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It is your sixteenth birthday and your mother leads you to the castle. When you speak to the king you learn that the great Ortega was your father and that he was a soldier that battled an evil force. A new evil has been born and it is your quest to defeat it. The ruler's name is the Archfiend Baramos and the king sends you on your way to seek him out.

As the king tells you, go the eatery and register some companions for the journey. I recommend a soldier, pilgrim and wizard. This is usually the best combination. The eatery is in the northwest part of town, so head on over there and go to the second floor to register companions. You can also simply use the computer-generated names for the three companions that are already registered. To do so, talk to the woman behind the counter on the first floor. Once you're done here, talk to the people of the castle. They'll tell you that a prisoner named Bakor once had a Thief's Key that opened simple locks. The path to the underground prison is in the northeast part of the castle, so go there and talk to Bakor to find out where the Thief's Key is.

Tower of Najima
On the west side of the island there is a cave that leads to the Tower of Najima. Once you're inside take the staircase on the east side and enter the tower. Travel east and take the first staircase to the south that you see. This will lead you to the first floor of the tower itself. If you are running low on energy, there is an inn on the lower level. When you get to the fourth floor, the old man will give you the Thief's Key which you can use to take the trip back to Aliahan through the secret passage on the first floor of the tower. Before you leave though, be sure to grab all of the treasure chests. Head back to the castle and explore the areas behind all of the Thief's Key doors. You'll learn that there is a Magic Ball in the village of Reeve that can break the seal that is blocking the passage to the travel door.

In the village talk to the old man in the house on the northeast side of town. He says he has heard the story already and gives you the Magic Ball without question. Once you have it, head on over to the Cave of Enticement east of Reeve.

Cave of Enticement
On the first basement level of the cave you will see a stone wall that is blocking you from going down the stairs. Use the Magic Ball to break the wall and clear the passageway. Once you make your way to correct portion of the third basement level, take the path farthest to the left to reach the travel door. On the other side you will see the castle town of Romaly.

When you enter the castle talk to the king and he will make a request of you. He says that someone named Kandar stole the Golden Crown and asks you to retrieve it. To find out where Kandar is hiding, talk to the soldier in the castle's jail. You will find his cell on the top floor of the castle if you take the staircase in the northwest corner of the hallway. The people in town also talk about the village of Kanave, which is where you should travel next. On your way there you'll notice a shrine to the west of Romaly. Once you get the Magic Key, you can travel through this passage to the town of Portoga.

One of the men in town tells you that Poison Needles used to be sold at the item store. If you explore the item store, you will find that there are two treasure chests next to the merchant. You cannot get past him in the daytime, but go back to town at night and he will be out of the way. Sneak into his room and grab the Poison Needle while he's sleeping. Also at night, if you talk to certain people they will tell you that there is a sleeping village to the north. When you arrive at this village everyone is indeed asleep and there is nothing to do, so travel west and you will see a cave to the south. Just north of this cave you will see a small grassy patch of land. This is the hidden village of the elves.

***Beware of Avenger Ravens!*** - In this area of the world, large herds of Avenger Ravens can be devastating because they attack twice. Be prepared for them, as they can catch up to you anywhere north of Kanave.

Village of Elves
If you talk to the queen here, she says that her daughter ran off to marry a human and took the Dream Ruby with her. As a result of this, she now hates humans and won't cooperate so head down to the cave and retrieve the ruby.

Cave West of Noaniels
The cave is filled with treasure chests, but the most important one to get is the Dream Ruby on the fourth basement level. Once you get the ruby take it back to the Village of Elves and read the message to the queen. She will now cooperate with humans and give you the Wake Up Powder as the remedy for the people of Noaniels.

If you take the Wake Up Powder back to that town and use it, the people wake up and you will be able to buy the Cloak of Evasion from the item shop. Also, if you talk to the people this time around you'll learn that the Magic Key could be in Assaram. It is east of Romaly through a mountain cave. Before you go that route though, you should probably fulfill the king's request and get the Golden Crown back from Kandar. Before you head to the Tower of Shanpane though, make sure you are as well equipped as possible.

Tower of Shanpane
When you get to the fifth level of the tower you will see two soldiers. As you get closer to them they head upstairs to tell the "boss" about you. Go upstairs where Kandar is waiting with his henchmen. You will fall down a pit and Kandar will escape, but head back upstairs and jump off the tower's floor to catch up with the enemies. The best way to fight the battle is to destroy the henchman first. This is easiest by having your soldier and Hero attack different henchmen combined with the effect of the wizard's Bang spell. Also have the Hero cast Sap on Kandar, which helps lower his defense power. You might want to use it more than once too. After you beat them he'll give you the Golden Crown. Once you have it, take it back to the king of Romaly. Regardless of what you say now, he gives you the thrown to the castle and you become the king. Walk around, talk to some of the people and then go talk to the old king in the coliseum. Tell him you don't want to carry on with the kingdom and he will take the job again. At this point you should travel over to Assaram, as you have information about the Magic Key now that leads you there.

There is really nothing to do here until you get the Magic Key, but the weapon and armor shops do offer upgrades that you will want to purchase once you have enough money. Norud's Cave is also to the east of town and it connects Assaram to the eastern side of the mountains. If you have come this way from Romaly instead of tackling the Tower of Shanpane first, you cannot get to the other side of the mountains because Norud is uncooperative. He knows the way to the other side and to get his help you must first talk to Norud's friend, the king of Portoga.

When you get to this castle make sure to talk to everyone first. They will talk quite a bit about the Pyramid in the northern desert area. There is also a secret basement here. When you first enter the castle, take the path to the left along the treeline. It will lead you north and you can walk into a part of the castle room that is not accessible by the middle entrance. Walk north to the northwest corner of the room and go down the stairs. In that basement you will find the Meteorite Armband. It really doesn't matter who wears it, but your best bet is probably the Hero. Now that you have information about the Pyramid, head on over there in the northern desert to try and get the Magic Key.

The first thing to do when you enter the Pryamid is to get the Magic Key. When you get to the third floor there is a boulder blocking the room where the key is located. Head to the southeast corner of the room and push the button on the wall. Next head to the southwestern corner of the room and push that button on the wall. There will be a sound heard of a boulder moving in the same room. Head back to the central area and you can now get the Magic Key. At this point if you go up another level you can get a multitude of treasure chests. After that, head back to the entrance of the Pyramid. Now you'll want to get the Golden Claw from the basement. You can sell it at an item shop if you need to upgrade your equipment before continuing inside to get the Magic Key. Before going up the ladder at the entrance, turn left and travel along the wall. Go down the staircase to get to the basement. There is a hidden stairway in this room that leads to the claw. Search the ground for it and head down to basement. The Golden Claw is in the casket at the end of the path. As soon as you take the treasure, monsters will attack you about twice as much to try and stop you. Also note that spells do not work in the basement levels of the Pyramid, so taking a few Medical Herbs might be a good idea!

Now that you have the Magic Key you can travel back to the places you've been and explore a little bit. First go back to Aliahan and grab the six treasure chests in the castle. Next head over to Romaly and talk to the soldier in the backyard of the castle. He has some useful information for about ships. Now travel to Isis and make sure you get there at night. Grab all the treasure chests in the castle rooms and then go up to the queen's chamber. She says she can't do anything for you, but if you search near her you'll find the Wizard's Ring. After you're done here head back to Assaram and head up the stairs in the north part of town. The old man upstairs tells you that the secret passage to the east is protected by Norud the dwarf. He suggests asking Norud's friend, the king of Portoga, how to get through the passage. This is your next assignment.

When you arrive here talk to the king. He will tell you that he craves pepper from the far east. He tells you to seek out some pepper and gives you the Royal Scroll to read to Norud. Travel back to the cave east of Assaram and read the scroll to Norud and he will lead you to a secret passage. Once he opens it, travel to the other side of the cave and head south until you come to the town of Baharata.

Pepper used to be sold here, but the people say that the shop owner is depressed and has closed his business. His name is Galen and his girlfriend Tania was apparently kidnapped and taken to the nearby cave. When you talk to the old man in the south part of town, Galen overhears you and takes off to rescue his girl all alone. Head on over to the cave to rescue Galen and Tania.

Cave East of Baharata
When you get to the second basement level here, you will have to defeat four of Kandar's henchmen to get to the hostages. When you approach the cells, one of the prisoners tells you that the button on the wall unlocks the cell doors. Push the button and free the prisoners. Head back out of the cave and you will be stopped this time by Kandar and two henchmen. The battle is not very tough, but Kandar has 400 HP so it could take awhile. Once they are defeated, head back to Baharata and you'll find that Galen has opened up shop again and gives you some pepper free of charge. Take the pepper back to the king of Portoga as he requested, and behold he gives you a ship! Once you have your ship, stop at the shrine south of town. The old man there will tell you about Tedanki and Lancel. Travel south around the coastline and you will see Tedanki.

There is nothing to do in Tedanki unless it's nighttime, but you shouldn't have to worry about this because by the time you get there it should already have turned dark. One of the men in town tells you to travel south of Baharata and find the town of Lancel to seek out the Final Key. Also in town is the Lamp of Darkness, which you can find on the second floor of the item shop during the day.

In town the people talk about the Vase of Drought and the Navel of the Earth. According the townsfolk, the vase can be found in Eginbear Castle, but in order to get in you have to use an Invisibility Herb. Buy a couple of these at the item shop here and head up north to Eginbear.

There is a guard blocking the entrance here so use the Invisibility Herb to get past him. You'll know when you've done it right if you talk to him after you use it. He gets a little confused! The Vase of Drought is in the basement of the castle. When you get there the three boulders on the floor must be pushed to cover the top three squares of the floor. This is actually a pretty tough puzzle to solve! Here's the solution:

*Push left boulder up 1 square
*Push middle boulder right 1 square
*Push left boulder right 2 squares then to the northwest corner of the tile floor
*Push right boulder down 1 square
*Push middle boulder left 3 squares, up 1 square, right 2 squares then to the middle square of the tile floor
*Go back around the staircase, push the last boulder up 1 square, then repeat the above step one more time

When the last boulder is pushed into place a secret passage appears. Take it and pick up the Vase of Drought. According to the people in town, there is a shrine somewhere in the sea that sank long ago and that shoals are now in that very spot. The shoals are in a northern part of the sea and the best way to get there is to head directly south of Aliahan. Set the vase on the ocean next to the shoals and the shrine will appear. Inside is the Final Key. Don't forget to visit the castle of Eginbear at night too, because the Chancelor has a secret which he asks you to keep quiet. If you agree he tells you about a small field on the continent to the west.

New Town
Travel west of Eginbear and you should see the field that the Chancelor was talking about. If you talk to the old man there he says that he's looking for a merchant to start building a town. Help him out by going back to Aliahan and registering a merchant. Leave one of your party members and take him to the new town. Don't be surprised either if he's past level 10 before you get there. I fought so many sea monsters that my merchant was at exactly level 10 before I even got to the new town! When you arrive leave the merchant with the old man and they will start building the town together. After you hand over the merchant, talk to the old man again and he will tell you that the well in the village of Soo is a special area to search. Head back to Aliahan and pick up the ally you left, then head on over to Soo and check out the well.

The people here don't say much but you do learn about a northern island covered with ice called Greenlad. Don't forget while you're here to check by the well for the Staff of Thunder. Follow the old man's advice and head to the northern sea and check out the wizard's cabin on Greenlad island. There is an old man staying here and he will tell you about a strange bone that pirates once left at the cabin. He'll also tell you about the Staff of Change, which apparently is in the hands of the king at Samanao Castle.

Shrine of Dharma
By this point you should be at level 20, so head over to the Shrine of Dharma, which is north of Baharata. You can save your game here and change classes if you want. You have to be at level 20 or higher to do so though. If you want to become a sage you'll need the Book of Satori which is in the Tower of Garuna north of the shrine. Some of the people talk about the country of Jipang to the east, so you might want to explore it next. Before you do though, make sure to build up a few levels and buy at least one Zombie Slasher for the cave of Jipang.

Tower of Garuna
If you choose to get the Book of Satori you'll have to navigate this tower. On the first floor, take the staircase in the northwestern most part of the room (it's actually outside the room). Follow this path until you reach the travel door. Go through it and take the stairs to the east. On the next floor take the stairs to the south. This will lead you all the way to the fifth floor where you have to walk across a tightrope. Jump off the rope to the north somewhere in the middle of it and you'll land next to a pitfall. Drop down through that next and head down the stairs to pick up the Book of Satori. With this, you can become a sage at the shrine of Dharma. If you do that though, remember that the ally keeps all of the knowledge they have gained but goes back to level one and loses all experience points. The HP and MP levels will be cut in half too. Around this time is also when you should check on the new town and see how it is coming along. You'll notice that there is a tool shop there now and the merchant behind the counter claims that he's going to make it the greatest town the world has ever seen.

According to the people in town, there is a terrifying monster called the Orochi that is sacrificing young girls in exchange for not destroying the village. Head to the eastern cave to find it.

Cave of Jipang
On the second basement level you will find the Orochi. The best way to defeat it is to have either the Hero or pilgrim put the Orochi to sleep using the Sleep spell. It usually works quite well. Concentrate normal attacks with the Hero and soldier, and occasionally the pilgrim. The pilgrim and wizard should really concentrate on using defense spells such as Increase, Sap and Upper. Orochi only has 400 HP, but its ability to heal quickly will result in you having to give well over that amount of damage points to defeat it. Once it is defeated though it will disappear through a travel door. Follow it and you'll see Hamiko, the ruler of Jipang, being treated by a doctor. Talk to her and she will fight you again. After being defeated a second time (which is much easier than the first) she will disappear and a new day will begin in Jipang. Before you leave here be sure to grab the treasure chest that the Orochi left behind. It's the Purple Orb. At this point you should check on the new town again and see how things are progressing. If enough time has gone by, you'll notice that there are a few shops now and that the progress is coming along nicely. If you talk to the merchant that you left there he says he's going to build a theatre next.

This village is north of Jipang near a small icy patch of land. There is nothing to do here, but on the second floor of one of the shops there is a kid with a water gun. If you talk to him, he will give it to you. I don't think there's really a purpose for this item, so it's not necessary to get it.

Pirate's House
Along the eastern coastline of the continent of Samanao, you will see a Pirate's House. Use the Lamp of Darkness to make sure it is nighttime, otherwise there will be no one to talk to here. One of the pirates says that he forgot where he put the orb they stole. Take the open doorway that leads out of the house to the west and head around the house all the way to the east side. You will find a boulder here. Underneath it lies a stairway to three treasure chests, one of which is the Red Orb.

Navel of the Earth
You should now be strong enough to head back to Lancel and tackle the Navel of the Earth. In the northern field of town you'll find the entrance. One person can only go in at a time so make sure you put the Hero at the front of your party. On the second basement level, first take the southeast staircase, as it will lead you to the Armor of Terrafirma. After you get it, head back down the stairs and make your way to the northeast staircase now. This path will lead you directly to the Blue Orb. Make your way back out as quickly as you can. At this point you might want to stop by the new town again and see how many things the merchant has managed to build. Again, if enough time has gone by since the last time you visited the people will be getting angry at the merchant for becoming greedy. If you talk to the old man that you originally met here, he'll tell you that the merchant made the people work too hard and that they are rebelling against him. At some point in the future too, the people will become so disgusted with the merchant's greed that they will end up throwing him in jail. If the town is developed enough, the weapon shop will be selling Dragon Mail. Pick up a set for either the Hero or the soldier if you have enough money.

This castle is not accessible by boat so you need to take a travel door. Go back to Greenlad and travel south. You will run into a small icy island with a shrine. Once you get back to the area, inside the shrine you will want to take the north travel door. When you get to the next location take the door that is two steps above you. Head outside and then west across the bridge to the castle. To enter the castle you will need to use the service entrance on the side because the guards at the front won't let you in. If you enter the castle in the daytime and approach the king he will have you thrown in jail. If that happens, use the Final Key to get out and talk to the prisoners. One of them talks about Simon who apparently died in the Shrine Jail, and another one tells you about the Mirror of Ra which is in the cave to the south. If you have trouble escaping the prison, talk to the sleeping guard, who is conveniently dreaming about the secret escape route. Before you leave, make sure to talk to the real king. He says that someone assumed his form with the Staff of Change and threw him in jail. The passage out of the prison is hidden in the wall through the cell on the left. Once out, head to the cave in the south to get the mirror. You might want to consider buying a Silver Shield though, if you have enough money to do so.

Cave South of Samanao
On the second basement level of the cave head strait south of the staircase and you will find a pitfall in the corner. Before you take this route though, head south and then east to pick up the Stone of Life. Now go back to the pitfall and drop down to find the Mirror of Ra. Once you have it go back to Samanao, use the Lamp of Darkness and enter the castle again. To get to the king's chamber, climb up the tower stairs in the northeast and jump off the west side. Enter the king's bedroom and use the mirror next to him. It will reveal that he is actually a Boss Troll and you will have to defeat him. After the battle there will be a treasure chest beside his bed, which is of course is the Staff of Change. If you want to use the staff, it can help you appear like elves so you can buy items at the hidden village of elves. Make sure you buy a Wizard Ring or two at the elves' village with the staff if you want to.

Phantom Ship
Take the Staff of Change to the old man living on the island of Greenlad. He will gladly give you the Sailor's Thigh Bone for it. Use the bone while you're at sea as a guide to the phantom ship. It will lead you to a small bay area east of Portoga. Once you see the phantom ship there jump onto it. In the basement you will find a room to the south that contains one chest, which is the Locket of Love. Once you have this you'll want to travel over to the village of Muor and follow the coastline north until you until you see a river heading southwest inland right next to a shrine. At the end of the river there is a small passageway to the shrine jail island. When you try to go through a voice will be heard out of nowhere and you will be pushed back out. Use the Locket of Love as the ship is being pushed back and the curse will be broken, which will allow you to go through. One of the flames in the jail says he is the spirit of Simon. According to him, there's something to be found near his corpse. Indeed, searching around the body yields the Sword of Gaia.

Cave of Necrogond
Before heading to the cave, try checking the new town again see what's going on. Have the people put the merchant in jail yet? If not there is nothing to do here yet. If so, find the jail and talk to him. He'll tell you to look behind the chair in his thrownroom. When you do you'll find the Yellow Orb.

The path to the Necrogond Cave is blocked by a volcano. The easiest way to get there is to start at Assaram and travel south through the river and then east until it ends just short of the volcano (the black spot). To make the lava path to the cave, throw the Sword of Gaia into the volcano and watch the lava spew out onto the water. On your way to the cave you will notice right away that the enemies in this area are of totally different caliber. Inside the cave on the second floor you will find the Thunder Sword and Swordedge Armor. Once you get to the fourth floor, walk east and fall through the pit that is blocking the path. On the floor below, take the stairway to the north that leads back upstairs. This will lead you to the fifth level and out of the cave. When you're on the fifth level the enemies will be pretty tough, but watch out for groups of Frost Clouds. They know the Snowblast spell and use it often. They also have very high agility so they can be quite a pain. Once you are out, visit the shrine to the east and take the Silver Orb from the old man there. At this point you should have five orbs, but six of them are needed to get the Pheonix. Head back to the village of Tedanki at night and talk to the prisoner in the jail cell. He will automatically give you the Green Orb.

There are six tiles here for you to place the orbs on. Once you do, talk to one of the girls here and she will chant something magical (yeah right). Ramia will hatch out of the egg and appear for you outside when you leave. Ride him all the way up north to the castle of the Dragon Queen. There is a secret passage that leads to her room. Talk to her and she will give you the Sphere of Light.

Castle of Baramos
By the time you reach this point, at least one member of your party should have learned the Healall spell (level 32 for Pilgrims and 33 for Heros). The treasure chests inside the castle are worth the effort to get because one of them contains a Wizards Ring. When you find your way to the basement, Baramos awaits you on his pedestal. You can fight him any number of ways, but I have found that it's best to cast the Sleep spell on him. This works surprisingly well most of the time. Other defense spells that you can use are Increase, Upper, Sap, Defense and StopSpell. Baramos does not usually stay asleep very long, but using the Sleep spell on him over and over again seems to work. The archfiend has certain attacks that he favors, which are things like the Explodet spell, Chaos spell and Flaming Breath. He also has the choice of attacking twice in one round. The most devastating attack by far is his Flaming Breath. I've died plenty of times after I used StopSpell successfully on him, because he always resorted to his Flaming Breath as an alternative to Explodet. This makes sense for a boss tough, so you might want to put StopSpell on the backburner permanently. The Explodet spell is obviously the lesser of the two evils in this case. As soon as you start the battle consider casting Sap on him immediately, along with Sleep or Increase from the Sage. Baramos also has the ability to restore HP as the battle rages on, so you might end up giving him way more than 900 damage points by the time it's over. He has 900 HP when the battle starts, but it will always end up being more because of his restoration ability. After he's defeated, return to Aliahan and talk to the king. He will congratulate you on your accomplishment and everyone will start celebrating. Not long after this, the ground starts to shake and Zoma's voice is heard from the world of darkness. Saddened that an evil force still exists in the world, the king dismisses you.

Before exploring the world of darkness go back to Portoga and talk to one of them women there. She will give you the Sword of Illusion for defeating Baramos. This can be used in battle to confuse enemies, but it can only be used by women. If you have one in your party it can sure come in handy when you first get to the underworld.

World of Darkness
You can get to Zoma's world by going back to the Great Pit of Gaia. If you haven't visited it until now, it is the black spot just east of Baramos' castle. The soldier there tells you that the ground split and something big fell through. Go ahead and drop down into the pit. This is the entrance to the world of darkness. The sailor there assumes that you are from the world above, and he's right! Head on out of the house and take the ship east off of the island. If you travel east across the continent that you see, you'll come to the castle town of Tantegel.

The people in town and at the castle give you plenty of information. You will learn that the Fairly Flute is in Kol. If you talk to the guard through the barrier prison in the southeast area of the castle, he'll give you information about the special equipment Zoma stole from the upper world and hid in the world of darkness. The Stones of Sunlight are also in this castle. They are not in the same place that they were in Dragon Warrior I, even though the staircase outside the castle is still there. This makes perfect sense too, because the old man in the basement says that in his dream someone brings the stones to him on the day that evil is cast down. Head to the castle's kitchen and find the hidden passage. The stairs lead up to the Stones of Sunlight. Once you're done here, head south along the western edge of the continent until you see a desert. Walk east through this desert to find Hauksness.

The people in this town say that the Oricon is here. There is a woman in the eastern part of town near the well that says she once saw something glittering in a pasture. The only pasture in town is in the southeast where the horses live. Search it to find the Oricon. Once you have this, you'll need to travel on over to the village of Kol to meet a merchant that wants to buy it. Before you do that though, sail south and then east along the continents and stop by the Shrine South of Cantlin to pick up the Staff of Rain.

The people in this village tell you quite a bit about Rubiss. You learn that the Fairy Flute will free his spirit and that he has been turned into a stone statue by Zoma. They tell you that he can be found in a tower to the west. They also give you plenty of information about the Sword of Kings. They say that it is made from Oricon. One of the weapon shops in town is run by a swordsmith from Jipang. Sell the Oricon to him for 25,000 gold, stay the night at the inn and go back to the shop the next day. The Sword of Kings will now be available for you to purchase. Before you leave town, make sure to pick up the Fairy Flute, which is five steps south of the bath. Now head southeast around the continent where Kol is located and follow the eastern border south. On the next continent, make your way to Rimuldar.

Once you arrive here, grab the Ring of Life from the room at the inn. This will restore 1 HP for every step you take if you start wearing it. The people here tell you that the Sacred Amulet is proof of Rubiss's love. More importantly though, they say that the Armor of Radiance is in the Tower West of Kol. Head on back there to free the spirit of Rubiss.

Tower West of Kol
There are plenty of tough enemies in the tower. Be on the lookout for herds of Magiwyverns. They love to use the Chaos spell. On floor three you will find the Armor of Radiance near some rotating floors. After you get it, travel west and then north along the wall. Drop off the tower where the smaller area of rotating floors are located. You will land on the first floor outside of the tower. Open the Thief's Key door and take the staircase to the left. This will lead you directly to the top. When you get there, use the Fairy Flute next to the statue to free Rubiss. For his gratitude he will give you the Sacred Amulet.

Cave Northwest of Tantegel
Spells do not work in this cave for anyone, so make sure you are at maximum HP levels before you enter. You can ease the trip a little bit by casting Repel right outside the cave before you go in. Doing this should help you get to the treasure chests a little easier. On the third basement level there are plenty of treasures to get. The one in the northwest corner of the room on the other side of the pit is the Shield of Heroes. Now that you have all Zoma's hidden items, you are ready to take on his castle.

Shrine South of Rimuldar
Now that you have all three items needed for the Rainbow Drop, go to the Shrine South of Rimuldar and exchange them for it. Take the Rainbow Drop northwest of Rimuldar and use it to construct the Rainbow Bridge. This will lead you to Zoma's Castle. Before you go to the cave though, you might want to check out the Mountain Cave southwest of Tantegel.

Cave Southwest of Tantegel
Inside this cave you will find a few different treasures, but the one you want is the Wizard's Ring on the first floor. The rest of them are pretty much useless.

Zoma's Castle
The castle exposes you to more difficult enemies than you've ever faced before. Green Dragons can sometimes give you some unexpected trouble. Inside the castle, head around to the west, north and then back south to find a Thief's Key door that leads to the throne room. Once you're through the doorway, two barriers will trap you inside. Head north to the boulder that's blocking the throne room then walk back south. A voice will be heard from the stone statues in the room and you will have to fight them (6 Granite Titans) to get out. When the pathway to the throne room opens, search behind the throne to find a secret passage that leads you to the third basement level. When you get to the fourth basement level, if you walk south down the western edge of the room you'll find the Multi-Edge Sword. That is obviously not necessary, so take the path right next to it and head around the center of the room up to the northeast corner staircase. On the next level you will see a Hero fighting a monster across the bridge. It happens to be your father Ortega and he's fighting one of Zoma's guards. After he loses the battle, he asks that if you ever travel by Aliahan to make sure and tell yourself that he's sorry (ummm, OK!). Head around to the north side of the room from here and open the Magic Key door. There are six treasure chests in this room. In them you can get the Leaf of the World Tree, Sage's Stone, Stone of Life and Wizard's Ring. The chests on the left and on the right are Mimics. Watch out for Salamanders on this level too. Their flaming breath can take out your entire party if you're not paying attention. If you come across them, make sure and fight for the experience. Now make your way to the final staircase to Zoma's lair and start fighting the guards. The first one is King Hydra. The best strategy here is to use the Sleep spell to stop his attacks and flaming breath. The next guard is Baramos Bomus. He has plenty of spells and he can throw flaming breath at you as well. The best strategy here is to have your Pilgrim or Sage cast Sap. You might also want to cast StopSpell to stop damage from his Explodet spell. The last guard is Baramos Gonus. He is pretty much a joke and you don't need to do anything special to beat him. Before you reach Zoma, power up completely and restore your MP as much as possible with Wizards Rings.

The first thing you want to do is use the Sphere of Light on Zoma. Without it, he'll have double the HP and will be almost impossible to beat. This will remove his robe of darkness and cut his HP level in half. During the battle you'll want to make use of these spells: Sap, Upper, Bikill and Healall. Sap is extremely useful on Zoma, as it lowers his defense power significantly. If you use it in combination with Bikill, you can exert very powerful attacks with your Soldier and Hero. If you can manage to attack with this kind of power for a few rounds, you'll drastically reduce his HP restoration ability and defeat him much quicker. Be on the lookout for Zoma's freezing beams though. If he shoots these out of his fingers, all of the spells' powers that are with you at that time will be nullified. For example, if you have doubled the Hero's attack power he will no longer have that ability. It also nullifies the effects of your spells on Zoma himself, so spells like Sap will have to be cast again to lower his defense power. It might be a good idea to give the Sage's Stone to the Pilgrim because the Hero and Soldier should both focus on attacking and the Sage/Wizard is the only ally that knows Bikill. Zoma's most devastating offensive move is his blizzard breath. Second in line is probably his normal attack. The battle will last quite a long time because over time Zoma's HP level will start to replenish itself. Be patient and keep on using your spells and the Sage's Stone. After a long fight you should be able to come out on top. If you try to fight Zoma too early in the game, you'll probably bite the dust. Nothing to be ashamed of though...just try again! After you defeat Zoma, he will tell you about the Dragonlord that is to come after him and bring evil to the land once more. As you're walking out of the basement an earthquake will rock the castle and you will fall into one the cracks. It spits you back out in the cave northwest of Tantegel. Make your way out of it, and when you get outside day will finally break in Alefgard. Once you're back in Tantegel the king congratulates you and says that you're a true hero of Erdrick. You are probably the one that Tantegel's king makes reference to in Dragon Warrior I. After he's done talking you are recognized as a great warrior and the credits start rolling.


Here is the progression timeline for the game:
(this is an aggressive timeline. If you don't cheat, you might have to wait until level 40+ to beat Zoma)

Level 1 Aliahan
Level 4 Reeve
Level 7 Romaly
Level 10 Kanave
Level 12 Noaniels
Level 15 Assaram
Level 16 Isis
Level 18 Baharata
Level 19 Lancel
Level 19 Eginbear
Level 20 New Town
Level 20 Shrine of Dharma
Level 23 Jipang
Level 25 Navel of the Earth
Level 26 Samanao
Level 29 Cave of Necrogond
Level 30 Liamland
Level 32 Castle of Baramos
Level 33 Tantegel
Level 35 Rimuldar
Level 38 Zoma's Castle













The best enemies to defeat around this area for experience are probably Infernus Crabs. They sometimes appear in groups of four and give you 100+ experience points per battle. It is very easy to use enemy group spells on these guys to beat them quickly. You can quickly deplete your MP doing this, but building experience won't take that long and you have access to the towns so you can rest.

The Ocean
There is plenty of experience to be earned here, especially from Man O' Wars and Marine Smiles. Look for large groups of these enemies if you want to build up your experience levels quickly.

The enemies on this island that are the least dangerous are Cyclops and Giants. They do not cast spells, but they can attack with overwhelming strength. The shaman in the shrine east of Hargon's Castle restores you to full power for free, so use this to your advantage. As soon as the prince learns Defeat, use it until he runs out of MP. Also, use the Explodet spell from the princess. This is the most powerful attack spell that anyone has and targets every enemy. Use these two spells in conjunction with each other until you run out of MP so you can build experience as quickly as possible.



i. Save State

This button might work or it might not. When I tested this game, it wasn't working very well, if at all. The events of the game did not seem to change if you restored it to a certain point in the near past. For example, say you're traveling through Zoma's Castle and you save the state immediately when you get to the third basement. Then you travel 10 steps to the west and run into four Archmages that totally destroy your party. OK, so you want to restore the game to the point where you're not dead. Take 10 steps in any direction this time and you might find that on the 10th step the same enemy group will appear as before. This happened to me a lot of times, regardless of what direction I walked. It makes me think that the randomization of the ROM I played wasn't working properly, but you never know. It was probably an error, but watch out for it just in case.

ii. Colosseum Goldmine

In Romaly, there is a colosseum in the basement where you can bet on monster fights (there are also others coliseums in Isis, Samanao and Cantlin). If what I've experienced with the Save State method is true, you can win every time here because the outcome of the fight will always be the same. Unfortunately, most of the wins go to enemies that only pay 2-3 times your bet. There is often a fight though, that pays a decent amount of money. There are also rare fights where the winning monster pays 30 to 1 odds. These will pay you more than 1,000 gold per fight. These big ticket fights happen quite often, but rarely does the big paying monster win. If you play long enough though, you might get a big payoff! To guarantee your win save the game state when the monsters are listed and watch the fight. If the monster you picked got defeated, restore the game state and pick the winning monster.

The great thing about doing this is that as the game progresses, the bets at the coliseum naturally get larger. When you first arrive in Romaly they are about 50 gold pieces. By the time you get to level 15 or so, the bets are up to 150 gold pieces. By this point though you probably will only need gold to buy a few more things, as most of the weapons and armor you'll want will not available at shops. The last time I used the coliseum to build gold was to buy three Zombie Slashers before battling Orochi. If you manage to need the gold at this point, some of the battles can really pay off!!!

OK I lied...the last time I cheated this way is when I needed three Silver Shields as upgrades. By this point in the game the bets were 200 gold a piece, so the payoffs were even bigger than before. Fortunately it didn't take long to build up the gold I needed once the Trick Bag's victory racked up more than 6,000 gold.

OK I lied once more...I played again once I defeated Baramos because I wanted 4 Shields of Strength and extra gold for the Sword of Kings. Trust me, this took a looooong time. At least the bets were up to 250 gold by this time though. I would've gone nuts if I didn't get a 9,000 gold piece win every once in a while!



This is a very long game, but it moves very quickly. It may get a little mundane around the time you're traveling to Jipang. The Orochi is too tough for you to beat if you don't have the right equipment. You'll want at least one Zombie Slasher, but two is better. These are expensive weapons so it might take you awhile to build up the gold you need to buy them. After you beat Baramos, you'll find that fighting monsters in Alefgard for experience points will get to be sort of a 'pasttime'. Building strength and learning new spells is all but too common when it comes to preparation for the final battle.



Where is the Sword of Kings?
There is a merchant in Kol that is looking for the Oricon. If you sell this to him he will make a Sword of Kings with it. The Oricon can be found in a small field near the southeastern corner of town in Hauksness.

What is the quickest way to earn gold?
By cheating at the coliseum. Check out this section to find out how. If you're playing on a console, you'll have to settle for random battles at sea. They usually pay the most amount of gold for large groups of enemies.

Where is the Thunder Sword?
It is one of the treasure chests on the second floor in the Cave of Necrogond. It is near the center of the room.

Where is the Fairy Flute?
Five steps south of the bath in Kol.

How do I get Thor's Sword?
The game was programmed so that Boss Trolls and Troll Kings carry them. Usually they will drop it if they have a treasure chest, but it doesn't happen very often. This is probably your best bet, but I have gotten one from other enemies too. When I wrote this walkthrough, I picked up Thor's Sword on the fourth basement level of Zoma's Castle after defeating a Granite Titan and two Archmages. I guess anything is possible!

Where are the six orbs?
Blue Orb - Found on the third basement level in Navel of the Earth
Green Orb - Prisoner in Tedanki has it
Purple Orb - Orochi leaves this behind when defeated twice
Red Orb - Found in the basement of the Pirate's House
Silver Orb - In the shrine north of Necrogond
Yellow Orb - Behind the merchant's thrown in the New Town

Why can't I parry with the Hero?
You can, but you have to let someone else lead the party. For whatever reason, the Hero does not have a parry option when he's in first position. Everyone else does though (go figure!).

How do you buy an item in the Village of Elves?
After you get the Staff of Change from the king of Samanao, use it to assume the form of elves. This is the only way you can purchase stuff at the village's item shop. You might want to consider doing this before you trade the staff for the thigh bone because the elf village is the only place that sells Wizards' Rings.

What are the best weapons and armors?
Assuming you have changed the Wizard to a Sage and you're using the typical combination of classes, the best equipment you can possibly get (without cheating) is:

Sword of Kings
Armor of Radiance
Shield of Heroes
Helmet of Erdrick

Sword of Miracles
Metal Babble Armor
Aeolus' Shield
Iron Mask

Sword of Miracles
Metal Babble Armor
Shield of Strength
Iron Helmet

Stiletto Earrings
Dress of Radiance
Golden Barrette


Parry and Attack
In battle, you can push the 'B' button to go back one step and change your mind on what you want a character to do. You can use 'Parry' and 'Attack' at the same time for your first three allies. To do this, choose the Parry option, then press 'B' to go back one step and choose another option. This will work for the first three allies if the Hero is not in front. If he is, the trick is only available for the middle two allies.



How do I start?
I would give the Hero and Soldier very good strength and attack power. This will take up two codes, then use the last one to get 6 Falcon Swords for each character. This will take care of your gold needs for the entire game. After you've acquired your party, save the game and quit. Then start again and use the codes that bypass random enemies, always yield a treasure chest in battle, and the one that deals you no damage in battle. That's really all you need to do to go all the way through the game. Doing it this way will take you approximately 3-4 hours to beat Zoma.

Do the game genie codes work?
This is an interesting topic. I have tried plenty of different game genie codes and they all work well. Be aware though, that if you use the code that allows you to forgo random battles, it doesn't work like you would expect. Random battles do not take place on the fields or in dungeons, but the opposite is true in places where you don't normally encounter enemies. For example, in Norud's Cave you can encounter enemies that live in any part of the world. Here are some areas where the code actually produces enemies:

*Norud's Cave
*Kandar's Lair (Tower of Shanpane)
*Kandar's Lair (Cave East of Baharata)
*Great Pit of Gaia
*Zoma's Lair (bottom level of Zoma's Castle)

Why cheat?
*You don't have to get the Golden Crown to build up levels
*You can get Thor's Sword in Samanao
*You can beat Orochi in 3 hits or less (1 if you use the code to do that though!)
*You only have to beat the necessary bosses (no leveling up!)
*You don't have to navigate the Tower of Garuna for the Book of Satori
*You can beat Zoma by level 15
*You can beat Zoma with less than 4 allies




START OF THE GAME NYUOYPZU King gives 255 gold
START OF THE GAME PASPZPAA King gives 65,000+ gold
START OF THE GAME YTVUGZYE Hero starts with increased strength and/or attack power
START OF THE GAME VYVUGZYE Hero starts with extreme strength and/or attack power
START OF THE GAME LTNLPZIA Hero starts with increased agility and/or defense
START OF THE GAME NYNLPZIE Hero starts with extreme agility and/or defense
START OF THE GAME LTNLTZYA Hero starts with increased vitality and/or hit points
START OF THE GAME NYNLTZYE Hero starts with extreme vitality and/or hit points
START OF THE GAME LTNULZTA Hero starts with increased magic, maximum magic points and/or intelligence
START OF THE GAME NYNULZTE Hero starts with extreme magic, maximum magic points and/or intelligence
START OF THE GAME ZVELAZGA Hero starts with increased luck
START OF THE GAME VNELAZGE Hero starts with extreme luck
START OF THE GAME LTVUIZPA Wizard starts with increased strength and/or attack power
START OF THE GAME VYVUIZPE Wizard starts with extreme strength and/or attack power
START OF THE GAME ZTNLZZGA Wizard starts with increased agility and/or defense
START OF THE GAME NYNLZZGE Wizard starts with extreme agility and/or defense
START OF THE GAME ZTNLYZZA Wizard starts with increased vitality and/or maximum hit points
START OF THE GAME OPNLYZZE Wizard starts with extreme vitality and/or maximum hit points
START OF THE GAME LTNUGXPA Wizard starts with increased magic, intelligence and/or maximum magic
START OF THE GAME LVELPZZA Wizard starts with increased luck
START OF THE GAME VNELPZZE Wizard starts with extreme luck
START OF THE GAME ZTVUTZLA Pilgrim starts with increased strength and/or attack power
START OF THE GAME VYVUTZLE Pilgrim starts with extreme strength and/or attack power
START OF THE GAME ZTNLLZGA Pilgrim starts with increased agility and/or defense
START OF THE GAME LTNUAZLA Pilgrim starts with increased vitality and/or maximum hit points
START OF THE GAME VYNUAZLE Pilgrim starts with extreme vitality and/or maximum hit points
START OF THE GAME LTNUIXAA Pilgrim starts with increased magic and/or intelligence
START OF THE GAME VYNUIXAE Pilgrim starts with extreme magic and/or intelligence
START OF THE GAME ZVELZZLA Pilgrim starts with increased luck
START OF THE GAME VNELZZLE Pilgrim starts with extreme luck
START OF THE GAME LTNLAXPA Soldier starts with increased strength and/or attack power
START OF THE GAME VYNLAXPE Soldier starts with extreme strength and/or attack power
START OF THE GAME ZTNLIZZA Soldier starts with increased agility and/or defense
START OF THE GAME LTNUZZYA Soldier starts with increased vitality and/or maximum hit points
START OF THE GAME IAOZENNY All allies start with 6 battle-axes
START OF THE GAME TAOZENNY All allies start with 6 broadswords
START OF THE GAME YAOZENNY All allies start with 6 wizard's wands
START OF THE GAME YAOZENNN All allies start with 6 demon's axes
START OF THE GAME GPOZENNY All allies start with 6 multi-edge swords
START OF THE GAME IPOZENNY All allies start with 6 staffs of force
START OF THE GAME TPOZENNY All allies start with 6 swords of illusion
START OF THE GAME APOZENNN All allies start with 6 falcon swords
START OF THE GAME AZOZENNN All allies start with 6 armor of radiance
ITEM ENHANCEMENT ZANLAZAA Wizard's Wand casts Blazemost
ITEM ENHANCEMENT PPNLPZIA Thor's Sword casts Lightning
ITEM ENHANCEMENT LANLZXZE Snowblast Sword casts SnowStorm
ITEM ENHANCEMENT AANLTZYE Thunder Sword casts Explodet
ITEM ENHANCEMENT IANLYZGA Staff of Thunder casts Firevolt
ITEM ENHANCEMENT PPNUAXYA Sword of Kings casts Lightning
ITEM ENHANCEMENT YANUZXIE Staff of Judgement casts Infermost
ITEM ENHANCEMENT GPNULXLO Shield of Strength casts Healall
ITEM USEABILITY EGOPLZKG Medical Herbs don't disappear after being used
ITEM USEABILITY EGOPGZKG Antidote Herbs don't disappear after being used
ITEM USEABILITY OTOPIZST Fairy Water doesn't disappear after being used
ITEM USEABILITY EAOPTZKA Wings of Wyvern don't disappear after being used
ITEM USEABILITY EGOPYZKG Leaf of World Tree doesn't disappear after being used
ITEM USEABILITY OGOOZZSG Full Moon Herbs don't disappear after being used
ITEM USEABILITY ZAEPGZTA Invisibility Herbs don't disappear after being used
ITEM USEABILITY OAEOIZSA Strength Seeds don't disappear after being used
ITEM USEABILITY OAEOTZSA Agility Seeds don't disappear after being used
ITEM USEABILITY OAEOYZSA Vitality Seeds don't disappear after being used
ITEM USEABILITY OAOPPZSA Intelligence Seeds don't disappear after being used
ITEM USEABILITY OAOPAZSA Luck Seeds don't disappear after being used
ITEM USEABILITY XAOPZZVA Acorns of Life don't disappear after being used
BATTLE OUTCOME AANLXAPA Always get treasure chests from battles (does not work for Blue Beaks)
BATTLE OUTCOME AASUUEIP Get treasure chests from enemies that rarely drop them (e.g. Blue Beaks)
BATTLE STRENGTH AEXUTTXI Defeat any enemy with 1 hit
BATTLE STRENGTH PEEATXPX + EKEAYZEA All allies start a battle "BeDragon"ed
BATTLE STRENGTH PEEATXPX + EEEAYZEE All allies start a battle "Bikill"ed
BATTLE STRENGTH AEVOAIYP All allies attack twice per turn
ENEMY ATTACKS EISETLEY No random battles outside or in dungeons
ENEMY ATTACKS NNOEGUAX Random battles are much more frequent
MISCELLANEOUS GVVUGAPA Shoes of Happiness increase experience by 100 per step
MISCELLANEOUS NNVUGAPE Shoes of Happiness increase experience by 255 per step
MISCELLANEOUS PENLAAAA Shoes of Happiness increase experience by 65,793 per step
MISCELLANEOUS ATUOIVSZ Items in shops are free if you have enough money to buy them
MISCELLANEOUS AAYEOZ Enemy always falls asleep during battle
MISCELLANEOUS POZEOZ Enemy can't attack (but can use magic)
CLASS CHANGES APNASSTI + ZZNAVIGA Ally statistics are not cut in half when changing classes
HP/MP ATEPZLSZ Don't take damage from anything (Beat/Defeat spells not included)
HP/MP AUEOALSX + VEOPUVG Use no MP (must have enough MP needed to cast spells)


Just about the only website I used to help me write this walkthrough is the popular Woodus domain...


Written by: ajetrumpet