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IV. Cheat Methods

V. Does It Really Take This Long?

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As the game begins and the prologue tells a story of many generations of peace in the world. Recently a new evil has risen and attacked a kingdom on an island east of Alefgard. The ruler of evil's name is Hargon and he is attacking Moonbroke Castle. As you watch the introduction scenes the princess is kidnapped, the king is killed and the castle's army gets defeated. One soldier though manages to escape and make his way to Mindenhall Castle to tell the king of the news. Coming from the line of Erdrick's descendents, the king calls upon you to track down the great Hargon and defeat his evil empire. As you start your journey the king says that companions can be found at both Cannock and Mindenhall. He gives you some gold, a Copper Sword and sends you on your way.

Mindenhall Castle
The only person that has information for you is a young man near the center of town. He says that if you travel westward you'll come to the next town called Leftwyne.

When you get to this town there is only one person with useful information for you. It's a good idea to stay around the area though, until you build up enough gold to buy either some Chain Mail or a stronger weapon.

Cannock Castle
When you arrive at the castle talk to the king and he will wish you luck finding his son, who has apparently already left on his journey. If you talk to one of the women in town you'll discover that the prince has traveled to the Spring of Bravery. If you manage to make your way over to the western monolith you'll see that two guards are blocking the travel door. They will not let you pass until you have found the prince of Cannock.

Spring of Bravery
Inside the cave you'll find three treasure chests, two of which contain medical herbs. When you reach the spring the old man will tell you that the prince might have traveled to Mindenhall, but if you return there you'll find that he is nowhere to be found. If you check the inn back at Leftwyne you might have more luck.

Lake Cave
Before heading west to the cave make sure you have upgraded your equipment at Leftwyne. You don't need a total upgrade of weapons and armor, but at least one set of Chain Mail might be a good idea. Be sure to take some Antidote Herbs too, just incase you run into the Big Cobras. If you don't want to spend the money on herbs you can wait until the prince reaches level 6, at which point he learns the spell Antidote. Inside the cave on the second basement level you'll find the Silver Key. Unfortunately there is no use for it at this point even though there are doors that can be opened in Mindenhall and Leftwyne. Head on over to the monolith west of Cannock and you'll find that the guards will now let you through. Once you're through the cave, head south to find the town of Hamlin.

In town you will learn that Moonbrooke Castle is in the south. You will also get some strange information from one of the residents. Apparently he is telling the truth too, because if you talk to the dog in the northern part of town it starts following you everywhere as if it were one of your companions. At this point you will need to gain experience around Hamlin. Your equipment will also need to be upgraded here before you can go any further.

Moonbrooke Castle
Inside the castle there is nothing to but talk to the flames. One claims to be the ghost of the king, and he tells you that his daughter was cursed by Hargon and transformed into a "common mutt". Be sure to talk to the flame in the jail cell too, as he has some valuable information for you. Follow his advice and pick up the Mirror of Ra in the small swamp east of the castle. Since the mirror is supposed to reveal a person's true identity, take it back to Hamlin and use it on the dog that once started following you around. The reflection will show the image of the princess and she will automatically return to her true form to join your party.

Tower of Wind
Once the prince has learned the spell Outside (level , head over to the Tower of Wind southeast of Hamlin and pick up the Cloak of Wind. This will help you get across to the northern island over by the Dragon's Horn. Getting the cloak can be a hairpull because you have to travel more than ten different floors to get it! Inside the tower, take the staircase in the northeast corner. On the second floor you will walk right by the room that contains the cloak. This will eventually lead you to the fourth floor where the path runs along the southern tip of the tower and offers you two different staircases to the next floor. Take the first one you see. This will unmistakably lead you to the Cloak of Wind (don't forget to use the item to put it on!). Once you've gotten the Cloak of Wind go back to Moonbrooke Castle and head west to the monolith. Cross over to the other side and head northwest to the Dragon's Horn. The path to the top is strait forward, so when you get there jump off the north side (not the west!) of the tower and you will float all the way to the north side. Now you can head east to Lianport!

***NOTE*** - Contrary to popular belief, jumping off the tower on any level without the Cloak of Wind does NOT kill you (I actually thought this was true, but I guess not!)

Once you are here, be sure to buy at least the Clothes Hiding for the princess. From this point on you will need a ship to continue your quest, but the old man at the port says that he doesn't lend boats to strangers. If you wonder around for a while though, you'll notice that a kidnapping is taking place in a field in the northwest part of town. If you rescue the girl from the monsters there, you'll find her grandfather will be more than grateful and lend you his ship! Before you leave town talk to the merchant southeast of the port. He says that he wants the treasure aboard the Pirate's Ship and that he will pay a handsome fee for it. Also before you leave don't forget to talk to other people in town, as they will tell you about the ancient land of Alefgard to the east.

Pirate's Ship
Travel strait north of Lianport and you will see a shallow spot in the ocean. This is where the Pirate's Ship sank long ago. Search the area and you will find the treasure that the merchant is looking for. Take it back to him and you'll receive the Echoing Flute. If you play the flute when you are near one of the five crests, it will echo back.

Tantegel Castle
Apparently there is no king here, but fortunately you can still save your game at the house of healing. Another convenience here is that wizard in the southeastern part of town will restore your MP power completely when you talk to him. Since none of the people here give you valuable information you may as well stop by Charlock Castle directly to the southeast to search for clues.

Charlock Castle
If you have not upgraded your equipment by the time you get here, you might want to. The enemies inside are like none you've seen before. Surprisingly, navigating the underground cave here is almost identical to the first Dragon Warrior. Once you obtain Erdrick's Sword there is really nothing else worthy of attention here. However, if you want to travel on down to the old Dragonlord's lair you'll find that his grandson now has the throne. Fortunately you don't have to fight him because he's anxious for Hargon to be cast down. If you agree to fight Hargon (which you're doing anyway!) he'll give you some information about where to find the spirit Rubiss. Also note that there are treasures down here, but you can't get them until you have the Golden Key. Well at this point you are really out of clues about what to do or where to go. You do have a ship though, so you can go virtually anywhere. I recommend heading to the southeastern part of the world and visiting the town of Zahan. There is plenty of new developments there, including the location of the Golden Key.

On your way here you might run across a small island with one tree on it. This is the World Tree and if you search it you'll find one of its leaves. This can be very useful, as it will revive one of your party members. Unfortunately though, you cannot get more than one leaf at a time. If you use it you can always go back to the tree and get another one. When you get to Zahan, be sure to talk to everyone here because they have some information for you about the Moon Fragment. In the northeastern part of town there is a dog behind one of the shops. Talk to it and it will lead you to the location of the Golden Key! There is plenty of stuff you can do with this so head on back to Mindenhall Castle first and grab Erdrick's Token. If you visited the monolith of the holy southeast of Tantegel earlier, you know that the wizard there has a treasure chest but accuses you of being an imposter if you don't have the token. Now that you have it, you can head back there and this time he'll give you Erdrick's Helmet. Before you head back over that way though, stop by Cannock Castle and pick up the Erdrick's Shield.

You might remember seeing a town on one of the southern islands when you traveled to Zahan. If you did it was probably Wellgarth. Take a trip back there and you'll discover that there's lots to do. One of the old men in town tells you where you can obtain a Water Flying Cloth. Also, if you have 2,500 gold pieces you can buy the Jailor's Key here. The shop on the west side of town sells it, but it's supposed to be a secret. Ask for the blank inventory spot when the merchant shows you his list of items for sale. Don't leave town until you visit the prison on the east side. The guard says that he locked up Roge Fastfinger but he escaped. Notice the empty jail cell in the prison. If you look hard enough inside the cell you'll find a secret passage. When you talk to Roge, he'll give you the Watergate Key. Without it, you cannot release the watergate to enter the village of Tuhn.

In this town there is some good information from the residents. The soldier staying at the inn tells you where to find the Sun Crest. Another soldier in town tells you where to find the Moon Crest. Some of the other people in town have some interesting things to say, but until you are ready to traverse the cave to Rhone there is really nothing else to do here.

To get here, head directly east after reaching the northern tip of Beran's continent. You should run into a waterway that runs up into the land. At the very end of the river, take the path around to the east through the mountains and you will eventually see the village of Tuhn. If you remember hearing about Don Mahone in Zahan, recall that he lives in this village. You'll find him behind the Golden Key door in the center of town. Talk to him and agree to help him. Apparently his magic loom was stolen by someone who smelled like fish. Also recall that if you have the Magic Loom and Dew's Yarn, a Water Flying Cloth can be made. If you want to talk to people who smell like fish, Zahan is the place to go (it's the fishing community). Before you leave town though, you'll want to release the watergate so you can get back to the village easily by boat, and open the path to the Tower of the Moon. Northeast of the inn through the trees is the entrance to the watergate. Once you're inside use the key to release the water and fill the dry riverbed. Now you can head on back to Zahan and explore the wizard's house. If your level is fairly low you'll need to chant the Stepguard spell to get through. In the room on the left side you'll find the Magic Loom. Now to make the cloth you'll also need the Dew's Yarn, which is located on the third floor of the Dragon's Horn (north side). Once you have both of these items, take them to Don Mahone back in Tuhn and he will start weaving the cloth for you. There are a few more places to explore before you set your sights on Hargon, but before you go further you should probably spend a night or two at an inn somewhere to give Don enough time to finish the cloth for you. Once you have the Water Flying Cloth (make sure to equip it too!), it's about time to seek out Hargon. To get to his island you will need the Eye of Malroth. It is in the Sea Cave and the monsters there are pretty tough. You need the Moon Fragment to open the entrance to the Sea Cave, so before you take on the Tower of the Moon you might want to build up a few levels by gathering some of the crests. First, head on over to Osterfair in the eastern sea.

When you first enter the castle, travel all the way around to the west side near the travel door. There is a dark spot in the wall there, which is actually a backdoor to one of the town's shops. Use the Golden Key to open it and grab the Armor of Gaia next to the merchant. Even though you don't need a clue now of how to get this, there is still a man in town that gives you one. The rest of the people have some useful information for you, but chances are you probably won't need any of it now. The last thing you want to do here is talk to the king. He is obviously bored because he wants to be entertained. Agree to entertain him by fighting the Saber Lion and he'll give you the Moon Crest. If you're lucky too, on the castles island are big herds of Metal Slimes. The chance of killing any of them are slim, but they sure are pretty to look at! After you leave the castle, head south to the Fire Monolith near Zahan and grab the Sun Crest. You can also travel back to the town of Hamlin and get the Water Crest. Search the northeast corner of the underground jail cell after defeating the two Ozwargs to find it.

Now head over to the Lighthouse to get the fourth crest. It is located south of the continent of Alefgard. The only enemies that can be dangerous here are the Dragon Flies. If there are too many in a group they can simply overwhelm you. When you get to the top floor you'll see a monster run into one of the rooms. When you follow him into the room he appears to be a wizard. He tells you to follow him and he will lead you to the crest. When you finally get to the end of the trail he tells you to open the treasure chest, but it's empty. Unfortunately it's a trap and you'll have to defeat his henchmen to get the Stars Crest.

Tower of the Moon
You should now be strong enough to get the Moon Fragment from the tower. There are plenty of treasure chests in the tower, and once you get to the fifth floor the path to the Moon Fragment starts inside the Golden Key doors. After you get it, head on over to the Sea Cave to find the Eye of Malroth.

Sea Cave
This can be difficult to locate. It is southwest of Osterfair island, but the easiest route to take is to head strait north of the shallows next to the World Tree. In order to enter the cave you need to raise the tide of the water. Use the Moon Fragment to get rid of the shallows and enter the cave. Beware of Evil Eyes inside the cave, as they can deplete your MP very quickly by doing strange dances. When you get to the fifth basement level, defeat the two Evil Clowns to obtain the Eye of Malroth.

Cave to Rhone
Now that you have everything you need for the trip to Rhone, head back to the town of Beran. Unlock the hidden door in the house of healing and take the travel door. According to the wizard next to the stairs, the road to Rhone is west of the monolith. Take the stairs outside and use the Eye of Malroth in the swamp area to open the cave's entrance. The first order of business is to take a staircase to the basement level and grab the Life Crest. This level is flooded with Horks and they will attack after every few steps. Avoid this basement at all costs after you get the crest. On the first floor of the cave, take the staircase in the southeast corner of the room. On the next floor, take the path to the west and in the next room take the third path that leads south. The rest of them are never-ending loops. The stairs lead to the third floor, which is where the path splits in multiple directions. First take the stairs to the southeast, which leads directly to the Armor of Erdrick. Next you'll want to take the stairs to the northeast. This leads you to either the Thunder Sword or Rhone. After a couple more staircases you will find yourself in a very large room. There are pitfalls hidden in the floor here so watch out for these! Also note that the enemies from this point on in the cave get much more difficult. The path to Rhone is south via the staircase. Before you take that route though, head north and take the stairs down one level. There may look like there is nothing in the next room, but it's deceiving. Head to the southwest corner of the room and use the hidden pitfall (one step north and one step east from the southwest corner) to drop down and get the Thunder Sword. From this point, you'll need to take two more pitfalls to get back to floor one. The first one is in the northeast corner and the second one is in the middle of the north floor. Once you drop down the final pitfall you'll find yourself back near the entrance to the cave. At this point you might want to consider going back to Beran and staying at the inn, unless by some miracle you're still strong enough to travel back through the cave to get to Rhone.

Once you're out of the cave, travel along the mountain ridge line and you will come to a small monolith. The shaman here will completely restore your party. You can also save your game here (If you go back to the underworld, don't save your game anywhere or you'll have to go through the final cave again!). You will most likely have to build experience in this area before you are ready to head over to Hargon's Castle. Notice that the enemies on the island are tough and much bigger than you! During this time you will also want to travel back to the underworld and seek out the spirit of Rubiss. Without his charm you will not be able to navigate Hargon's Castle. There is a single square island monolith in the eastern sea where Rubiss' spirit lives. The easiest way to locate it is to travel directly north from the western edge of Osterfair. Inside the monolith you will travel down to the depths of the sea. Step on the white area and Rubiss will start talking to you and give you the Charm of Rubiss.

Hargon's Castle
When you enter the castle it looks exactly like Mindenhall, so use the Charm of Rubiss to reveal the true image of the castle. To enter Hargon's cave unlock the hidden doorway behind the thrown, walk to the middle of the path and then unlock the Golden Key door. Walk to the white tile in the middle of the floor here and use the Eye of Malroth to get to the second floor of the castle. When you get to the fourth floor, you will have to battle the first of three guards. Atlas attacks twice per round, so your best bet of surviving is if he chooses to attack the Hero. Most likely you will have to heal the Hero after every round of battle, but it should only take about five or six rounds to beat Atlas (hopefully less!). One the next floor the second guard, Bazuzu, awaits you. He is not as difficult as Atlas because the Sleep spell sometimes works on him (more often than not actually). Have the princess try and put him to sleep, and have the Hero attack. After you defeat Bazuzu, the Zarlox awaits you on the next floor. He is the toughest of all guards because he knows the spells Healall and Explodet. StopSpell does work on him, but very rarely.

When you finally reach Hargon, immediately start casting StopSpell on him because he makes good use of the Explodet spell. He does not attack very often, but when he does you get two doses of damage points. As soon as the StopSpell works on Hargon he will start blowing sweet breath to try and put you to sleep. Once he is defeated he sends you to meet Malroth. Try to leave the thrown room and Malroth will appear after a small earthquake rocks the castle.

He is very tough, plain and simple. He knows Healall and Explodet. He can also blow scorching flames at you that can hand out plenty of damage points. His regular attacks deal about 70 damage points a piece, but fortunately he only has the ability to attack once per round. If the princess is not casting a Heal spell on someone else, she should cast Defense on Malroth as much as possible. Likewise, the prince should cast Increase if he is not healing someone else or himself. StopSpell might be an option in order to stop Malroth's Healall spell, but I have never gotten it to work. You should have a Shield of Strength available for everyone. Using these, combined with the Heal spells of the prince and princess should get you through with minimal difficulty. Once you have defeated Malroth, Rubiss will congratulate you and send you back to Mindenhall Castle to meet the king.

When you return to Mindenhall, the king asks you to rule the land. Regardless of weather you accept or not, he will congratulate you on the defeat of Hargon and peace will once again be restored. The only thing left to do at this point is watch the credits role!


Here is the progression timeline for the game:

Level 1 Mindenhall Castle
Level 2 Leftwyne
Level 7 Lake Cave
Level 10 Hamlin
Level 11 Moonbrooke Castle
Level 15 Lianport
Level 16 Tantegel Castle
Level 18 Charlock Castle
Level 18 Zahan
Level 19 Wellgarth
Level 20 Beran
Level 20 Tuhn
Level 21 Osterfair
Level 25 Rhone
Level 30 Hargon's Castle











1 0 0 0
2 12 24 100
3 32 60 300
4 72 110 600
5 140 240  
6 280 380  
7 560 700  
8 1,000 1,300  
9 1,800 2,400  
10 2,800 4,000  
11 3,900 6,000  
12 5,300 8,200  
13 7,600 11,000  
35     1,000,000
45   1,000,000  
50 1,000,000    



Unfortunately there is nothing you can do at this point in the game to earn experience quickly. All the enemies are about the same around this town. This is probably the most mundane part of the game, but there's no way around it.

The Ocean
This is probably the best place to gain experience points once you get a ship. The only reason I say this is because you can gain large amounts of gold at the same time. Seaslugs pay handsomely in large herds, and other enemies in large groups will give good amounts of experience points too.

When you get to the monolith of Rhone, the best way to prepare for Hargon's Castle is to fight Giants and Blizzards around the monolith area. If the defeat spell happens to kill a party member, you're already close to the shaman that can revive you.



i. Save State

As always, you can reverse time with the Save State button on an emulator. This is always faster than playing on a console.

ii. Staff of Thunder Sales

Once you have the Jailor's Key, you can build up an insane amount of gold in minutes. At Mindenhall Castle, there is an Evil Clown behind one of the cell doors in the underground prison. When defeated, he leaves the Staff of Thunder which sells at an item shop for 19,500 gold pieces. You can sell as many of these as you want to build up your gold. To do this, follow the pattern:

1) Defeat the Evil Clown
2) Sell the Staff of Thunder
3) Save your progress with the king and quit
4) Restart the game and continue
5) Repeat the process

Remember that the maximum gold you can have is 65,535. You might also want to keep the last Staff of Thunder for the princess, as it's the best weapon she can be equipped with.

iii. Bypass Hargon's Bosses

I don't know if this happens every time you play the game, but it has for me. If you want to save as much MP as possible before you battle Hargon and Malroth, go through the castle and defeat the three bosses on your way to the top floor. Before you reach Hargon, cast Outside and Return to the monolith. After you restore yourself to full power, go back to the castle and defeat the three bosses one more time, then travel back to the monolith again without defeating Hargon. If you go through the castle at this point (which is the third), the bosses should not be there anymore and it'll be an easy trip to the top floor.

iv. 2 Water Flying Clothes

I knew there was a way to do this, but when I was writing this I had already past the point where it worked. You can have two clothes if you get the Dew's Yarn and Magic Loom a second time, before Don Mahone is finished weaving the first one. The loom appears in the treasure chest at Zahan again as soon as you leave town (even if you still have the original one if inventory), but the yarn doesn't appear in the Dragon's Horn again until the original one is out of your inventory. To guarantee that you can get another set of materials for a second cloth, as soon as your give Don Mahone the first set go immediately back to the tower by Lianport and grab the Dew's Yarn. One day may have passed by the time you get there, but more time is always needed to finished the first cloth. Make sure to search every square on the third floor of the tower because the yarn could be almost anywhere. However, a lot of the time it is floating near the center of the room somewhere.

v. Extra Strength in Hargon's Castle

Hargon's Castle is supposed to be cursed, so if you equip your allies with the Sword of Destruction and Gremlin's Armor inside the castle the curse will not do anything to you. Additionally, you will have the extra attack power and defense power at your disposal. Outside the castle though, the curses will start to take their effect. Note: You can only have 1 Sword of Destruction and 1 set of Gremlin's Armor in your inventory at a time.



The game flows pretty smoothly until you reach Hamlin. This is the most mundane part of the game because you'll have to build up about five levels until you're strong enough to move on. After this point there is plenty to explore until you have to build up gold using the sea creatures for battles. Once you reach Rhone though, you'll spend quite a bit of time fighting Giants, Batboons and Blizzards to gain experience points. This might take a while before you are strong enough to take on the monsters in Hargon's Castle.



What is the quickest way to earn gold?
See the cheat methods section to find out!

Where is Erdrick's Sword?
Charlock Castle, in the exact same place that it was in Dragon Warrior I.

Where is the Thunder Sword?
This is explained toward the end of the walkthrough in the Cave to Rhone section. There are screenshots and everything!

Where are the 5 crests?
Star Crest- Lighthouse
Life Crest - Basement level in the Cave to Rhone
Water Crest - Search the northeast corner of the jail cell after defeating the monsters in the basement of Hamlin
Sun Crest - Northeast corner of the Fire Monolith (west/northwest of Zahan)
Moon Crest - Beat the Saber Tiger in Osterfair and the king will give it to you




Prince of Midenhall starts with 99 hit points
Prince of Midenhall starts with 255 Hit Points
Prince of Midenhall starts with 40 strength points
Prince of Midenhall starts with 255 strength points
Prince of Midenhall starts with 80 strength points
Prince of Midenhall starts with 80 agility points
Prince of Midenhall starts with 40 agility points
Prince of Midenhall starts with 255 agility points
Prince of Cannock starts with 50 hit points
Prince of Cannock starts with 40 strength points
Prince of Cannock starts with 60 strength points
Prince of Cannock starts with 30 agility points
Prince of Cannock starts with 60 agility points
Prince of Cannock starts with 40 magic points
Prince of Cannock starts with 60 magic points
Princess of Moonbrooke starts with 50 hit points
Princess of Moonbrooke starts with 99 hit points
Princess of Moonbrooke starts with 25 strength points
Princess of Moonbrooke starts with 50 strength points
Princess of Moonbrooke starts with 40 agility points
Princess of Moonbrooke starts with 40 magic points
More Metal Babbles 1
More Metal Babbles 2
More Metal Babbles 3
Metal Babbles have 1 HP
Walk through solid objects (walls, water, doors, mountains)
Increased experience learning
No random battles outside or in dungeons
BATTLE OUTCOME AESPGYZY Always get treasure chests from battles
HP/MP GANZNYOP Don't take damage from enemies (does not work on Hargon or his bosses!)



How do I start?
When you first start the game, enter the codes that increase strength the most for the Hero, HP for the Prince and HP for the Princess (do not equip the Hero with any piece of equipment or the maximum strength and attack power will be eliminated). Then when you finally pick them both up, restart the game and enter these codes:

*Walk through objects
*No damage from enemies
*No random battles

Do the game genie codes work?
Not really. Here are some of the quirks:

*If you get the princess before the prince, a lot of weird stuff happens. For one thing, both the prince and princess do not start with the statistics from the game genie codes. Also, you can battle enemies with all 3 allies, but only 2 appear on screen. The weirdest thing though is that the princess is shown as following you, but her name is that of the prince and all her statistic and spells reflect the prince's too.
*If you walk north through the wall of the king's room in Mindenhall, then one step north again, you'll end up inside Moonbrooke Castle.
*You can fall to the outside of dungeons and caves by simply walking through a wall where there is no path on the other side.
*The code that is supposed to stop all enemy damage is never guaranteed to work. Sometimes you will die after any number of HP are depleted in a battle. HP levels still read normal, but the allies can die anyway. Allies seem to die more often when large amounts of damage points are given from single attacks. For example, the princess will die 2 Giants attack her and give a total of 100 damage points. If 3 Gold Batboons give the princess the same amount of damage through 3 rounds of battle, she will not die.

Why cheat?
*There's no need for a ship because you can walk on water
*There's no need for gold because all of the Hero's equipment is hidden throughout the world (might need some for Shields of Strength though)
*You can get to the end of the game in less than 2 hours (but you can't beat it early!)
*You don't have to fight Hargon's bosses

Unfortunately, the game genie code that stops damage from enemies does not work on Malroth, Hargon or his 3 guards.



Just about the only website I used to help me write this walkthrough is the popular Woodus domain...


Written by: ajetrumpet