Dragon Warrior II GBC Spells

Name Sort Ascending
Sort Descending
JP Name
MP Sort Ascending
Sort Descending
Who/Lvl Sort Ascending
Sort Descending
Target Sort Ascending
Sort Descending
Antidote キアリー 3 Prince: 6, Princess: 12 Single Ally Remove poison
Chance パルプンテ 15 Princess: 25 ?? Very unpredictable, can simulate another spell or do something very good or very bad
Defeat ザラキ 4 Prince: 23 Enemy Group Quickly eliminate weaker enemy groups
Defense ルカナン 2 Princess: 10 All Enemies Reduces enemies defense ability
Explodet イオナズン 8 Princess: 19 All Enemies Inflicts 50-80 damage points
Firebal ギラ 2 Prince: 3 Single Enemy Causes 15-25 damage points
Firebane べギラマ 4 Prince: 18 All Enemies Causes 30-50 to all
Heal ホイミ 3 Prince: 1 Single Ally Restores upto 20 HP
HealAll べホマ 8 Princess: 15 Single Ally Fully restores HP
HealMore ベホイミ 5 Prince:14 , Princess: 1 Single Ally Restores 40-50 HP
Increase スクルト 2 Prince: 20 All Allies Increases party's defense ability
Infernos バギ 4 Princess: 4 Enemy Group More damage than Firebal
Open アバカム 2 Princess: 29 Door Opens all doors except the dam door
Outside リレミト 6 Prince: 12, Princess: 17 Ally Party Transports you outside any indoor area
Repel トヘロス 2 Princess: 8 Ally Party Wards off monsters with fewer HP than your party
Return ルーラ 6 Prince: 10 Ally Party Transports you back to the last location your game was saved
Revive ザオリク 15 Prince: 25, Princess: 22 Single Ally Restore life to a departed party member
Sacrifice メガンテ 1 Prince: 28 All Enemies Defeats enemies at the expense of casters life
Sleep ラリホー 2 Princess: 2 Enemy Group Puts enemy group to sleep
StepGuard トラマナ 1 Prince: 17 All Allies Protects from damage barriers
StopSpell マホトーン 3 Prince: 8 Enemy Group Stops group from using magic
Surround マヌーサ 2 Princess: 6 Enemy Group Surrounds enemy group with fog causing them to miss more frequently