Game Tips

Save that Stock - (Added: June 29, 2001)
On the third quest have Taloon stay at the shop where he starts out until he is sold a sword of malice then never sell it. Instead leave and continue the quest. When you get enough money and Taloon's wife has opened up shop buy the swords in bulk and sell them at your shop for an insane amount more than what you paid for them. When you have the cave built get rid of all of your items and fill up your inventory with many sword's of malice. So now when you get Taloon in the fifth quest you can either use or sell these swords and go off and buy some of the strongest weapons and armor right from the get go.

Carry Over.. - (Added: June 29, 2001)
Right before every quest ends load up on stuff (buy whatever you can, try for the most expensive stuff) since characters can't keep their money but they do keep their items. This is espacially useful for Mara and Nara since the Hero meets them first.

Jackpot! - Woodus (Added: June 29, 2001)
When you get all of the characters in the game, go back to the cave connecting Branca and Endor and travel through it a couple times. If you're lucky you'll hear music as if you have just won at the casino. A screen will pop up saying "Congrats you're the 5000 person to go through this tunnel! Etc, etc." You'll win a free coins for the casino!

Fight time - (Added: June 29, 2001)
Quick Experience south of endor in shrine. After Mara gets The Bedragon Spell go in and take your time fighting metal babbles.

Leave it behind - (Added: June 29, 2001)
Also in chapter 3 in the cave with the silver statuette in it ONLY GET THE SILVER STATUETTE leave everything else for the hero in chapter five also in there there is some metal slimes in both chapter 3 and 5.

Not the same each time - (Added: June 29, 2001)
Monster's hit points actually vary i.e. once I was fighting 2 babbles and one of them died after losing 9 hit points the next time it didn't kill it after losing 9 hit points

Easier Battles - DragonBlade (Added: August 10, 2008)
When you get to Keeleon and Balzack Boss fights normally the best weapon the hero would have is the Battle Axe. Which would only deal about 30 damage to him. You can make this fight easier if you get a Sword of Miracles and you have access to the 6 medals after you get the magic key. 2 medals are in town of Koneber. 1 of the metals is on Taloons ships the other is on the other ship 1 is right below the well in Mintos. 1 Is in the shrine west of Mintos. There is 1 in Eadgers lab and there in 1 in the old man that lives north of Haville.

Solo Balzack - DragonBlade (Added: August 10, 2008)
You can solo balzack fairly easy if prepared well make sure the Hero has Zenithian Helm Sword of Miracles Dragon Shield and Metal Babble Armor. Simply cast Fendspell on yourself and snowstorm is useless and with the armor I've suggested he won't deal much damage with normal attacks and his breath attacks only deal about 10-15 damage. You however must be leveled slightly higher then normal.