Dragon Warrior III - NES

Once upon a time there was a man called Ortega, he had a loving wife and a child. He lived in the castle of Aliahan, he ventured off to far away lands fighting monsters and evil, building a legend for himself, and becoming a Hero.

One day he was fighting a dragon on top of a volcano, Ortega was able to slay the dragon, but the monster took the hero down with him into the deep hole of the volcano.

The world's hope for peace was lost. Then on one bright and joyous day a new hero rose up, it was his 16th birthday, and he was the blood of Ortega. The young man wished to follow in his father's footsteps, and restore the world to peace. Dragon Warrior III Screen

The young man visited the King, who explained to him the archfiend monster is Baramos, as long as Baramos lives, chaos and evil will dominate over the world. The young man gathered companions and set off to his journey, learning more about himself, and his father. Dragon Warrior III Box