Image Name Buy Sell Defense Style Who Found Description Cursed
No Artwork Yet Chain Mail 390 gold 292 gold 12 Hero, Prince Leftwyne, Cannock, Hamlin Affordable protection early on
No Artwork Yet Cloth Armor 0 gold 23 gold 2 Hero, Prince, Princess Princess starts with this armor Better than nothing
No Artwork Yet Devil Armor 0 gold 4,800 gold 87 Hero, Prince Dropped by Bat Demons Very powerfull armor. CURSED yes
No Artwork Yet Evade Cloak 1,250 gold 938 gold 35 Hero, Prince, Princess Lianport, Tantegel, Osterfair Good buy for armor
No Artwork Yet Fur Cloak 32,767 gold 32,767 gold 60 Hero, Prince, Princess Wellgarth Very good armor, though expensive
No Artwork Yet Gaia Armor 0 gold 38 gold 47 Hero Osterfair's Blacksmith Strong armor.
No Artwork Yet Leather Armor 0 gold 113 gold 6 Hero, Prince Hero and Prince start with this armor Better than nothing when you start out
No Artwork Yet Loto Armor 0 gold 0 gold 75 Hero Rhone Cave Very Powerfull armor
No Artwork Yet Magic Armor 4,300 gold 3,225 gold 35 Hero, Prince Tuhn, Osterfair Good protection for the price
No Artwork Yet Steel Armor 1,000 gold 750 gold 25 Hero Hamlin, Lianport, Tantegel Good until you find the Magic Armor
No Artwork Yet Water Robe 0 gold 53 gold 65 Hero, Prince, Princess Don Mohame of Tuhn can make it Best armor for the Prince and Princess