Dragon Warrior IV NES Spells

Name Sort Ascending
Sort Descending
JP Name
MP Sort Ascending
Sort Descending
Who/Lvl Sort Ascending
Sort Descending
Target Sort Ascending
Sort Descending
Antidote キアリー 2 Cristo:8 One Ally Remove poison from ally
Awake ザメハ 2 Hero:17 All Allies Wake up ally
Bang イオ 5 Mara:11 All Enemies Attack-Explosion
Barrier フバーハ 6 Nara:29 All Allies Protect from fire and snow storms
Beat ザキ 4 Cristo:18 One Enemy Attack-Defeat
Bedragon ドラゴラム 18 Mara:30 Chanter Caster becomes Dragon to fight
Bikill バイキルト 6 Brey:19 One Ally Double attack power
Blaze メラ 2 Mara:1, Hero:3 One Enemy Attack-Blaze
Blazemore メラミ 4 Mara:19 One Enemy Attack-Blaze
Blazemost メラゾーマ 10 Mara:33 One Enemy Attack-Blaze
Blizzard マヒャド 11 Brey:32 One Enemy Group Attack-Frigid
Boom イオラ 8 Hero:23, Mara:23 All Enemies Attack-Explosion
Bounce マホカンタ 4 Brey:8 Chanter Reflect magic back to enemies
Chance パルプンテ 20 Hero:39 ??? Unpredictable
Chaos メダパニ 5 Brey:30 One Enemy Confuse enemies
Day-Night ラナルータ 12 Brey:17 - Change from day to night or visa versa
Defeat ザラキ 7 Cristo:24 One Enemy Group Attack-Defeat
Defense ルカナン 4 Brey:21 One Enemy Group Slows down a group of enemies
Expel ニフラム 3 Hero:1 One Enemy Group Defeat enemies instantly
Explodet イオナズン 15 Mara:36 All Enemies Attack-Explosion
Farewell メガザル 0 Nara:35 All Allies Sacrifice caster to revive and/or heal all team members to max
Fendspell マホステ 2 Hero:19 One Ally Stop spells both ways
Firebal ギラ 4 Mara:7, Hero:9 One Enemy Group Attack-Incandescent
Firebane べギラマ 6 Mara:14 One Enemy Group Attack-Incandescent
Firevolt ベギラゴン 10 Mara:27 One Enemy Group Attack-Incandescent
Heal ホイミ 3 Nara:1, Cristo:1 One Ally Restore 30-40 HP
Healall べホマ 7 Nara:26, Cristo:27, Hero:27 One Ally Restore HP to max
Healmore ベホイミ 5 Hero:5, Nara:13, Cristo:16 One Ally Restore about 85 HP
Healus ベホマラー 18 Cristo:30 All Allies Restore about 85 HP to all allies
Healusall ベホマズン 36 Hero:32 All Allies Restore allies HP to max
Icebolt ヒャド 2 Brey:1 One Enemy Attack-Frigid
Icespears ヒャダイン 8 Brey:27 All Enemies Attack-Frigid
Increase スクルト 4 Cristo:14 All Allies Increase Defense
Infermore バギマ 4 Nara:23 One Enemy Group Attack-Vacuum
Infermost バギクロス 8 Nara:32 One Enemy Group Attack-Vacuum
Infernos バギ 2 Nara:8 One Enemy Group Attack-Vacuum
Ironize アストロン 2 Hero:21 All Allies Cannot be harmed, but cannot attack either
Lightning ギガデイン 15 Hero:34 All Enemies Attack-Lightning
Numboff キアリク 2 Nara:10 All Allies Remove numbness
Outside リレミト 8 Brey:7, Mara:9, Hero:13 All Allies Return to outside of a tower or dungeon
Repel トヘロス 8 Hero:11 Limited Time Keeps weaker enemies away
Return ルーラ 8 Hero:7, Mara:8, Brey:9 All Allies Return you to previous site of your choice
Revive ザオリク 20 Cristo:33 One Ally Always brings back an ally, and restores HP to max
Robmagic マホトラ 0 Mara:16, Brey:25 One Enemy Steal MP from enemies
Sacrifice メガンテ 1 Enemy All Allies Sacrifice caster to attack
Sap ルカニ 3 Brey:3, Mara:3 One Enemy Slows down enemies with a shell or armor
Sleep ラリホー 3 Nara:5 One Enemy Group Put enemies to sleep
Sleepmore ラリホーマ 3 Hero:15, Nara:16 One Enemy Group More powerful sleep spell
Snowstorm ヒャダルコ 5 Brey:11 One Enemy Group Attack-Frigid
Speedup ピオリム 3 Brey:14 All Allies Raises agility
Stepguard トラマナ 2 Mara:21 All Allies Protect from barriers
Stopspell マホトーン 3 Cristo:12 One Enemy Group Prevents the enemies from casting spells
Surround マヌーサ 4 Cristo:6 One Enemy Group Lower enemy attack
Thordain ギガデイン 15 Hero:37 One Enemy Attack-Lightning, NOTE: All party members must have 15 MP to contribute to the spell for it to work.
Transform モシャス 5 Hero:30 Caster Change caster to a different form
Upper スカラ 3 Cristo:4 One Ally Increase Defense
Vivify ザオラル 12 Nara:20, Cristo:21, Hero:28 One Ally about 50% chance of reviving fallen ally
X-Ray インパス 3 Brey:23 Treas. Chest Used to see if a chest contains an enemy or not
Zap ライデイン 4 Hero:25 One Enemy Attack-Lightning