Dragon Warrior III NES Walkthru

Go north to the castle and talk to the king like your mother says. Afterwards talk to everyone and then go back to town and on the west side of town find Louisa's Place. There add some party members. The game recommends a Fighter, a Pilgrim, and a Wizard.

The first thing you find out is you need to find the Thief's Key. The key is in the Tower of Najima, which can be reached thru the cave to the southwest of the island the tower is on.

After getting the key, go back and open all of the doors you couldn't open before. You will learn you need a Magic Ball to break the seal on the Travel Door, and that you can get one in Reeve. So head north and you will come across the town of Reeve.

In the northeast side of town there is a locked house, open the door and goto the second floor and the old man will give you the Magic Ball. Now we need to find the Cave of Enticement.

Now travel east and then south, you will come across a shrine, and the old man tells you that the Cave of Enticement is near a spring, look north and you will see a little patch of water. When you enter the area, go north around the lake and you will see a hole in the ground, that is the cave.

Upon entering the cave, goto the wall that is blocking the path and use the Magic Ball.

Wall Destroyed

Make your way thru the Cave of Enticement until you locate the Travel Door. Take the Door to the new lands. Go north from the forest and enter the Castle of Romaly. Find and talk to the King of Romaly. When you talk to the king he asks that you retrieve the Golden Crown that was stolen by Kandar, and he has taken off to the Tower of Shanpane.

King talks about the Golden Crown

First head north to Kanave and if you have a wizard in your party steal the Poison Needle from the Weapon Shop at night. You will learn that the Tower of Shanpane is to the west.

But for now, head north until you come across the town of Noaniels. You will find that this is the town that the people of Kanave were talking about where everyone was asleep. From here go west and you will see a different forest tile in the middle of the forest north of the cave. This is the Hidden Elf Village.

Elf Village Location

Talk to the Queen, she is upset about her daughter taking the Dream Ruby and going off with a human. Head south of the village into the cave and find the Dream Ruby. When you find the Dream Ruby you will also learn that the Elf Princess took her own life to be with the one she loved.

Explain what happened Receive WakeUp Powder

Take the Dream Ruby back to the Elf Queen and she will give you the Wakeup Powder to awaken the village of Noaniels.

Using WakeUp Powder

Now with the townspeople awake, buy the Cloak of Evasion for your wizard and then head southwest for the Tower of Shanpane.

When you get to Kandar you will fall down a trap door, go back up and then jump off the north end of that room. You will drop down to where they had escaped to. After you defeat Kandar he will asks you that if you let him go he will give you the Golden Crown.

Find Golden Crown

Now that you have the Golden Crown, head back to Romaly Castle. As a reward the King will let you rule the kingdom for a while. When you are done being king you can find the old king in the Arena and switch back.

Being King

Take it to the king of Romaly, and you can become the king of Romaly!! Congratulations! You are now king! If you want to continue your quest, find the old king in the fight ring.

Now from Romaly head east and then southeast to Assaram in search of the Magic Key. There you will learn that an old man southwest in a shrine knows where to find the key. Then after upgrading your armors head to the Shrine southeast of Assaram. The old man tells you the key is in the Pyramid in the desert, but to first goto the city of Isis, which is northwest of the shrine.

In the desert look for the patch of water, that is the oasis where the castle is located. The Meteorite Armband is located in the castle here. To find it, when you first enter the castle, walk west along the row of trees, there will be a gap in the trees. Go thru the gap and then go north and walk into the wall, you will end up inside the castle. Take the set of stairs and then go east and north and down those stairs. Open the chest for the Meteorite Armband.

Now leave the castle and the town and head north from the Oasis and you should come across the pyramid.

Enter the pyramid and go north; there are pitfalls in the center of the intersections, so go around the edges to avoid them. Take the second east path when going north from the entrance and go up the stairs to the second floor.

Now go south as far as you can then east to a set of stairs to the third floor. Here go to the east and push the east most button.

(Push eastmost button)

Then go back west and push the west most button. Upon doing that, the bolder in the middle of the room will move and you can get the magic key from the east chest.

Push westmost button

If you go up to the fourth floor, there are a bunch of chests. Use the magic key to open the door. Beware though, for each chest you open you will be attacked by 4 mummies.

Now go down to the basement (either falling thru the pitfall on the first floor, or using the steps outside west of the entrance). There you can search for a hidden stairway and find the Golden Claw. With the golden claw, the encounter rate for enemies will near quadruple. So it may be tough to get out of the Pyramid with it.

Hidden Stairway

You can either store it in the vault and save it for later level building or sell it for the cash.

Now that you possess the Magic Key, go back and open the doors you couldn't before in Aliahan Castle, Romaly, Assaram and Isis.

Now if you go back to Romaly Castle, and just north of the castle there is a place to cross the water to the west. You need the Magic Key to get thru. When you get to the other side go south to find Portoga.

Now go back to Assaram, there is a cave to the east. Go into the cave and find Norud and use the Royal Scroll in front of him. He will open a passage so you can continue thru the cave.

Use Royal Scroll

When you get out of the cave, you can go north east ridge of mountains, to the town of Baharata.

When you get there you will find that the pepper shop is closed because the owner's granddaughter has been kidnapped. The kidnapper's cave is to the northeast of Baharata. When you enter the cave, go two intersections east and then as far south as you can go. Use the Thief's Key on the south "wall" of the intersection that you stopped at.

Now go east and take the stairs down. Go west and you can use the Magic Key to open the door where the path stops to get some chests. Then go south thru the Magic Key door, you will have to defeat 4 Kandar Henchmen. Then go south and push the button on the south wall to open the cells.

Push cell button

You will have to let Kandar run away again. So now head back to Baharata and you can get the black pepper at the pepper shop. Take the black pepper back to the King of Portoga and he will give you the ship.

The old man in the shrine south of Portoga tells you about Jipang and Tedanki to the south follow the western coastline.

You will come along a shrine along the way, this will be a House of Healing if you need it, then continue south until you come along a river that heads westward into the land. Follow the river until it forks and there should be the town of Tedanki there.

The town is empty during the day (so get the Lamp of Darkness on the second floor of the item shop), but at night everyone seems to be normal. An old man will tell you to find the Final Key south of Baharata in the island town of Lancel.

Now sail south of Baharata to find the town of Lancel. There is a shrine on the north end of town, but you need the Final Key to open the doors, and here you will learn that you need the Vase of Drought to get to the Final Key.

You find out that the Vase of Drought is located in the Castle of Eginbear, north of Portoga. Also make sure to by an Invisibility Herb from the tool shop.

So after buying the Invisibility Herb head to Castle Eginbear. When you try to enter the guard will not let you in, use the Invisibility Herb and walk right past him.

Upon exploring the castle you will learn that you need to push 3 boulders onto some blue tiles. Take the stairs down to the basement (west side of castle). You need to move the 3 boulders onto the tiles at the top of the room.

The Left boulder is A, the middle boulder is B, and the right boulder is C, they cannot be pulled only pushed, if you get stuck go up the stairs and back down and they will reset.

Move the C south 1 square. Then push the B west 1 square. Then push A north one, east 2. Then go back to the C and push it up one, then walk around it and push it back down 1 square. Then push A north onto one of the blue tiles.

Now push B one square west, then 1 square north, 2 squares east and then onto one of the blue tiles.

Then move C north one, then west 4, then north 1, east 2 and then onto the last blue tile.

A passageway will open on placing the last bolder, follow the path to get the Vase of Drought.

Boulders in place Receive the Vase of Drought

If you go back into the castle at night and up to the throne room, you will see the chancellor sitting on the throne. For keeping his secret he tells you to check out a field on a continent to the west.

The easiest way to find the new town is to goto Portoga and sail west, when you hit land sail north a little ways along the eastern edge of shoreline and look for a patch of forest with a 1 square grassy plain in the middle of it.

New Town Location

There is an old man there who is looking for a merchant to help him build the town (even low level merchants). So go back to Aliahan and create a new merchant and add him to your party (leaving someone behind for now of course). Head back to the new town and talk to the old man again, and leave the new merchant here to help.

Leave your new merchant

The old man will tell you to check around the well in Soo. Head back and get your party member back and then head back to where the new town is and find the town of Soo.

Info about the well in Soo

From the new town, sail south along the coast, eventually you will come to a river that cuts inward, follow the river (which is a maze) to find the village of Soo.

To get the right path thru the rivers, take the second west fork first, then take the west fork again, then the north fork, straight north thru the next 2 forks and you should be there.

If you search directly south of the well you will find the Staff of Thunder, which is a very good wizard weapon.

You learn here that you need to use the Vase of Drought in the ocean to the west near the shoals.

The best way to find the shoals is to go back to Aliahan and sail due south of the Cave on the Promontory. The shoals look like a little patch of black triangles.

The Shoals

Stop your boat near the shoals and use the Vase of Drought, the shoals will turn into a small island with a shrine.

Shrine Rising 1 Shrine Rising 2

Enter the shrine and get the chest in the middle of the room, and you will now have the Final Key.

Go north from the chest and talk to the skeleton, he will tell you about a Great Pit that all misfortunes are coming from.

Now that we have the key, let's check out some of the doors that we couldn't open before. Let's check Tedanki first. Remember to enter at night to have the people around, and open the cell door at the north end of town. The prisoner gives you the Green Orb out of the blue!

Get Green Orb

We will now gather the rest of the orbs. Head back to Aliahan and sail south from the Cave of Enticement. You will hit an island covered by ice. There is a patch of grassland near the south end of the island, enter that patch and walk north (it is quite a ways). You will find a house with and old man inside, he talks about pirates and a bone, and tells you that the King of Samanao has the Staff of Change.

By now you should be nearing level 20 for your characters go back to Baharata and go north along the shoreline and you will come across the Shrine of Dharma. Your characters need to be at least level 20 to be able to change your class. When you change classes you keep the characteristics and spells of the class before, so you could have a soldier that can cast wizard spells.

If you want to become a sage, you need to have a Goof-Off in your party and change their class or go north of the Shrine of Dharma to the Tower of Garuna and get the Book of Satori. When you are climbing the tower when you are on the tightrope at the top of the tower jump off and that will lead you to the Book of Satori.

Jump! Find the Book of Satori

After performing any class changes that you wish, travel back to Aliahan and then sail south until you hit land. You should see a town nearby; this is the village of Muor.

You can get the Water Blaster here if you want (it is pretty much useless), if you walk around the north big building (the market) in the northeast corner of town, you can walk south into it.

Back way to market 1 Back way to market 2

Go down and take the stairs up behind the shopkeeper and you can get the Water Blaster from a boy up there, you also learn that Papagatero was your father and he came to this town long ago.

Receiving Water Blaster

Now head back to the new town and see how things are doing, then head south along the coastline until you see a house, the Pirate's Hideout.

Pirate's Hideout

There is no one there during the day, but at night they are there to talk to. One of them remembers finding an orb but can't remember what he did with it. Walk outside along the east edge of the house, you will find a bolder. Move the boulder and search underneath it. You will find a set of stairs.

Secret Stairs

Go down the stairs and the chest in the corner has the Red Orb in it.

Finding Red Orb

Now head back to Baharata and sail east along the southern coast and you will find a shrine (an inn) and a small island with a town and a cave on it. This village is Jipang.

The town is constantly under threat of the Orochi and their leader says that a sacrifice must be made to satisfy the Orochi. He also has a "crystal ball" which sounds like an orb to me. Himiko, the leader, lives on the north side of town; he won't even talk to you.

Head to the cave northwest of town and find the Orochi and defeat it.

When you enter the cave, go west, then south past the east and west paths. Then there will be a southeast and southwest path, take the southwest path and follow the path until you can go north.

Enter the large room and go north until you find some stairs, but before taking them go east into the smaller room and get the Noh Mask (it is cursed, confuses your character while it is worn, so it would be a good item to sell).

Go back and take the stairs, walk north and there will be paths east and west, take the east path and go across the bridge and you will see the Orochi.

When you defeat the Orochi you will receive the Orochi Sword and some cash.

Defeating the Orochi

The Orochi will now run away into the Travel Door, follow it and you will end up in Himiko's house and he is hurt. Talk to him and he will ask you to keep quiet, tell him no and you will have to fight him again. But this time he drops a chest with the Purple Orb inside.

Defeat Orochi again Get Purple Orb

Now head back to Aliahan and then sail south to Muor, then from the shoreline east of Muor and sail east, you should come across a tower, the Tower of Arp.

Upon entering the tower go north and use the Thief's Key to open the door. Then go west around and open the next door. And then finally open the third door.

Now you will see 4 set of stairs, take the northwest set of stairs and then head west into the room and take that set of stairs.

Take the next stairs up to the fourth floor, then east to a set to the fifth floor where you see a bunch of ropes.

Along the southern wall there are 3 chests, but the outside 2 are man-eater chests and the middle one contains clothes.

Take the ropes to about the middle of the room and walk off them, you will land on a small floor with 4 chests.

Jump off ropes

The northeast chest contains the echoing flute.

Find Echoing Flute

Check back on the new town and see how the progress is coming, it should start looking more like a town.

Now go back to Lancel, now with the Final Key we can check out the shrine here.

Walk thru the trees to get to the shrine on the north end of town. When you talk to the old man he will ask for one party member who is strong enough. You have to do this part alone, so if you aren't ready do some more leveling up.

Walk west and out of the shrine after talking to the old man, and then enter the cave, the Navel of the Earth.

When you enter the cave go south and continue thru the first intersection.

In the next room there are more east and west paths, the northwest has gold and the northeast has a Mimic, the southwest is another Mimic, and southeast is an Intelligence Seed.

Now continue south into the next room and follow the narrow corridor to the stairs.

You will be in a very big room which is easy to get lost in. Walk about 8 steps north and then go east until you find stairs up, it looks like where you just came from but it isn't. Follow the path to a chest that contains the Armor of Terrafirma.

Get the Armor of Terrafirma

Head back to the huge room after getting the chest. From these stairs go straight north and you should see a set of stairs going down.

From here go west and take the north passage around to find 2 chests. The east chest contains the Blue Orb.

Find Blue Orb

From the new town follow the coast north and west until you find an small island partially covered with ice and a shrine. Enter the shrine and take the north travel door. When you arrive, take the other travel door that is right there.

When you arrive at the next location, open the door and talk to the Priest, he will tell you the king is acting strange and the hero has been banished.

Exit the shrine and head north, then west across the bridge and then to the south to reach the castle town.

After talking to everyone and buying anything you need try to enter the castle, the guards won't let you in. But if you go around the east side of the castle there is a service entrance you can use to get in. Check out the castle then try to talk to the king.

When you get near the king he has the guards throw you in jail. Exit the cell you are in and talk to the others in the cells. You will learn about the Mirror of Ra and how it can show someone's true form and that it is in the cave to the south. Then go open the door in the far southeast corner and follow the passage and take the stairs. You will find that someone took the Staff of Change from the king and is now impersonating him.

Talking to the real King

Go across to the other cell from the king and there is a place you can walk thru the wall to get out.

Secret Passage 1 Secret Passage 2

Follow the corridor to the stairs and you will come out in the graveyard.

Head southeast from town to find the cave that is surrounded by swamp.

From the cave entrance go west and take the north fork of the first intersection you come to and go until you come to a pool of water.

From the pool go west again and take the first south path to find some stairs.

When you get down to the next level walk south a bit and see a hole in the floor, remember where that is.

Hole to Remember

You will see some chests, many of them have gold and a few items in them, follow the chests around to the north, then back to the east. But when you enter a new room with 4 chests don't get those because they are all Mimics.

Bad chests

Go back west into the bigger room and go south, there will be a break in the wall to go south, then follow the corridor until the next intersection and take the northeast branch.

There will be another trail of treasure chests, follow them until you enter a small room with 2 chests, those are Mimics too.

More bad chests

Now go back and take the southeast path. In the next room take the path north at the first intersection but skip the chests until you get to a small room, take the east chest for a Stone of Life.

Find Stone of Life

Now go back and continue east, you will find another set of stairs.

On the next floor there is a lake splitting up the floor, go up the west side of the lake to a chest that has the Animal Suit.

Find Animal Suit

You see an island and a chest in the middle of the lake with no way to get to it.....so go back up to where that hole in the floor was earlier and jump into it.

Now you are on that island, get the chest to receive the Mirror of Ra.


Now walk back outside or cast Outside.

Walk back to the castle (return to Aliahan and save, there is a battle coming up if you wish), wait till nightfall or use Lamp of Darkness.

Goto the castle again and use the service entrance on the east side to get in like before.

Go up the northeast tower to the top and jump off the west edge of the tower to land in the King's Bedroom.

Jump off tower

Use the Mirror of Ra in front of the King and he will turn into a monster. You will then be attacked by the Boss Troll. Defeat the Boss Troll and then search the chest behind the bed for the Staff of Change.

Get Staff of Change

Check out the new town again to see that it is really growing now, and now the town is named after the name you gave the Merchant.

You can now buy some decent items at the stores here, and there is talk of a rebellion because your merchant has been working them too hard.

I left and took some stuff and put it in the vault in Aliahan and came back and the rebellion had taken place and your merchant is in jail. (If the rebellion hasn't happened yet continue on and come back later) If you talk to him he tells you to check behind the chair in his house.

When you do search behind his chair you find the Yellow Orb.

Finding Yellow Orb

Now go back to Noaniels and walk over to the Elves Village. When you enter the village use the Staff of Change to change into elves (or dwarves) so you can use the shop.

The Angel's Robe is a good item and so is the Wizard's Ring, since it restores MP.

Now go back to the new town again and sail north along the coast and go north from the small island where you took the travel door to Samanao.

Grassy Spot

Look for the grassy spot among the ice and go there, then walk north to find the old man's house again. Give him the Staff of Change in exchange for the Sailor's Thigh Bone.

Get Sailor's Thigh Bone

No go out and use the Sailor's Thigh Bone in the overworld, it will give you the location of the Phantom Ship in spaces south and east (like Gwaelin's Love in DW1). But keep using it because the Phantom Ship is always moving.

When you find the ship, move your ship along side and then move towards the ship, you should be able to board the ship then.

Take the stairs that are south of where the skeleton is located. Exit the small room and go south to find a locked door, open it to find 5 chests, the southwest chest is a Mimic.

Exit this room and enter the room to the south, grab the chest that contains the Locket of Love.

Find Locket of Love

Now exit the ship and return to Aliahan, sail south to the shoals again, then west until you land. Look around in the forest until you find 4 single mountains. Stand in the center of the 4 mountains and search, you will find a Leaf of the World tree. You can only have one Leaf of the World tree in your possession at a time.

Find Leaf of the World Tree

Now get back in your ship and sail north along the coastline until you find a river that cuts inland. Follow the river into a lake, there is a canal to another lake to the west, but when you try to take the path a voice is heard and your ship is pushed back.

Hearing voices

Use the Locket of Love and Olivia's Curse will be lifted, continue west now and enter the shrine on the island.

Using Locket

This shrine seems to be more like a jail, in the southwest cell you will find the spirit of Simon the Hero, he tells you to search near his corpse.

Simon's Spirit

So go to the southeast cell and search at the foot of the bed to find the Sword of Gaia.

Finding Sword of Gaia

The sword is more of a key than a weapon so hang onto it.

Head back to Assaram, take your ship and sail south. The river will fork so take the northwest path, then immediately take the narrow river south and continue down the river. You will see a black hole, which is actually a volcano, use the Sword of Gaia next the hole.

Volcano Erupting 1 Volcano Erupting 2

The volcano will erupt and lava will run down the river, when it cools it forms a path where the river was.

New Path

Now cross the new path and head south and then west around the mountains on our trip to the Cave of Necrogond.

Cave of Necrogond

Enter the cave and go west and up the big stairs to the stairs to the next level.

On the second level go west at the first intersection and then west again at the second intersection to get some gold.

Go back and go east at the previous intersection, then south thru that intersection then back west to find a chest with the Thunder Sword inside.

Find Thunder Sword

Now go back east from the chest and take the east path at the last intersection you passed. The next room should be a 4 way intersection, go south, until you hit another 4 way intersection, this time go west.

At the next intersection continue west to a chest that contains the Swordedge Armor.

Find Swordedge Armor

From the chest go back east and then south at that intersection to find a set of stairs to the third floor.

Go south from the stairs until you go thru a room with 6 holes, continue to the next room with some stairs to the fourth floor.

Take the passage to the east until you come to a room with stairs and a pit separating you from the stairs. Fall into this pit, and make your way northeast to a set of stairs.

Follow this path, it will lead you back to that set of stairs that you were separated from before.

Now on the fifth floor, go south and then cross a bridge, take the northeast path to a room and continue east past the path south.

Cross the next bridge you see and go south till you see another bridge and go east. When you come across another intersection take the south path to a room with part of the wall missing.

Walk into the missing part (hidden path) and go east till you can turn north. Go north until you come across a set of stairs. Take the stairs out of the cave.

Hidden Path 1 Hidden Path 2

When you exit the cave you will see Baramos's Castle although you cannot get to it. Goto the shine east of the castle and the old man there will give you the Silver Orb.

Get Silver Orb

Now make sure you are carrying all of the orbs and go to Noaniels. From here sail north until you hit land completely covered in ice with only a shrine visible.

Enter the shrine, stand on the white tiles face north and use each orb one by one on each of the tiles (the order doesn't matter).

After doing that talk to one of the women there and then Ramia the Phoenix will hatch.

Exit the shrine and use the A button to ride the Phoenix.

Before going to defeat Baramos goto the forest where you get the Leaf of the World tree and fly north and west and you will come to the castle of the Dragon Queen.

Find the Queen and talk to her, she is ill and is going to lay an egg in exchange for her life. She will give you the Sphere of Light before she passes.

Now head to Baramos's Castle and go inside, but instead of going north and taking the main entrance, go east, you will see a building, ignore that and travel north along the castle wall. Turn back west when you see water and take the stairs up.

Go west and take the set of stairs down, go across the damage tiles, take the stairs that go up, follow the path, take the stairs down and you will come across 3 chests. One is the Demon Axe give this to your soldier if you have one, and one is the Unlucky Helmet, it is cursed.

Now go back to where there were stairs up and down near the damage tiles. This time take the stairs down.

Take the east path to a set of stairs that go up. You will come back up in an area where the stairs are surrounded by blue tiles.

Now go north then east and take those stairs up, follow that path and take that set of stairs down. Go west to the stairs by the blue tiles and go down.

Travel north to a set of stairs up, then go south. But before you enter this structure cast Stepguard because there are damage tiles inside.

Exit the house south and go east to the dock on the lake and down the stairs.

Go north and up to meet Baramos. He knows Explodet, Blazemost, Chaos and Limbo, and has fire breath and normal attack.

When you defeat Baramos, head back to Aliahan and talk to the king.

Defeated Baramos Talking to King

Just as you are ready to celebrate the ground shakes and a voice is heard, it is Zoma the ruler of Darkness.

Zoma's Voice

The king is too shocked so talk to the chancellor to save.

Return to Isis, jump on Ramia and fly southeast back to Baramos's Castle.

There is a swamp area with a black hole east of Baramos's Castle, the Pit of Giaga, go there and dive in.

The Pit of Giaga

When you talk to the soldier that guards the pit, he tells you that something just flew into it. So I guess we follow.

You will come out near a house, enter and the guy there will say you must have come from the upper world. And that this land is called Alefgard and is covered in darkness.

Welcome to Alefgard!?!

Exit the house to the south and get the ship, and exit this area and you will be on the overworld, land on the shore to the east and walk east of find the town of Tantegel (from DW I!! :).

Searching around town you will find Kandar and he tells you that the Stone of Sunlight are in Tantegel Castle somewhere; if you have played DW1 they are not in their normal location, but check for an interesting conversation.

Conversation 1 Conversation 2

Head to the castle kitchen (on the east side of the castle) and you can find a hidden stairway up.

Hidden Stairway 1 Hidden Stairway 2

When you go up you will find the Stone of Sunlight.

Get Stone of Sunlight

You also learn that the weapons and armor from the castle have been taken by Zoma and hidden, and if you find them you might have a chance to beat him, they are the Sword of Kings, the Armor of Radiance and the Shield of Heroes.

Items Needed

Also you find out that Ortega had been here, but nobody knows where he is now.

No go back to your ship and sail north and east following the coastline until you see a shrine which is Garin's House (which becomes Garinham in DW1). Talk to his parents and they say they think he took the Silver Harp with him.

Location of Garin's House

But check the north wall for a passage.

Hidden Passage 1 Hidden Passage 2

Go down the stairs (this becomes Garin's Grave in DW1) and you will find the Silver Harp (if you use this as an item you will be attacked by monsters).

Find Silver Harp

No go back to your ship and sail straight east from the northern tip at Garin's house pass the tower that you see and continue until you some low hills and a forest and some mountains to the south.

Where to stop for Kol

Walk south here and around the west side of the mountains to find the town of Kol.

The Water Flying Cloth can be bought here for your Wizards if you have any. And you learn that the Sword of Kings was broken into pieces and that a man from Jipang fixes broken items.

Goto the patch of water on the north end of town that are the "open air baths" and walk south to the tree and search for the Fairy Flute (which has a different purpose from DW1).

Find Fairy Flute

No back to your ship and continue around the continent to the south along the east edge (since the tunnel to Rimuldar isn't completed yet).

You should a ridge of mountains to the west, stop and go northwest around that set of mountains to find the town of Rimuldar.

When you enter the town go to the Inn and take the chest that is there, it contains the Ring of Life.

Finding Ring of Life

Now continue around the continent and when you head back west along the southern edge you will come across a shrine in a swamp (where Erdrick's Token is located in DW1).

Shrine Location Receiving the Staff of Rain

Enter the shrine to get the Staff of Rain.

After receiving the Staff of Rain, continue west along the southern coastline until you see a bridge in the north. Go north on the west side of the bride and cross another bridge then south and you should find the town of Cantlin.

Not much to do here, but you do learn that you need the Staff of Rain, the Stones of Sunlight, and the Sacred Amulet to reach the island of the Archfiend.

Now back to your ship and continue around the continent and north until you see some desert area that comes out to the ocean. Stop here and travel east to find the town of Kauksness (that is destroyed in DW1)

On the south side of town there is a corral with some horses in it, search the grassy spot to find the Oricon.

Find Oricon

Now that we have some Oricon we can have another Sword of Kings made. So go back to Kol and talk to the blacksmith from Jipang.

Sell him the Oricon for 22,500 GP.

Sell Oricon

Then walk out of town and then back in and talk to him again (boy he is fast) he has a Sword of Kings for sale. Buy it for 35,000 GP.

Buy Sword of Kings

Now back to Tantegel and go southwest till you find a cave (the Mountain Cave in DW1), here you can get a Wizard's Ring, an Invisibility Herb, the Armor of Hades (cursed) and over 1000 GP.

After you are done with this cave, go northeast from Tantegel and enter that cave. Here you will be unable to use spells. Start out by going to the southeast corner of the first floor to find stairs down. On B2 you need to get to the northwest corner for the next set of stairs down. On B3 head north and get the chests (one is a Mimic) and the northwest one will contain the Shield of Heroes.

Find Shield of Heroes

You have to walk out of the cave since you cannot use spells, then return to Kol. From here sail to the island with the tower northeast of Kol.

Go north and open both wooden doors to find 2 chests, the right chest has gold and the left is a Mimic.

Now go south back to the intersection and go west then south to a set of stairs up.

On the second floor go north, you will see some diamond shaped tiles that are 2 toned. If the darker side is on the left your movements will be turned 90 degrees clockwise (Down is now left, Up is now right, etc) If the darker side is on the right your controls are changed by 90 degrees counter-clockwise (Down is now right, Up is now left, etc).

From these tiles go east to the middle of the room, if you can spare the MP use Stepguard if not use the tiles.

The north path has 4 chests with a Full Moon Herb, 2 mimics (southwest and northeast) and some GP. South is 3 Acorns of Life and a Vitality Seeds.

Then go east and north at the intersection to find stairs up to the third floor.

Here just go south until you hit stairs up again.

On the fourth floor go north a little ways and you will see 3 narrow paths leading west over a pit.

Take the middle path, minding which direction you press so you go the right way on the path. When you get across you will find a chest that contains the Armor of Radiance.

Find Armor of Radiance

Jump into the pit and south out of this room and go west then north, when you reach the northeast corner there is a chest, ignore it because it is a Mimic.

Go east from the chest to a bunch more of the diamond tiles, you need to walk off the edge of the tower, so just keep pressing right and you will walk right off.

Open the door to the south now and go west to some stairs and up.

Go east and there will be some more diamond tiles, they try to force you off the edge again, but plan your moves to get across.

When you get past all of the tiles, take the stairs back to the third floor. Take the stairs right there to get to the fourth floor.

On the fourth floor go west to get to more stairs to the fifth floor.

Make your way to the middle of the floor and unlock the door, stand to the east of the statue and use the Fairy Flute.

Used Flute

The seal will be broken and you will free Rubiss. You will then receive the Sacred Amulet.

Get Sacred Amulet

Return to Rimuldar and sail south, there is a small island with a shrine on it. Enter the shrine and talk to the old man. He will take the Staff of Rain, Stone of Sunlight and the Sacred Amulet and give you the Rainbow Drop.

Trade for Rainbow Drop

Now back to Rimuldar again and walk northeast, there will be two narrow desert peninsulas.

Peninsula Using Rainbow Drop Bridge created

Now cross the bridge and head to Zoma's Castle.

Go north the little bit and then west, take this path until you find a wooden door into the throne room. But as you enter you are sealed in, if you walk around a little bit you get attacked by the stone statues (2 Granite Titans).

Attacked by Granite Titans

Heal after the battle if you need because the next step you take will be a battle with 2 more Granite Titans, and then a third set when you defeat the second batch.

After the third set of Granite Titans the blocks on the door disappear. Walk behind the throne (use Stepguard of course) and search to find a hidden stairway (5 tiles east and 2 tiles north from the west edge of the throne).

Hidden Stairway

Go down 2 sets of stairs then go north to a big room with pits and diamond tiles (from the tower earlier). But there is an easy way thru, walk along the west edge of the path and just keep pressing the up arrow and the tiles will take you to the stairway.

Take the stairs and follow the hallway until you reach a 4-way intersection, take the southwest path, south a bit, west thru the hole in the wall and then south again to a chest that contains the Multi-Edge Sword (cursed).

From here, go back north to the hole in the wall and then south again. You will come across another 4-way (where southwest is a short dead-end), take the southeast path and then north to some stairs.

On the next floor down, go north, unlock the door and follow the hallway across the bridge to see a man fighting a monster.


The man fighting is Ortega, he wins the battle but is terribly wounded, he gives you a message (to give to yourself :) ) if you ever travel to Aliahan. He tells you to tell his son to forgive him for not saving the world.

Ortega Conversation 1 Ortega Conversation 2 Ortega Conversation 3

Now continue west and then go north (skipping the door) upto the north end of the floor and go back east. You will come along a door south, open it to find 6 chests: 2 Mimics (west most and east most), Stone of Life, Leaf of the World Tree, Sage's Stone, and Wizard's Ring.

No go back north out of this treasure area and continue east then south around the outside wall (skipping this door too) until you reach some stairs down.

Now you are on the last floor, walk up and stand on the platform and Zoma will appear. He will have the King Hydra that killed your father attack you now.

Use the Sage's Stone for healing if at all possible to save MP. When you are done, heal yourself. If you have the Ring of Life from Rimuldar give it to your first party member and use it then walk east and west (don't go north yet) until their HP has recovered. Do the same for the other party members since there aren't any random monster encounters here.

Walk north when you are ready. You will be attacked by Baramos Bomus.

Defeat him (use the healing trick) and then move north for the next battle with Baramos Gonus.

Heal again, fill up your MP if you have any Wizard's Rings, then walk north to battle Zoma.

The first thing to do use the Sphere of Light, it reduces Zoma's HP by half. Concentrate of attack spells and physical attacks. He has 2,000 HP (or 1,000 if you use the Sphere of Light).

When he is defeated try to walk back out of the castle it will begin to fall apart, you will fall thru the floor and be spit out in the cave northeast of Tantegel.

As you leave the corridor it collapses behind you (explains why it isn't there in DW1).

When you get outside a sound is heard and daybreak occurs.

Sound in sky

Now talk to the king in Tantegel to see the ending.

Celebration Continued in Dragon Warrior