Dragon Warrior III - Gameboy Color

On the morning of you sixteenth birthday, your quest begins. The king of Aliahan summons you to his castle where you learn of the death of your father, the brave Ortega. You must leave the kingdom of Aliahan and finish Ortega's mission to vanquish the archfiend, Baramos. Will you suffer the same fate as your father, or will you discover a secret that sets the stage for the legend of Dragon Warrior?

Widely regarded as the Dragon Quest series' finest hour, Dragon Quest III has sold over five million copies in Japan between its original Famicom edition and subsequent Super Famicom remake. Now, the perpetual fan favorite is set to appear on a third platform, this time a portable one: the Game Boy Color.

The final chapter of the first DW trilogy, Dragon Warrior III details how Roto (Erdrick in the NES Dragon Warriors) first saved Alefgard and entered history books as a hero. Accompanied by three companions, Roto journeys through two worlds -- one of them an alternate-reality version of Earth, the other the original Dragon Warrior map -- to defeat the Archfiend Baramos and an even greater evil.

With the exception of Roto, all the heroes in Dragon Warrior III are generic heroes created by the player. Although assigned a specific job (character class) at the outset, characters can switch jobs later in the game. Characters retain the skills gained from their previous job, meaning it's possible to have a fighter with the abilities of a healer or vice versa. Eight different jobs are available: Soldier, Pilgrim, Fighter, Thief (new in the remake), Wizard, Merchant, Sage, and Goof-Off. While Roto cannot change jobs, a new Ogre Battle-style quiz at the beginning of the game helps to determine his initial stats.

The new class and Personality System aren't the only changes. Dragon Warrior III GBC boasts all of the other game play upgrades seen in the Super Famicom remix, including a bonus dungeon and a board game-based mini-game. And while it can't with the 16-bit edition on the audio-visual front, Dragon Warrior III GBC still includes animated monsters and a new introduction sequence.

The GameBoy Color edition isn't without its own new features, either. One hundred and fifty monster coins await to be collected by defeated monsters. Coins can be traded between cartridges via the Game Link Cable, though it's not clear whether or not they'll actually serve any purpose in the game.