Dragon Warrior II Walkthru

As in any RPG, remember to always talk to everyone everywhere to gain information, and search things for hidden items.

Start off by following the King downstairs and search the chest nearby to find a Copper Sword and 50 GP (don't forget to equip the sword) and you start out with the Leather Armor.

Your first goals to saving the world are to find the other two descendants of Loto, the Prince of Cannock and the Princess of Moonbrooke.

Battle the various monsters around Lorasia Castle to gain some experience and try to get to level 3 before continuing on.

Once you reach level 3 buy the Leather Shield and travel to the west and find the town of Leftwyne. Head north from Leftwyne to find Cannock Castle at about level 4. When you enter the castle go and talk to the King and he will tell you that his son, the Prince of Cannock, has just left for the Hero's Spring.

So now it is time to travel to the Hero's Spring (at about level 5) which is in a cave located to the northeast of Cannock Castle and it is a long travel with no stops along the way so travel prepared with Herbs and Antidote.

Enter the cave and in the northwest corner of the cave you will find the Hero's Spring, but the Prince of Cannock is not there. Talking to the old man at the cave will reveal that the Prince is travelling toward Lorasia Castle.

Now head south from the Hero's Spring to get to Lorasia Castle. When you reach the castle go and talk to the King, he will tell you that the Prince was just there and is now heading back to Cannock Castle to find you.

He doesn't actually make it all they way back to the Castle, you will find him in the Inn at Leftwyne. The Prince's equipment isn't quite up to par so if you have the cash buy a Sickle for the hero, give the Copper Sword to the Prince of Cannock and buy a Leather Shield for the Prince also. No you should be at about level 6 by now.

Time to find the Princess, head southwest of Cannock Castle to find a Shrine. Talk to the Sage here and he will ask you to talk find his brother in the Shrine south of Lorasia Castle. So head back towards Lorasia Castle and travel south. You will find another Shrine here, speak with the Sage and he will tell you to find the SilverKey in the Lake Cave west of Cannock Castle.

Head back to Cannock Castle to prepare for the travel to the Lake Cave, you will need Herbs and Antidotes. When you are ready to go, head west while staying north of the mountains. The cave is located in the middle of a lake. On the lowest level of the cave you will find the SilverKey, it is recommended that you be at level 7 or so to traverse the Lake Cave, or have the Prince of Cannock at level 6 so he knows the antidote spell.

Now that you possess the SilverKey, head back to Leftwyne and Lorasia Castle to unlock some of the silver doors you had to pass up before.

After checking out the locked doors from before go back to the Shine southwest of Cannock Castle, go down the stairs to enter Lora's Gate, follow the east path to find stairs to reach the southern continent where Moonbrooke is located.

After leaving Lora's Gate, head south until you reach the town of Hamlin. This is a good place to update your weapons and armor. Buy the Spear for the Prince and the Steel Armor and Steel Shield for the hero.

When you talk to the dog in town it will follow you around until you leave town. After equipping your new purchases, leveling up to about level 10, cross the bridge south of Hamlin and head west.

When you reach the castle you notice it has a large swamp surrounding it. Upon entering the castle you notice that Hargon's attack has left the castle all but destroyed. Talk to the flames who are the spirits of the deceased Moonbrooke residents. You will find that the Princess has been turned into a dog (remember Hamlin). Also you will find out about an item call the LarMirror that can break the curse on the Princess.

To reach the stairs in the center of the castle you need to go thru the break in the castle wall on the northwest side and travel south along the wall and re-enter the castle to find the stairs.

The LarMirror is located in a swamp southeast of Hamlin. To find the swamp head back to Moonbrooke Castle and from the castle head back east staying south of the river and lake, you will then come across a four square swamp near two bridges. Search the northeast corner of the swamp to find the LarMirror.

After obtaining the LarMirror head back to Hamlin, talk to the dog again to get it to follow you and use the LarMirror on the dog to break the curse. The Princess will return to her normal form and join your party.

The Princess starts out with a Wooden Cane and Cloth Armor, build up your levels until the princess reaches level 4, this will give her a couple of spells and some more HP, so purchase the Knife in Hamlin.

Next project is to get the Wind Cloak that people have been telling you about, but first you need to find the Wind Tower.

The trip to the tower is a nasty one, from Hamlin travel east to the river and follow it to the north, use the second bridge to cross the river and then travel back south. You will reach some islands, when you do stay on the east coastline and cross the bridges there, when you can no longer go south head west for the Wind Tower.

Traverse the Wind Tower to find the Wind Cloak and the Wizard Ring. Equip the Wind Cloak on someone and jump off one of the sides of the tower and you will land safely on the ground below.

With the Wind Cloak in your possession you can now continue your quest when you reach level 13 or 14. Head southwest from Moonbrooke Castle to find a Shrine, in the shrine you can cross this river. When you reach the other side of the river head north, you will find the twin towers the Drakhorns. Climb to the top of the Southern Drakhorn (make sure someone has the Wind Cloak equipped) and jump off the north side of the tower.

The Wind Cloak will carry you across the channel to the other side. Now head north to find the port town of Lianport.

In the town of Lianport there is a young lady held captive by two of Hargon's monsters, defeat the Gremlins and the girl will introduce you to her grandfather. Follow the girl and talk to the grandfather, he will give you one of his ships for saving his granddaughter. You can now travel most anywhere in the world.

Before leaving town buy a Wizard wand and an Evade Cloak for the Princess. Get on the ship and check the silver door to the south of the harbor, a man inside will ask you to bring him sunken treasure. Now head out the northeast exit to hit the open waters.

Sail to the northeast to find the land of Alefgard, the land from Dragon Warrior I. You should be around level 16 by this point so dock your ship near the northern bridge and head east to find Tantegel Castle, the castle has changed some since DW I. Buy the Iron Helmet. You can't talk to the King until you find the Gold Key, and a merchant tells you that there is sunken treasure north of Alefgard.

Sail north close to the west shoreline of Alefgard, you will find a lighter patch of water, stop over the patch of water and search, here you will find the sunken treasure.

Take the sunken treasures back to Lianport and give it to the merchant who asked for it, in return he will give you the EchoFlute. You will need this in the future.

With that completed travel back to the land of Alefgard and south of Tantegel Castle enter DracoLord castle. In DracoLord's Castle you will find the Loto Sword (don't forget to equip it). If you continue thru the castle you will find the Grandson of DracoLord who will tell you of a spirit that lives in a cave below the ocean and that you will need to find Five Seals before you can visit the spirit.

Head south in your ship from Tantegel Castle following the channel to the ocean. You will come across a small island with a tall Lighthouse. At level 17 or 18 park the boat and head inside. After finding your way thru the Lighthouse you will find a strange man. Follow him down to the second floor and open the chest, several Gremlins will attack, when you defeat them you will get the Star Seal.

If you feel like more torture you can jump off the tower enter again and go to the top of the lighthouse and you will learn about Hargon's citadel and the land of Rhone, when you are done head back to Tantegel Castle.

Next we will travel to the town of Tuhn, which is a difficult trek so be prepared and be at level 19. Take your ship past the Drakhorns and then follow the west coastline to the south, you will find a river going towards the east, follow this river as far north as possible, and park the ship on the west shore. After docking the ship travel north and then east around the mountains to find the town of Tuhn.

Check out the Blacksmith's Shop, if you can afford it, buy the Magic Armor and Heal Shield for the Prince, (The Heal Shield works like HealMore when used as an item) and a Falcon Sword (allows for two attacks per round).

In Tuhn you will find that a man named Lagos stole the Dam Key, and then the river near the town has dried up and blocked passage to the Lune Tower. Also Don Mohame a master tailor lives in town, he may be able to weave you something useful in the future. For the time being head back to your ship and head to Beran.

Beran is on a large island in the southwest, to get there head straight west from the river to find the island, sail north around the top, then sail south along the west coastline until you find Beran. The people of Beran will give you information about the Sun Seal and Moon Seal.

If you stay at the Inn the Prince will come down with a strange sickness that seems to be a curse from Hargon, and the local temple cannot heal him. A man tells you about a WorldLeaf that has the possibility of breaking a curse. To get the WorldLeaf sail south around the island and sail to the east. Continue sailing ease past the peninsula of the southern continent and you will find some small islands. One island has a small tree on it surrounded by mountains. Get to the tree and search the area to find a WorldLeaf, return to Beran with the WorldLeaf and use it on the Prince. It will cure the curse.

Now travel northeast from Beran and cross the bridge, follow the path north to the Shrine. When you enter the shrine and take the middle portal and be transported to the Flame Shrine. Search the bush in the northeast corner to find the Sun Seal. By this point you should be around level 20.

Now sail back to the south tip of the island that Beran is on and head west across the ocean and you will find a crescent shaped island where Osterfair Castle is located. The only way to get on the island is to sail up the river on the west side of the island to reach land suitable to dock your ship.

Speak to the King of Osterfair and he will ask you to prove your bravery by fighting for his entertainment. You must battle SaberLion (be about level 21), and if you win you will receive the Moon Seal.

Now head back to your ship and sail south and continue until you hit the small island town of Zahan. Find the dog in this town and it will lead you to the location of the Gold Key. Search where the dog is pointing.

Now from Zahan sail west to find the town of Wellgarth on a long peninsula. You need the Gold Key to open door to get to the main part of town.

There are some nice armors and weapons but they are pretty expensive so you may have to buy them later. You probably have heard that the Jail Key is for sale in this town. You will find the Jail Key as a hidden item for 2,000 GP.

Head over the prison now which is in the northeast corner of town. Lagos is supposed to be locked up, but he seems to have escaped. Open the prison door with the Jail Key and check the northeast wall, you can walk thru and there is Lagos, and because you have found him he will give you the Dam Key.

Now will all of the keys in your possession, there are a lot of areas that you can now get to. Goto the shrine that is to the south of Zahan and use it to travel back to Lorasia Castle, and use the Gold Key to open the treasure vault of the castle, you will find the Loto Seal.

If you free the first prisoner from his cell in the dungeon below the castle, he will tell you that the Life Seal is in the Cave to Rhone. If you free the other prisoner you will be attacked by Magus, one of Hargon's monsters, but if you win you will get the Bolt Staff.

Now walk back to Cannock Castle and open the Gold Door, here you will find the Loto Shield.

Then walk to the Shrine southwest of Cannock Castle, use the Gold Key to open the door at the back and use the portal, you will end up at a Shrine with three portals. Use the portal in the middle to reach the Flame Shrine, then from there use the right portal to end up at the Sacred Shrine in Alefgard. The man here will trade you the Loto Seal for the Loto Helmet.

Return to the Shrine near Cannock Castle and use Lora's Gate to cross the channel and travel south to Hamlin. Use the Gold Key on the northeast door in town, the man tells you that the spirit lives in a Spirit Shrine in the sea and if you get all five Seals the spirit will come to you.

Free the Ozwargs (it is a tough battle though), then after the battle search the northeast corner of the cell and you will find the Water Seal.

Hike back to Lorasia Castle to get to your ship, and sail back to Zahan. Now explore the temple but make sure to cast StepGuard to protect you from the damage floor. The room on the west side holds the Holy Loom and the east side holds a Wizard Ring.

After Zahan, head back to Osterfair Castle and follow the corridor all the way around the castle. Open the hidden gold door that is in east wall at the end of the corridor. You will end up in the Blacksmith's Shop, open the chests to obtain the Gaia Armor.

Now back to Alefgard and visit Tantegel Castle, open the shop next to the castle, the old woman inside will tell you about Dew Yarn, which is located in the north Drakhorn tower. To find the Dew Yarn walk up to the 3rd floor of the North Drakhorn, walk 1 tile north and 2 tiles west of the stairs, search the ground and find the Dew Yarn.

Now that you have the Holy Loom and the Dew Yarn head back to Tuhn and give both items to Don Mohame who is in the locked building in the center of town. He will make the Water Robe for you, but it takes some time. The quickest way to get it is to save your game, quit and restart the game and it should be ready.

Goto the northwest corner of town and use the Dam Key to unlock the floodgate, now the river will flow normally and now you can reach the Lune Tower.

Make sure you are at about level 22 or 23 before venturing into the tower. To get there go back to the sea from Tuhn and follow the coast south, you will find a second river that heads back into the island and that will lead you to the tower. (This is also how you now get to Tuhn)

Battle your way thru the Lune Tower and find the MoonShard on the bottom floor.

With the MoonShard in hand travel to the ocean waters to the east of Osterfair Castle. Sail your ship south of Osterfair until you cannot see the island anymore, and then sail straight west. You should eventually find the OceanCave surrounded by shallow water. Use the MoonShard to raise the tides and the shallows around the Ocean Cave will disappear and you can now get to the entrance to the cave with the suggested level of 23.

At the bottom of the Ocean Cave is the EvlStatue, the lava in this cave will drain your HP so cast StepGuard to protect your party members.

With the EvlStatue in your inventory we need to find the way into Rhone. Make sure to have the best armors and weapons for your members. Also give everyone an Amulet and a Heal Shield (even though they might not be able to equip the shield, they can use it as an item and save MP)

Try to be around level 24 and head back to Beran use the Traveler's Gate behind the temple to start your trek to Rhone. You will end up in a house at the base of the valley of Rhone. Once you make it out of the house head west and you will find a large swamp, stand in the swamp and use the EvlStatue to open the hidden path to the land of Rhone. First go down the stairs an the chest in the southeast corner holds the Life Seal.

Battle up to level 25 and now that you possess all five of the Seals, head back to Beran get in your Ship and find the peninsula where the Shrine south of Lorasia Castle is located, then travel south until you cannot see the peninsula anymore. Head straight west and you should find the elemental spirit's home. Walk to the lowest level and stand in the center, the Seals will glow and the elemental spirit will give you the RubissChm.

Now with the RubissChm return to Rhone Cave and find the Loto Armor and the Thundr Sword. When you make it thru the Rhone Cave you will find your self in the icy land of Rhone.

Walk to the northeast and watch for a couple of bridges over a small lake, when you cross the bridges you will find a Shrine, there you will be able to restore MP an HP and save your game.

You should be at level 30 before trying to defeat Hargon; so using the land of Rhone to level up is a good idea.

When you feel you are strong enough to take on Hargon, leave the Shrine and walk north, to the west is a for in the road, take the northern path to reach a large lake, continue around the west side of the lake and then north to find Hargon Castle.

When you enter the castle things might not look as you might think, use the RubissChm to remove any illusions. Then check behind the throne to find a door, you will find a large cross on the floor, stand in the middle and use the EvlStatue to be transported to the next area.

Here are some tips to battle the floor bosses, which are found on floors three, four, and five.

Atlas doesn't use magic, so at least that isn't a threat. Cast Increase a few times to beef up your party's defense and use Defense on Atlas to lower his defenses. Have the Hero attack while the Prince and Princess keep everyone's HP up.

Bazuzu is the next enemy and he can use magic, which is bad for you since he can use everything, including Defeat and HealAll, and StopSpell doesn't work against him. Cast Defense to lower his defensive stand, and then set the Hero and Prince to do physical attacks, and the Princess can use Explodet for major damage.

Next is Zarlox who has very good attack and defense, Increase works well for your party, but Defense rarely seems to work on Zarlox, just keep on the physical attacks.

Then you get to battle Hargon himself. He will cast Explodet or attack one character twice in a row, up your defenses with Increase. When he gets close to defeat he will begin to use HealMore, keep on him till he is done.

Time for the final battle with Sidoh; start out by upping your party's defense with Increase, and use Defense on him until it no longer works (and use again if he casts increase on himself). Sidoh can also use HealAll, so be prepared.