then go back and take the stairs up that are in the northeast corner of the floor.

Then on B5 make your way to the center of the floor to find the monsters that are the cause of the black flame. The monsters are a Lighthouse Bengal and two Flamers.

After defeating them use the Fire of Serenity in front of the Lighthouse flame and it will turn into a normal flame instead of a dark flame.(Bad Flame) (Good Flame)

No head back to Konenber and talk to Taloon in front of where they were building his ship. He will join your party and you now have a ship to use.

Now you can travel the entire world and see what is new.† In the far Northeast there is a small island, this where the Medal King lives. You can trade the medals that you find in for some good items.

But for now sail south till you hit land and go east to find the town of Mintos.

In Mintos search just to the west of the well in town to find a Small Medal.(Small Medal)

In the Inn on the second floor you will find Cristo and Brey.† Cristo has become ill and Alena has gone out looking for medicine, Brey asks you to find her, then he says he will join your party. (Find the Princess)

Before continuing on there is a shrine to the east of Mintos, there is a Small Medal if you search in the grassy spot between the two travel doors.(Small Medal)

Now talk to the old man giving a class south of the inn, when you talk to him he will ask if you think he is an expert of the sea, choose NO. He will think you are smart and give you a quiz, you will get the answer right and get the treasure map.† You can use the map and it will show your location with an arrow, with an X marks the spot for something.

You learn in this town that you need the Padequia root to cure Cristo, which is in the kingdom of Soretta.† So get back into your ship and sail around the content to the eastern shore to find the castle of Soretta. (Castle of Soretta)

Unfortunately you learn that the Padequia crop died off 5 years ago in a drought, but there is hope, the former king hid a Padequia seed in the cave to the southwest, but they couldnít get to it because of the monsters.

So head southeast to the cave.

To get to the Padequia Seed, take the corridor on B1 and take the stairs to B2. On B2 walk north and take the eastern of the 2 tiles that go north.

Now take the western of the tiles that point south, when you are done moving take walk east without stepping on any tiles to find stairs down.

Now on B3 go north and take the tile that points north along the eastern wall. Now walk west a little and on the tiles to the south of you take the third one from the left, it points down.

Now go south 2 tiles and it will be a tile that goes east, this will put you on a chest, open this chest to get the Padequia Seed. (Found Padequia Seed)

Now go back and give the Padequia Seed to the King of Soretta, he plants the seed and it grows instantly and gives you a Padequia Root.† Now take the Padequia Root back to Mintos and give the Padequia Root to Cristo. Now Cristo and Alena will join your party, but Hector will stay behind.

When you leave the room, the minstrel outside the room will tell you that Ragnar once stayed here and he has headed to Keeleon.

So travel back to Keeleon Castle, when you enter there will be a person on the west end of the courtyard, talk to that person, it is Healie. He will ask you to help Ragnar and to goto Haville to find more info.

But just head to Kievs, talk to the Slime in Mara and Naraís basement, he will tell you that Edgar had a secret laboratory in the Cave West of Kievs.

So head back to the cave and re-search the chest that the Lamp of Darkness was in, there will be a button on the bottom of the chest. Push the button and a stairway opens up. (Button in chest) (Hidden Stairs)

Go down the stairs to find the hidden laboratory. Check the left jar for a Small Medal.(Small Medal)

And check the chest for the Magic Key. (Found Magic Key)

Now you will be able to open all doors but Jail Doors. Head back to Keeleon Castle and make your way to the Throne Room. You will come across Ragnar and he will take care of a few guards to leave you to attack Keeleon.

Keeleon can attack 2x per round so be careful when fighting him, keep your HP high.

When you win the battle Ragnar will join your party. (Ragnar Joins)

Now head to Santeem Castle, but before you enter go over to Surene and take the east door into the building in the north and use the Magic Key to open the door there and go up the stairs.† There is a weapon/armor shop up there that has some upgraded items, buy them before you continue to Santeem Castle.

After buying items, go down the stairs there and exit the building, walk north along the eastern edge of the building then walk west to find a sign.† Read the sign to learn some info about Zenithian Castle. (Sign with hint)

Now head over to Santeem Castle and go up to the Throne Room to battle a change Balzack.† He is much tougher this time around.

After you defeat Balzack make sure to go back down to the first floor and get the chests on the north side of the castle that were being guarded by the flame before.† You will find a Strength Seed, the Flute of Uncovering and the Magma Staff. (Found Flute of Uncovering) (Found Magma Staff)

Now sail south and a little west from Birdsong Tower (by Santeem Castle) you will find the Seaside Village.

In town if you search in front of the statue in the middle of town you will find a Small Medal. (Small Medal)

Here you will learn of the Stones of Drought and the Sandglass of Regression. The Stones of Drought repel water and the Sandglass of Regression lets you undo a battle move by going back in town slightly.

Come to town at night and look at the flooded beach near the inn, there is a patch that is not flooded. Search here to find the Stone of Drought. (Patch of dry beach) (Found the Stone of Drought)

Now go sail north of Surene to find Stancia Castle. Take the ship in town and go north to enter the castle. Talk to the King, he has a proclamation that whomever makes him laugh will be given anything they desire. You can try now but you will fail.† Someone in town says that a funny jester named Panon is performing somewhere.†

In Stancia there is a stairway leading up to a house in the northeast part of town, search one of the pots to find a Small Medal. (Small Medal)

Inside Stancia Castle in the northeast corner of the castle search one of the chests of drawers to find another Small Medal. (Small Medal)

Also here you learn that the Zenithian Shield was once in Burland Castle. (Info on Zenithian Shield)

No go to Monbaraba, sail north from the eastern edge of Stancia and you should run into the landmass near Monbaraba.† Go to the theater during the day and talk to Panon who is in the back.

He will want to help you and join your party. Now go back to Stancia Castle, but before entering put Panon as the 1st person in your party and talk to the king.† But instead of telling a joke he will get the truth out of the King that he was just trying to cheer the people of his country up.

The kin will then give you the Zenithian Helm. (Found Zenithian Helm)

When you leave the castle Panon will continue on his way.

Now from Stancia go east to get back to Burland Castle in search of the Zenithian Shield.† Talk to the King and the will tell you that the Kingís grandfather gave the Zenithian Shield to the Queen of Gardenbur. (Info on Zenithian Shield)

Go back north to Izmit and sleep at the Inn. You will have a dream about a man named Saro and a girl named Rosa. Saro says he is going to destroy all of human kind and Rosa calls out for someone to help. (Dream 1) (Dream 2)

Now from Izmit sail a little east, past the mountain range there, and then land on the shore just past them and walk south and follow the path between the mountains and then back north where it gets to be one space wide.† Walk as far north as you can and use the Magma Staff. The path will open and you can continue to Gardenbur. (Using Magma Staff) (Path open)

This Kingdom is ruled by women, so you can buy many items for the women in your party here.

When you enter the Castle, go behind the stairs leading up, there is a hidden passage there. Step onto the stairs to go to the second floor, the go right back down and then walk north from the stairs to find the secret passage. (Back on Stairs) (Walk north thru wall)

When you go down there you will find a chest surrounded by damage tiles, when you open the chest you will find the Fire Claw. (Found Fire Claw)

In the kitchen on the west end of the castle, check the jars for a Small Medal. (Small Medal)

When you talk to the person in the small room to the east of the stairs, they will tell you too look in the drawer. Whether you do or not the prophet will come in and accuse you of stealing the Bronze Amulet that she had. (Told to check the drawer) (Thieves!)

The Queen will give you a chance to prove your innocence by finding the real thief, but she will keep one of your party members in jail as a hostage. If you need to change your members talk to the lady watching the jail.

So now head southeast to a cave, the cave is where the thief is hiding. In this cave you will find a Small Medal. (Small Medal)

When you reach the 3rd level of the cave you will come across the thief, he will try to run, when you block him you will have to fight Bakor.

When you win you find the Queen sent a spy to follow you, she takes Bakor back to the castle and tells you to return as well.

Return and talk to the Queen, she will free your party member that is in jail and give you the Final Key (now you can open all doors) and allow you to go to the basement and get the chest that contains the Zenithian Shield.

Now that you have the Final Key there are a few Small Medals that you can gather that you couldnít before.

In Branca unlock the Jail Door in the northeast part of the castle and open a chest to find a Small Medal. (Small Medal)

In Haville on the east side of town there are stairs down to the Jail, open the east and west cells and search the jars for Small Medals. (Small Medal) (Small Medal)

Now go to the island where the Medal King is located and there is a cave just north of the island, this is the Shrine of the Breaking Waves.

Inside you will find a Small Medal on the first floor. (Small Medal)

And on the second floor you will find another Small Medal and the Zenithian Armor. (Small Medal) (Found Zenithian Armor)

Now go south from Medal Kingís place along the eastern shoreline, and you will find another cave, Cascade Cave. You cannot see the cave from the ocean, so just sail south a ways and then walk inland. It is near low hills and surrounded by a small lake.

On the first floor you will get stopped by a huge water fall, use the Stone of Drought to open the way so you can continue on.

In the next room past the waterfall you will find the Sandglass of Regression. (Found Sandglass of Regression)

In the cave you will find a small medal. (Small Medal)

You will also find the Metal Babble Sword. (Found Metal Babble Sword)

Now we need to head to Rosaville, you will have to get there by river, there is a river to the east of the Great Lighthouse. Travel north along that river to find Rosaville.

Here you will see the tower from the dream that you had in Izmit. You learn that Saro built the tower to protect Rosa from people who wanted to hurt her. Someone here says that there is a secret chamber in the tower. To get to the secret chamber you need to go along the east side of the tower and use the Flute of Uncovering. (Use Flute of Uncovering) (Stairs appear)

Use this path to climb the tower, there are no enemies other than the boss at the top who is a Saro Knight. He will seal your spells so be wary of you magic users.† When you defeat him you will receive a Sphere of Silence. (Receive Sphere of Silence)

Now you can talk to Rosa, she asks you to stop Necrosaro even though it probably means killing him.† Talk to the slime then and you will learn that you might be able to get into Necrosaroís Castle by using the Staff of Transform which is in the Royal Crypt southeast of Endor.

So now head to the Royal Crypt.

You will find a Small Medal. (Small Medal)

Here you also find the Staff of Transform. (Found Staff of Transform)

There is a continent south of Mintos, sail to that continent and there will be a river on the north side of the island. Follow the east fork of the river to find the town of Riverton, you just sail into it, you donít actually see it on the map. (On river in overworld) (On river in Riverton)

In Riverton, on the island in the middle of the river, search the southmost grassy spot to find a Small Medal. (Small Medal)

A man here wants a gas that his lighter than air so he can build a flying machine.† After checking out the rest of town sail out the south end of the town and continue to the end of the river.† Walk south to find a shrine, the Shrine of Colossus.

Enter the Shrine and unlock the Jail Door and walk to the Statue.

You will find a Small Medal. (Small Medal)

Jump out the west eye when you get near the top.

When you get to the top pull the lever to make the statue walk. (Pull the lever) (Statue is moving)

When you reach the other side of the river, head east to find Necrosaroís Castle.

Use the Staff of Transformation, change into either an animal or a monster and go to the second floor and attend the meeting of the monsters.

In the meeting you learn that Esturk is going to rise and his palace has been uncovered by the miners in Aktemto Mine.

You will find two Small Medals. (Small Medal) (Small Medal)

You will also find Aeolusí Shield. (Found Aeolus' Shield)

So now Return to Haville and walk back to Aktemto Mine, enter the mine. It has changed since the last time you were here. Make your way thru the mine and you will come to Esturkís Palace. You cannot use Outside once you enter the castle area, but there is a place to restore HP and MP near the entrance of the cavern where the Palace is located.

You will find 2 small medals in the castle. (Small Medal) (Small Medal)

There will be a skeleton guarding a chest on the first floor, you wonít be able to get the chest until you defeat Esturk.

Make your way thru the Palace and defeat Esturk. Esturk begins the fight asleep since he is re-awakening from his slumber. While asleep he will hit your party with an eerie-light that will damage your entire party. When does wake up he can hit you 2x per round, so you can put him back to sleep and fight him that way or with him awake. (Talk to Necrosaro after defeating Esturk)

Necrosaro will come rushing in trying to find out what happened to Esturk, but before he can encounter you another monster runs in and says that Rosa has been abducted. (Rosa is in trouble)

On your way out donít forget to grab the chest that was guarded by the skeleton before, it contains the Gas Canister. (Found Gas Canister)

Now go back to Riverton and give the Gas Canister to the merchant who wants to sell flying machines. (Give Gas Canister to shop owner)

Go stay at the Inn and then talk to him in the morning, his will have built a Flying Balloon and give you the first one. (If you use the Return spell both the Ship and the Flying Balloon will follow you.) (You get the first balloon) (Your new balloon)

There is a Small Medal on the small island where an Old Manís house is southwest of the Royal Crypt, it is in the east jar in his house. (Small Medal)

Now go back to Izmit and stay at the Inn again, you will have another strange dream. Rosa is getting abused and Necrosaro comes to her aid, she is dying though and she asks him to give up his vengeful quest. He declines and says mankind will pay. (Second Dream 1) (Second Dream 2)

Now remember the spot that was shown on the Treasure Map surrounded by mountains, now that you have the Flying Balloon you can get there.

Talk to everyone in town, it seems that someone is on top of the World Tree, but there are monsters inside. Someone also mentions that the person on top is yelling down to come up in threes. (Groups of 3 only)

So drop someone from your party and make your way up the World Tree, you will have to walk on the branches so be careful not to fall off or you will have to trek all the way back up.

At the top of the tree you will find Lucia, she was attacked by monsters and here wings were injured, so she asks you to take her back to Zenithian Castle. (Agree to help)

She also says that the Zenithian Sword is in the tree somewhere. It is just to the east of here on the branch over there. (Found Zenithian Sword)

Now you need to fly to the small island that is near the center of the map, if you fly due south from Loch Tower (by Izmit) you should see it, it is surrounded by shoals so you cannot get to it by ship.

The island looks small, but once you land it gets much bigger.† Walk north a little way then east around the north side of the mountain rage there to come to the town of Gottside.

On there north end of town there are steps down to a room, search the east set of drawers to find a Small Medal. (Small Medal)

Talk to everyone, there is an injured Zenithian who tells you to go see the Dragon Master right away.

From Gottside head east to find a Shrine, make your way thru the shrine to find the Baronís Horn. (Found Baron's Horn)

Now head south from Gottside to find the Zenithian Tower. Make sure you have all of the Zenithian Equipment on before you try to enter the tower (I forgot to switch the MetalBabble Sword and the Zenithian Sword since the MetalBabble Sword is stronger) If you forget a voice will tell you to leave and you will be forced from the tower.

Make sure you take Lucia and climb the tower; there is one Small Medal in the Tower on your way up. (Small Medal)

When you reach the top of the tower you will stand on an altar and a cloud will come from the sky and get you and take you to Zenithian Castle. (Cloud to get you) (Takes you to Zenithian Castle)

You will find a Small Medal in the Zenithian Castle. (Small Medal)

When you come across Lucia in the Castle she will thank you again and have her Dragon join your party.

Talk to the dwarf near Lucia and he will use the Baronís Horn to call your wagon to the castle.

There is a monster that is raising World Trees and he will give you Dew of the World Tree, but you can only have one at a time.

There is a library, you learn here that Esturk was not the perfect being, and Necrosaro had the Golden Bracelet to make the equation perfect, so Necrosaro will be a stronger being than Esturk was.

Talk to the Dragon Master, he will give you some EXP and enchant the Zenithian Sword and tell to do defeat the evil. (Talking to Master Dragon)

Now jump thru the hole in the clouds outside the castle, you will land near the cave that was close to Gottside surrounded by mountains. (Hole to fall thru in clouds)

You will find a small medal on your way thru the cave. (Small Medal)

After you make your way thru the cave and down the tower you will be in the Dark World. Enter the shrine just to the west of the one you exit from the tower. This is the Last Refuge, you will be able to heal and save your game here before you continue on.

There is a force protecting the castle from your entering, to break it down you need to defeat Necrosaroís four goons: Infurnious Shadow (northwest), Gigademon (southwest), Radimvice (northeast) and Anderoug (southeast). Each one is in a different corner of the Dark World.

On the way to Gigademon, donít miss the grass path thru the trees, I didnít see it for some reason and walked thru the swamp.† Then you have to walk down the first set of stairs, then go right back up and walk south to the next set of stairs. When you get down here, walk 4 steps north from the stairs, then 4 steps west, 4 steps north, 4 steps east then north to the break in the wall. But before you go thru the hole in the wall cast Stepguard since there are damage tiles in the next room. Now you can continue down to Gigademon. (Fighting Gigademon)

Anderoug calls more Anderougs to fight with him so this can be a tough battle.(Take on Anderoug)

Radimvice has 3 Demighouls that help him during the battle, and they keep coming back.(Battle with Radimvice)

Infurnus Shadow wasnít too bad that I remember. (Wipe out Infurnus Shadow)

Now that the 4 Barrier Guards are defeated you can enter Necrosaroís Castle.† The castle isnít too bad, where there is a pit that you cannot cross to get to a set of stairs, take the stairs that are to the east of the pit, and then go south to a transporter tile. This tile is actually an elevator switch, step on it and the floor will move down covering the pit so you can access the stairs.

In the basement of Necrosaroís Palace where the poisonous swamp is, you will find a chest with a Small Medal. (Small Medal)

After you get thru the castle make sure to use the Baronís Horn to call your wagon so you have your other party members for the final battle.

Enter the mountain and climb to the top to find Necrosaro. He changes forms throughout the battle, and his battle techniques change with each transformation.

In the first form he will attack 2x per round. (Necrosaro Stage 1)

After you destroy one arm, he will only be able to attack 1x per round.(Necrosaro Stage 2)

Then after you destroy the other arm he will begin to cast spells at you.(Necrosaro Stage 3)

When you take his head off, he will transform into a green monster with a face where his stomach was, and continue to cast spells. (Necrosaro Stage 4)

Eventually he will regrow his arms and be able to attack 2x per round again.(Necrosaro Stage 5)

Finally he will regrow a new head and cast bounce on himself.(Necrosaro Stage 6)

Having the Sageís Stone from Necrosaroís Castle can help you significantly since you can heal without using magic.

After you defeat Necrosaro the Dark World will begin to crumble, you will be taken back to Zenithian by the Master Dragon. (Master Dragon saves you from the fall)

Talk to everyone in Zenithia to hear their praise and then leave the castle, when you do the game will be over and you can watch the ending where everyone gets revisits their homeland and then you the hero go back to where you started and everyone else follows. (Final conversation with Master Dragon) (Everyone reunited)

Then you will see the credits. (The End)