Experience Gaining Tips

The easiest way to gain experience is by fighting metal slimes and metal babbles. I have listed here the best places to get experience at different levels.

Levels 1-19

Gaining levels shouldn't be too much of a problem now, just follow the above chart and get up levels around the nearest town.

Levels 19-34

Once you have the ship, go west from Portoga until you see land, head up the coast and go by the new town. Keep going north to the tip of the continent. North is the island of Greenlad and right below that is an island with a shrine that has three travel doors. This small island is the place. The enemies here might give you a little trouble at the lower levels, but once you reach level 23, they shouldn't be a problem. The main thing is that at night, metal slimes appear frequently here in groups of 2 or 3. (To keep it night, get the lamp of darkness in Tedanki, and keep using it every time day breaks.) Just attack the metal slimes with weapons (only the BeDragon and CHANCE spells will have any effect on them, so forget about spells at these levels). They only have about 4HP each, and you will only do 1 damage point per hit. If you do a critical hit, or if the poison needle works, they will die instantly. You will net over 1,000 experience each for every metal slime you manage to kill. Rarely, you may meet a lone metal babble here, but chances are, it will run away before you can even hurt it. Metal slimes are very weak attackers and know the blaze spell; metal babbles are also weak attackers and know the fireball spell. So, they can't do much damage at all, NEVER RUN AWAY FROM THEM!! (unless, of course, they brought friends (other types of enemies.)) They are much more afraid of you than you are of them!

Levels 34-40

Northwest of Ridmuldar is an excellent spot. There are metal babbles here. The other enemies that appear shouldn't be TOO hard to kill at these levels. If there are more than 2 metal babbles that appear, cast BeDragon. This will take one round to cast, but the next round, you'll wipe them out. If you know CHANCE, cast it no matter how many there are (although this is kind of risky, because CHANCE sometimes gives bad results, but sometimes it will defeat them instantly!). Otherwise, just attack them. A Metal Babble gives over 12,000 experience to each party member.

Levels 40+

The 1st and 2nd floors of the Tower of Kol contain metal babbles and other enemies, which also yield a lot of experience points.