Game Tips

Parry/Attack UPDATED - [email protected] (Added: June 29, 2001)
If you change the formation of your party so that a class with only three possible commands (like the Soldier, which can attack, parry, and use items, but which can't use magic) is in the front of the party that character will have run as a fourth option and that will free up a spot with the hero which is replaced with parry. Therefore, the first three characters instead of just the middle two can use parry then cancel it and get the extra defense.

Talk about Bad Luck - [email protected] (Added: June 29, 2001)
Unlucky Helmet is cursed, and reduces the wearer's luck to 0! Heard of the saying, "Double-edged sword?" What about multiple! When you equip the cursed Multi-edge Sword, the user takes damaged every time it hits an enemy by about a sixth to a fifth of the damaged caused. Ouch!

Rain or ... - [email protected] (Added: June 29, 2001)
Staff of Rain - Before submitting it with the Stone of Sunlight and the Sacred Amulet to make the much-needed Rainbow Drop, have some fun with it first! It has only a pitiful attack power of 16, can be equipped by Sages, Wizards, and Pilgrims (I think...), and can cast StopSpell in battle.

...Shine - [email protected] (Added: June 29, 2001)
Stone of Sunlight - Use to cast Awake

King Me - [email protected] (Added: June 29, 2001)
Sword of Kings - Use it to cast, not Firevolt (use the Thor's Sword or other fire-spell producing effect on Gold Bashers (which will always work), and notice that the use of the Sword of Kings will never work against them!), but rather a version of Zap that hits a group of enemies.

Thunder of a Deal - [email protected] (Added: June 29, 2001)
Thor's Sword - Not only can you get it from Boss Trolls, but from Troll Kings as well. A nice thing to know considering the fact that you can run into a lot more Troll Kings in the cave southwest of Tantegel than in the fields!

Hey, You Dropped This - [email protected] (Added: June 29, 2001)
You can also get the "Multi-Edge Sword" rarely from the Frost Cloud.

Show me the Money - Woodus (Added: June 29, 2001)
In the early parts of the game, money is rather scarce. Need more? Go to the Hall of Registration and register as many soldiers as you can. Then go to Luisa's Place and bring them in groups of three to the item store. Sell off their armor and weapons, and you should have at least a large enough supply of money to outfit your party right off the bat.

The Case of the Hidden Spells - Woodus (Added: June 29, 2001)
Your hero normally won't learn Firebal until level 10, but there is a way to get that spells and other higher level spells at only level 7 or 8. To do so, after you visit the King, do not register some party members. Instead, go outside of the city and fight alone. Do this until you earn the Return spell (at about 7 or 8 usually). Then return to the city and register as many people as you can (you can combine this with the free money trick above). After you have done that, go back downstairs and check your spell list. You should have quite a few spells now. At this point, you can play as you normally would.

Update to The Case of the Hidden Spells - [email protected] (Added: June 29, 2001)
I would like to let all people know that the trick for getting spells does not need to get to level 7. All you have to do is completely fill up the Registry (I did all soldiers) and the spells will be yours.

Parry/Attack - Woodus (Added: June 29, 2001)
For the benefit of those who don't have an instruction booklet, there is a way to lower damage in battle. Simply have a person in battle Parry, then use the B button to cancel the next person's move and back up. Then have that person use whatever attack you would normally have him use. If he gets hit in battle, his damage is half of normal, despite the fact that they also did an attack! Of course, this trick will only work on the middle two party members, since the leader doesn't get a chance to parry and the last person in line can't cancel a command.

Double Trouble - [email protected] (Added: June 29, 2001)
Buy a Falcon Sword For Your Sage!!! Cast Transform into a soldier. You Will Get 2 Attacks For Over 500 Damage.(Varies)

Golden Rule - [email protected] (Added: June 29, 2001)
Keep the golden Claw in the vault at Allihan for raising exp can be tough at times

Dumb Luck? - [email protected] (Added: June 29, 2001)
You will MAYBE earn a Thor Sword in Charlock Castle

Vault Tactics - Woodus (Added: June 29, 2001)
The vault, located in Aliahan, can be used to store items and gold. Gold stored in the vault will be protected if your party is defeated. Items you don't have room to carry, but will need later (or items you can't sell or discard, and don't need anymore) can be put in the vault. There is a charge to remove an item based on its value. If an item cannot be sold to a store (such as an orb), the removal charge is only 1 GP. Some items that you will use often (such as the Final Key, and Staff of Thunder) you will want to have at the top of your item list. I will use the final key as an example: transfer the final key to the fighter; have the fighter transfer all the items above the key to himself. This will move each item transferred to the bottom of the list. Now, re-equip him with his equipment. Now, the final key is easier to use. After meeting the king, it is wise to enlist party members at Loisa's place in Aliahan. You register members upstairs, and enlist them downstairs.