Dragon Warrior II - NES

"...For thou art of Erdrick's line, and his doom is thine."

The Dragonlord had been defeated, and Erdrick's descendant emerged from Charlock castle victorious. He returned with the Ball of Light to Tantegel castle where he was greeted by King Lorik. In return for his services, Lorik offered Erdrick's descendant the throne of Alefgard. After thinking for a moment, the young warrior declined, stating that he would find his own land to rule. And so, with Princess Gwaelin in his arms, he set out across the sea to unknown lands.

Gwaelin and her hero built the land of Torland. In time, she bore three children. The eldest prince was given the land of Midenhall. To the youngest Dragon Warrior II Screenprince the land of Cannock, and to the princess the kingdom of Moonbrooke. Under their rule the lands prospered for 100 years....

History has a habit of repeating itself, and one day the peace that the people of Torland enjoyed came to an end. Hargon the Sorcerer began waging his war on the world... starting with Moonbrooke castle. The defenses of Moonbrooke were no match for Hargon's power, and as they were suffering defeat one soldier managed to escape the castle. Though badly wounded, he managed to travel to the nearby kingdom of Midenhall to warn them of Hargon's evil. After hearing the soldier's tale, the Dragon Warrior II Boxking of Midenhall spoke to his son, "...I am old and this task must fall into younger hands..."

You are the king's son, and a descendant of Erdrick the Great. Hargon must be destroyed, if the world is to ever know peace again. Seek out Erdrick's other remaining descendants and begin your journey... for the fate of Torland lies with you.