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Description Image
Antidote キアリー 3 Prince, Princess One Ally Healing--removes poison No Artwork Yet
Chance パルプンテ 15 Princess Random Other--random effects, try it! No Artwork Yet
Defeat ザラキ 4 Prince One Enemy Group Attack--kills enemies instantly No Artwork Yet
Defense ルカナン 2 Princess All Enemies Indirect Attack--lower enemy def. power No Artwork Yet
Explodet イオナズン 8 Princess All Enemies Attack--large explosion, 60 Damage No Artwork Yet
Firebal ギラ 2 Prince One Enemy Attack--small fireball, 20 Damage No Artwork Yet
Firebane べギラマ 4 Prince All Enemies Attack--wall of fire, 30 Damage No Artwork Yet
Heal ホイミ 3 Prince One Ally Healing--restores about 30 HP No Artwork Yet
HealAll べホマ 8 Princess One Ally Healing--restores all HP No Artwork Yet
Healmore ベホイミ 5 Princess, Prince One Ally Healing--restores about 50 HP No Artwork Yet
Increase スクルト 2 Prince All Allies Other--increases def. power No Artwork Yet
Infernos バギ 4 Princess One Enemy Group Attack--vacuum attack, 30 Damage No Artwork Yet
Open アバカム 2 Princess Door Other--opens any door No Artwork Yet
Outside リレミト 6 Prince, Princess All Allies Other--warps party out of cave/tower No Artwork Yet
Repel トヘロス 2 Princess - Other--weaker enemies don't attack No Artwork Yet
Return ルーラ 6 Prince All Allies Other--warps party to last place saved No Artwork Yet
Revive ザオリク 15 Prince One Ally Healing--revive with 1HP, not in battle No Artwork Yet
Sacrifice メガンテ 1 Prince All Enemies Attack--caster dies, enemies destroyed No Artwork Yet
Sleep ラリホー 2 Princess One Enemy Group Indirect Attack--puts enemies to sleep No Artwork Yet
Stepguard トラマナ 4 Prince, Princess All Allies Other--protects from barriers/swamps No Artwork Yet
Stopspell マホトーン 3 Prince One Enemy Group Indirect Attack--blocks enemy spells No Artwork Yet
Surround マヌーサ 2 Princess One Enemy Other--enemy hit rate down No Artwork Yet