Dragon Warrior IV - NES

The Five Chapters.
*The Dragon Warrior IV adventure will carry you through five chapters. The heroes of Chapters 1-4 will join forces in Chapter 5. 

Chapter 1:
The Royal Soldiers
*As Captain of the Royal Soldiers, Ragnar risks his life daily in the service of the King of Burland. Recently, children from all over the land have been disappearing. Anxious to know what tragedy has struck the kingdom, the King sends forth Ragnar. The mighty warrior knows no fear as he sets off.

Chapter 2:
Princess Alena's Adventure
*The young Princess Alena possesses a strong and clever spirit. Dragon Warrior I Screen She wishes only to leave the sheltered castle of her father, the King of Santeem, so that she can taste the adventure of a free life. The King has refused to let her go, but his will cannot bind Alena. Dreaming of danger and excitement, she plans to escape. 

Chapter 3:
Taloon the Arms Merchant
*An ambitious man, whose greatest dream is to be independent, lives with his wife and child in the town of Lakanabe. Taloon works at the shop of a weapons merchant, and he has learned everything about the weapons trade. Unfortunately, Taloon does not have enough money to buy his own shop. So he sets off to find or earn a great fortune.

Dragon Warrior IV Box Chapter 4:
The Sisters Of Monbaraba
*When Edgar, the world renowned alchemist, died of mysterious causes, he left behind two daughters. Nara has studied the magic of fortune telling and acquired a great power. Mara began training as a dancer, in the ancient style, at a very young age. Her skill is unequaled. They are determined to find the cause of their fathers tragic fate, no matter the peril.

Chapter 5:
The Chosen Ones
*In Chapter 5, you, our Hero, arrives to lead the characters from earlier chapters. As a team of experienced and highly trained adventures, you will challenge the enemy. He is a fierce demon who has secretly tracked the characters through Chapters 1-4. Now he will make a dramatic appearance.