Dragon Warrior 1 - NES

"Descendent of Erdrick, listen now to my words......"

Monsters and other mystical beings of terror were unheard of. The Ball of Light was responsible for this wondrous time. Peace and well-being seemed to emanate from this magical object; and with it the people of Alefgard were able to enjoy life to it's fullest. However, as civilizations rise and fall, it seems that Alefgard was destined to do the same...

Of all the people in Alefgard, it was said that there was only one man who wasn't satisfied. Angry and alone, this man lived in mountainous caves far away from civilization. One day, while exploring the dark dungeon's of his refuge, he came upon a sleeping dragon. Perhaps it was through sorcery, or sheer luck, but the man found that he was able to control the dragon to do his will...anDragon Warrior I Screend eventually even more beasts... From then on he became known as the Dragonlord. 

The Dragonlord's first show of power came in the form of a fiery attack on Tantegel Castle. The terrified citizens ran outside in just enough time to watch their dreams burn. With hardly any opposition, the Dragonlord took possession of The Ball of Light and left Tantegel castle aflame.

The day after the attack, a man by the name of Erdrick approached a devastated King Lorik. Erdrick promised Lorik that he could help them... and after a hearty meal he took to the wilderness.

Dragon Warrior I BoxIndeed Erdrick could help them. Shortly after his departure, stories came in to Tantegel of a man who was defeating the beasts which had appeared and chasing them back into the wilds.

However, once Erdrick set off on his final quest to destroy the Dragonlord himself, nothing more was ever heard from him. Years passed, and the Kingdom suffered another attack by the Dragonlord.  This time King Lorik's daughter Gwaelin was abducted.

In the world of Dragon Warrior, you are Erdrick's descendant, and must follow in his footsteps. Princess Gwaelin must be rescued, and the Dragonlord must die. Your journey will take you across the various lands of Alefgard. Visit towns and gather information. Explore the dark dungeons and claim their treasures. The road to the Dragonlord is paved with enemies, but you are the Dragon Warrior.