Dragon Warrior II Walkthru

You begin with the Prince of Midenhall. Don't forget to equip your sword! First you need to find the Prince of Cannock. From Midenhall castle head west to the town of Leftwyne and heal if you need to, then travel north to Cannock Castle.

Talk to the king at Cannock Castle, he will tell you that his son has just left to goto the Spring of Bravery. Head north and east until you find the opening that leads into the cave.

Make your way thru the cave and talk to the old man near the spring, he will tell you that the prince has headed to Midenhall Castle, so head back there. (The king says that he went to Midenhall, but since you are already there, it must be a typo) Head to Leftwyne and check at the Inn, there you will find the prince and he will join your party.

Next you need to go west into the Lake Cave and get the Silver Key. The key can be found on the second floor of the cave.

After getting the key, you can prepare to head south to Hamlin. Having StopSpell can make this trip much easier.

Take the Monolith to the south island and travel south to Hamlin. In town there will be a dog on the north side of town, talk to the dog and notice that it follows you…strange.

From here travel west to Moonbrooke Castle and see the ruins of what is left of the castle. Talk to everyone there, including the flames. You will learn of the Mirror of Ra and its power to restore the princess (who is the dog that followed you) to her true form. (Mirror Info)

Travel south around the small lake and then follow the river east you will find the swamp patch by the 4 bridges. (Mirror of Ra Location)

Return with the mirror and use it in front of the dog that follows you, and you will have the Princess of Moonbrooke join your party. (Restoring Princess)

If you travel west and then north you will see two towers (the Dragon's Horn) across a channel, and there is no way to get across.

Travel to the Tower of Wind, to get to it you will need to go east from Hamlin and then north across the second bridge and back south along the coast. Before you travel to the tower it helps if the Princess knows REPEL and the Prince knows RETURN and OUTSIDE. Find the Cloak of Wind inside in a chest.

Now with the Cloak of Wind equipped (use it as an item, not thru the equip menu) head back to the Dragon's Horn and climb to the top floor and walk off the north side. You will float across the channel to the other side.

Once on the other side travel northeast to reach the port town of Lianport. In the northwest corner of town a woman is being attacked my monsters, defeat the monsters and her grandfather will give you the ship in town.

From Lianport take the ship and from the west edge of Alefgard head north and you will encounter a "shallow" spot (a lighter blue patch of water), search here to find the treasure. Take it back to Lianport and give it to the man behind the silver door (use the boat to get to him), he will give you the Echoing Flute in return.

Now from Lianport head east and look for the Tantegel Castle on the continent of Alefgard, talk to everyone there and then cross the channel and go into Charlock Castle and find Erdrick's Sword.

Now we will get the Golden Key, go to Zahan (it is south of Osterfair), there is a dog on the east side of town that will run and point to a location, search here to find the Golden Key. (If you sail west of Zahan you can find an island with a single tree, this is the World Tree, you can carry one Leaf of the World Tree at a time, but it will revive fallen party members. (Golden Key Location)

Head back to Cannock Castle and open the Gold door and get Erdrick's Shield. (Erdrick's Shield Location)

Then goto Midenhall Castle and get Erdrick's Token from behind a Golden door. (Erdrick's Token Location)

Then take Erdrick's Token to the Monolith on the southern island in Alefgard and trade Erdrick's Token for Erdrick's Helmet. (Trading for Helmet)

Now in the South you will find the town of Wellgarth, here we need to find Roge Fastfinger. To get to him there is a shop on the west side of town, buy the "blank" spot, this will be the jailor's key, for 2500 GP. (Buying Jailor's Key)

Then goto the jail on the east side of town, Roge isn't in his cell, but upon further inspection you can walk out of the cell in the middle of the east wall. Upon finding Roge he will give you the Watergate Key.(Looking for Roge in Cell) (Found him!)

Now to pickup Dew's Yarn to make the Water Flying Cloth, head back to the north tower of the Dragon's Horn and on the third floor if you search you will find Dew's Yarn. (Dew's Yarn Location)

Next make sure you have learned STEPGUARD and go back to Zahan to get the Magic Loom. Cast STEPGUARD and goto the west room in the house on the north end of town with the damage tiles. Here you will find the Magic Loom. (Magic Loom Location)

Now we need to get to Tuhn, sail back west to Beran (west of Wellgarth) and follow west most of the two rivers on the continent north of Beran. You will have to park your ship and walk around to get to Tuhn the first time.

When you get to Tuhn go north and west around the tool shop in town until you find the Watergate, use the Jailor's Key to get inside, and then use the Watergate key inside, this will flood the dry riverbed so you can sail to Tuhn the next time you come back, and also get to the Tower of Moon.

Use the Golden Key to open the building in the center of town, here you will find Don Mahone, he will take the Magic Loom and the Dew's Yarn and begin making the Water Flying Cloth. The quickest way to get it is to cast return, save the game, quit, restart, and return to Tuhn. (Talking to Don Mahone)

Now cross the river to the south of Tuhn and enter the Tower of Moon. Navigate the tower to find the Moon Fragment.

Armed with the Moon Fragment find the cave that is to the south and west of Osterfair and use the Moon Fragment. The tide will rise and the shallow water around the cave will be replaced by deep water so you can sail to the entrance to the Sea Cave.

The water flying cloth will protect whoever is wearing it from the lava, the others will take damage, and STEPGUARD does not help. Make your way thru the cave and find the Eye of Malroth. You will have to defeat 2 evil clowns to get to it. Save enough MP to cast OUTSIDE so you don't have to trek back thru the cave.

Now head back to Beran, there is a building on the north side of town with the house of healing in it, enter that building and use the Jailor's key in the center of the north wall to open the door, cast STEPGUARD and walk into the transporter.

You are now in a small room, cast STEPGUARD again to get over the tiles and go up the stairs.

You will be in the overworld again, walk west until you find a patch of poisonous swamp, now use the Eye of Malroth and the entrance to the Cave to Rhone will open up. (Open Entrance to Rhone)

Now since we can enter the Cave to Rhone, let's get the Life Crest while we are here.

Life Crest: Go down the southeast most set of stairs into the room with all of the Horks. In the southeast corner there is a chest, open that to get the life crest. Then cast OUTSIDE to get out. (Life Crest Location)

Now get the other 4 crests if you have not already come across them.

Sun Crest: Sail west of Zahan, to the Fire Shrine search in the northeast corner of the outside wall to find the crest. (Sun Crest Location)

Water Crest: Once you have all the keys, go to Hamlin, open the golden door, go down and open the jail cell with the 2 monsters (demons) and defeat them and search the northeast corner to get the crest. (Water Crest Location)

Star Crest: There is a tower South of Alefgard, the Lighthouse. Go thru the tower and you will find an old man that will lead you to a chest. When you open the chest he will tell you it is a trap, and you will be attacked by 4 gremlins. Defeat them and you will get the Star Crest automatically. (Star Crest Location)

Moon Crest: Talk to the King, accept his challenge; defeat the tiger in Osterfair and the king will give you the crest. (Moon Crest Location)

Now that we have all of the crests we need to go find Rubiss. Sail due south from Midenhall and you should see an island with only a monolith on it. Go to the bottom floor and stand on the white square in the room (make sure you have space in your inventory). Rubiss will speak to you and give you Rubiss' Charm. (Receiving Rubiss' Charm)

Upon re-entering the cave go east and take the southeast most set of stairs to take you to the second floor. Go east and take the third intersection down, these stairs will take you to the third floor. Go all the way east to get Erdrick's Armor, then go north as far as you can then go back east and take the stairs. You will be on a small fourth floor, go up again to reach level five.

From the stairs on the fifth level take one step south and one step west. You will fall to the fourth floor, which is a big open room. Go to the southwest corner and fall in the pitfall that is one step north and one step east of the corner. Get the chest to retrieve the Thunder Sword. Walk east and fall down the pitfall on the east wall. Go north and in the middle of the room there is another pitfall that will take you back to the second floor.

Trek all the way back to the fifth floor. To avoid all of the pitfalls; walk 2 steps south, 2 steps west, 4 steps down, 3 steps east and 1 step south to the stairs. Now you are on level 6.

On level 6 go east from the stairs, then go west, then east, then east again, then the northeast path, then the northwest path, then north, then east, continue east to the stairs out of the cave.

Head northeast from the exit to the cave and go into the shrine. You will be healed and be able to save your game and revive any dead members…all for free.

Now head north along the mountains, then west and follow the mountains around to the south. Turn north when you reach the hills to find the castle.

When you first enter the castle it looks like Midenhall Castle, use the Rubiss Charm to break the illusion.

Now go behind the throne and to the far left in the barrier area, use the Jailor's Key to open the hidden door, then goto the middle and use the Golden Key to open the door there. Next stand on the grey square in the middle of the barrier area and use the Eye of Malroth. This will take you to the second floor.

There are random monsters on the second and third floors. When you reach the fourth floor you will encounter Atlas just before you reach the stairs, have the Hero attack, have the Prince parry, use Shield of Strength, or cast INCREASE, and have the Princess cast DEFENSE or use Shield of Strength.

On the fifth floor you will encounter Bazuzu, have the Hero attack, have the Prince parry or use Shield of Strength, and the Princess cast SLEEP (it actually works sometimes!)

Then on the sixth floor you will have to fight Zarlox, have the Hero attack, have the Prince parry or use the Shield of Strength, and the Princess cast SLEEP (it actually works here sometimes here too!)

Then to the seventh floor, have the Hero attack, the Prince cast StopSpell (it actually works, and keeps him from casting HEALALL), and the Princess parry or use the Shield of Strength. Hargon is actually pretty easy, but when you beat him you discover there is a hidden power behind him. Try to leave and the next battle will begin.

Malroth is your next battle. Have the Hero attack, then have the Prince cast INCREASE, HEALMORE on the Hero, or Shield of Strength, and have the Princess cast DEFENCE, Shield of Strength or cast HEALALL on the Hero. Malroth knows the HEALALL spell, so can it can be a hard battle. He can attack for about 70 damage, and breathe flames for 50-70 to all party members.

After the long battle with Malroth you can walk around the world without any monster attacks and talk to all of the people. Then Talk to Midenhall Castle and talk to the King, and watch the credits. (Talking to King) (The End)